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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 April 2002
Anyone who is a fan of "chickie rock" will love this album. For a debut I have to say it is honestly quite simply amazing!
Ranging from upbeat tracks such as "Everywhere" which, if you can picture a perfect song to don your shades and take a long drive with the roof down on a road to anywhere on a steamy day this is it. At the other end of the tree (s'cuse bad pun!)there is the truly gut wrenching, tear jerking "Goodbye to you" which any self respecting Buffy fan will recognise from a recent episode, this song jumps up and bites you - HARD! so much did it nibble me I did everything I could to lay my hands on a copy of the album ASAP..
All tracks are worth a listen more than once and there doesn't seem to be a weak one at all as is often with many albums, this is one with instant impact rather than a grower. This girl has a fine career ahead of her.
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on 13 July 2002
i bought Michelle's album on the strength of Everywhere and Goodbye to You (which i heard on buffy) and i wasnt disappointed :)
There isnt a song on the album that i dont like, very rare that u find an album that u can play from start to finish and not flick through the 'not so good' songs.
The album will appeal to most music fans as it ranges from pop, rock, country and blues, so it has a little something for everyone.
Stand out tracks include Everywhere, All u wanted, if only she knew, goodbye to You, Here with me and Something to sleep to.
If u havent got this album already, u MUST buy it!!
Michelle on the strengh of this album has a very long career ahead of her, which is a plus point for music.
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on 14 August 2002
I bought this album after hearing Everywhere, on the off chance that the rest of the album would be just as good, and I was right. Michelle Branch is only 18, and prooves that being a teen sensation doesnt meen being like Britney.
This girl can write a good tune and do it more than justice with her powerful and distinctive voice.
My favourite song has to be goodbye to you, it talks about what we have all experienced at some time with such accuracy and feeling, and her live version is even better ( catch it on buffy season 6 "tabula rasa" episode ) all I can end with is WOW and Amazing go buy it now.
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on 18 November 2002
I first heard michelle branch while watching American Pie 2 and if you liked the song "everywhere" form the film you'll like this album. It's mostly light cheery songs with excellent chorus's. Although I bought the album after hearing "everywhere" I don't think thats the best track on the album. That title goes to "all you wanted" like "everywhere" but better. I loved this album, if you like avril lavigne you'll like this, it's pop music with more than just an electric keyboard!
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on 14 June 2012
Bought as a purely speculative purchase partly based on other reviews, this album took a long time to grow on me. What you get here are a collection of catchy songs and rhythms sung with gusto, with of course some slower ones towards the end of the album.The slightly squeaky voice is by no means unpleasant, and the lyrics and themes are of a fairly mainstream nature.Vastly overrated? Perhaps, but in a sea of pop mediocrity this is just about good enough to not bob by unnoticed. Not music to relax to for sure, it is an album for an up-tempo mood.
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If, out of my 250+ CD collection, I had to choose just one to keep, this CD would be it. It's simply a great listen with no dull tracks, and I think it suits many tastes.
I've done a track by track review below:
1) Everywhere - This is a great opening track and it is a perfect blend of pop/rock, so it will appeal to people who are into both genres. It is a real 'feel-good' song which gives good first-impressions.
2) You Get Me - A sweet little song, not a standout track, but by no means a bad track.
3) All You Wanted - More rockier than 'Everywhere' but an excellent choice for a 2nd single. This is more of a taste of things to come, on the album.
4) You Set Me Free - Another feel-good song, quite summery with a sing-along chorus, as with 'Everywhere' and other tracks on the album.
5) Something To Sleep To - In my opinion, one of the best tracks on the album, with hints of a Natalie Imbruglia feel about it, yet more musically mature though.
6) Here With Me - A nice track with a slightly different feel to the rest of the album. Again, a memorable chorus.
7) Sweet Misery - I love this song. It has the perfect structure, beginning simply, and gradually progressing. It is another summery, breezy song.
8) If Only She Knew - To me, the weakest song on the album yet still, a good song, just maybe not to my taste...
9) I'd Rather Be In Love - Another standout track. This, again seems to have been composed my a mature song writer and is impressive for an 18 year old. Again, a great chorus.
10) Drop In The Ocean - If Michelle were to release a slow song as a future single, this would surely have to be it! The chorus reminds me of the Paula Cole theme to Dawsons Creek, and this again is a beautiful song.
11) Drop In The Ocean - A different track to end the album with. This song has been crafted nicely. The drums have a nice role in this piece and become more energetic as the track progresses. An excellent track to end with.
All in all, this album is exceptional and Michelle is surely older than her years, as far as song writing goes. To me, the best tracks are: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11; yet I dislike none of the tracks.
I have not written about lyrical content, as I think that's something the listener may want to find out for themselves. Some may say this album is not groundbreaking, but I think that it is perfectly crafted, and Michelle deserves alot of credit for an excellent album.
