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4.0 out of 5 stars28
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2010
Splatterhouse is a really good fun adult game. It doesnt pretend to be anything other than straight out fun and madness. Extreme gore, horror, nudity, heavy metal you cannot review this game as you would others and start picking away at artistic merit and social relevance. Its solid, its fun their are no glitches or bugs its a decent lenght theres all 3 original games - what more can you ask for. The only way someone could possibly fault this game is if its not their personal taste. But if you love the originals or all of the above then this game is definately for you. Because of the kind of game this is it most definate critics will fail it. They laud praise on the COD series, which i love, but that is no less fun in bad taste to be perfectly honest. But im not here to bash only to praise and splatterhouse I praise mighty. Dont look over this one!
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on 28 November 2010
Being a massive Splatterhouse fanboy and having once run a fairly successful Splatterhouse fan site when I was a lot younger than I am now I felt it my duty to write a frank and honest review of the reboot/latest incarnation of the granddaddy of blood and guts, and I do promise to be impartial to do the old boy some justice. So what's the score? Does it live up to the gory glory days (as some, including me, saw them) when it was officially the first bad boy on the block? Well hopefully this list of pros and cons (topped off with a cherry of a conclusion) will help fans old and new to make up their minds whether this is killer or filler in the world of this seminal horror game series. Hope it helps!

- In this modern day of grand desensitised violence Splatterhouse is truly allowed to let rip, and by rip I mean faces, limbs and lungs straight from its enemies quivering bodies, gone are the days of the original Splatterhouse's green blood and gradually diminishing claret consumption this is how it was meant to be and how it is.
- The mask is both menacing, funny, brilliantly voiced and true to its most awesome incarnation (from part 3). Watching it drink blood then cackle in delight and spur Rick ever onwards is a blast.
- The lighting is really dramatic and looks like it was dragged straight from the set of your favourite O.T.T. horror flick. Good stuff.
- Ambient affects such as the house cracking and corrupting as you mooch through it is a joy to behold. Couple this with various nasty looking set pieces and slamming doors and the horror vibe is turned up to 10.
- The story is true to the original with a few adages that work well.
- Splatter kills take the place of just picking up a weapon and seeing bodies smash against walls and such like (although this is in play too but now bodies actually hit the screen!) and work well as being both fun, satisfying and suitably visceral. Also they really hit home what a brute Rick is with the mask on.
- This is a small one but when you first kick the game on the opening sequence is wicked.
- The full on metal soundtrack is right up my street but for those who don't dig it (even though it fits with the carnage really well) it is not over used and only really kicks off in moments of proper carnage. The rest of the soundtrack ranges from creepy incidental tunes to full on orchestral spookiness with hints of the original soundtracks peeping in every so often.
- The nods to horror films of the glory days are still in play and range from Re-Animator (although this is rightly taken in a more Lovecraftian direction), Child's Play and, most prevalent of all, Evil Dead 2. A horror fans moist daydream.
- A lot of people may find this a bit silly, sexist, or off putting even but finding naked pictures of Jennifer scattered about the place (which she has apparently left as a bread trail for you to follow her by) sort of fits. Jen was always pushed as being a sexy horror film dame in distress in the original games so it only following that train of thought in my opinion. Plus gratuity is sort of the game's whole bag - and it's a bag that some may dig and others may just shake their head at but I don't know what them there head shakers would be doing buying it anyway!
- The entire game taps the veins of the original series by taking you back to the days when watching heads pop was just pure awesome. Sure it's childish but many massive games a have built themselves on the basis of blood = good (Mortal Kombat being one that springs instantly to mind) but as with all these games it just makes the whole affair pure unadulterated fun. A total blast.
- Speaking of blood: the blood physics, splatters and noises are impressive in their execution - next to Madworld on the Wii I haven't seen such attention to detail in the red sauce department.
- The original three games are provided as extras making this the ultimate Splatterpack! Plus instead of the "alright" turbographx port of the original you get the full on arcade experience! It is a pure joy to play them through surround sound and on a big HD screen...although nothing with beat playing the original down the arcade back in the day.
- The game is a very respectable length.
- Side scrolling platformer style parts are a joy. I am unsure as to why a lot of the so called "professional" reviewers have harped on about these being a nightmare as they brought the old game flooding right back and I really enjoyed them - courses of horses I suppose.
- This is a beat `em up through and through, the only brass knobs stuck on this beast are purely aesthetic - other than that it's punch, kick, execute, hack, smash then power up to extend the possibilities of all the above. I think a lot of reviewers where expecting this to go all God of War but thankfully it's stuck to its guns and stayed close to its root. Of course this means that anyone except scrolling beater fans, gorehounds, horror phreaks and of course fans of the originals will be put off (hence some of the mediocre review scores) which is a shame as it really kicks the chance for another addition to the series in the pants somewhat, although a few people see the game for the gem it is such as the guardian online - and me - which is nice.
- The weapons are great and all the major face smashing groups are represented. Shotgun, hatchet, metal pipe, spiked 2x4, chainsaw - you name it it's probably whisks though.
- Most of the levels are creepy and cool as heck! Running around the house never felt so menacing or looked more awesome.
- Ricks smashed in, real-time, wound effects are brilliant and watching an arms grow back (veins, muscle, bones and all) is proper cool - plus you can pick up your old arm and beat the nasties that took it from you with it!

