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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2013
I spent a lot of time choosing this scale and it has proved worthwhile. I like the tempered glass top where no bits of flour can get inside. The readout is very clear even with my large bread mixing bowl on it because of the long shape of the scale and the backlighting. It fits beautifully at the side of my utensil drawer and looks good when it's out on the kitchen top. Just hoping that I still feel the same 12 months hence.

January 2015 - still happy with scale.
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on 8 December 2012
I bought these scales to enable accurate daily weighing of wild autumn juvenile hedgehogs whose weights were too low to hiberate successfully and survive the winter.

The instructions are clear and easy to understand and it is easy to operate. When weights (hedgehogs) are placed on it, it stabilizes quickly and the readaout it easy to see. There is nothing very complicated about the digital touchscreen buttons which only require a light touch. Because it is slimline it takes up very little storage space. Finally if you forget to turn it off it automatically turns off within a few minutes thereby saving battery power.

Altogether a good buy and highly recommended.
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on 13 January 2014
It says it measures things as low as 1g, it doesn't.

I got this item literally 5 minutes ago and was keen to try it. I put a box of matches on there (with 20 matches inside) and they registered at 6g. So I took the matches out and placed them one by one on the scales (because I nerdily wanted to see it register 1g). I slowly placed the matches one by one on the scales and the display didn't move. I put ALL the matches on there PLUS the box, and it finally registered 1g. Then after a while, 2g. What? 6g first, then 1g then 2g?

I tried again.

This time I used the TARE function. Put a bowl on there, reset the scales to zero and added the whole box of matches. This time 7g, then 5g after a while. OK, close to the original measurement but not exactly inspiring confidence. Then i tried the one by one method. Again, after a while, it registered 1g, then 2g.

Simple conclusion? Either I have received faulty scales or these scales DO NOT measure with 1g accuracy. Not only that, they seem to have a 4-5g margin or error, based on my experiment.

For the price I guess I shouldn't expect precision equipment. They are low priced indeed. But if something claims to measure to 1g accuracy, I kind of want it to measure to 1g accuracy.

As always... Caveat Emptor.
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on 16 May 2013
I use scales on a daily basis and these are fast and accurate. You can add a bowl of your choice set them to zero, add ingredients and set to zero again using the tare button. They also weigh in either mls or fl.oz measurements which means everything can be weighed out in one bowl. There is a lb oz display for those who prefer to use these measurements. Small amounts can be weighed or they will weigh up to 5250g. I really like the large LCD display. The scales come complete with batteries and so you are ready to go. I can't find any dirt traps which means flour shouldn't be a problem. They look so good I have left them out on my work surface. Can't fault them.
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on 21 April 2013
I do a lot of cookery at home with my preschool children so I needed the Ozeri scale to be up to the challenge of cookery with kids.

The tempered glass surface is perfect for messy cooks because it is very easy to wipe down, and because there are no nooks and crannies for flour and sugar to work their way into (my old brand of kitchen scales eventually became so clogged in flour that the buttons wouldn't work, so I'm really glad this same thing can't happen to my Ozeri scales). Quite apart from the practicalities of the tempered glass top, I think it looks stunning and the whole jet-black, sleek style fits perfectly in my modern kitchen.

The numbers and display are very bright and large which makes it easy for my preschooler to read the digits, far easier than any other scale I have used before.

I was also impressed by the range of weights that the Ozeri scale can measure - upto 5050g which means there are few things I normally cook that I wouldn't be able to weigh on the scales, even in my heavy ceramic mixing bowls. I would say however, that for a full-sized mixing bowl, the surface of the scale is relatively small compared to the bowl.

Overall - smart, compact and easy to use. I was sent the Ozeri Touch Digital Kitchen Scale to review.
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on 20 September 2013
I have now purchased 3 of these scales to use for posting small items in our office. They look stylish and they seem very accurate, I have tested them with P.O. weights and they all seem very consistent. I have only knocked off one star because 2 of the 3 had batteries that went flat in one day. They must have been sitting around for a while. I now keep a stock of the CR2032 lithium batteries on hand.

Overall a good buy.
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on 11 January 2015
I bought these scales because reviews of alternative products complain of flour or liquids getting into the buttons, The touch screen avoids that problem.

I've seen a review complaining of an 'out2' error message which was said to be a calibration error. When the scales are switched on with something already on them, they attempt to zero themselves. If the weight is under a kilogram, they do so. If it's over a kilogram the 'out2' message is displayed. Lifting the object off zeros them. It can then be replaced and tared if required. To be fair, the Instructions do tell you to switch them on without anything on the scales!
I've seen another message, 'unstb' when I was pressing down on the scales to see the display change. I think that's self explanatory but a list of them in the instructions might be a reasonable expectation.

The fluid oz and ml scales are OK but remember they're actually a measure of volume, not weight so they're only accurate for water.
The scales 'remember' the last units used which is a useful feature.

I can't comment on battery life yet but the ones supplied didn't show full charge when initially switched on.

The scales measure negative weights just as well as positive ones, which can be useful!
For instance, a recipe calls for 25 grams of butter. Put the butter, still in it's wrapper, on the scales and press the tare button. Now cut off a slice of butter and the display will show the amount removed. No sticky marks on the scales doing it this way.
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on 28 August 2013
These Ozeri scales are gorgeous to look at; very slim and lightweight with a glossy black tempered glass platform. In my kitchen, with the black marble work tops, they fit in perfectly. As a baker, I need scales that I can rely on and the Ozeri scales are accurate to the gram. You can use any bowl with these scales; just put your bowl on the platform and at the touch of a button you can get back to a zero reading. This is great if you want to limit the amount of washing you'll get left with. I just pop on my food mixer bowl and weigh flour, butter, sugar etc. in the same bowl; after each ingredient is weighed you press the button to reset it to zero. The accuracy of these scales allows you to weigh things in tiny amounts which I imagine might be useful if you were calorie counting or weighing letters/small packages for posting. My chickens lay eggs in all shapes and sizes and the accuracy of these scales allows me to be exact in the amount of egg I am using in a recipe. You can weigh in metric and imperial and both dry products and liquids. Again, this is great for limiting the washing up, as no need to get the measuring jug out for milk etc. as you can just use the one mixing bowl for everything. I am very pleased with the performance of these scales so far and my only advice is that you can't just bung them in a drawer under other kitchen clutter as the shiny tempered glass will scratch. I am going to keep them in their box, but as they are so slim, this doesn't really take up much room.
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on 4 September 2014
They are very accurate,(my wife's baking has improved considerably compared to old scales) BUT, has a terrible nuisance problem, when turning "On", can wear your index finger out getting it going and changing units and setting "Net" weight

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on 25 April 2013
I was a bit worried if a digital scale would be a bit awkward but it is brilliant! You can tare out any container you want to put on it or just put items straight on it to weigh. Even better it comes with a wee book that tells you calories amounts for food based on weight so you can weigh your food and then know how many calories you are eating!

It looks very stylish in the kitchen and makes converting recipes super easy. Love it and can't recommend it enough.
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