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4.9 out of 5 stars44
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 15 June 2010
'Count Arthur Strong' words cannot express what these words mean to those who, erm, know what they mean. But if you don't know then you are in for a right treat because at last Series 4 of Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show is available, at last. Apparently the BBC have the right to broadcast the radio shows over their airwaves a certain number of times before we the public can buy them on CD to listen to at our leisure.
But what is it that you get if you buy 'Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show Series four' I hear you ask? Well what you get is, what you get, on three CDs, is the Six episodes from Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show Series 4 what did you think you would get an evening with Rolf Harris?! I'm susprised that you would think that - idiot!

What you get is six episodes of 28 minutes worth of mirth. Count Arthur stumbles his way thorough life doing the thing he is best at, doing his best.

'All Tourettic tics, false starts and nervous fumblings, badly covered up by a delicate sheen of bravado and self-assurance. An expert in everything from the world of entertainment to the origins of the species, everyday life with Arthur is an enlightening experience'

And that is a quote off the CD of his first series so, you know, that just goes to show you.

Series four on the other hand is more of the same, only better, and I'd like to illustrate that by quoting from some of the episodes in series 4. I'd like to but I can't actually remember much about any of them. I do know that they made me laugh out loud (or 'lol' as they say nowadays!) I know that Wilf, Gerry, Jeffrey, and Sally are all included in the fun and Whitfield Street and the Shoulder of Mutton get a mention.

I also know that to those of you, who I can only describe as the un-intimidated, er un-initiated I mean, Count Arthur may take a bit of getting used to but just imagine Tony Hancock mixed with equal measures of Alan Partridge and you may get the idea. It is the character comedy of the later mixed with situation comedy of the former. This is genuine humour of a bygone age but right up to date and although it does not find the need to resort to swearing or deliberate outrage for outrage's sake can be just as wicked as any of Humphrey Lyttleton's double entendres. The best thing about Count Arthur is that you can listen again and again and still get a lol and even just thinking about him can make one do the same.

Count Arthur Strong is one of Britain's true comedy greats but has built up a following through the traditional means of live performance before getting on to the radio. Once he hits TV, as surely he will before too long, an even wider audience will be able to laugh and marvel at the shear audacity, intensity and brilliance of his performance. Buy this CD and you will be able to enjoy him right now.
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on 30 June 2010
Steve Delaney is one phenomenally talented comedy actor. Radio 4 is already known for the high quality of its comedy output, but this material is their "Crème de la Crème". Count Arthur Strong (Delaney) is the middle-aged, fumbling, penny-pinching master of the malapropism. The convincing Yorkshire accent and skilfully affected speech impediment are superb - as is Delaney's small pool of supporting actors. This particular style of humour is not everyone's cup of tea, but I find it side-splittingly funny.

There are 6 episodes in a series, each episode being 28 minutes long as the crow flies. It's all recorded before a live audience. Each malapropism is hilarious enough in its own right, and there are literally scores in each episode. But almost as funny again is the Count's desperate flustering to recall the CORRECT word each time. The delivery and timing of the gags are what make this a true masterpiece of radio comedy. So if you're a fan of malapropisms and verbal screw-ups in general, order your copy without further adieu!

One-time Deputy Assistant Acting Vice-president of the Deputy Assistant Acting Vice-Presidents' Association, Count Strong names musician Sammy Davis Jugular among his friends. Although he speaks strangely because his mum sent him to electrocution lessons, Arthur never lets the cat out with the bathwater and likes to read the Recyclopedia Brittanicalculus. He dislikes unanimous phone calls, writes novels under a pseudocream and walks around inside buses to avoid deep vein trombonist. His favourite TV show is "Big Deal or No Deal" and his favourite starter is Whore's Duvet!
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on 1 July 2010
I LOVE The Count and this most recent series is the best yet. He just keeps getting better and better! The episode called 'Documentary' is probably the best thing he has ever done. Numerous 'laugh out loud' and 'wet your pants' moments including: 'My Mother sent me to electrocution lessons so that I could speak with other people's plumbs in my mouth' and: 'I will be taking this up with the Chief Constable when he next holds one of his policeman's balls'. As for The Count in a lap-dancing club encountering a lady called Pandora... well, priceless :0)
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on 16 August 2010
Have all four series now and his latest doesn't disappear, i mean disapprove, oh disappoint, shut up and listen to what i am saying. Laughed through all six episodes and will listen to them several times over, oh and mind your head on that light fitting. Just brilliant can't rate it high enough.
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If I had to question anything about this wonderful comic creation, it would be the "Count" part - when everything else about his "back story" works so well, this title always pops the plausibility bubble for me. What's that you say - stop being such a pompous pedant? You're quite right. This is another incredibly funny set of episodes, highly likely to render you helpless with laughter many times over. It's a remarkable performance, simultaneously nostalgic and current, and it shows no sign of fatigue.
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on 14 July 2010
I am a massive fan of Count Arthurs work, a pure genius, I recommend this latest CD and if you have not got his other work hang your head in shame.
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on 23 June 2010
Well they should have made that clearer, what they wanted. Comedy genius. Bloody marvellous, and that's swearing.
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on 18 July 2010
Once again Count Arthur has managed to make me laugh out loud, he turns all situations into fabulous romps, with his pompous manner somehow still being quite charming. The script is so well written and all characters well rounded and recognisable, Count Arthurs Radio Show is a must Look forward to series 5.
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on 27 January 2014
I'd heard mention on Radio 4 of Count Arthur Strong but never actually listened to him but I did see the TV series which I thought was brilliant and hilarious. One thing that did appeal was the absence of swearing so I found boxed CD sets on Amazon and bought series 3 and 4 so my comments on series 4 apply equally to series 3.

His style of comedy is far preferable to the modern style of humour. I particularly like the way he mangles the English language with his malapropisms which are hilarious. If you want a break from the so-called modern breed of comedians with something no-one could take offence at you can't do better than buy any of Count Arthur Strong's Radio Shows.
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on 19 August 2011
If you like this sort of humour, and I do, then you can't go wrong with series 4 of the count arthur strong show. You have to suspend belief for the comic plots but some of the jokes are so very funny that you soon get lost in count arthur's mad world. I can think of no other show that makes me laugh so consistently and I marvel at the fantastic scrip and the perfect timing of the delivery. This really is comedy of the very funniest kind and because it is so complex you can listen to it over and over again, finding new gems as you go along. Do yourself a favour buy it and have a good laugh
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