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on 3 October 2015
This set of scales does pretty much everything. It weighs you, saves your weight to one of up to 8 profiles so you can keep track of your weight loss or gain easily. It also does maths so it that can work out your body fat, hydration, muscle and bone mass based on your age, height, and gender. It's all very futuristic and amazing. It has a function that lets you weigh dogs and babies too, in case you need to do that.

Looks wise, this is a black shiny square with rounded corners and a couple of shiny silver circles where you put your feet. It's fairly heavy, but thin, and I think it looks lovely.

The scales power on when you stand on it, and turns itself off when you're done, so the 2 lithium batteries that are included should last for ages.

The infant/pet/luggage tare function is incredibly handy, letting you weigh yourself while carrying the baby/dog/luggage and then without, using magic (subtraction) to work out how much the baby/dog/luggage weighs without you even having to write things down with a pencil.

I highly recommend purchasing this product.
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on 17 April 2015
So far I am very happy with this Ozeri scale. I ordered it to replace a BalanceFrom scale which ate one set of four AAA batteries per week (and did not measure hydration, body fat or muscle mass). The Ozeri uses two CR2032 and hopefully will have longer battery life. I shall update this review if it disappoints, but for now I'll assume it will leave up to expectations in this respect.

The Ozeri scale has a nice design although the white is a bit bland and if I were to order it again perhaps I'd pick the black (then again white is a better match with my bathroom decoration).

The LCD is easy to read with backlighting and large digits.

Although it has a lot of functions it's very easy to program a profile, and thereafter is a breeze to use. No need to press buttons after your profile is set, just step on it and it works.

Weight seems very accurate, responding logically to small changes throughout a typical day based on meals, hydration, working out etc.

The other measurements are less precise but that is to be expected. If you believed the scale you could lose or gain a couple of hundred grams of bone within a few hours. Muscle mass variations are also a tad too quick to make sense.

However, the differences are not too big and are what I would expect from this kind of equipment. The readings are not too far from what I expected based on my caliper readings etc.

Note that for each gender there are two settings, athlete and... not athlete. I think the definition of athlete is a bit too strict at 17 hours of strenuous activity per week and resting heart rate under 60. My heart rate is under 50, and I lift weights five times per week and add a bit of cardio, so it's pretty intense but at 60 to 75 minutes per workout I would be non athletic... it's not that I care about being called athletic, but it changes the readings substantially.

But overall the Ozeri scale is a great product, and I would recommend it. Especially with the price discount at the time of writing this review (I paid £39.99, vs £69.95).
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on 28 November 2014
This year I have a new assistant in my fight against the flab. I received the stunning Ozeri Touch II digital bathroom scale last week and have been thoroughly impressed with it. My old bathroom scales were as embarrassing as my waistline and as rusty as my joints, so to receive a good looking new set of scales was a real treat. My old scales also only measured weight, which was useful for tracking changes and working out BMI, but so last century in terms of what we expect of modern bathroom scales.
The Ozeri bathroom scales are just as beautifully designed and well made as their other products that I have used.

The Ozeri scales are stylish, robust and accurate. I love being able to use the measurements of percentage fat, water and muscle, and estimate of bone weight to generate a specific plan for improving my health. Even in the space of a week I am already seeing the measurements change for the better as a result of it. This is perfect for anyone trying to improve their overall health, not just their weight, and is useful for the whole family. My parents are so impressed they have asked me to get them one for Christmas.

The scales arrived quickly, the packaging was good, the scales in perfect condition and they were extremely easy to set up and use, plus the results easy to understand thanks to the clear and informative booklet. In addition, once the scales finish measuring you the results stay on screen for a while so you can step off and get a closer look at the screen (useful if you have taken off your glasses in the hope this reduces your weight).
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on 1 January 2014
Reasons I like this product:

1) Accurate and no wavering between weight readings each time you step on and off to test this (other digital scales I've tried can differ up to 6 lbs!).
2) Product 'remembers' you between family members automatically by your weight just by stepping on the scales each morning, so no need to select 'person 1/2/3' etc.
3) Quick set up which wasn't hard to understand or follow.
4) Easy to read bright blue LCD display.
5) Can display both KG, pounds and Stones and pounds (little button on the base).
6) Very slim design with no sharp edges (unlike other square glass designs) and light enough for elderly or younger people to move around the floor.
7) Small footprint doesn't take up too much room (some multi function scales are very wide).
8) Comes with basic booklet to compare body water/muscle/fat percentages for age and sex.

