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4.9 out of 5 stars87
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 21 June 2010
Of its type, this is one of the best movies I've seen - period!
I'm no mad Rush fan. They have always been a fav but never one of those bands I've followed rabidly. I have to admit that I now wonder why? Did I lose Rush or did they lose me?
Having been fortunate to see this in a cinema, its a blast to see an open and at times touching story of a band who have always done it their way and flown in the face of fashion and street cred.
Yes the music has changed over the years and you do get to see the way that has changed the dynamics in the band, so reshaping their sound and their career as they have gone along.
If you like Rush you will love it, if you have always had a soft spot for them then, like me, you will find a new sense of admiration.
However if you have just never got them or bothered? Just stay in you pig sty and wait for the next "in thing..." and leave the real music to real musicians!
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on 17 June 2010
Saw the film on 7/6 having been a Rush fan for 30 years and was not disappointed, nor from the applause from the rest of the cinema audience was anyone else!. A well put together film that covered from early school days and influences to here and now and filled in some of the blanks not mentioned in some of the previous dvd doc's. The inclusion of family home video with some great interviews and footage made it a very genuine and warming insight. A must for any Rush fan new or old, you won't be disappointed.
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on 10 June 2010
Me and my son patrick saw this on 7 June. It's a long overdue tribute for those us who have been following the band for over 30 years and a great introduction to young fans too. Some great early footage of alex in particular, but also a good recognition of John Rutsey who seemed to be the spokesman of the band in the beginning overall a great movie also i have two words to say-BUY IT ! BUY IT !
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on 8 June 2010
Went to see this last night at the local flea-pit, and thoroughly enjoyed it!
The first hour especially was a great reminder of just why I love Rush so much. The rest of it reminded me just why Rush have me seething, raging and pulling my hair out, but with a career as long as theirs there's bound to be a few turns down dead ends.
It was fantastic to see the footage of them as kids, especially a spotty young Varg Vikernes lookalike Alex giving his parents the old moody teenager "I'm devoting my life to rock" spiel.
Better still was to see and hear John Rutsey - it's worth it for that alone - and to see Captain Happy playing with J R Flood - Heeptastic mates!
There's a nice selection of talking heads bigging up Rush, and insight from those who have helped Rush's career: Danniels, Halpin, Broon, Hine, Caveman etc.

The friendship and camaraderie between Alex and Geddy is a joy to behold, as is their condescension towards the New Boy.

As some old record shop used to say: IMMENSE, INTENSE, BUY OR DIE!
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on 18 April 2011
I'm going to my first Rush concert next month with a self-confessed Rush nerd so I have been busy educating myself about the band. My friend gave me this highly entertaining and informative documentary about them.

It is a quite conventional documentary. The band members first tell the story of how they met and how the band was formed. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson were High School friends in Toronto with similar backgrounds with European immigrant parents. Even now it is clear that they are very close and they jokingly still refer to Neil Peart as the "new guy".

Rare footage is included of the band at a Toronto high School gig with original drummer John Rutsey.

The replacement of Rutsey with Peart is discussed, followed by unexpected success in the mid seventies. They talk about their various albums, admitting some were better than others. The notoriously reserved Peart also discusses the death of his daughter and wife in a very short period of time and how he recovered enough to be able to rejoin the band. Various musicians such as Jimmy Corgan and Jack Black explain why they like Rush.

There are also interviews with fans, explaining how the band appeals to them. The DVD special features include live songs from various concerts throughout their career and Lee and Lifeson revisting some of their old haunts in suburban Toronto.

Although Rush never seems to have had great credibility in the mainstream rock & roll media they have a huge number of fans. This movie tries to explain that, as well as the band's longevity and I think it succeeds. It also gives us an insight into the stories of three serious but down to earth musicians. The band members are refreshingly honest and apparently lacking in ego so it is easy to like them.
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on 8 June 2010
I saw this at the cinema on 7th June 2010 so there may be extras on the DVD that I am unaware of.
This does a very good job of telling the nearly 40 year story of a great rock band. There is not a lot of the history missing although I thought there might be more on the R30 tour. There is alot of great early material and some very funny and interesting interjections from a whole host of celebrities.
The avid Rush fan will find this a welcome addition to their collection.
If you are a rock fan and want to find out more about Rush, this is a must.
I only gave this 4 stars because as a real fan I always want more.
Enjoy, you will not be disapointed.
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on 21 December 2011
Beyond the Lighted Stage is a fantastic documentary on Canadian Rock band Rush.