- As mentioned above; people who aren't fans of the genre, the genres the game represents and the original series may find little to like, or perhaps you'll become a new fan, it is great after all, but who knows. Anyway everyone else should dig it to bits.
- The games locals often go away from the house and its grounds and it doesn't feel right but it's not long till you're in a gore churning sewer or some such smashing skulls which makes you feel back at home, as it where. Still it's a little jarring for fans of the originals
- Not everyone will be able to find their inner child/teenager and enjoy the bloodbath, and for those people I feel a bit sorry as it left me as happy as a little kipper despite its obvious gruelling themes.
- People may have wanted the turbografx version included as an extra with its weird maroon mask and so on but the arcade version is where it's at really so tough toenails.
- The swearing is excessive - knocking on House of the Dead Overkill territory - It's funny and effective when it works but other times it just feels a bit tired.
- A bit of a fanboy thing here but Rick is a bit pathetic looking and I always imagined him more as an everyman than a bit of a wimp but he got Jen somehow so he's obviously got something....large shoes perhaps...
- Another fanboy gripe I suppose but I preferred the old ripped up boiler suite look than the urban yoof trainers and wallet chain affair but things have to move on I suppose.

In my humble opinion Splatterhouse hits its mark with ultraviolent accuracy and being a total geek for the series this is no small thing for it to achieve for me. I'm not saying it's for everyone and no game is really - they can only target so many demographics and it's obvious which of those Splatterhouse is going for, however with all this in mind I still say give it a go you may be surprised. But for the rest of us who enjoy a good old bit of half minded violence with a real kick then this will blow you away. It's a beat `em up with classic gameplay written all over it and modern tweaks piled on top, and that, in my eyes, is definitely no bad thing. Nudity, violence, swearing: it's not big, it's not clever but man it sure can be a giggle! Welcome back to the Splatterhouse!
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Nerdy, weakling college student Rick Taylor lies dying on the floor in the lobby of the massive West Mansion. His girlfriend Jennifer has been kidnapped (the plot of every beat-em-up ever) by the maniacal Doctor West. A mask topples out of a nearby sarcophagus, it speaks to him, promising an extension to his life, and, more importantly, revenge. Upon donning the mask, Rick is not transformed into a green-faced party animal in a yellow suit, but a muscle-bound raging hulk ready to take on any monsters the West Mansion has to offer. There's plenty of splatter, and plenty of house, so, if nothing else, it certainly lives up to the title.

Fortunately there IS a lot more to enjoy. Splatterhouse is probably the bloodiest game of all time and is a great beat-em-up, but it does begin to wither by your third play-through. The gameplay is very. very similar to that of Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3), though nowhere near as polished. And a lot of Rick abilities are similar to that of Alex Mercer from Prototype (PS3). It's no secret that the game had a troubled production. Bottle Rocket Games was fired (and rendered defunct as a result) by Namco around early 2009, and it took Namco's in-house team nearly a year and a half to fill in the rest. The game still feels rushed and unfinished. The biggest problem lies with the fact that the game does not install to your PS3, but merely loads off the Blu Ray disc. This creates very, very long loading times that will REALLY drive you mad. Aside from that, you'll have an absolute ton of fun with Splatterhouse.


