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Mortal Kombat (PS3)
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This has been long waited for, a Mortal Kombat game that finally goes back to it's old roots to what made Mortal Kombat one of the best beat'em up games ever created; well... the time has come!

Hmm well where do I begin...

Story Mode:
The story of Mortal Kombat begins from the ending of Mortal Kombat Armageddon (PS2), where everyone apart from Shao-Khan & Raiden have been completed annihilated, during this last battle Raiden is clearly overwhelmed and starts to chant a spell which would send a warning message to his past-tense self to try to alter the outcome.

In story mode there are 16 chapters you have to battle out with various classic characters while it rewrites the entire Mortal Kombat story, this mode is packed with a great story-line that will keep you hooked up to the very end and of course some very challenging matches to face; this mode will make you a better player as the battles can get harder and harder, it did take me a while to complete but in the end I did it and my god did I enjoy it.

Arcade Ladder Mode:
If you've played MK before then you will know EXACTLY what this is, but for those who don't well basically you have a ladder which you climb up where you battle different combatants, as you go up the difficulty gets slightly harder from the difficulty you chose which makes it more challenging and fun, until you reach the top where you have to beat the evil emperor 'Shao Kahn', upon beating this evil enemy, you will unlock an ending to the character chosen and an alternate costume!
(To use the new costumes, you must go to the 'Nekropolis' in the 'Extras' menu and click on the character you just completed the arcade with, you will then get a message saying you have unlocked a new alt costume; when selecting your fighter, press start instead of 'X' to choose which costume you want to use!)

There are however different kinds of ladders within this game which I thought was fantastic:
* 1 vs 1 Ladder; You pick one person to versus against the computer who plays as one character.
* 2 vs 2 Ladder; This is a tag team ladder which is great fun and challenging, you get to pick two characters to play as to versus the computer who also has two players, although don'y think that when you get to the boss you will be able to steam-roll them, their life bar takes less damage when hitting them!
* 2 player 2 vs 2 Ladder!; Yep that's right, you and one of your mates can play together against the computer! Me and my friend had a lot of fun with this mode!

Then you have other modes like the challenge tower which has 300 challenges for you to complete ranging from simple versus matches, too 2 versus 2 or even a handicap match where you have one character that needs to defeat two or more! This tower is extremely fun and will take some time to complete, you can retake challenges you've already done if you want to do them again.

Test your luck is a great addition to have to the game where you mix up the gameplay a bit, the feels could go in your favour and give you extra damage bonuses, or it could go the opposite and flip the screen upside down or randomly darken the screen so you can't see what you're doing, this mode was indeed very enjoyable!

Doing all these modes will get you Koins where you can spend them at the Krypt to unlock special concept arts, soundtracks, and secret fatalities + more.

If you are struggling with moves or fatalities, then why not head over to the training mode where you can try out some combo's on a dummy character, or why not try the all new fatality trainer where it will show you where to stand and what commands to put in, so next time when you beat someone with your favourite character, you can finish them properly!

Now I should really talk about the actual gameplay; personally I thought it really felt like a Mortal Kombat game, it's finally back to the old 2D-plane fighting style it should of always stayed at. Characters have their own uniqueness to them, some do feel over-powered at times, however once you've played with/against them for awhile you will start to realise they are actually pretty balanced and have their weaknesses for example:
Scorpion is a moderate speed fighter with teleport attacks, he's really good when you catch people off-guard.
Johnny Cage on the other hand has no teleport attacks and can seem vulnerable at times, however his attacks are extremely fast and very offensive.
Kabal is one of the fastest moving characters but lacks in offensive moves and teleports, use his speed to your advantage!

Characters have their own unique little combo's you can use, which don't seem that long (3 - 4 commands) however these if done correctly can follow up into a special move where you can sometimes lead them into another combo, after some practice you'll get the hand of these no time.

You also have a special meter where you can enhance you special moves to make them more powerful or effective (ie; scorpions throws two spears instead of one), this does take up one bar so keep that in mind when saving up for an X-Ray.

