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4.6 out of 5 stars112
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2008
the film is great even now and this is the best edition!!! the book is great and looks just like the prop. there is a load of extras on the disc such as the FANalysis. the bonus film Running Time is also a great film though it is a bit short. the film (RT) has been filmed in black and white and it is continuous shot (the transitions have been cleverly covered up and so it looks like its has all been filmed in one go). both films are highly enjoyable and show bruce campbell in all his b movie greatness. It is a great edition which is worth buying whether you are a die hard fan or not.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 February 2013
The Evil Dead is my least favourite of the trilogy, althought its still a vicious, fast paced atmospheric horror classic.
Filmed on little to no budget, the imagination that went into the effects along with Raimis directing style make this an essential watch.
I love The Evil Dead trilogy and this is the 1,427th release of the first film - this time in a classy and well put together steelbook.
The picture quality is good for a film of its age and budget but I truly feel this film is at its best watched on VHS. An odd thing to say, but for some reason (maybe to cover up the Plasticine overload at the end) it really is a scarier experience on video.
Watch the 53 minute documentary on this disc to truly appreciate how a film like this is made. Far more fascinating than how any type of film is made in this day and age.
Don't buy this if you already have the previous Blu-ray release, there's nothing new here.
If you don't already have it though, this is my favourite release of the film yet.
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on 17 January 2011
Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

I'm not really going to review the film. Usually these reviews are meant to be about the product itself, so here goes.

THE EVIL DEAD is a classic low budget horror from the eighties. Enough said.

Now for the set. You get 3 discs in an awesome case, with amazing art. 2 discs contain the film. 1 disc is full of extras. There is also a poster in the set.

The film is presented in its original full screen format on one disc, whilst on the other it is presented in widescreen, its theatrical release, where the top and bottom have just been cropped out.

There are amazing extras such as:
. Two audio commentaries on the film by the cast and crew.
. The Evil Dead: Treasures from the Cutting Room Floor, which is outtakes and footage in final film.
. One by One We Will Take You: The Untold Saga of The Evil Dead, which is a documentary about the film.
. Life After Death: The Ladies of The Evil Dead, a documentary about the women who were in The Evil Dead.
. The Ladies of The Evil Dead Meet Bruce Campbell, an interview with Bruce and the Ladies about the film.
. Unconventional, a documentary about the fans at conventions.
. At The Drive-In, footage at a drive in screening where the actors and crew give out DVDs to fans.
. Reunion Panel.
. Discovering The Evil Dead, another documentary about the film.
. Make-up test.
. Theatrical trailer.
. 4 TV spots.
. Still gallery.
. Poster and Memorabilia gallery.
. Trailers for - Hatchet, Phantasm, Hellraiser, Re-Animator, and Behind the Mask.

Disk 1 - The film in widescreen. One by One We Will Take You: The Untold Saga of The Evil Dead. And an audio commentary by the director and producer.

Disk 2 - The film in fullscreen. The Evil Dead: Treasures from the Cutting Room Floor. Audio commentary with Bruce Campbell, who played Ash.

Disk 3 - Life After Death: The Ladies of The Evil Dead. The Ladies of The Evil Dead Meet Bruce Campbell. Unconventional. At The Drive-In. Reunion Panel. Discovering The Evil Dead. Make-up test. Theatrical trailer. 4 TV spots. Still gallery. Poster and Memorabilia gallery. Trailers for other films.

This is truly the version to buy, if you are a fan, or if you are wanting to see the film in its original fullscreen format, buy it.
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on 28 October 2001
"If you really would like to see a horror movie
with everything in it, this is your ticket!"
Evil Dead is a one of the best splatter films
of all times. With almost no budget, plenty
of violent special effects, lots of extreme
make-up effects and scary suspense scenes make
this a 90-minute horror rollercoaster which
really entertains each horror film fan totally.
O.K. there is some nasty or tasteless footage
to been seen(f.e. the rape scene within the woods), but it is all not be taken seriously.
For the uncut version, don't watch it alone!
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on 18 January 2013
So The Evil Dead gets the blu-ray treatment, so was it really worth it? Yes, especially this steel book edition. After owning The Evil Dead on vhs and a couple of dvds (Anchor Bay region 2 and Book of the dead)I wasn't too bothered about having it on bluray, but when it came out as a steelbook I just couldn't help myself. Great steelbook of a classic horror film which needs no introduction because if you haven't seen it, where have you been?! But in case you haven't seen it, here's a synopsis:-

The story is a simple one. Five college students including Ash (Campbell) his sister Sheryl (Ellen Sandweiss) and Girlfriend (Betsy Baker) and others venture into the wooded mountains of Tennessee to spend a weekend of fun in an isolated cabin. As they later find out that they will be experiencing they're most grueling and terrifying night of their lives. Unfortunately, the guys find the "Book of the Dead", play a tape recording of demonic incantations, and open a portal to the netherworld.