For the price, you can't go wrong in my opinion and I recommend the product to people looking for similar features.
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on 27 October 2014
You don't actually need to know how much you weight, what's important is the relative proportion of fat & muscle. If you're exercising, you'll build muscle and lose fat. As muscle is denser than fat, you can gain weight even though you are losing fat. So it's important to know the proportions. For women, it's also useful to be able to measure the proportion of water, to eliminate that from the equation. These are very easy to use, you can set up different profiles for different people which it recognises by the weight (so presumably will only work if there's a difference in weight between users). It provides your weight in kg, lb or stones, and the percentage fat, muscle, water and bone. I'm surprised how little bone I've got. No wonder I ache all over. The scales are thin, shiny & black with a blue LED display, so they look good too.
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on 13 May 2013
I chose these scales as we needed the high weight limit these allow and because the reviews here are mostly so positive. I am glad to say I think I made the right choice. There are however a few points I feel should be made, which may be helpful to other buyers.

I am reviewing this product here as a weighing machine only - I haven't seriously investigated the other functions (body fat percentage, etc.). I am also only going to review the second set of these scales that we have - the first behaved inconsistently and were replaced without any fuss by Ozeri - who I found very responsive and helpful to e-mail contact.

Accuracy & Consistency

I think the most important aspect of any measuring instrument is that it gives consistent readings - i.e. if your weight hasn't changed the scales read the same weight each time you weigh. Our experience with these scales is that consistency is very good. I can weight myself, get off, let them power-off, then weigh again and get the exactly the same weight the second time. I also frequently compare them with some older digital scales I have and find they difference in the weights they give is almost exactly the same every day - this may raise a question about accuracy but suggests excellent consistency.

The second most important aspect is accuracy. These scales are consistently reading about 2lb higher than our old ones (also digital) but of course it could just as well have been the old ones that are reading low, so I tried another test: I weighed myself on the sophisticated scales are two local GP surgeries, which gave identical weights, then came home and (with exactly the same clothes, keys in pockets, etc., and not having eaten, drunk or gone to the loo) weighed myself on the Ozeri scales. The result was that the Ozeri weighed 0.8lb higher than the surgery scales. Assuming the surgery scales are correct, this represents an error of just over 0.5% - which I think is quite good really and probably all one can reasonably expect.

The scales read to a precision of 0.2lb or 0.1kg. As long as you bear in mind that they're not as accurate as this precision implies, this is still helpful as their consistency means you can reliably detect small changes in your weight from one day to the next or one week to the next, which is I suppose what most of us use bathroom scales for.


My immediate impression on unpacking these scales was how much nicer they look than I expected. Actually, if you look at all six photos on the Amazon listing, you do get a good impression but the main photo (the only one I looked at) doesn't give any impression of how thin or how stylish they are. They look very sophisticated - mainly resuling from the thin design and the glass platform.


The description on Amazon includes this claim: "New StepOn Technology automatically powers on upon contact to display weight measurements and automatically powers off to converse battery power. No tapping needed to activate the scale."

This would be a nice feature. However, what they don't tell you unless you ask is that this is only true if the scales aren't moved. Apparently they have some sort of motion sensor that means they go through a reset after they've been moved. My experience is that this happens during first time you step on them after they've been moved and means that they therefore only give an accurate reading the second time you step on them.

So, if you keep them in a cupboard as we do, get them out and weigh immediately, you get a reading that is up to 6lb too high. Get off, let them settle and then weigh again and you get a good reading. I learnt this through a series of e-mail exchanges with Ozeri who confirm this is how they work but it is not documented as far as I can see in the instruction booklet.

In practice then, unless you keep them in exactly the same position, every time you use the scales you have to first reset them them by pressing down with your foot hard enough to power them on and wait a few seconds for the reading to settle to zero - only then can you step on to weigh yourself. This process is remarkably similar to the tap-before-you-weigh that my older digital scales require, and means that the claim in the description is in my opinion a little misleading.