X-Ray moves are a new addition to the Mortal Kombat franchise, these are powerful moves that can do a lot of damage, link them at the end of a combo for some devastating results! Some people may think these are over powered, however if you misuse these attacks you are not only left with an empty special bar, but you will be left very vulnerable for a short period of time, so use wisely!

Overall, it's a fantastic game that really feels like what Mortal Kombat should have always been like, so it gets top marks from me!
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on 21 April 2011
Well, JapanMan's review sums it all up nicely but I just wanted to add my thoughts on the game anyway.
I was a Mortal Kombat fan back in the early 90s from 1 through to Trilogy but never liked the rest...Until now.

The game feels very much like those original MK games, only without the Broken movies, and Cheap AI tactics of pre-empting your button presses.
On the whole, it's a very balanced fighter and of the 20+ characters i feel they each have their uses and none of greatly over-powered. Some are easier to use than others but once you get the buttons down they are all pretty close.
I also really like the choice of characters. With over 60 to pick from I feel they chose all of the best, and main characters. I'm particularly happy they did add Smoke, as he was always my favourite. Worth noting too that, unlike the originals each character really has their own playing style and move list unlike in the originals were Reptile was basically just a green Sub-Zero. Here, all the main ninjas are in (except Rain) but are all very unique.

This game is very violent, although you do unlock the option to turn the blood and gore off if you wish.

Story Mode is a very nice addition and is a lot deeper and more expansive than I expected. I'd estimate it could be about 6-8 hours long depending on how good you are. Not bad for a fighting game!

4 player offline tag matches are great fun if you have some friends around, or just stick to 2v2 against the Ai or 1v1 etc.
There are a lot of game modes on offer, and a load of extra content to unlock in the Krypt.
Again, this is all more than I expected.

The beauty of this is that these things are all in addition to the actual fighting mechanics being brilliant, rather than fancy features on a poor game.

The attention to detail in the backgrounds and stages is as good as it comes. The subway level for instance has trains passing by and above you which sends paper flying across the screen and if you have surround sound on it can get quite immersive.
The stages themselves are mostly the old classic ones with some extras. It's a good idea to play through story mode 1st and you'll see where each stage fits in to the plot.

1 thing I always loved about MK is the depth in the characters Bios and back stories, all of which is on display here and even played out in hours of cut scenes which are brilliantly done.

The X-Ray attacks are a nice touch, although learning not to use them is the best way to save for multiple powerful attacks or combo breaking etc. But if you have it ready and you're opponent is nearing death it's a nice way to finish them off!
Fatalaties are possibly the most brutal I've seen too - helped of course by the brilliant graphics.

Also, 3 of my friends pre-ordered this game just from the demo and neither were MK fans and all think the full game is great. The demo does it no justice really, as always.

This is the best fighting game I've ever played and as high as my expectations of it were from numerous footage and the demo, it has surpassed them all considerably.
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on 2 December 2011
This game should have been called "Mortal Kombat Origins". Most apt title I can think of for this game.

I've been a Mortal Kombat fan since the very first Mortal Kombat was released for DOS. Every since MK4 I stopped following the series because it was absolutely ruined by going 3D. Almost all MK fans agree on this. This game however, undoes the horrible abominations starting with MK4 (Sorry Midway Games Inc., no wonder you went bankrupt). This game is an absolute Kracker well worth the money. No fighting game ever looked this great!

Brutal Kombat is back. No more censored crap. But wait! It's not just the HD graphics and gore that makes this game great. The gameplay is very well tuned. It feels like Mortal Kombat Trilogy tuned to near perfection.

I would not go so far as to say that all the fighters are well balanced. It -is- easier to finish the game with certain characters than others.

The game offers a LOT of modes: Training, Ladder, Tag-team Ladder, Online mode (1v1, tag-team), a 300 Challenge Tower and the BEST of all: The Story Mode. The game also allows upto 4 players to play co-op on the same console.

