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4.5 out of 5 stars139
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 27 January 2011
This is the lonnng awaited official digital release of the award winning movie that chronicled the King's april 1972 concert tour. Fans had long been lobbying for this release and now we have it in two formats - DVD and Blu-ray. I received my Blu-ray through a friend and was almost speechless when I played it in my brand new blu-ray player.

It was almost like watching Elvis On Tour for the first time, especially noticeable when the opening song Johnny B Goode was annoyingly replaced by Don't Be Cruel as a result of copyright issues. It seems Mr Chuck Berry strangely wouldn't allow it this time!

In this movie, Elvis looks and sounds every bit The King. By 1972, he had done it all and was at the top of his profession. And he knew it, almost to the point of cockiness. The fans were wildly ecstatic and screamed their lungs out anywhere he went all across America.

The blue-ray format digs deep and brings out sound and vision detail not heard and seen before. The music is heavy and just about every instrument is heard - much unlike the original horrible tin-can mono sound. Since 1969, Elvis had employed a full orchestra to back him and this new version does true justice to the brilliant musicians in his band.

Elvis performs a few of his old hits but mainly contemporary songs belonging to other artists, such as Proud Mary, Polk Salad Annie, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and a powerful Never Been to Spain . What comes across glaringly in Elvis On Tour is how far Elvis had developed since his recordings in 1954. His transformation from the rockabilly singer to this flashy and almost alien rock mega-star is unbelievable.

There are no special features or bonus material to tantalise, but beggars cannot be choosers. I'm quite happy to have what I have after such a long long wait, and even happier to know that any extra material may appear later in the same format. So something to look forward to at least.

The blue-ray price may be higher than other formats but the quality is superior in every way. Do not hesitate. Fan or not, get this movie in blu-ray or DVD and enjoy Elvis Presley the superstar at his greatest.
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on 1 March 2012
When Elvis returned to the stage the concerts were high octane and he was clearly working hard to reestablish himself. This comes from the era where the shows had settled down and were more professional but more of a routine. To an extent Elvis is beginning to act at being Elvis and settle into a new stage persona.

The music remains good if slicker rather than spontaneous and it is good to have this on DVD overcoming the limitations of the VHS format. However the failure to accurately reproduce the movie release is annoying and I really feel there should have been some bonus features. As RCA have receded into the distance and we now have records released with imagination and some attempt to set Elvis in context within himself and the era so we should have more effort with the movies.

Nevertheless worth getting but let's all hope for a "collector's edition"/"Director's cut" or the rest of the nonsense about releasing what "it" should always have been.
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on 29 October 2000
elvis on tour focuses on the king's 1972 tour of the southern states. here we find the elvis in perfect form, just proir to his historic madison square garden concerts, the on tour film won the 1972 golden globe for best documentary, and interestingly was worked on by martin scorsese. elvis on tour sees elvis perform many of his classic hits such as burnin love, american trilogy, and love me tender. but the best, and most frequently used songs on the video are lesser known presley classics such as see see rider, you gave me a mountain, and his unbelievable rendition of bridge over troubled water. elvis on tour arguably shows the king at his best, although the 68 special, 69 vegas shows, anything from 1970, and march 74 tour are also contenders. if you want a real treat, elvis fan or not, buy this video
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on 3 January 2004
i think that elvis on tour is the best concert of all time, it even beats aloha from hawaii, it shows elvis at his best and at his worst durin his 1972 tour. the songs Burning Love and Bridge over troubled water were done brilliantly by the king, The best song in the video in my opinion is you gave me a mountain, so overall this video is brilliant and i suggest anyone to see it!
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on 15 January 2010
'Elvis On Tour' documents Elvis on Tour in the U.S.A. in 1972. It is an excellent documentary but suffers from being in the 'letterbox format'for many of the live performances. This version is on VHS. However, the following should be noted and it may be better to wait for the Blu-ray or DVD version.

From the Elvis Presley Enterprises Website.

This Fall (2010) Elvis on Tour is coming to DVD and dazzling Blu-ray high definition - for the first time ever. Featuring electric performances from Elvis' 1972 tour, this Golden Globe winning documentary captures the raw energy and excitement of Elvis' best live performances. In celebration of Elvis' 75th birthday year, a 17-film Ultimate Collector's Edition DVD box set is also planned, which will include ELVIS ON TOUR, VIVA LAS VEGAS, JAILHOUSE ROCK and more.
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on 9 July 2011
I had been looking forward to seeing Elvis On tour on DVD for a long time. I have a copy on VHS but the picture on the DVD is improved as you would expect although I did think the DVD was very slightly darker than the tape. I was disappointed that copyright problems meant that the DVD opened with Elvis singing "Don't Be Cruel" instead of "Johnny B Goode", the second disappointment was the complete lack of extras from the filming of Elvis On Tour and such outtakes do exist. Hopefully a second edition will be issued with some more material on it.