The film takes the viewers on a voyage from the very early days of the band with Alex and Geddy and the drummer they started out with John Rutsey and subsequent the introduction of Neil Peart as Rush's Drummer completing the lineup.

Beyond the Lighted Stage also shows the band's evolution from Progressive Rock in the seventies to their current Heavy sound.

The music and archival concert and studio footage used in the film are to a really high standard.

Interspersed with the story are talking heads contributing to the story being told and these include actor Jack Black, Musicians Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) and many more.

The special features are really good which includes deleted and extended scenes being the 'Dinner with Rush at a Hunting Lodge' scene which is hilarious.

As a recent convert to Rush via my wife this film is a great introduction to the music and influence of Rush and made me like them even more.
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on 20 January 2013
This had a limited cinema release, thankfully I saw it and had my local screen to myself....!! These guys have such history, their friendship and personalities are revealed, it's a trip back through the archives when buying albums actually meant something. I can't recommend this enough, even if you are not a fan their story is an interesting one. They are a hidden gem of rock, finally getting the exposure they deserve, even if they don't really need it! Oh, and the closing credits.........
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on 12 April 2012
If you're a Rush fan, you don't need to read these reviews to be convinced. Just buy it already! I bought it, watched it the evening I received it then watched it again the next day. It's not just the story of Rush, it's a look at the amazing relationship and friendship between Messrs Lee and Lifeson along with the "New Guy" Peart. It shows both their musicianship and humility and why, after nearly 40 years, this band is still going on strong.

Brilliant, funny, sad, interesting, exciting and thoroughly entertaining. Totally recommended.
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on 29 June 2010
For the love of Benji, why did we have to wait 30 years for this? If 'Lighted stage' had been available in 1981, after 'Moving Pictures' was released, I'd have willing sacrified a finger to get my mutilated hands on a copy. Well, almost - you get the idea.

'Lighted stage' is essentially a chronological view, a stage-by-stage, album-by-album sweep through the unique history of Rush, accompanied along the way by Geddy, Neil and Alex themselves, their families, entourage, and us - the fans, all talking openly, in a warm, friendly and revealing manner. And I can promise you it's as magnificent as that sounds.

This is more than mere historical interest to add to what we've learned from books; it's incredibly personal, enlightening, enthralling and moving - like finding your parent's diaries.To have that veil of decades suddenly and completely lifted overwhelmed me in a totally unexpected way. Watching a succession of rock gods in their own right espouse Canada's finest export literally brought goosebumps to my arms.

The uninitiated will doubtless be nonplussed by what appears here, but for those of us who've kept the faith into a fifth decade, there is only one true love, one constant band and its name is 'Rush'.Even though they've lost something in this century, overall Rush are unquestionably the finest rock group ever formed. I seriously doubt that fans of 'All time low' and all those other vapid teen bands out there will still be tuning in after 33 years, which is what I'm doing with Rush and will be as long as there's a spark of life in me.

If I had any complaint it would be that 'Roll the bones' - for me, their finest hour - is the only album overlooked, glossed over in barely a sentence (excluding a two minute section in the extras). And if they could write sings on the road back then and produce an album every six months, why are we now wating 4 years per album?

Billy Corgan's words are particularly apposite: who gives a damn about 'Rolling Stone' and their phoney Hall of Fame? Rush have connected with their fans - that's all that matters. It's immutable and lifelong, spanning decades and generations. It always amazes me to see those teenage boys and girls, who should be into Fall Out Boy or some other passing fad, partying like crazy in Brazil. Just as people either love or hate Rush then every fan will definitely embrace this film as a matter of faith. As for everyone else, who cares?

On a technical level, the colour, clarity, quality and editing on this blu ray are superlative, adding greatly to the very personal sense evoked by the film itself to the point of feeling immersed in glorious history. It's particularly nice to see 'Fancy dancer' and 'Garden Road' make their offical debuts.

An absolute, absolute joy from beginning to (hilarious) end. If you're a Rush fan why haven't you got a copy?
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