The Story Mode: Exciting stuff. The cinematics and the gameplay blend really well, it doesn't feel too much like cut scenes because even the gameplay graphics are that good. Some fights are much harder than subsequent fights in story mode, but that's okay. I think it's part of the fun that when Quan-Chi and Shang Tsung team up they're going to be harder to defeat than facing Kintaro alone. The story as such isn't stellar, it's the usual Earth/Outworld/Netherrealm trying to out-do each other but what makes it exciting is the presentation. There are parts of the story that are a little funny (Sindel's intro.) but it's still good fun nonetheless.

The online experience can be a little frustrating at times with inability to find game and right now there's just one server room. You may read a lot about "lag issues" etc. in Online mode, I did not notice too much lag anymore, it probably was when the game was initially released but subsequent patches seem to have fixed them. Definitely not an issue anymore.

Training Mode: has tutorial as well as fatality traning. Yes folks, fatality training that lets you practice fatalities with any character with both unlimited and limited clock. Fantastic!

The game also features the Krypt: a place you go to unlock things like extra fatalities, alternate character costumes, artwork & music using Koins (kurrency) that you get with winning games in ladder/story mode/online. You can easily kollect koins in beginner difficulty too. (ok ok, i'll knock off the overuse of "k").

One of the new additions in this game is the Supermeter. The Supermeter is a bar that builds up as you fight using Kombos and special moves, and has 3 stages. Each stage lets you perform something special: Like an Enhanced Special Move, Kombo Breaker and the much talked about X-Ray attacks, they're high damage special moves that show x-ray style damage being inflicting in slow-motion cutscene fashion. Bone krunchingly spectacular and it doesn't get old even after weeks of playing.

- Amazing HD graphics & animations
- Excellent voice actors (esp. Kabal, Shao Kahn, Kano)
- Good interface and navigation speed
- Good selection of MK characters; ninja characters don't all look the same, no shared graphics
- Downloadable content available (some paid, some free)
- Decent online mode and improved net code
- Variety of game modes = many weeks of entertainment assured

- Shao Kahn as usual cheats, sometimes you have to resort to spamming to win
- Not all players are balanced. Scorpion is Ed Boon's (game creator) favourite and it shows.
- Story Mode is not replayable chapter-wise. Once you complete it, you HAVE to start all over from chapter 1. It would have been good if each chapter got bookmarked, so if you've finished the story mode once you can then choose whichever chapter to re-play from. This is not possible. I hope a patch can address this.
- Whotf is this Freddy Kruger guy? Ugh... borrowing of retarded characters from other games/movies is really spoiling MK's integrity. Stop doing this. Instead include characters you've left out. Or at least don't pick idiots like Freddy Kruger. Kratos was okay but including Freddy Kruger is just ...

Minor annoyances:
- Cannot play as Shao Kahn or Kintaro. Not a big deal, they could've at least allowed only Offline Plays with these two bosses.
- Disappointed with Ermac's ending story (in ladder). Worst decision ever.

I found no real glitches in this game, it is truly well polished and fine tuned. If you ever loved MK1/2/3/MK Trilogy or Ultimate MK3 get this by all means.
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on 5 September 2011
For years fans of the original mortal kombat games have asked for that old school gaming fun but with up to date graphics and a few new additions, well the fans got what they wanted. This game goes back to the 2D fighting system and the fatalities make a welcome return as well as a couple of new fighting techniques to add a lot of strategy.
This game is full of different modes and extra unlockable content to keep you coming back and decapitating you're friends again and again.

