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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars104
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
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on 26 February 2011
Bulletstorm is a huge mash up of elements you have seen before. The environmental kills of 'Mad World', the bawdy un-pc script of Duke Nukem, the armour and weapon aesthetics of Gears of War, and something very similar to the gravity gun from Half-Life 2. When you break it down like this, you would be forgiven for feeling less than excited about the prospect of playing such a derivative title - But wearing its influences on its sleeve does not prevent this FPS from feeling like a breath of fresh air.

Most importantly this is a well designed game. The guns feel solid, they are balanced in terms of power, and have excellent uprades and second functions. The Levels in Campaign mode are well put together, and the environments, whilst not jaw droppingly rendered, are still pretty enough to create a 'real' world in which to tell the story, which is well voice acted, wittily scripted, and about as intricate as a brick :-D

The gameplay is a blast. Essentialy, 'just' killing an enemy gleans you little reward, this game demands that you combine weapon, environment, and melee attacks into a devastating combination. This is where the 'leash' comes into its own - leashing and kicking enemies sends them flying through the air in 'bullet time' allowing you time to aim precisely at their bodies and play out some pretty evil combinations of violence. For example, leash a distant enemy and as he hurtles towards you, target his neck with the flail gun (it fires explosive bolas), now kick him back into the crowd of his friends from whence he was plucked, just in time for the bolas to explode, taking out his friends with him. And that is one of the more mundane and simple possibilties presented by this game. Add remote control explosive sniper rounds, maneating plants, and a wealth of other nastiness into the mix, and the carnage becomes unrivaled by any other game available. This game will only become repetetive to those without the ability to take the time to experiment, and just rely on 'leash-kick-headshot' which will take care of 80% of enemies you encounter, but later levels do force you to use more imagination, so best break that mindset in earlier, easier times. With imagination, come rewards, in the guise of exp points, which can be spent at 'pods' that you find as you go through the game. Here you can buy ammo, unlock secondary fire options, and upgrade power and capacity of all weaponry. Doing this unlocks greater kill-combo's and so the cycle goes.

Things are not perfect though - In campaign, aside from the mandatory 'heavy gun on the back of a vehicle' escape set piece, and a couple of helicopter segments, there is no vehicle usage (and in none of those scenes do you control the vehicle, only the guns), which is a shame, because the vehicles that appear in the game look very good indeed. Maybe something for the sequel?
Also, the graphics are pretty, and imaginative, with good animations, but lack that amazing HD detail that we have come to expect from top-end titles. Thus they are only 'very good' not 'unbelievable'.

Multiplayer is a whole world of laughs, and, as you would expect from the creators of the 'Gears' series, has its own version of 'Horde', pitting you and your friends against ever more challenging waves of AI. HaloODST stole the concept and called it 'Firefight', and as this is FPS not TPS, comparison to FF is more relevant, and here it feels superior in every way, with a chance to spend exp points between rounds upgrading and changing load out to your taste for the oncoming carnage.

I have yet to try the other multiplayer options (It only came out yesterday, and I wanted to complete the campaign before writing the review), but with game mechanics this solid, and such an outrageous concept, I cannot see anything but fun coming from all multiplayer options.

This is the perfect antidote to the 'realism' of the recent glut of military shooters, and will have shooter fans grinning from ear to ear. Highly recommended.
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on 31 October 2011
There has been a lot of bad publicity about this game, concentrating on its graphic violence and dreadful bad language, however having played all the way through the game I don't understand why. Yes there is a lot of bloody violence and bad language, but it is so over the top that it is laughable rather than offensive. For me this is also why Bulletstorm works so well, it is just mindless bloody fun and a great game to boot.

The story line is stupid, the violence is ridiculously over the top, the language is dreadful and all of this serve to create a hilariously fun game to play. Add to this great visuals and superb shooting mechnics and this is a superb game to loose yourself in for some great fun.

If you want a game that is fun to play, and does not take itself to seriously then bulletstorm is a superb choice!
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on 24 June 2016
First and foremost it's shooter. No doubt about that. It's gritty, bloody, gory and full of amazingly exaggerated comical violence. It's not that you're supposed to just dispose of the enemy to "reach your goal" - whatever this may be. It's that you're rewarded for doing it in the most outrageous and creative way possible. I like this more than I should. A lot. This ain't a great storytelling game like the first Deus Ex or Planescape Torment, but really good entertainment and mindless fun for a couple of hours - especially if you grab a buddy for coop.

The only negative point for me this game has is it being a totally linear roller coaster ride. There's no room for creativity or achieving the current goal in another way. Thus only four out of five stars.

