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4.1 out of 5 stars52
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 19 November 2011
I really enjoyed the first Deus games, and I hoped this wouldnt be a huge let down following my current love for other similar titles such as Mass Effect 2 - i'm happy to say it wasnt.

The game is atmospheric, the story is film-esque and the characters are very very good. I need to be involved in the world when I RPG like this and I was from the outset. Its not quite open-world but its close, and thats good in a way as it has that Metal Gear quality to it where you are slowly guided exactly where you need to be.

I tried to play the game as stealthily as I could without being detected where possible but often failed, and this really spiced things up as one moment you're hiding from sentry bots and skulking around, the next all hell breaks loose and you're in a life-and-death struggle against overwhelming odds.

I get the same feeling playing this as I did playing Knights of the Old Republic and both Mass Effects which should be testament to the quality.

The only let downs for me were some of the voice acting which is bland at times, and the combat can be a little bit 'clunky' (especially when you run out of power!) and repetitive when doing stealth attacks. Another slight dissapointment are the boss fights with the mercenaries; they are very similar and don't add too much to the overall story in my opinion.

I'd say this is one of the best games i've played this year and thankfully money not wasted at all (especially at the price here).

Highly recommended.
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on 30 January 2012
The highly experienced gamer I am. I am not pleased easily.
Played and completed SR3, ACR, CODMW3 this year, relatively disappointed by all 3.
Picked up this game due to having spare cash in my bank but anyways...
What an amazing game. So refreshing, new and advanced.
It defeats any game I have played by decades. On gameplay and story alone.
The voice acting ain't strictly up to par but it's pretty good. Doesn't bore you at all considering the depth of the story.
The game does challenge you and for inexperienced gamers can become quite a challenge but not to panic there are 3 difficulty levels to suit your capabilities.
This game gives you many options, how to progress through levels, interact with characters and all the way to the end its your story, nobody else's.
During the story, I played stealth mostly and my heart was beating so fast creeping around danger and hacking my way through doors.
If you like Bioshock + Assassins Creed, I recommend this game highly.
If you are sick of the dribble such as the notorious Call of this.
For the cheap price, You can't go wrong.
A day after finishing the story I am still reeling with the thoughts and gameplay in my head.
I can only hope for a sequel of some sort.
1 Word to describe the game? Phenomenal.
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on 14 March 2013
I will start by saying that I am not only reviewing this game against other such games on the market but also up against its amazing predecessors.

I played this game as a sneak. There is something very satisfying about sneaking past every single guard to get to your objective without setting off the alarms. To accomplish this I upgraded my stealth abilities to almost maximum before I got to a part in the game where it was just impossible to sneak past without being seen. This means that I had no abilities in any sort of fighting style. This meant that I was supposed to go up against a small army with a basic knowledge of guns and hand-to-hand combat. I'm sure you can guess what happened next and after multiple tries I started a new game and decided to spread my abilities a little thinner over more traits.

This I did not like. I believe that if you can choose to be a stealthy character then you should be able to complete the game with out having to even draw your gun. This was not the case.

Other than that I cannot find much fault in the rest of the game.
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on 27 July 2013
If, like me, you don't regularly play RPG games and you haven't played previous Deus Ex games, then I suggest avoiding this title. I bought it purely because of the critical acclaim and the passion from its fans. Here's what I thought of it...

I thought it was incredibly boring. The dialogue, the voice acting, the story, the environments, the weapons, the gameplay mechanics - all of it just really, really mind-numbingly dull.

The only things I liked about this game were the conversations - it feels nice being able to direct the story and the character - and the feeling of sneaking up on an enemy and stealth-killing him. But other than that, it feels very rigid and clunky. I gave it as much as I could stand, but ended up giving up on it after maybe 4 hours of gameplay.

I don't want to come across as a mindless, shoot-everything-that-moves gamer. On the contrary, I see myself as a fairly intelligent individual and appreciate different gameplay mechanics when they're done well, but quite simply, I didn't enjoy my experience of this game. It's a good thing I got it so cheap! Very disappointing.

If you like story-driven single player action-adventure games, look elsewhere. Having just played through Sleeping Dogs, another Square Enix title, I recommend that instead. They're nothing alike, of course, but I guess that's saying something.

