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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2010
First of all, I am a lady, and I was in no way alienated by the title. I know what Danny's like. The Awkward Situations contained in this book, while written by a reputed Man, for other Men, are human experiences. I could absolutely relate. So if you happen to be in possession of a vagina, don't be scared off.

Secondly, this book starts slowly. My initial reaction was "Yes, but that could happen to anyone." It took a little while before I realised that was the point - these things can happen to anyone, and, consequentially, do happen to everyone. I don't know at what point Danny won me over, but by the bit with the canned tomatoes I was giggling so much that I was in serious danger of dropping my copy in the bath!

If you're not British and have always wondered about our peculiar attitude to manners, shame and dignity, this book will offer a valuable insight. If you are British, it will offer sympathy and companionship.

Danny writes with the usual charm and gentle wit that keeps me coming back to his books. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 19 September 2014
I bought this having read the "sequel", What Not to Do (And How to Do It). That was a book that had been left by the pool on my holiday, and having picked up the sundried, glue-failed book (minus the first 25 pages which had come unstuck and disappeared), found I couldn't put it back down.

This earlier book is much the same. Made up of small anecdotal stories, Danny Wallace intentionally comes across as a naive, dopey, geeky social misfit. I think what that achieves is to nail those awkward moments most men find themselves in at some point in their lives perfectly, amplifies them, and concentrates them into a book. The fact that he comes up with such funny stories shows that in fact he's anything but stupid - clearly he is very intelligent. So you don't know how true the stories are, but it feels like they're based on real events, and simply well embellished.

The fact is, you don't mind that one iota, because while each story's conclusion becomes almost predictable, they are still unique, and what really makes you laugh out loud is not necessarily the final punchline of each story, but all the golden nugget lines that you find interspersed throughout. And I can tell you, both this and the sequel had me laugh out loud on numerous occasions.

Some stories are definitely better than others, and at one point, about quarter of the way in, it felt as though they were deteriorating into a bit-too-silly territory. But thankfully it bounced back and in the main, most of the book is very, very good - and the sequel even better.

Well worth getting for your holiday.
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on 5 November 2014
If I wrote down every time I did something a bit awkward I would probably have a very full and depressing diary that I would not allow anyone to see. Thankfully, Danny Wallace in not me; although he appears to drop social faux pas as often as I do, he has decided to air the lot in public. ‘Awkward Situations for Men’ is a collection of Danny’s Short List articles combines into one easy to read book. Each story is approximately 3 pages long so this is more of a pickup and read for a bit book, than a sit down in one go. However, if like me you read it from cover to cover, there is some semblance of a through line as we follow Danny through a year that grows more important as it progresses.

I have always loved Danny Wallace’s writing since ‘I’m Dave Gorman’ and he has continued to produce some great non-fiction and more recently fiction. I certainly had misgivings about ‘Awkward’ as reading it feels a bit like sitting next to a friend with ADD in the pub. You would have one story on a topic, only for it to switch to something else. However, once you get into the rhythm of Wallace’s storytelling you get a sense that there is no narrative as such, but it does tell the story of one modern man in London.

It is the personage of Danny himself that makes the book so likable. He has a very polite way of moving through life that includes being as kind as he can and not making others feel uncomfortable. You would think that this would lead to an easy life, but can actually prove troublesome as you can come across as too polite for comfort. The stories of trying not to look intimidating when walking home or being mistaken for a deaf person in a chip shop are small glimpses what it is like to be a modern British man. It certainly helps that the author and I are similar ages and viewpoints, but this should not stop others from reading what is a very amusing and heartfelt collection of tales.
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on 2 March 2012
I have loved Danny Wallace's books ever since "Join Me" and this book totally lived up to my expectations. I found myself laughing out loud at the ridiculous situations he finds himself in. The book is divided into chapters, all focusing on a different awkward situation Danny has found himself in. The chapter which made me laugh the most is the one where Danny organises for faxes to be sent to himself at a hotel so he seems important.

The reason why this book is so brilliant is that everyone has found themselves in awkward situations not too dissimilar to these so they can relate to them (although the book is "For Men", us ladies can also relate!). The funny parts come in Danny's reactions- he seems to react in a very unique way to these situations and inevitably makes things worse.

I have since convinced my mother to read Danny Wallace's books and she has completely fallen in love with them.
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on 4 June 2015
I became a fan of Danny Wallace after reading his articles in Shortlist several years ago. Since then I have read many of his books and was excited to start reading this one as it included his stories from shortlist and other like them. I love his humour and enthusiasm. I am in my early 30s and facing many of the problems he’s encountered so it is very reassuring to know that it’s not just you that thinks these things!
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on 11 June 2010
I bought this after seeing Danny promoting it on TV, thinking it would be a good book to take on holiday with me.

I go away in a weeks time and I couldnt help myself: I have already finishsed it! The chapters themselves are fairly stand alone, but that just made me all the more curious to find out what the next one contained.

Very much enjoyed this book and I hope you will too!


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on 2 August 2010
This is what Danny Wallace writes about when he has nothing to write about...its the sort of stories you might tell friends...if you have nothing else to talk about...or you keep to wouldnt tell the world...unless you have a book to write and nothing good to write about.

Having read and enjoyed "Yes man" and "Join me"...two books with a story...and a kind of point...I thought this would be the same...but it has no story...its just some stuff...some of it raises a brief smile...but generally it just raises a feeling of finish each story thinking "and?" or "So what"

If you havent read his other them instead...if you something else
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on 20 June 2010
After seeing Danny Wallace publicise this book on the TV recently and seeing various reviews supporting this book i was interested to pick up a copy and spend a few afternoons in the sun reading all about the different and interesting aspects of his life and daily occurances but i found the book a very different contrast, whitty - mildly, funny - not really. It was a hard book to finish and not what i expected from it at all as i often find myself wildly engrossed in his books and like his writing style.

An interesting read never the less but not a great page turner and wouldn't reccommend it if your looking for a good book to take on your holiday.
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on 25 April 2016
Very funny book. Easy read. I find it hard to get into a book and also get very bored or reading pretty quick.
The short funny stories are relatable and a very easy read with each story only a few pages.
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on 30 August 2010
As a fan of Danny Wallace's other books I was suprised to find this was in a slightly different format. It is set out as a set of short (just a few pages each) of observations and anecdotes from Danny. As Danny is roughly my age I found I could relate to a lot of his thoughts which at times made laugh and at other times squirm through recognition.
Having said that, I can imagine if you are from a different age group and have not yet read any of Danny's other books then this might not be the best one to read first. However, if you like Danny's adventures and are prepared to go with him away from his normal style (but still retaining his humour) then this is worth a read.
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