Great script.
Great dialogue/characters.
Nude pictures of Jennifer.
Lots of satisfying blood and gore.
Contains the arcade version of the original Splatterhouse as well as Splatterhouse 2 (Mega Drive) and Splatterhouse 3, which were exclusive to the Mega Drive and extremely hard to come by. It's worth buying for these two alone.


Extremely long loading times.
Graphics are only in 720p.
Some really cheap deaths (wouldn't be such a problem if it were not for the loading times).
Seriously...the loading times are a killer. THIS GAME REALLY SHOULD HAVE INSTALLED ONTO THE PS3!!!

Graphics B
Sound B
Gameplay B
Lasting Appeal B+
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on 30 September 2011
This game was trashed by the critics. And well, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't without its flaws. The instruction manual is useless (yes, USELESS), the in-game tutorial is slow-paced, and at some points how you are supposed to advance in the stage is cryptic. And not in a Resident Evil, puzzle solving way. You have to find a part of the background you can highlight, and THEN figure out what button to press to break/open said background. And yes, there are some audio glitches, and the loading time does get a bit tedious. Especially since you WILL die a lot.
However, I still think the critics were completely unfair with this game. While it's no groundbreaking action game, it's very satisfying and fun to play. You can tear your way through ghouls and zombies and tentacle creatures, with a variety of weak punches, strong punches, grabs, and other combos. If an enemy gets weak it will glow with a red outline, letting you trigger a "splatter kill" which are all very satisfying. If a bit repetitive.
The controls are smooth, although they may take some getting used to. Like I said, you WILL die. And die. AND die. The game is far from easy, and you'll need to master the health regeneration, dodging, blocking, and so on to make it through.
But what really makes this game is the atmosphere and the story. It is essentially a re-telling of how the whole Splatterhouse series got started, but it's by no means a re-hash of the original. The Mask has a personality, for one thing. For some, this may kill the mystery and horror of the Mask, but I found it added a nice element to the story, with a bit of both comedy and ruthless bloodlust. The voice acting is phenomenal, and all the while you are focused on saving your girlfriend. None of that "lose track of your first objective in the interest of saving the world" BS. Throughout, it's a lot of fun, one of those games you play when you're stressed out or feel like beating the CRAP out of something. Oh, and there are lots of naked pics of Jennifer. Just sayin'.
Anyway, I found it a very worthy addition to the series, and I am begging for a sequel. Like I said, it has its flaws and it's nothing groundbreaking, but if you're a Splatterhouse fan, you're gonna love this. OR if you like solid action games, because the game is well-balanced, satisfying, and makes you FEEL powerful. Highly recommended IF you don't mind lots of blood and gore.
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on 12 June 2013
Very violent and gory game with a brilliant metal soundtrack. I would recommend if you're of that persuasion looking for a taste of comedy with two old-school classics chucked in (splatter house 1+2 as well!)
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on 18 April 2011
I'm not going to lie i'm a huge splatterhouse fan since the original arcade game in 1988,when i was 8.That means i'm going to be harder to please and more critical,and i have to say i cant fault anything!(if a game is weak i will say so trust me).It was 17 years since the last,and this game went through 2 development teams,i honestly never expected much from this-the main reason i bought it was the inclusion of the 3 original games which were 35pounds each back in the day,so thats a bargain if you are a fan or if you just like old arcade games these are 3 of the best sideways scrolling beat em ups(with the original being a landmark horror arcade title).But back to this next gen game.You play an american college student,who,whilst accompanying his girlfriend to a sinister mansion,awakes bleeding to death.A mysterious mask seems to talk to him,promising to save him if he puts it on-and then the fun begins!
This is a horror beat em up.It isn't menacing or scary like a silent hill,but it isnt trying to be-this game is all about over the top fun.Theres more blood here then any other game(makes god of war look like a pantomine).Yes it is a button basher at heart but there is a plethora of moves to master to bring some variety to the slaying if you wish.
Graphically i like it.theres not really a great variety to the levels,but the mansion and amusement park are especially nice.Animation is solid.
Sound wise the voicework is good.I didnt like the mask at first but he grew on me(someone told me its the same guy who does tigger on playhouse disney-next time my kids watch winnie the pooh the 100acre woods will seem a lot more sinister lol).It's not a stereotypical evil voice,in the end i think it worked.Music has a lot of metal bands,im not a fan of that type of music but it certainly isn't bad and didnt lessen the game for me-theres some old school arcade tunes at certain sections too which were nice and sound effects fine.
Difficulty wise i'd say its good,ive played it on normal avoiding the last 2 upgrades for health and mask power to save for my hard playthrough.Like any game you learn from your deaths and how to defeat enemies.It isnt a breeze which is important,and if you are an achievement/trophy hunter the challenge arenas can test you.
Another reviewer complained about jumping being difficult?I dont know how to respond to that as i noticed no difficulty in pressing x button and the jump that followed,also someone complained about huge loading times upon death.I died quite a few times at the start of the game-dont remember being frustrated at having to wait ages for the game to return me to combat.I didnt die often from stage 2 onwards and so cant comment how frustrating it would be or how long it took,im sure it wasnt longer than 10secs.My only gripe was that some checkpoints were strange-like you had a tough bit expecting a checkpoint and then it would launch another wave of enemies,but these were very few and is that the games fault or just my expectations from modern gaming where the luxury of checkpoints are sometimes spoonfed?
Cant compare it to other beat em ups as i dont play those games.I mainly play first person shooters,but also buy about 25 different types of game each year to try new stuff.I can say that i had more fun in this game than infamous or gears of war 2(and i got every point/trophy for those).
I was really pleased with splatterhouse 2010-and at the price it is now theres no excuse not to try it-The doors of the mansion lay open......Its SPLAT TIME!
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VINE VOICEon 5 January 2011
Why? I mean... I just... WHY? Every instinct, every sensible shred of reason in my brain tells me I should hate this game. Hate it for it's cheap and nasty gore centric gameplay and linear, generic game structure... but for reasons I couldn't even begin to explain properly, I found Splatterhouse to be a game that satisfied my most primal of gaming urges with it's aggressively OTT violence, near-offensively juvenile story and dialogue and flat out disgusting visuals that offer up some fairly sickening visual imagery for you to take away with you when it's all over. This is a gaming pleasure of the guiltiest variety and no mistake.

