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4.1 out of 5 stars1,964
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 15 September 2010
Having suffered from an internal WiFi card failure on my HP laptop (a common problem on some models), I've been looking to get a economical and reliable alternative, that'd quickly and effectively get me reconnected to the online world.

My issue had been that the 'profile' of plug-in WiFi 'dongles', that all seemed to be about the same size (think about half the size of a mobile broadband dongle, and you're about there). Easily pocket size, but a larger profile meant that, realistically, they needed to be removed before moving a laptop about or packing it away.

THIS tiny lil' item takes all the worries away. I honestly can't imagine a WiFi adaptor getting that much smaller, as it only 'just' protrudes from my laptop's USB port. It's 'just enough' to be able to get a hold it on the rare occassions where I may need to remove it. I've not caught it on anything yet, so I'm more than happy to just leave it in situ'.

I've not tested connectivity away from my home hub yet, but so far everything has checked out to be just fine. Initialisation of the dongle, connection are responsive, signal strength and speed meters run right at the upper scale and are stable.

The packaging contains a basic set of (paper) installation instructions, the dongle, the (3") installation CD; and as mentioed in another review, that may cause a problem for owners of slot-loading drives.

I didn't have any issues, with the 'tray' drive on my laptop, with the installation taking only a couple of minutes; to request the disc, find the driver and complete the installation. It really was just a case of accepting a few installation steps and sitting back to let the laptop sort itself out.

There are cheaper, and probably just as effective, solutions, but I can't fault the quality or the easy of use of this great lil' item and won't hestitate in recommending this.

Just as a footnote, I've tested the installation against Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista Professional and Windows 7 Professional; and had no problems getting this installed and running.
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on 5 February 2014
I'm an IT technician and like to have a spare bit of kit in my toolbag. I purchased a few of these wireless USB adaptors because occassionally I get computers that have issues with the built in network card.

I needed to use one of these yesterday and it happens. I had a client that had issues with the built-in network card. I had to reinstall windows and needed a WiFi dongle to download updates etc. The adapter worked ok for the initial download, but I ran into problems after joining the computer to the domain. No matter the configuration that's used - the adapter will not function on the login / welcome screen and also seems to drop the password when logged in.

Don't get me wrong - if you are a home user, this item will work fine for you. If you are looking to join your computer to a domain or work network, I would suggest the Netgear WN3100M instead - we have used this previously and never had an issue [...]

- Great for home users
- Very small size (does not stick out very far)
- Good coverage

- Bad for domain computers (issue with login / welcome screen)
- Occasionally forgets WiFi credentials and needs re-adding.

- Matt
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on 25 June 2012
Works perfect with my raspberry pi :)
Just make sure you run it on the direct ports and not through a hub
Just run this script: [...] and your good togo...
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on 17 November 2010
I purchased this for an old laptop that had no wireless connectivity built in. The laptop is pretty old and runs an old version of Windows XP (it hadn't been connected to the internet for a couple of years so therefore was not up to date with the latest Microsoft updates). My network is modern and uses WPA2 encryption.

This network adapter is very, very tiny, protruding probably about 7mm from the socket. Installation was faultless and the only thing I needed to do was enter the network key, after which it has performed brilliantly.

I've configured and used several different types of network adapters in the past and they all seem very flakey in the way they install and work, usually giving sporadic problems and patchy coverage. This is not the case however with this adapter which seems to work faultlessly - it's so refreshing to have technology that works well!
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on 24 October 2011
Bought this after having to use an old USB pen drive sized "Dongle" style adapter when our PowerLine adapters died. Didn't like having the large dongle sticking out of the top panel ports on my desktop machine. A friend had purchased one of these for a general purpose machine and had good things to say about it. Thought at the price (~£9) had nothing to lose. Adapter reports full signal strength most of the time which I find hard to believe. I get slower download speeds than with the older Netgear WN111 USB Wireless N Adapter (1.2mbit/s vs 1.8mbit/s) and also seem to experience fairly severe spikes in latency. Had online games seem to pause for 5-10 seconds, and disconnects even when the adapter still reports full signal strength. Going to investigate further and see if it's down to roaming/searching for better wireless connection as I experienced that sort of problem before.

I'll update this review once I've owned this for a bit longer but have a feeling this isn't quite as good as the packaging/advertising would have you believe.

Update 30/03/2012:
This now lives at the back of a drawer and I've gone back to using my Netgear WN111 USB. Latency issues meant it just wasn't good enough for any online gaming purposes. Nice to have as a backup I guess, but wouldn't really recommend it.
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on 2 November 2013
My laptop - like many - did not come with a wireless card built in that supports the new very fast ac standard. When I purchased my ac router I also purchased a Netgear USB2 ac adaptor but due to it only supporting USB2 this did not perform as well as the standard allows (usb2 support upto 480Mbps where ac support over 1Gbps). Also after moving from Windows 8 to Ubuntu I found that the Netgear adapter was not supported in Linux and it was therefore useless. Enter the Edimax EW-7822UAC.