There are three main single player modes, story, challenge tower and ladder mode.
Story mode starts with a cutscene from the end of mortal kombat Armageddon as Raiden is about to be killed by Shao khan, just before Shaokhan finishes him off Raiden sends a message back in time to his past self telling him that the event leading up should be changed. So you then begin the story mode at the first Mortal Kombat tournament and you play through all the events of The first 3 mortal kombat games.
You play through the story cycling through a large number of characters in the MK roster, throughout the story you will play as 16 out of the 27 different characters but you do not choose them, which is good as you get to spend time with a lot of the playable characters but as soon as you get familiar with one you get moved onto the next.
My only problem with the story mode is the number of times where you will be put into a fight where it is you against 2 opponents. If they defeat you once then they win the round but you must defeat both of them to win and they can swap around as many times as they like, although as much as it annoys me it is extremely satisfying when I beat them.

The second single player mode is challenge tower, you are put in a fight with a pre-set character and opponent and are given specific instruction to win such as; no blocking, you only Have legs or survive for 60 seconds without take any damage.

The other main single player mode is ladder, players of the previous MK fans will know this; you must 9 opponents one after another to be able to fight Shao Khan and become MK champion. This mode has a lot of replay value, some characters have hidden fights that will not be unlocked with other characters and there are characters specific unlocks when you win the tournament giving you reason to play through ladder mode with every playable fighter.
There are 3 types of ladder mode: 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2 or 2 players VS 2
2 players VS 2 is by far the most enjoyable as it allows you and a friend to take on the computer.

With each fight that you win you are given currency which can be spent in the Krypt, this is a store like area where you spend your currency on new outfits, music and notes that the game developers made.

Like I said previously this game has a lot of new features, the best new feature in my opinion is the new X-ray moves. You are given a meter in every fight and as you give and take damage this meter will fill up. There are 3 levels to this meter, at level 1 you can spend it on increasing the damage of a normal attack, level 2 means you can stop your opponents combo at any time and level 3 allows you to perform an X-ray attacks; a series of moves that when performed are shown like an X- ray photo and you can see the body parts break as the attack if performed. Be careful though once you use any of these your meter goes back to being empty and you must fill it up again.

This game is not a flawless victory though, as you would expect from a MK game there are some characters that are overpowered and some that feel very weak. Characters like scorpion, Noob, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi are extremely frustrating to fight and when you play as them you feel like you can't be touched but that is how mortal kombat will always be.
While fatalities are back they don't feel satisfying to pull of, I remember playing the originals and when someone did a fatality it was a huge achievement and they were praised for it, now it feels too easy. The fatalities aren't that shocking as well, the vast majority of fatalities are beheadings, to me seeing someone having their head kicked off and then seeing their head being pulled off isn't shocking anymore but maybe that is because people have become desensitised to this kind of stuff.

Overall this is a game that fans of the original Mortal Kombat games will praise highly and people new to the games will not feel lost as the story caters to them.
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Awesome game more speed on the battlefield and now I'am completely hooked to it now.

I liked the story mode where you are other people fighting other people to win a tournment than after a bit it gets harder I must admit I could not defeat Jade and that other woman when I tryed being Sonja myself because the game forces you to try to beat 2 of them instead of 1 and they will swap out of the game a lot when life is low and you have to knock them both out not just one.

Funny enough I hardly touched them too as they was blocking a lot and spaming the same throw the fan move at you and using x ray moves a lot.

I felt controls was a bit messed up but I learn how it all works within 5 mintues.

They could be more better modes like a create your own fighter on it.

Other than that the fight is way smooth nowdays, if you want a fighter game pick this up and you be sorted in a few hours.

Have fun, finish him!
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Mortal Kombat has been down many roads in since MK3 Ultimate on the ps1. Now the game returns to its much loved routes. It's 2D but 3D - its 2.5D :P

The game is violent, bloody and just doesn't want to take itself too seriously, which is a breathe of fresh air and allows the game to do some very cool things. The old test you sight, might, strength etc. are all in and a large roster of characters from the first 3 MK's.

Graphics and gameplay are very impressive and the new combo based mechanic allows for more strategy and skill, but also some very enjoyable visual dynamics.