I feel that the essence of this game is captured perfectly by the title of this review.
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on 28 July 2013
Much improved graphics, great voice acting and true to its roots in terms of gameplay and musical score, with augmentation upgrades and several cities to visit as you progress.Choose stealth or all out assault to tackle your objectives. Would recommend this game to any rpg or fps fan.
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on 18 September 2015
It is difficult to say just how disappointed I am with this game.

I came to it having heard the soundtrack... and let me be clear, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately that is the best thing about it.

Ultimately, this game does not know what it wants to be.

The graphics are pretty rough - like a last gen PS2 game that got held over for the the PS3.
The gameplay is a confusing mix of First Person Shooter, lack lustre RPG, and half of a stealth-em-up in the Tenchu vein.

The plot is contrived nonsense with obvious twists a mile off - your boss is lying to you? Hmm, could he be in on the conspiracy?
The skill upgrade system is farcially small - seriously, Alpha Protocol has more character customizations than this.
The voice acting is all from the gravelly-I smoke 40 a day - school, and when the characters "talk" (because it's all out sync) they ALL stand with their arm crossed, and occasionally make the same overblown throwing their arms about motion.

The controls are responsive, and the gameplay is fluid, but the end of level bosses are ridiculously tough compared to the enemies that have gone before. On top of this, nearly all enemies have PERFECT aiming, and when one throws a grenade at you, they can throw it any which way and it will stand land next to you.

Let me be clear, this is not the worst game in the world. It is playable, and vaguely interesting for a couple of hours.
But the problem is this - I got bored. The game tries to do too many things, and ends up doing none of them well.

Do not pay full price for this, but if you see in the bargain bin then maybe.
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on 16 April 2013
Case and disc in great condition.
It was a present for my boyfriend and he thinks it's a brilliant stealth game. He got loads of time and fun out of it.
I even loved just watching the gameplay and the cut scenes.
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on 30 October 2011
*snort* that's not the first time a woman has said that, either.

Anyone who knows me and games knows that I have finished few games. I'm still blundering around with Oblivion, and Fable glitched and I'm stuck about a quarter of the way through. I never even finished Tomb Raider One....

So, when I do finish a game I do feel accomplished--even if playing it on easy--but I've just finished Deus Ex Human Revolution and I feel .. well, women will know.

Deus Ex the original game--whilst with appalling graphics--was such an amazing, long, deep deep game it really gave a sense of satisfaction. Whereas the fact that I've finished this game in, what? Under a week playing very much part-time--shows that a hardcore gamer could have probably done it in a weekend, no probs.

What there was was hugely enjoyable though, and I'll probably play it again, to go for the non-lethal achievements perhaps (I set out to play entirely non-lethal, but there were parts where you just thought "sod it!!!" and pulled out your plasma rifle.) and to concentrate on finding all those hidden goodies.

What I love about the game was the options--you could go in all guns blazing, but you'd have to be good at it, because the enemies are tougher than you, all the way through, but there are usually at least 3 routes to any destination, and dozens of ways to avoid the guards. You can hack into security and take control of the turret guns and robots so they mop up areas for you, you can find sneaky ways through the vents, you can use cloaking, you can facilitate sewers and rooftops. Hardly any space is unavailable to you.

But what I didn't like (apart from the shortness) was the fact that the boss fights were set up ONLY for "all guns blazing." There were some options which didn't include firing, such as throwing explosive barrels at the first guy--but in general, they were firefights. And if you had just set your character up (with weapons and augmentations) to be the best stealth operative he can be, generally I wasn't equipped for a firefight, coming to a boss with little more than a HB pencil and pockets of string. There should have been the same options for the bosses that there were for the main game, the only one was the last one, which was stupidly easy. Hack the panel then hide in a cupboard until the boss blows herself up.

So, yes, recommended, but get a cheap copy like I did.
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on 18 September 2014
I wasn't sure about playing this game as I am not into sneaking but I was quite surprised I ended up enjoying. I recommend you to give this a try even if you don't like sneaking games much. Take downs are really fun to do.
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on 21 July 2013
Great game moreover it only took about two days to arrive. The game itself is a must play. However after a couple of months the game has got slightly boring so I haven't played it since. However I encourage people to play this game especially if you are a Assassins Creed or a GTA fan as the game is very similar in that perspective.
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