This is a fairly large adapter (approx 7cm long, 3cm wide and just under 2cm tall with a flip out antenna that is just over 5cm long) and made in a cheap feel plastic - in fact the build quality and materials are the reason I rated this 4* not 5*. It supports USB3 and the chipset it uses claims to support speeds approaching 900Mbps and in my non scientific tests it manages speeds similar to my Gigabit wired network when transferring files from my home NAS server. The added advantage for me is it is possible to download drivers for Linux which compile and install easily as long as you are not using one of the latest 3.10+ kernels (link at the bottom of this page [...] I do have a driver that supports the latest kernels now but cannot remember which site I found it on - since the chipset in the device is a Realtek 8812AU it is possible to use other manufactures drivers too.

The only downside as mentioned above for me is the build quality and the use of cheap plastic in its construction. The flip up aerial looks ok but when opened it just wobbles about and does not feel securely connected and the adapter gives me the feeling that a drop onto a reasonably hard surface will leave it minus its plastic shell.
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on 19 October 2013
My MacBook Pro recently developed a wifi fault. I assumed the wifi card needed replacing and took it to the Genius Bar who quoted £80+ for a fix. As it turned out, the wifi problem in my laptop is a little deeper than just a new wifi card and the fix price was going to be somewhere between £400 and £500. Given the laptop is more than four years old, that kind of investment seemed a little silly.

I opted to purchase this little dongle and it has resolved the wifi problem perfectly. I am running OSX 10.8.5 and as others have commented, you do have to google for the driver (on the Edimax site) since the mini CD that's included in the package is of no use to a Mac user.

I've been running with this dongle for six days now, with no problem whatsoever. Wireless performance appears at least equal to the Mac prior to the original problem and I cannot fault this. Also of note is the fact that it genuinely is very compact. In fact it does not protrude from the side of the laptop any further than the power connector. It is not at all "in the way" as I feared it might be.

Very happy with this product, and if it allows me to get another 1-2 years out of my ageing Mac, it will be £8 very well spent.
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on 20 March 2013
I wanted to put an 802.11n wireless adapter into a laptop and it was important to me that it didn't stick out like some USB dongles do.

I also needed an adapter that worked well with Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux. Edimax provides a CD and drivers for Windows, Apple Mac and Linux. The device is based on a Realtek chip rtl8192cu so you can download newer drivers from Realtek's website and install those if you prefer. Installation is simple, requiring only a free USB socket. Also, as it's slimline you can still use any adjacent USB sockets at the same time.

The Edimax is a great little device, the size of a fingernail. I was worried that it would not get a good signal being so small (having no external aerial antenna) but it performs much faster than the 802.11g adapter it replaces. There is a blue LED that is visible on top when it's working.

Installing the driver in Linux is equally easy as they supply an script that builds the driver module for the kernel.

I've bought two of these now and I'm very pleased with them.
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on 6 August 2011
Before going to the trouble of running Cat 5 cable I took a chance on buying this Wireless N adaptor as a lazy way to network a semi-retired Mac Mini and hook it up to a bedroom TV (iTunes, Catchup TV etc). When I saw this tiny device I had my doubts... the Mac is hidden behind the TV and a reasonable distance from the router in a downstairs room. But it worked a treat, set up was pretty straightforward and it sits unobtrusively in the USB port (these are quite tightly packed on the older Mac Mini) without fouling another adaptor for a wireless keyboard. Apart from running a bit hot (too soon to say what that means for longevity...) in use I can't really fault it; and nothing to grumble at about the price either. Mac users have to download drivers (at least they did when I bought my adaptor which was admittedly a while back) - so you will either need access to another PC or be able to temporarily plug in to an ethernet port.
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on 11 June 2011
I bought this for my wife's new HP G62 laptop which seemed to have a flaky internal wi fi receiver.

Yes, the laptop should really have gone back for warranty repair or replacement but we didn't want the hassle or the wait.

This little gizmo seemed to get quite mixed reviews but for the price it seemed to be worth trying instead of a costly special delivery return of the PC.

Set up was easy, Windows 7 didn't find the correct driver so we had to use the supplied CD. Once installed, it found our Virgin Media network with no trouble with a good strong signal all over the house ( 1923 built 4 bed detached with thick brick walls ). It's been working fine for a week now.

Even better is that it's so small that it hardly protrudes from the side of the machine at all and therefore isn't prone to getting broken and can be left in place all the time.

If we ever need another wi fi USB adaptor, this is what we will get.
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