New to the series are Enhanced Specials, Breakers and X-Ray Moves. All of which aid different strategies:

Enhanced - simply makes your special moves more potent
Breaker - allows you to break an enemy combo
X-Ray (my favourite) - turns the tides of the game. It's a very violent and full of visual awe. You see bones breaking, limbs get the idea!

Along with all the goodness mentioned, the krypt is back and also the Tower however now its 300 levels tall and doesn't require you to just beat people repetitively. Instead, the Tower wants you to use specific techniques to beat opponents. This is great to mix things up, but can sometimes feel a little cheap!

The story mode is really fun and stays inherent to the MK mythology.

Another added feature is TAG matches, where a player can select 2 characters and switch between them on the fly, in-game. This mode can also support 4 players (2vs2).

Overall the game is packed with content and very fun. It can feel cheap at times, but with persistence and skill you can be a champion. Online support is here and there are some interesting variations there too!

Overall, if your a fan or a newbee to the series, you will love this game. Its what all games should be; FUN!
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The series that no one seems to ask to continue but never seems to quit once again bounces back with a new title that attempts to wipe away the mediocrity of the PS2 era titles (And apparently the relatively 'okay-ness' of MK vs DC Universe) by taking things back to basics and trying to "do a Street Fighter 4" with the franchise and I gotta say... for the most part it succeeds in doing just that, but god DAMN this is one aggressively stupid game that seems to tread a very fine line between being a reboot of sorts and also a parody of what the Mortal Kombat franchise has become.

The game's main story mode(And yes, it is OKAY to laugh every time you hear the words 'Mortal Kombat' and 'Story' used in the same sentence) revolves around Raiden who, as he is about to be killed by Shao Khan (who has just slaughtered every other Mortal Kombat character in the near future), uses his magic or whatever to send a series of vague visions back in time to his younger self at the start of the Mortal Kombat tournament from the first ever Mortal Kombat game in an attempt to change history. So instead of a straight reboot, you're basically getting a "reboot" in the JJ Abrahms sense of the word, because lets face it, this is more or less the exact same set up as the recent Star Trek reboot, isn't it? So here we get a reinterpretation of the first Mortal Kombat game with a full, extra long story mode laid out in similar style to previous MK title MK vs DC Universe, where you get tons and tons of full CG cutscenes telling the story broken into chapters, with each chapter putting you in control of a different character and telling the whole story from multiple intertwining perspectives. It is also ridiculously long. I'm not sure what the exact play time for story mode is, but I do remember thinking that when I got a trophy telling me I'd completed 50% of the story mode I exclaimed "That was only HALF?". The story mode isn't necessarily BAD but the story itself is so ludicrously dumb it hurts, with ham fisted, cliche riddled dialogue, contrived plot points, confusing characterisation that seems inconsistent throughout and worst of all: you can't do fatalities in story mode! It can be amusing and oddly enjoyable in much the same way the first Mortal Kombat movie was, but THAT had the Highlander himself Christopher Lambert in it and one of the best theme songs any movie in history has ever had... and THIS has neither of those things, therefore this = inferior. You can't really argue with the math(s).

The gameplay in the game is where the real money is at though obviously, and this interpretation plays much like the older 2D MK titles, with the action set purely on a 2D plane with all the special moves from the originals replicated and activated in the same way they were way back when but the whole thing has been given a much greater feeling of 'impact' to it and there is a much greater focus on combo based attacks with air combos and super combos all added in and the addition of the 'X-ray' super moves makes for a visually hilarious and deeply satisfying addition to proceedings. It's fast paced, it feels 'weighty' in it's impact, it looks both outstanding and hilarious in equal measure, with the violence being kept at a level so insanely OTT that it's impossible to take it too seriously AND it has a huge character roster, large variety of gaming modes in the lengthy story mode, each individual character's own arcade mode with multiple variations on it available including tag team fights which really add something new to proceedings AND a massive 'challenge' mode that turns the gameplay on it's head and offers up tons of gameplay that breaks from the straight one on one fights to give you "mini games" and such, including the return of the 'test your might' bonus level, with several newer bonus stages added in also. All this is even before you get to the extensive multiplayer options and robust bonus unlockable extras section. This is a game stuffed to the guts with content to a degree that makes the meagre offerings of recent efforts like Marvel vs Capcom 3 look embarassing by comparison. The value for money in this package is unquestionable, no doubt about that.

