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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 August 2010
I have previously owned the 7850, and 7855 models. BaByliss For Men 7855U I-Trim Stubble+ Trimmer ;Babyliss For Men 7850U I-Trim Stubble Trimmer

This one is a real improvement in several aspects. I just happened to see it in Boots on the first day they received them into stock, and as soon as I saw it had a 2-pin plug I bought it. So I have been using it now for about 4 weeks.
I was initially concerned when i saw the minimum setting was 0.4mm instead of 0.1mm as on the previous models. But basically it seems to trim almost as close as the previous models and not necessarily 4x long (with all models, whatever is set on the trimmer, the exact length of stubble remaining is dependant on how you hold the trimmer and the exact shape and texture of your face ie 0.1mm might be the trimmer setting, but it does not mean the stubble will be cut to exactly 0.1mm, or 0.2mm)

- I did not like the comb assembly on the 7855 so i used the comb from the 7850 on my 7855. This trimmer, the 7890 is excellent. I find the comb/blade arrangement is very comfortable and easy to use (and easy to clean). It pivots and seems to follow the contours of my face well.

- excellent that the adaptor/charger is now 2-pin and so the trimmer can be charged inside the bathroom (previous models had a standard 3-pin plug arrangement, and so could not be charged inside a bathroom)

- This new model charges quickly and a full charge lasts much longer than the previous models.

Only one "issue" that I have found - it does not trim the stubble immediately under my nose, the design of the head seems to only allow it to trim to within a couple of millimetres of where my nose joins my upper lip. To overcome this, I flip the comb guide open and use the bare cutters to trim the area 2-3 mm just below my nose. It works fine.

The 7890 is a lot longer than previous models, but still fits into my washbag, just. Ergonomically it feels much more comfortable to use than the previous, but I would have liked it to be no longer than previous (but I presume the length is required to accomodate the improved batteries and slimmer body).

There are still 2 further improvements that I would like to see to make this a perfect 5 stars:

- make it showerproof (like many of the current electric shavers) and so it could be rinsed under the tap,

- provide a soft carry case to hold the trimmer, oil and the brush, but not the charger, and protect the trimmer from any damage while in my washbag when i am travelling (my Panasonic shaver has a small, soft carry case that just holds the shaver and cleaning brush, not the carger, but protects the shaver while in my washbag, and keeps the cleaning brush handy)
As stubble Trimmers go, this one is excellent and possibly the best on the market. I am happy I bought it, and I would not hesitate to reccommend it to others.
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on 18 November 2010
This is the first stubble trimmer i've bought and I wasn't really expecting too much from it, but it surpassed all my expectations. It cuts from an extremely short 5 o'clock shadow right up to beard length and does it neatly. The trimmer feels solid and looks very cool. I absolutely love this thing and Amazon have been amazing as always.
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on 14 December 2010
I purchased this product looking for a trimmer that was portable for holidays and attempting to reduce the amount of clipper heads that are often provided with other clippers.

I found this product to be just what I wanted. The power cable connects straight into the base of the clippers so I didn't need a charging base and therefore ideal for taking away. The clippers trim from 0.4mm to 5mm and the head moves to allow for facial contours. The comb also opens to allow access to the main trimmer head to edge sideburns or beards.

The trimmer hold its charge for a long time. The size is also just right, not being over sized.

I'd definately recommend this item.
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on 4 May 2011
Pros: A nice looking product with some good features: large range of cut depths up to 5mm, easy to clean, clear display and logical buttons.Does the job and long battery life.
Cons: The on button automatically starts the clippers at 0.4mm even if you don't want this setting, changing the depth stops the clippers and you have to press on again to start trimming. A minor inconvenience but a little annoying all the same. Another issue is how fiddly it is around the neck and under the nose. One or two passes is not enough as you have to cut against the lie of the hair.I'm pretty sure this would be the same for all clippers though.
Conclusion: Would recommend if you can put up with the above.
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on 3 October 2011
I bought this trimmer after having read the reviews people had written about it online. It arrived very promptly without any hassles. I followed the instructions and charged it up. It is essential that it is charged for 16 hours on the first charge - this is written on the plug and other places.
The trimmer looks and works well but the only problem I had with it was that even on the lowest setting (0.4mm) I still looked like I had a proper beard rather than the lightest stubble. Most of the time I just removed the comb and used it as a razor. I feel this isn't really suitable for men with dark, thick facial hair like me.
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on 30 July 2010
Used this for the 1st time yesterday and was very impressed.