A remake of the cult gore fest side scrolling arcade splat-em-up of the 80s, this new version again sees you cast as reluctant hero Rick as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend Jennifer with the aid of a mysterious mask that turns Rick into a super powered killer. This time, however, the game has mostly done away with the allusions to the Friday the 13th movie series, choosing instead to go a more 'Evil Dead' route in it's stylings, with numerous references to the classic Sam Raimi black comedy horror series peppered throughout. The plot presents itself in a fairly ludicrous, seemingly deliberately stupid manner, as 'the mask' is able to talk and a lot of the dialogue from it is foul mouthed in-gameplay one liners from it as you kill and dismember enemies. For example, when fighting one particular enemy that looks like a giant cross between a dog and a monkey, the mask shouts at you to "Punch it in the ***!", right before you are given the opportunity to repeatedly shove your arm into it's colon until you manage to pull out it's intestines. And just in case you were still in any doubt over the mentality this game is targeting at this point, I'd also point out that the in game 'collectibles'(You know, those hidden items every game has you gather up for no real reason other than to be able to say you did?) are actually fragments of nude photgraphs of Rick's girlfriend, that you piece together as the level progresses. This game is intensely juvenile, and it absolutely revels in being so in a way that is almost refreshingly unpretentious.

The gameplay is a tad mixed... presenting on one hand some(Thankfully not too common)some insultingly simplistic "platforming" sequences that consist of little more than pressing forward and repeatedly pressing jump to move between preset handholds while running across a collapsing walkway in between jumps occasionally and then also on the other, more prominent hand it is an ultra violent slaughter fest, require you to kill hordes of monsters of wildly varying size in whatever way you can manage, with your hands, with a baseball bat, with a shotgun, a chainsaw... or if you're in a particularly nasty mood why not rip off an enemy's arm and beat them to death with it? Or use a machete to decapitate a monster and then use it's severed head as a missile to knock some other baddie out? Hell, sometimes, if you're hurt badly enough, you can get your OWN arm cut off... then pick it up and use IT as a weapon if you like. It's pure gore porn of the kind that would make Eli Roth blush, but at the same time, there is an undeniable satisfaction to be gained from the sheer carnage coupled with a mostly solid combat system that is perhaps not as much fun in bare handed combat as it is in the more weapon centric battering. Also, I had real issue with the lack of real boss fights in the game. There are a couple of really well put together bosses in the early goings of the game, but after that it feels a bit like the developers ran out of ideas, as the game seems to repeat the same giant snake monster fight every level. It's an especially notable problem in the climactic stages of the game. Oh, and there are also numerous Mortal Kombat-esque finishing moves you can use against nearly every enemy in the game that add in God of War style QTE sequences to break things up I guess... but at it's heart, if you aren't satisfied by the ludicrous story and carnage, you're likely to see little more than a repetitive, room clearing button masher depending on how you approach the game. It isn't going to be to everybody's taste, but there's no denying that Splatterhouse will satisfy the old bloodlust in a way few games can.

