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4.3 out of 5 stars57
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2010
Opinion seems to be mixed on The Chemical Brothers' new album. If you love the more melodic and psychedelic side of the duo then your more likely to be a big fan of ''Further,'' but if you prefer the more accessible (''Hey Boy,Hey Girl'' ''Believe'' - you get get the idea) side then your likely to be a bit dissapointed. Thats not to say ''Further'' doesnt have its standout tracks, ''Escape Velocity,'' ''Another World,'' ''Horse Power'' and ''Swoon'' are all worthy of being single releases. Listeners should approach ''Further'' as a listening experience rather than fishing for the big moments. The way ''Snow'' ''Escape Velocity'' and ''Another World'' blend into each other is sublime, from there ''Dissolve'' leads us into ''Horse Power'' and ''Swoon'' before the album takes its foot off the gas a little with ''K + D + B'' then finishes with the nice and shoegazey feel of ''Wonders Of The Deep.'' The only gripes for me are that with only 8 tracks ''Further'' is a little on the short side & overall lacks the variation as on previous albums but the plus side on that is that the album seems more focussed and flows really well. 8.5/10 for me!
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As seventh albums go The Chemical Brothers new release
'Further' is a cracker in every respect. Tom Rowlands
and Ed Simons latest offering is a transcendent success.
The duo's capacity to push the boundaries of their muse
just a little bit further forward into new territories
is a credit to their long-term collaboration and friendship.

'Further' has got guts but it also has magically subtle shades
too. Tom Rowlands shows off his voice where the script demands
and this in itself adds to the overall intimacy of the project.
(I didn't miss the absence of guest vocalists for a moment!)

There are some real treasures here. First up is 'Snow', whose
opening bars crackle with ambient electricity. The stripped-down
pulsing motif carries Mr Rowland's fragile elfin falsetto quite
beautifully. (Elements of Mr Jonsi's recent masterpiece 'Go'
came to mind here and there). The simple but highly engaging
arrangement leads directly into the monolithic track 'Escape Velocity'.
It is an extraordinary work, crammed with vibrant dark energy.
Building slowly, wave upon wave of spiralling synth layers eventually
explode in an epically uplifting trance-like Dionysian dance. The
whirling sonic maelstrom is truly thrilling! Even when the foreboding
clouds gather at its heart we somehow know that the resolution will
be an optimistic one. The sunshine bursts out of the momentary
melancholy lull with such force that we can feel its heat on our faces!

The enormous crashing chords at the beginning of 'Another World'
give way to a curiously shifting staccato invention and another
somewhat otherworldly vocal performance from Mr Rowland. The
building blocks of the composition are unashamedly simple and
all the better because of it.

'Dissolve' materialises out of thin air but quickly builds
into another gargantuan riff-laden structure with fragments
of quasi-Eastern melodic ideas running through it.
Play it loud and the plaster will fall from your ceiling!

'Horse Power' made me laugh out loud. There is a real horse
in the studio! I'm sure of it! I heard it neighing!
(An image of a horse behind a drum-kit comes and goes for a
moment in my mind's eye!) The tasty synth bleeps and whoops
and big chunky beats are an absolute hoot!
Not since The Osmonds' 1972 hit 'Crazy Horses' has one of
our equine friends been so well represented (or employed!!)

'Swoon' does what it says on the can. It swoons, swoops and
dives in lush harmonic arabesques. A firebird leaving its
flaming trail across the heavens. Joyful primal stuff!

'K+d+b' is an infectious and addictive percussion-fest.
A wobbly (Scottish?) carnival procession; a pipe and drum
dream; a gloriously eccentric musical confection.

Final track 'Wonders Of The Deep' is a curiously old-fashioned
composition. A psychedelic anthem for a new generation.
Full of light and shade and bold, buxom harmonies, it brings
the project to a strangely affecting anachronistic close.

An album full of little wonders. If Messrs Rowlands and Simons
had not already created The Chemical Brothers it is very likely
that we would have had to invent them for ourselves.
Their music, in a small way, really does make the world a better place.

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on 16 June 2016
Usual stuff from the Brothers. Dependable for an album you can leave playing with a couple of lesser tracks but nothing terrible.
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on 2 September 2011
I've written before in other Amazon reviews that my favourite musicians are the ones who consistently produce good-to-excellent albums. As this is their seventh LP, and their sixth quality one ('Come With Us' is unlistenable as far as I'm concerned), The Chemical Brothers definitely fit into that category.

'Further' sounds like a Chemical Brothers record ought to, but is a subtle variation on the theme. For a start, it only has eight tracks and lasts a mere fifty-two minutes. More significantly, it has no high profile guest singers, more melody than usual, and fewer booming beats (but not a total absence of them). It also features Tom Rowlands singing: he has a tuneful, rather fey voice, but it's kept low in the mix. The standout tracks for me are 'Escape Velocity' (a slow build to a thumping crescendo), the psychedelic 'Dissolve' and the Orbital-like, extremely melodic 'Swoon'.