If you even remotely like shooters of the "Gears" franchise and would love a more colourful tropical setting for your recreational virtual slaughter do absolutely buy this! Do not compare this to other games of "it's type". It's a league of it's own even if it borrows heavily from Gears and others.
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on 23 January 2012
When I played the first level of this game my immediate impression was "Oh dear". Basically, been there done that, here we are with a run of the mill shooter. Then, after about 30 minutes into the game, I obtained the leash, and that is where the fun began!

The game reminded me a lot of Gears of War, but is by no means just a Gears of War clone thanks to the highly inventive leash. Now, you longer just shoot the enemies. You leash them, shoot them in mid-air, kick them into a nearby cactus, lob them into an electric fence and basically pull off the most elaborate kills possible. The reason for this is because the more elaborate the kill, the points you earn, and the more points you earn the better weapons and upgrades you unlock, which then allows you to pull off even more elaborate kills! It turns what would be a run-of-the mill shooter into utter lunacy and a massive playground of fun.

The campaign is a decent length - a solid 10 hours gameplay, but it doesn't end there. There is another mode where you can play various levels based on different sections of the game. These levels last between 2-6 minutes and the idea is to rack up the biggest score possible through elaborate kills and combos. It is old school gaming at it's best - playing games purely to get the highest score possible with loads of replay value. You will find yourself replaying those same levels over and over again determined to get the maximum rating possible, and it is that type of addictive appeal that adds endless more hours of enjoyment out of the game.

A game like this should not take itself too seriously, and that is more than evident here with constant one-liners, none of which can be repeated here as the game is as foul-mouthed as they come. It's perfectly fitting with the over-the-top violence though, and it is rare that a game has made me laugh out loud for all the right reasons.

For those easily offended, approach with caution. For those who want to put the fun back into their shooters I just cannot recommend it enough.
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on 1 March 2011
Presentation 9.5

Bulletstorm does a great job of establishing a reality and sticking to it. The story is fun right up until the end, and the Leash sells the point system.

Graphics 9
Bulletstorm sets a new standard for Unreal Engine 3 games, with some great models and texture work complimented by brilliant colour and great lighting.

Sound 8.5
Bulletstorm's soundtrack is a mix between orchestral bombast and cliche'd shooter industrial, but the voicework is fun and well acted - assuming you can deal with the toilet humor.

Gameplay 9.5
Bulletstorm plays very well, with great responsive shooting. A wide variety of ways to kill your enemies and extra cool 'weapons' e.g. alcohol make this game awesome. The combo system is also great probably the best i've seen in my life as it really gets you hooked into improving your score by replaying. Unfortunately, Bulletstorm gets a bit repetitive in its last act and the ending is a bad shock but overall a fantastic unique game.

Lasting Appeal 9
Bulletstorm is seriously short as it only took me 5-7 hours to get through the campaign but with the different gameplay this game offers you will come back to the campaign for more, echoes mode is good fun, and anarchy mode is great and will keep you hooked till the eagerly anticipated gears 3 beta.
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on 2 May 2011
Wrong, wrong, wrong. Loved the idea of the game, but the execution, mechanics were terrible.
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on 1 August 2014
This game got a bit of a slapping from some of the more conservative gamers because of the use of foul language it contains. To this I would say 'NOTE THE 18 CERTIFICATE'. It's bound to be adult content so don't be surprised.
Okay, it's a 1st Person shooter. GREAT weapon selection with a very good combat system. Weapons are upgradeable as the game progresses. Graphics are pretty good. Story line is good (and there are some hilarious dialogue moments). The enemies and A.I. is decent as far as mad-cap psycho foes charging in and attacking you go. The unique deaths points system makes for some good experimental violence. In a nut-shell, it's a good game for less than the price of a fish supper.
The down sides (losing it that final star rating)? Once you finish the game you don't get anything in the way of being able to replay it with all acquired weapons from the start. In the same vein as Rage and SpaceMarine, once you complete the story mode you have one choice alone, and that is to start again from scratch. This makes for an anti-climactic net result.
This said, for the cash you pay it's a bit of a hoot with some nice gun play. Give it a try if you are a fan of FPS games.
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on 13 May 2012
This for me was like being re-united with a long lost friend. I used to play alot of FPS online when I had my PS3. My Xbox is offline only so I had reverted back to racing games. I was recommended this as a good game to get back into FPS games from a forum user.

The game starts off well although it becomes apparent that right from the off that the game does not take itself too seriously. The storyline is, well predictable is an understatement but you don't buy a game like this for a riveting story.