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on 22 May 2002
Michelle Branch may not seem like she's anything special at first glance. Cute teenage girl, acoustic guitar in hand, and coyly smiling for the camera - and, even after hearing her first single 'Everyhwhere', you still many not be convinced that Branch is anything at all distinguishable from all the other soft rock chicks or American teen sex objects. However, after listening to her first mainstream album 'The Spirit Room' a coupla times, you jut gotta love her! Her music isn't really anything new or original but what she does do (and what she does with style) is she groups together all her influences and blends them into an 11-track masterpiece which sounds original due to some amazingly catchy hooks and her beautifully soulful but restrained voice. She sounds like Alanis on 'All You Wanted', nicks off The Corrs for 'You Set Me Free', and pays tribute to her fave band The Beatles on 'Something To Sleep To'. And, when combined, this sort of diversity and passion for music benefits her greatly. Opening track, the aformentioned 'Everywhere', is a grower (as is 'If Only She Knew' in the same way) and has a monster chorus that will be lodged in your head for days on end. She does her sweet girl act on 'You Get Me' but it's during the loud-chorus emotion-fuelled rock ballads that she sounds at her best. The next single 'All You Wanted' is one of the highlights of the album - it's a masterful but simple track and, when Michelle's husky growl kicks in after the second chorus and you've got it on full blast, the track ascends to classic status. Overall, the lyrics range from brilliantly simple and effective and downright unoriginal but the melodies and instrumentation make up for these rare moments. As she is only eighteen or nineteen (I believe), this is a pretty impressive debut and, although already massively underrated ('Everywhere' only managed to hit the Top 20), I believe we'll be hearing great things from her in the future. I'll be looking forward to it! And this review could not end without a mention of 'Goodbye To You' - you probably heard it on Buffy The Vampire Slayer as I did. However, the song is not overshadowed by that show as it is simply an amazing song in its own right. One of my favourite ever and sung with such emotion (you have to hear the unplugged version), this is one of the primary reasons I wrote this review. If you have never heard of Branch, buy this album for the greatness of this song alone...
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VINE VOICEon 13 January 2002
After a very successful 2001 US release, this album is to be released in the UK in 2002. There's no reason to believe this album won't do spectacularly here too.
First off, Michelle is extremely talented. Not only does she sing and play on these tracks, but she wrote every track. And while she toes the pop line a little more than other contemporary female songwriters (Jewel, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, et al.) she does it with style.
Her influences aren't obvious, although she admits to being a major Beatle-head. The sound songwriting skills show through, especially on 'Something To Sleep To' which sounds eerily like a John Lennon/Fiona Apple/Jeff Lynne collaboration.
Branch's style is quite tough to define. She immediately picks up the 'pop' tag, but I think this is unfair. She messes with several different styles on this album.. you can hear a capella, west coast, trip-hop (Drop In The Ocean) and alternative influences everywhere.
This all makes it hard to compare her to other contemporary acts, although her most direct musical peer is probably Lene Marlin. However, this album also shares striking similarities to Natalie Imbruglia's 'Left Of The Middle'.
The first single is 'Everywhere' from American Pie 2, with 'All You Wanted' as the chaser, although I'd rather hear the far more catchy 'Here With Me' as a single myself.
Either way, she's set for big things this year, and if you enjoy female songwriters with a pop edge (Lene Marlin, Natalie Imbruglia, Dido - at a stretch) then this is a smashing album.
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Where can i start? Michelle Branch - Brilliant. I brought this album after hearing the acoustic version of 'goodbye to love' on buffy and have not been disappointed.
Everywhere - A great song, very good for the first song on the album. Good tempo and very catchy. One of the best songs on the album.
You Get Me - great song, slower tempo to 'everywhere'. a lot of feeling in the words to this song.
All you wanted - Again another slower tempo song, but still good. a good beat to this song.
You Set me free - a faster beat to this song. a cheerful song, this!
Something to sleep to - this song reminds me of the beetles, but i cant think why! the first time my friends listened to this song, the weren't that didn't think it was that good, but it grew on them. i love it from the outset.
here with me - Great song - cant say much else about it really!!
Sweet Misery- a very singable song, great for when you are driving along and want to sing loudly (and very probably out-of tune!!)
If only she knew - catchy tune, with a good beat, like someone else said, this song does get in you head and stays there!
I'd rather be in love - not one of my favourite songs on the album, but, never the less, still a good song
Goodbye to love - this is not the acoustic version that was on 'Tabula Rosa' episode of Buffy, but still a great song. loads of feeling behind the words. i have a tendency to put this song and 'everywhere' on repeat and listen to then over and over again (god, im sad!!) this song also gets into you head and stays there!
drop in the ocean - this is the weirdest song on the album. it has a slow tempo and weird rhythm. however, it is still a good song.
considering Michelle Branch is only 18 she is a phenomenal talent. she writes and sings her own songs and is also a talented guitar player. she is defiantly someone who you should watch out for as it is a good bet that she will storm the uk charts in the near future.
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on 9 April 2005
A refreshing change from other attempts at pop-rock chicks, who will remain nameless to avoid debate.
From the kooky "little left of center" message of 'You Get Me' to the melancholy 'Goodbye to you' and the upbeat attitude of 'Everywhere', this album is among one of my all tiem favourites, 'Goodbye to you' certainly ranking among one of my favourite tunes.
Really who does want to be ordinary in this crazy mixed up world, The UK really needs an artist like Michelle Branch to show the world that its not merely mini skirted teeny boppers and the women of the R'n'B world, that can make it in our Industry.
Anywho, i hoped this helped to persuade you to run out and buy it or just click the button! If not, subliminal messages are the next step...
go out and buy Michelle Branch... go out and buy Michelle Branch...
Just kidding!
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