On a technical level, the game is excellent. It looks superb and runs fast and smooth, with the character model details being truly outstanding, as visible injuries and wounds pile up as fights progress and fatalities showing intricate detail as intestines flop around when characters get torn in half and skin gruesomely dissolves when characters get acid sprayed in their face, leaving only a screaming skull atop their body as they collapse. It should be revolting, but I think it's just awesome. The sound is hard to call... music is more or less the same as MKs of old, with remixes of older tunes and old soundbites and effects straight up reused throughout, plus the voice acting is fairly atrocious, but it seems to be deliberately so given the dialogue the characters are working with... so take the aural aspects as you will: Either as an exercise in banal laziness, or a master stroke of knowing self parody and OTT absurdity. It really can work as either one.

This is definitely a strong title that offers an enormous amount of content from the get-go and is genuinely fun to play with it. There are several issues I could cite with the game, but each of them are minor irritations to be honest: The layout of the "Krypt" extras section is rubbish, taking the form of a large hellish landscape strewn with the dead and near dead that you float around in first person mode selecting bodies to "open" with the Kombat Koins(I know...) you earn in battle and getting the bonuses/extras they offer up as they die horribly, including new fatalities, new costumes, concept art, music, you know the thing... the problem is that movement around this landscape is slow, sluggish and you can't even turn, meaning you're forced to look around for often hard to spot, sometimes hidden, extras corpses constantly facing north and when you DO buy an extra, you have to watch a lengthy animation of the extra 'popping' out of a corpse or something, which is unskippable much of the time... imagine how old that would get with hundreds of extras to unlock. Speaking of unskippable, the cutscenes in story mode? ALL UNSKIPPABLE! These are often quite long as well, so hunker down and enjoy it as best you can, because if you want those story mode unlocks, you're gonna be sitting through it! There is also a lot of annoyance surrounding the fatality activations as well, with the 'distance' judging sometimes being completely off (eg. sweep distance, jump distance, etc). Close fatalities work fine, but the more specific distance types take a lot of trial and error at times, a lot of repetitive, frustrating trial and error. The "bonus stages" can be tiresome in how they play due to the button mashing involved in some of them, which require that you hammer like crazy on the trigger buttons to fill a bar to 'win'. They can be literally tiresome. There's also a point to be made that once you've seen all the fatalities, the game can lose a lot of it's novelty and incentive to keep playing if seeing them is one of the big draws for you. Complaints like these are numerous in the game... small, but largely forgettable and yet... ever there... irritating you.

I gotta say, I like this game. It's never going to be remembered as the best beat em up ever or anything, but it's fun, has a huge amount of content and player incentives and it looks great. These are really all you need from a game surely? There are numerous minor annoyances here, but most are easily ignored. You'll definitely have a good time playing Mortal Kombat, but once you've run through the primary modes(Which will take a while I can tell you) and done everything you can be bothered to beyond that, you'll find the entire experience a tad forgettable and possibly not something you'll find yourself driven to revisit. What's here though is enough to keep you entertained for a solid couple of weeks playing at least though, which is more than you can say about a lot of games these days.
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on 1 May 2011
Mortal Kombat had become a troubled game franchise.

Back in the day, when I was a teenager, and much to young to actually play these games, I was a huge fan of the first three games.
Everything about those games: the violence, the way the fighters looked, the Fatalities, the story, the gallons and gallons of blood, ...
have I mentioned the violence?
Everything was so over the top, it became hilarious.