I go for the 0.4MM setting (1 day shadow) and I got an even shave without too much effort.

Overall, a good product. Highly recommended.
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Being a reticent shaver, I often let my stubble grow for four or five days before having a wet shave, and so was curious to see if this BaByliss i-stubble trimmer did as it claimed.

I've never used a stubble trimmer before and being a 'newbie' to stubble trimmers read the instructions which were are easily followed. The unit can be quickly charged for cordless operation - or used directly from the mains. It's stressed how important it is to give the unit a complete 16 hour charge before use - this ensures you'll get maximum life out of the built in battery.

I set the cutter to 0.4mm (the shortest length) and after 4 days of growth gave myself my first trim. It took a bit of getting use to and it's important to follow the guide-lines as to how to obtain the best results as it's easy to cut off more than you initially intend to which can result in patches, but I'm sure with practice and use, the results will improve. The trimmer also allows you shape your stubble to give a nice crisp beard profile.

Overall I was extremely pleased with the result of my first 'iTrim'. The floating head adds to its ease of use, its aesthetically wonderful and the result it gave was extremely pleasing. All in all, I'd say give it a go as it's supplied with a money back guarantee - plus a three year warranty.

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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2012
I owned one of the original i-Stubble trimmers from BaByliss and it was excellent. Saved me from clean shaving and allowed me to keep my stubble shadow.

Roll on 3 years and the rechargeable battery only last a few minutes so time for a new one. It's actually quite annoying that this happened and because it was only mains chargeable and couldn't be used whilst charging, it was pretty much end of life.

The new model is much more contoured and has less settings in terms of mm height of stubble. The previous one could go up as high as 15mm but no need for that so they've abandoned that madness in this latest model.

The top comb just flips over the top to access the bare blades for sides or extreme beard shaving and the floating head is nice and soft on your skin. This model starts at 4mm in height and I think it gives a really nice and even shave.

What's great about this is that it comes with a shaving point charger (and a 2 pin to three pin wall socket adapter!) that allows you to charge it in the bathroom...even better, it allows you to use it while charging.

One (minor) downside is that it doesn't come with a travelbag/case but apart from that it's great. It's also almost £60 in a famous high street pharmacy shop so a complete bargain on Amazon.
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on 21 November 2010
This trimmer is excellent, very easy to use trims incredibly quickly and without snagging any hairs. Electronically adjustable trimmer length, which means you don't have to keep changing the guides. Very smooth hair guide, does not catch the skin, and it can be lifted and folded back for cleaning and oiling blades. It does not detach so no chance of losing it. Holds its charge very well and has enabled me to half the amount of time it takes to trim my stubble, well made and fits comfortably into one hard when using. It is a bit awkward to do the hair under your nose, but if you fold the guide back you can easily get round this problem. You may also need a 2 pin to 3 pin adaptor, unless you use this in the bathroom. The charging lead comes fitted with a 2 pin plug so is ideal for use at shaving points in bathrooms etc.

Overall and excellent product, a vast improvement over the 2 Braun beard trimmers I had beforehand. The only criticism I can level against this product is the fact that it does not come provided with any form of pouch or case. However I managed to find a fairly good one on eBay so no real problem there. Overall one of, if not the best hair/beard/stubble trimmers I have ever used.
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on 15 January 2011
This is really good - does exactly what it says on the box. It took me a couple of trims to get the length setting just right but it's really easy to use. I decided on 1.4 for my preferred setting. 0.4 is really just short of a full-on proper shave. If you prefer it to be a little longer though, it's really easy to adjust.

If I had to give a negative comment, I would have to say that the only difficult bit to trim is the top lip, especially just under the nose. I've resorted to using my normal shaver to do that bit.
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