Graphically, the game looks decent, but unspectacular. The visuals are detailed, most especially with regard to dismemberment and eviscerations, but bland in look besides some amusingly grotesque enemies. Performance wise it's so-so... no real framerate issues of note, but it isn't as smooth as the likes of God of War or Bayonetta by a long shot. Sound work is pretty excellent though, with overblown full heavy metal songs playing whenever the carnage ramps up and during boss fights further adding to the absurdity of the whole experience and the voice acting is suitably tongue in cheek, with relentless swearing coupled to achingly dumb dialogue. Plus the voice of the mask is often very amusing, with the fact that he is voiced by the guy that does Pete, the arch enemy of Mickey Mouse, in the Kingdom Hearts games doing the same voice he does for Pete only adding to the insanity.

This game is going to be pure Marmite... You'll either love it's knowingly absurd, deliberately dumb, carnage fuelled action and satisfying amount of on disc content, or loathe it's repetitive, samey contained battles against respawning armies and worthless "platforming" sequences. How you approach this game and what you want from it will absolutely affect how much you enjoy it, moreso than any game available right now I'd say. Personally, I really enjoyed it, and I am really really shocked by that as I went in with rock bottom expectations. It's a game that relies on how much satisfaction you gain from graphically killing masses of fleshy beasts and offers up some surprisingly rewarding incentives and content as you play, with an enjoyable 'survival mode' included and, best of all, the ability to unlock all three original Splatterhouse games to play. It's a great package if you can enjoy it, especially now the price has come down most places.

If you're the kind of maniac that gets giddy for pure, unadulterated, primal violence, consider this a special post Christmas pressie just for you, but if you're the kind of person that only gets worked up whenever Frankie Boyle does a swear on television then you may wish to shield your eyes.
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on 28 February 2013
This game got me so excited as soon as it got officially announced. So I waited for the time to get it and when I did I was shocked to find that it exceeded my expectations! This game has gotten a bad rap for not being the most complex and being a badly made game. None of this is true! The game has obviously had a lot of love given to it by the creators and most fans loved it! Give this game a try as it is beginning to go slowly up in price as it is quite a rare item!
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on 26 January 2011
I never had the pleasure of trying the original games before this (being a commodore 128 and amiga kid) but this is really a treat for adults, not only the graphics but the profanity itself is extreme and i love the sense of humor the mask has, the graphics are not the best seen but it does stay a bit true to the originals graphics when the camera moves from third person to platform'ish gameplay.

The story is solid in my opinion, and the game does bring alot of hours, plus the treat is you unlock the older games as you progress the story which is nice, i however think that the violence does tend to get a bit much when playing in prolonged periods.

The difficulty even on the lowest can give a little challenge so if you like games with a challenge just give it a notch on the difficulty setting and you'll be home .-)

My two favourite things about this game is the execution moves you can do in this game, no matter how many times you do it is still awesome. second is the voice acting the conversations between the mask and the main character is just brilliant.

So if you guys like violence, profanity and dirty pictures this is your kinda game, hope you find this helpfull

Kind regards

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on 7 January 2011
This is a game that you already know if you will like or not before you buy it. If you enjoy over the top Evil Dead style horror films, or are a fan of the original trilogy of games (included as unlockables), then give this a go. Sure it gets repetive but what scrolling brawler doesn't? Old school 2d levels break up the action a bit and are good fun, and killing the bigger bosses in the most brutal way possible is great fun. The graphics are also pretty good with excellent art design, reminding me of all the best environments from the best horror films (spooky mansion, abandoned theme park etc). Critics will slate it just because of the genre of game it is and the old school style, but in this day and age of endless shooters it makes it relatively unique. The story is also surprisingly good for a game of this type, with some neat twists,
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