The "Book of the Dead", bound in human flesh and inked in human blood, contains the ancient rituals that causes the spirits of evil to awaken and take control, one by one, of the poor innocent students. As the survivors see their friends and love ones turned into hideous, murdering demons, they learn that the only way to kill the possessed is total bodily dismemberment. Who will be the next to be possessed by the evil dead? Will anyone survive this night of terror?

This film is really a creative masterpiece and a work of low budget genius. Sam Raimi's first movie is a great banquet for anyone. Here we have a great director moving his camera around the scenes, with very daring movements and really weird and creepy sound effects. Another good attribute of the film is the main character Bruce Campbell, king of the B-movies and total awesomeness. The suffering of his personage is splendid. The tree violation, Linda's hysteria, the extreme gore, Campbell scenes ect... the film itself is admirable despite being really low budget, and some might laugh at the special fx and stop motion just like my wife did, but they were good for their time and my wife enjoyed the hell out of it.

I'm kind of disappointed that Sam still hasn't released his early short film within the woods yet which inspired the evil dead but you can watch it online. Anyway the picture quality of the blu-ray is splendid, it might appear to be a little grainy in some areas, but there is little doubt that this release got more detail out of its 16mm film negative than was first thought. It does have a lot of special features on it and all the good stuff ported over from the Anchor Bay 2 disc US release.

Video is AVC 4.1 and Audio is dts HD Master Audio 5.1 in English Spanish & Italian. Working to deliver a serious and educational commentary this time, Raimi, producer Robert Tapert and Campbell gather together for this commentary; very intriguing for fans, but not nearly as goofy as the previously released version. So this steel book Blu-ray was worth adding to my collection as it had some nice artwok on the front cover and the packaging looks great.
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on 1 November 2015
I haven't seen this for twenty years or so and knew from memory that it was going to present itself as a low budget and probably very dated gore fest. So, it was with some surprise and genuine delight to rediscover why this movie is such a classic. Part of the charm is knowing how little money was used to make it, how Rammi and friends really pushed the creative envelope in making a solid and horrible horror movie so extreme for its time that it was banned as a 'video nasty' thus earning it an almost immediate cult status in every teenage boy's and young adult's horror movie collection as a classic. Looking back, it was well deserved. While the story makes no pretence about its genuinely low brow nature or the acting being particularly solid, one can see the seeds that were planted for dozens of imitators. Clever and creative affects and camera work make the Evil Dead a proper blood splattered rollercoaster ride steeped in a hopeless doom laden atmosphere as every character meets their gruesome end. Imagination makes up for the shortcomings of a low budget and when you think about it, its lack of imagination that makes so many modern movies a bit of a bore to sit through. My only complaint is that having paid an extra pound to watch it in HD, the alleged improvement in picture quality is virtually unnoticeable, so save yourself some money and rent the SD version.
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on 28 October 2001
This film has got to be one of the best true horror films (the only one i can think that can beat it is the first Halloween). Sure some poor special effects at the finally lets it down as well as grainy picture quality (it was blown up from 16mm film) but this could also be said to add to the experince for the viewer a top film.
5 stars easily earnt
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on 13 August 2014
I never thought that this item would be as good as it was. This is definitely well worth the money. The outer material I thought would have been plastic so I was very surprised when I realized it was like a latex consistency. If anyone is considering buying this product then my advice would be to go for it, You won't be disappointed....
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VINE VOICEon 7 October 2007
One of the original video nasties and a classic piece of gory movie-making. This offers some genuine scares and shocks rather than the full on slapstick gore that the sequels and imitators provide as we watch Ash and his friends fight off Armies of darkness after getting stranded in a cabin in the woods. After reading from the Book of the Dead, evil breaks loose, taking the souls of everyone, leaving Ash as the sole survivor.

Grainy, cheap, with amateur actors, The Evil Dead succeeds where many big budget films do not, offering real scares and entertainment. Raimi and his cast and crew all appear to be having fun here, and this shows in the final result. There are no messages here, nothing for uptight critics to get excited about. What the audience wants is gore, and we get it. Campbell's acting skills are a welcome bonus. Very funny, and one film every horror fan should see and hopefully love.

This Special Edition DVD has all the extras a fan could wish for, from commentaries, to outtakes and documentaries. Every good film deserves a release like this.
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on 10 September 2001
This is what it's all about! this is one of the few films available nowadays that returns to the roots of pure Horror. No gimmicky computerised special effects, no multi-million doller budget, just pure horror. I saw the cut version of this film and those are a few of the things that jumped into my head. This is the Uncut version! Previously only available in Australia (to my knowledge), it was only available to those in the uk willing to pay a hefty P&P charge, but now it's available to us fine people in the UK! This film is one of the best of its genre and far excels it's big-budget sequel for just raw scares. The shoestring budget only shows on the green-mash potato scene (if you watch the film you'll see what I mean), but apart from that it beats even horror classics such as Nightmare on Elm street for Phsycological scares, as well as buckets of Gore!In short, if you're looking for just plain scary viewing, you can't go wrong with The Evil Dead. Enjoy!
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