But after Mortal Kombat 3 things changed, Mortal Kombat became the laughing stock of fighting games.
It tried to enhance it's status by changing to a 3D kind of gameplay which only failed and failed even worse after each effort
it's developer tried. Things got even so bad that one of Mortal Kombat's parents decided to distance himself from the series,
later their publisher filed bankruptcy and it even got to the point where Mortal Kombat lost it's most important feature: it's gore.

But all of this is Past, Mortal Kombat is Back!!! And how...
Everything that made the franchise good has been made better, much, much more better.
Everything that was bad is aboard a rocket speeding towards the sun.
The fighting is smooth, balanced, immensely enjoyable and there literally are tons and tons of cool stuff to unlock.
Mortal Kombat is a game of a past generation, the way it's made is a love letter to all it's true fans, but the way it looks, sounds and feels
truly is next-gen. Unreal 3 powers the game which says more than enough about how much larger than life the graphics are.
The sound department also classifies as simply amazing, the sounds of bare fists crushing jaws is chilling each and every time you'll hear it
and the music is like it always was but now nicely arranged with lots of instruments filling the room with the sounds of breaking bones
and hectolitres of blood splashing their way on the pavement.
Mortal Kombat is one of the most violent games ever made, maybe the most violent, so mothers beware and politicians sharpen your knives.

Mortal Kombat also is some of the most fun things to be enjoyed, loaded with content and the pure excitement of humiliating your friends
with one its many mind bending awesome cool Fatalities and X-ray moves.

It doesn't happen very often that you get so much fun on such a little disk.
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on 23 April 2011
In a nutshell if you liked the classic mk2 game you will love this thing, all the best characters are back, the game play is fast and frantic and each player has their own truly unique special moves that just look spectacular, oh and you can rip your opponents apart like they were rag dolls .... definitely the most gory mk game ever! You can still win by jumping around and uppercutting or those annoying sweep moves, but the special moves and combos are so easy to learn that you find yourself using them in sweet flowing rhythms of symphonic complexity that completely cast all the other games before it into the cess pit of the dead. The game play is unbelievably good.

I havent been able to get online yet as a friend of mine has also bought the game but definitely looking forward to some tag team 2 on 2 there as well. I tried the last mk game which was in 3d circular arenas and didnt like it. Here the creators have gone back to what worked originally and made it look amazing, play oh so very smoothly and incorporated a real cinematic feel to the game on story mode where you go through a journey of mortal kombat which introduces you to the characters in a very well written and immersive dialogue. The environments look amazing from the billowing lifelike smoke to the city scene where a giant 4 story monster is fighting off helicopters, each environment is really very interesting to look at and even a little distracting but in a good way. Just get it you wont be dissapointed if you like fighting games.

Download the ps3 demo and check it out, thats the best review you could do :)
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on 24 April 2011
Ok. I'm going to keep this reviews as simple and as short as possible.

Mortal kombat lost its appeal to me after Mortal kombat two. Subsequet mortal kombat releases mk3,umk3...etc were met with my disregard as they suffered from three major things:Shared animations dull endings and characters riddled with glitches.

Now enter 2011! MORTAL KOMBAT!

From the get go, mortal kombat is excitment all the way! clearly it has made tremendous improvement on all the previous issues which i mentioned aboved. The game goes on to deliver brilliant character designs,great stages, amazing sound effects and over the top fatalities which will apeal to the 'gore-hard' fans of the previous installments.
The strongest point of the game lies in the story mode.Trust me its wonderfully illustrated and extremely intersting that once get into it, you wont be able to stop easily.
The developers have made the controls responsive and all moves easy to pull off! did i mention the x-rays? pulling off a successful xray is pure satisfaction.Also there are tons and tons of things to be unlocked in the krypt.

My only problem with this game is that the blood shedding is extremely excessive. So excessive that sometimes your charcter battered and bloodied resembles a zombie! but hey, its Mortal kombat.

Clearly mortal kombat has set standards in the fighting game genre.I think future fighting games should take a cue from what warner brothers have deliverd.
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