A couple of tracks fail to make an impression, meaning 'Further' isn't in the same class as 'Surrender', for example, but it's far from their worst work and, commendably, for a group producing their seventh LP, it still sounds fresh and full of ideas.
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on 5 June 2012
I had read recent reviews about this item before I perchased this and many were commenting on the lack of songs. Don't worry, because one of the songs is well over 10 minutes long!

This album has had little promotion and is an unsung hero for 2010 Dance/Electronic albums.

It deserves much more praise than is being showered upon it and thankfully, I can let it all out by giving it plenty of praise while reviewing it.

Escape Velocity is an incredibly long song and basically sums up this CD in a whole 10 minutes. Sounds galore and bizarreity uncommon, as Horse Power includes sounds of horses which is almost embarrassing to listen to in public, yet when streamed through headphones is the song equivalent of a Picasso. Ok, slight exaggeration.

I was differing between giving this 4 or 5 stars as it is 9/10. But I am a strict reviewer so some minor generousity deserves to be given every once in a while...
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on 18 November 2010
Absolutely fantastic from start to finish (Apart from Horse Power)!
The album grips you from the start. Stand out tracks are definitely Dissolve and Swoon. Haven't stopped playing them since I got the album. As mentioned above. The only slight let down is Horse Power. As the other reviews state, the horse sample cheapens the track somewhat. That said, I've still given the album 5 stars on the strength of the other tracks.
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on 23 May 2011
This is the best reaction I've had to any Chem's albums for a very long time! After you fast-forward to just over half-way through the first track, which is a tad overlong, especially as an introduction track. Stick in there though, and you are soon shown what pleasures lie behind the curtain. 'Dig your own Hole' and 'Loops of Fury' are still my - any many others' favourite albums/EP's, along with their club/dance-night mixes of 'Live at the Social' and 'Brothers Gonna Work it Out', but after the dirge of rubbish made after that (in my humble opinion!) 'Further' comes back to a different intelligence , like 'the second footstep on the moon'. (which sounds like a great album name. You can buy it from me if you like!)
I love it.
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on 20 May 2011
On Further, The Chemical Brothers seem to re-tread their renowned Electronic Battle Weapon series, a project that has provided the duo with a freedom to experiment and test new music when either DJing or touring. Characteristically, EBWs are long in duration, built around repetition and contain either very few or no vocals. Further is complete with this notion: throughout the rotating soundscapes of its eight tracks, Tom and Ed are more concerned with creating an atmosphere based on looped bars and repeated slogans, occasionally offset with swirling synths. In this instance, Further revisits the heady experience of 2002's Come with Us, but it's nowhere near as thrilling.

The first half of Further is cloaked in a classic Chemical Brothers sound, and its raw, emotive streaks of acid experimentalism are most evident in the 12-minute marathon "Escape Velocity". Full of building intensity and a heady swathe of sounds that increase to an enchanting but unsettling nature, it's the album's centrepiece. Either side of this, "Snow" floats and morphs around its vocal and structure like a spaceship lifting off, while "Another World" warbles and shimmers around an addictive, claustrophobic groove. The shortcomings begin to egress on "Dissolve", a track which revisits the Beatle-esque style of the duo's collaborations with Noel Gallagher on "Let Forever Be" and "Setting Sun". This time, however, we briefly hear Tom Rowlands calling for a woman named "Caroline", and the fuzzy synth-line and array of noises are mixed much less effectively than before; there's a rather unremarkable mess of noise before a nice percussive segue into "Horse Power". During the live gig setting for this album's preview, this latter track stomped away like a slice of Berlin techno, but on record it fails to deliver much of the propulsive drive and momentum that has been so effortlessly expressed by the duo before, like on "Out of Control". Elsewhere, "Swoon" - despite its infectious Orb-like hook and dreamy house-vibe - utilises drums that evoke the synth-pad style of Simian Mobile Disco, so its impact is rather underwhelming. Closing track "Wonders of the Deep" has been resting in the Chemicals' archives since 2005. Finally unearthed, it affirms itself as an uplifting finale too literally; a vocoder advises us to "Look after your brothers and sisters. They need you. They need each other", but it's all too self-consciously epic to make a lasting impression. Further is fine, but the duo's sound doesn't appear to have progressed much from the excellent We Are the Night.

LISTEN TO: Snow; Escape Velocity; Another World
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on 21 April 2014
I feel it necessary to comment in relation to this album, as several reviews have been critical of its lack of beats/bass etc or that it is too psychedelic

This album is literally a monster, from about 90 seconds into track 2 the beats kick in and literally don't let up for the remainder. It's really great stuff and coming from someone who was never a major fan of this duo, I can say that it has become one of my favorite electronic albums of all time.

Favorite has to be the aforementioned track 2 where drunken circular synth loops struggle to keep up with a hypnotic beat drawn out with distorted bass.

Amazing album..electronic music is stronger than ever in my opinion.
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on 22 September 2010
The tracks are all defiantly chemical brothers in style. Starting out with an almost painful computer in pain kind of sound, that develops and is counter balanced with a soothing song and comforting rising warmth. The album continues to be a strange mix of pleasure and pain, at times taking you to a grinning maniacal feeling, of not knowing if you can keep smiling so insanely. Some people will find it too much and a difficult listen, but personally I found it a work of pure genius.
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