In the game you take the role of a drunken assassin who discovers he's getting done over by his boss, he doesn't take too kindly to this and then the game begins.

Main pros:
- Easy to adapt to
- Weapon variation (not too many weapons in the game but a good variety)
- Leash!! (Great little feature)
- Kills (Kick an alien Zombie into electric cable to kill them, into cactus, off a ledge. Shoot an enemy into a mutant plant)
- Robot dinosaur!!! (Great idea)

Main cons:
- Campaign length (very short, too short I would say)
- Repetitive (despite having some good varieties of enemies to kill, it pretty much is killing the same beasts in different places.)
- Motion restricted (can't jump off ledges or on top of things, lack of open world maps, just lots of 'follow this path, kill enemies on the way' the whole game.)

The gameplay is solid with decent mechanics and a nice controller set up which is easy to adapt to. The game falls into the arcade shooter category with points to buy weapons and wonderfully imaginative ways to kill enemies ultimately to get as many points as possible. The actual campaign mode is just one big mission divided into acts then scenes, very little freedom in an open world but superbly developed and virtually bug free.

Overall this is a good solid FPS which won't require you to invest hours upon hours of play before you are competent. Its quite arcedey and very much a 'get up and go' type game. I did the game on normal setting which took me a week (nights only as I'm a father). I bought the game to familiarise myself with FPS games again - mission accomplished, I would recommend this as a fun arcade style shooter not to be taken too seriously.

My rating: 7.8/10 (Well made arcade style FPS)
Genre: FPS, Arcade, Sci-Fi
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on 5 March 2011
Bulletstorm is a completely over the top first person shooter from `People can Fly' and `Epic Games' (the Gears of War Studio) does it provide a completely new take on the FPS or does it fall flat on its face.

The plot in summary; is you play as `Gray' a member of the `Dead echoes Squad' who work for `General Sarrano'. The squad carry out the General's orders blindingly, until the squad find out they have been killing innocent people and as such they want redemption. I won't go on as I don't want to spoil what happens next, but the plot while not great is not bad either. It's hard to take the characters seriously but this was done on purpose by the developers, to keep the essence of simple fun in the game.

Graphics are of a high quality, you can definitely tell this game uses the unreal engine, but doesn't have some of the bad loading textures like some others. The visuals have a very slight cartoon/exaggerated feel but works within the feel of the game. It's also worth noting that the set pieces are incredible both in size and visually, you can tell the designers worked hard here and really works to make you feel you are on a real planet.

The gameplay mainly revolves around the theme of "Kill with Skill", by this it means you have to dispose of you enemies in the flashiest way possible. For example: you can boot an enemy into the air and shoot a Firework into him sending him into oblivion. You also get more points the flashier you kill. You two trusted weapons in this game are; your leash (this grabs opponents and flings them towards you) and your Boot (gives enemies a big fat kick), while these don't sound like much on paper they work really well with the "kill with skill" motto. You also of course have and a massive array of weapons, both with main shooting capabilities and charged functions (example: the revolver has a firework as its charged mode) all weapons are great fun and really show that this game is all about having fun and not taking itself too seriously. Weapons can also be upgraded, this is done by using the points you have earned from the "skill shots" you have performed.

Sound is great in the game, however I didn't felt it stood out like some games (example: Killzone 3), the voice acting is well done and of a grade `A' standard. The dialogue in the game is definitely crude most of the time, but I found myself laughing a lot. This game is most certainly not for the easily offended.

There is multiplayer in this game and plays a lot like `Horde' mode from `Gears of war 2'. Waves of enemies are sent at you team and you simpley have to survive and "kill with Skill" to win. While it did "work" this is not the highlight of the game and I personally had trouble with the servers most of the time.

Overall `Bulletstorm' is a completely over the top game and definitely doesn't take itself seriously. The plot could have been better and so could have the multiplayer but it's a fun ride while it lasts. It has a lot in common with games like `Duke Nukem' and `Serious Sam' and for that it's fantastic. You will most certainly have fun with this game.

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on 21 October 2012
I like to say as a review this game is a basic good fps game with some nice powers to add to the charaters when you're in the levels.

I don't know why people say it's a Gears Of War type game, it's nothing like first off this is a fps not a 3d camera behind the charaters maybe the whole gameplay looks like GOW but still you shooting at guys at GOW it's monsters!

So let's see this game has much swearing words in cutscenes and like Resident Evil games this has the quick time events which you press to make things happen.

So a awesome fps game for the fps gamer.
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