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4.4 out of 5 stars32
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 1998
I was so happy to hear that someone had FINALLY written a book about Jim and Pam and their amazing relationship. At least I always thought it must be an amazing relationship -- no one had ever really bothered to write about it until now. And I wasn't disappointed! I was thrilled to read stories I'd never seen anywhere else before, not to mention photos I'd never seen before! The Themis photos especially are GREAT! Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. I ended up reading all night, and cried at the end. This is such an amazing love story, and it's about time someone told it -- and Patricia Butler has told it beautifully! Any true Morrison fan should be anxious to read this and won't be disappointed once they do. It's the best Morrison book I've read yet, and certainly made me feel like I not only knew Jim better than I ever did before, but that I knew Pamela for the first time. I'd like to thank the author for taking so many years to put this book together. It was obviously time well spent, and, as a Doors fan and a writer, I appreciate the effort, which hit the mark exactly. This is a beautiful book, well-written and honest. I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks!
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on 29 July 2000
This book is one of the best Jim Morrison books I have read. It tells a story that has so far been swept under the carpet by those who were fortunate enough to live through The Doors phenomenon and have since spent there life making money from a few one-night stands and a joke of a wedding ceremony - you know who you are!
Pamela may have had alot of bad sides - who doesn't. But Jim obviously loved her as she did him and this books shows that no matter how destructive their relationship may have sometimes been they were drawn back to each other constantly.
The beautiful colour pictures are worth buying the book for alone as they show a stunning young couple enjoying life and each other. The people who put Pamela down are jealous because she was beautiful women who had a connection with Jim that NO-ONE else had and she tragically couldn't live without him. Maybe if some of the people around them had been there to help they would still be alive today.
Read it and read a true romance, however painful it sometimes is, and see parts of our lives and loves between every page. May they rest in peace
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on 5 November 1998
Most books written about the Doors and Jim Morrison focus meerly and centerally on the Rock 'n Roll aspect of his life. However, in Butler's novel, one gets a true meaning and understanding of Jim through his romance with Pamela. Although a they shared a rocky relationship, the "cosmic mates" demonstrated true love in every aspect of the word. Their tragic tale is wonderfully told by Butler because never before has Pamela truly been recognized as a pivitol role in Jim Morrison's life. She has been meerly written off as a groupie or "Jim's girl". By reading this novel, one learns she was anything but. She was Jim. It was phasinating learning about her for a change and how her background corresponded chronologically with Jim's and then the cosmic moment they met. Pam was more than Jim's "muse", she was an individual whose life was ended tragically, like Jim's. This book is greatly different from others in the best ways possible. The photos let the readers in to perhaps some of the most intimate and REAL aspects of their romance. At the end, one does get the feeling that these two devilish angels are dancing and laughing someplace far far away still.
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on 12 April 1998
Angels Dance and Angels Die is a fascinating tale about the tragic romance of Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson. I am truly impressed with the extensive research Patricia Butler conducted in writing this story and with her conviction and ability to maintain the integrity of events in Jim and Pamela's lives. Her determination to present the facts and dispel the rumors which have plagued the memories of these two people should be applauded. This book is a compelling read and like, "No One Gets Out Alive," it depicts the reality of the times... no holds barred. I would recommend this book not only to those who are DOORS fans, but also to anyone interested in the events of the time. I expect to see this book on the New York Times bestseller list in the near future.
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on 26 May 2014
The tragic romance of pamela and jim morrison is all you need to describe this book. They seemed to have had a volatile,destructive relationship but loved each other - cosmic mates -could not be together but could not be apart. It is a beautiful book about the enduring romantic relationship which ended when Jim died in 1971 and Pamela followed in 1974. The photographs are really good and it contains the colour Themis photos, one with both of them happy and smiling together. I could not put this down and will be reading it again and again. The Jim Morrison Friends Gathered Together book by Frank Lisciandro also has some interesting information about Pamela and her relationship with Jim and his circle of friends, truly fascinating.
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on 13 August 1999
I really enjoyed this book. Like many of the other reviewers, I too have read all of the Doors books and many times, been disappointed. Ms. Butler did an exceptional job introducing the reader to Jim Morrison, human being, flesh and blood.
She presents a seemingly honest, well-researched, candid portrayal of Jim and Pam. Other books barely scratched the surface/acknowledged the importance of Pam in Jim's life. We always knew she was there, but never who she was. I think Patricia Butler attempted to present a true picture of Jim/Pam and she did a great job.
No one will ever know exactly what their relationship was really like - but I believe PB presents the most likely scenario.
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on 19 April 1999
Despite the number of books about Jim Morrison and his world, this one stands out for a number of reasons, primarily due to the innovative approach of the author.It conveys the "Strange Days" of the 1960s without prettying them up with nostalgia and presents both Jim and Pamela as real people rather than counter-culture icons. The myth and mystique of Morrison is dealt with in an even-handed manner. Highly recommended.
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on 30 January 1998
Having been a Doors fan for many years, I thought I had read every book on the subject of Jim Morrison and The Doors. So, I was pleasantly surprised by Patricia Butler's book, "Angels Dance, Angels Die."
The book is very well researched and many Doors contemporaries, relatives and friends are interviewed; but I felt the book slanted the Jim and Pamela "love story" to a new mythology, likening them to "Romeo and Juliet;" which Jim and Pam are definately not. The only way Jim and Pam could ever be compared to that real-life tragic couple is to give Romeo and Juliet a couple million bucks and tell them to go out get drunk every night, get stoned and act like spoiled rotten children. Then die. No, that's not Romeo and Juliet, that's Jim and Pam.
As with other Doors' biographies, Butler's book does show the utter waste of two human lives. But, gives little, if any new information on the subject of Jim Morrison's life. What I really wanted to hear was more about Pam's life after Morrison's death in 1971; her supposed drug use, speculated prostituation life-style and eventual death of a drug overdose. This is not very well covered in Butler's book.

However, I do give the book a 7 out of 10 and recommend it to other Doors fans; but read it with a ounce of disbelief as I think the book is too slanted in favor of the Jim/Pam relationship to be an unbiased and impartial voice in retelling the Morrison legacy.
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on 7 April 1998
This is without a doubt the best, most entertaining, most enlightening book I've ever read about Jim Morrison -- and I've read them all. The author seems to have taken great pains to present information fairly, not judging the subjects, but letting their own actions and words speak for them. I learned so much about Jim I never knew before, and was especially thrilled to get some real information about Pamela for the first time ever. No other book I've read has taken so much time and care in not only telling us what these people did, but trying to go back in their histories and explain why they did them. This is a great read -- the most worthwhile Morrison bio ever -- and I've been enthusiastically recommending it to all my friends.
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on 17 March 2008
At last a book that focuses on Jim and Pamela's life together. It is sympathetically written, whilst not overlooking the obvious flaws of this modern day Romeo and Juliet. Too often, Pam has been portrayed as a flaky, neurotic woman but she was much much more to Morrison. Despite their ill fated relationship (infidelities on both sides, alochol and drug abuse, mental cruelty etc.) they remained constantly drawn together, she was his muse and he was her poet. For anyone interested in Morrison the man, not just the rock star, read this insightful caring account and reflect on what might have been, had they both received the help they so desperately needed to conquer their own personal demons. RIP xx
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