Once you know about this it's fine and you can easily live with it but I think it's a serious omission that there's nothing in the instructions explaining this.

It is for this deficiency that I am taking off one star.


Accuracy: Good
Consistency: Excellent
Precision: Usefully fine
Styling: Excellent
Documentation: Important informatiom missing

Once you know how to use them effectively these are stylish and effective scales with an unusually high weight limit and I recommend them highly.
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on 5 November 2015
I liked this scale. It seemed accurate, with no anomalies in body fat, weight, muscle etc - they seemed very consistent.

They broke after 6 weeks of use, and I barely used them. I assumed the batteries had ran out so I bought some new ones, and replaced them, but to no avail. The scale is officially kaput.

They were stored next to a bed with no weight on top, standing upright.

The warranty only lasted 4 weeks so I cannot return them.

All in all, a complete waste of money - I'd go with a more reliable make if I were you.
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on 6 October 2014
As we do not have a child or pet, we were unable to test this. However, I did test the tare button whilst holding a bag. It does make it exceptional easy to find the mass of your bag, whether just for your travel knowledge or for preparation in flying.

We also tested the personal profiles, as both my husband and I have been testing the system. We LOVE the fact that we can both have our own profiles set, so that when we step on, we are getting accurate data for ourselves, and we can trust the numbers.

We didn't believe, at first, that it would actually recognise the difference between us.It definitely does on most occasions. However, we have found that, sometimes, it doesn't, but we believe this is based on the fact that we are similar in mass.

We have both loved putting this system into our training regime. We both check all our numbers, each morning, and record them. It has made it super easy to watch the progress of our training and fitness. We no longer have to worry about whether or not a mass change is due to water retention, fat increase or muscle increase, as we can just refer back to our numbers from previous. It is brilliant!

We also like the surface and the touch disks. The surface looks great and high-quality, making us proud to have it in our toilet are, rather than some of the lesser systems, which look a bit rubbish. We also like that the surface isn't rough or cold and that the touch disks start up the system instantly. Previous systems have needed us to touch before starting, which we found often led to a small (or large, depending on the system) error in the reading.

The light up panel is great as well, as I don't have the best vision and this is SO easy to see.

The system is also exceptionally thin, especially for a scale! A lot of the scales, be they digital or otherwise, have been at least double this size. We have placed (above) my iPhone in a picture with the scales to show how thin they are. It really is only slightly thicker than my phone. However, this doesn't mean that it is weak or easy to break. It is a very study, yet sleek looking, set.

I have seen some reviews about the mass being off. However, as I have many many doctors appointments, I can honestly say that this scale has been pretty much spot on, when comparing my numbers at the doctor to the scale. I have, on a couple occasions, found it to be a few tenths out, but there were also a couple hours, and a cup of coffee, different on these occasions, so I believe it to still be very accurate.

OVERALL: We are extremely pleased with this system. It is perfect for our needs, and we feel it would be great for anyone, family, adults, kids, etc. It is the best scale we've found yet for people who are in training, fitness buffs or who just want to build muscle/lessen fat. If you are currently on a diet, then you should really consider this scale, as we often diet and forget that our mass may go up slightly, as we may gain muscle mass from working out/eating better. It is a sleek, modern system that looks great in your toilet/bath, so that you can leave the system out to use. I would highly recommend this system, as it is the best I have tried yet!
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on 12 January 2015
It says my body fat is 7%. I wish, but it's more about 20%.
Return on the way
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on 29 December 2014
Early days yet as I only got this at xmas. Looks wise, the scales are stylish and look great in the bathroom. As a family of 2 adults and 2 teens we programmed each of our selves and it was interesting to get the readings for body fat, bone density, muscle etc. We need to regularly use the scales to determine the accuracy, value etc. I did find the other day when I stood on the scales that it could not distinguish between me and my son. Given that there is more than 3kg weight difference between us I thought there might be a fault. However, this has not happened again. Assuming all goes well, these scales are definitely good value for the price and look great.
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