On the positive side, it was great to see Elvis singing on stage, he was in great form.
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on 30 September 2007
Amazing film.Elvis may look pale but he is on top form here as are the TCB band.They all really let go and the result is pure 70s Rock.Check out Polk Salad Annie,Proud Mary,the Karate sequence,Ron Tutts awesome drumming,Jerry Sheffs thunderous bass lines and Elvis' incredible vocal power.He's more powerful vocally here than in Aloha and much more relaxed.Other standout performances include Bridge Over Troubled Water,Mountain,the Stamps singing Sweet Sweet Spirit and of course American Trilogy.
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on 10 August 2010
All I can say is wow. Watched the blue ray edition last night and eventhough we have watched on Tour a hundred times the blue ray is dazzeling. Elvis looks great, his stage costumes look spectacular and the interaction with the band is great. You can now actually see the band behind him clearly and catch all the banter with Elvis. The sound is great and the kings voice sounds even better. Looking forward to a delux edition in a few years with all the missing footage. Recommended to all, not just fans of the King.
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on 24 October 2015
To be honest this is a wee bit disappointing and it's about time they released a longer, cleaned up version. If I was going to recommend you watch an Elvis performance film I'd advise on (1) the NVC TV '68 Special then (2) That's The Way It Is and then this one. Although for a little over £7 I can't really complain.

Yes, it's nice to see him backstage and singing gospel to wind down and so on - but there's some rubbish in there - such as a full 3 minutes of some old bloke (venue manager?) being quizzed by journos as to what door Elvis is going to come in and where he's going to walk....for heavens sake. And I've always hated the 70s idea of having a screen split into 3 panels, usually with Elvis in the middle and the backing singers in the outer panes - really not bothered about who else is on the stage and as the film is a letterbox style it just reduces the size of his image to about 40% of the screen.

The DVD is a German release so the back cover is in German and there is no track listing or additional information. I didn't think the sound quality was great and the level is very low. I normally have my tv on about 33 and had to turn it up to 54. Hadn't realised before that Martin Scorsese was responsible for "montage supervision".

He's as lean as he was in TTWII (with a pert behind) but he looks pale and his face is puffy in the first 18 minutes or so (and again towards the end when they return to the same concert). Whatever concerts (of the 15 dates) start around 18 minutes (Proud Mary) he looked more alert.

And there's some nice moment (holding up a pair of knickers someone threw on stage and asking "are these yours, honey?"). For anyone new to Elvis you get to see him singing gospel to wind down, looking bemused when women are going hysterical at his slightest move...but then teasingly drawing attention to his lower regions (trying to stop my review getting blocked here!) by pointing at his belt and saying "for those of you down the back that can't see - this is an owl").

But he's in good voice in many of the tracks - although Bridge Over Troubled Water is not as good as the TTWII version. Stand outs for me were Never Been To Spain / American Trilogy / I, John / You Gave Me A Mountain and some bits of Suspicious Minds played over montages - which include footage of him going into the army, photos of his childhood, Ed Sullivan appearances etc.

Lawdy Miss Clawdy wasn't a favourite for me as the addition of the orchestra and all the backing singers joining in turned it into a bit of a big band plodder. If you want a great version of this listen to him screaming it on the '68 special.

Burning Love was a bit more powerful than the single version - but he sang from a lyric sheet and tossed it halfway through.

Track listing (not all sang to the end) : Don't Be Cruel / See See Rider / Polk Salad Annie / Separate Ways / Proud Mary / Never Been To Spain / Burning Love / Ready Teddy (Ed Sullivan) / Lighthouse / Lead Me, Guide Me / Bosom Of Abraham / Love Me Tender / Until It's Time For You To Go / Suspicious Minds / I, John / Bridge Over Troubled Water / Funny How Time Slips Away / American Trilogy / Mystery Train (master track over montage) / I Got A Woman/Amen / Big Hunk O' Love / You Gave Me A Mountain / Lawdy Miss Clawdy / Can't Help Falling In Love / Memories (over closing credits and backstage footage).

On reflection - I'm giving it a 5 for the quality of his performances...but the DVD presentation/sound really deserves more like a 3.
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on 18 August 2010
No bonus footage, no theatrical trailer, no "Johnny B. Goode." Even though Warner Home Video slashed their restoration budget due to the poor economy, they could have given "Elvis on Tour" (1972) the royal DVD treatment. They simply didn't care. Elvis fans have every right to feel ripped off, but uninitiated viewers probably won't mind. However, Presley's final film deserved much better. Save your money and wait for the inevitable two-disc "special edition."
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