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4.3 out of 5 stars
Vax U90-MA-R Air Reach Multicyclonic Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Package Quantity: 1Style Name: PurpleChange
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560 of 579 people found the following review helpful
Package Quantity: 1Style Name: PurpleVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Vax U90 Mach Air Reach

Ergonomic, Powerful, Lightweight - a few flaws though

The timing of this device's arrival could not have been more perfect. Our venerable "Henry" was well into it's twilight years with masking tape holding the cracks in the hose together and more disturbingly, sparks would occasionally fly from the side vent.

Despite Henry being quite small in footprint, it's actually a bit awkward to store, so we'd decided that an upright was probably the way forward. My mum has 2x Dyson vacuum cleaners (one for upstairs, one for downstairs....) and they are both the more traditional larger upright. She swears by them for their great suction power, but our house is smaller than hers, so finding a home for a larger upright would be a problem.

This Vax MA-R by comparison to the overall space taken by Henry and by my mum's Dysons is comparatively small. It's an improvement over the Dysons by being shorter and having a height adjustable handle, so it goes into our under-stairs cupboard with ease (which has a half-height door) so it's bob-on convenient for us.

The cable length on this model is brilliant, able to get all around our 3-bedroom detached house with ease, and it has a length of hose extension clipped onto the side that can be used for the attachments to help you go up the stairs, and again there is plenty of it so this is no trouble at all.

The profile of the main cleaning head is nice and low (unlike mum's Dysons) so it can slide under our bed easier without butting it's head. The motorised brush bar can be activated and de-activated by pressing a button on the unit, which makes a dramatic improvement to the cleaning of carpets. We tested it out in the shop my partner works in (which is normally serviced by a Henry), and in a 1 square metre space of floor it picked up about half an inch of dust and fluff that the shop Henry had clearly not managed. Shocking really, but there you go.

There is a light on the front of the unit that comes on when you are using the motorised brush bar, and a red light will come on if the bar is jammed (which we are yet to see - and unlikely to ever see, as our house is cleaned regularly), but we've pulled all the bits apart to see how to clean everything, and it's all pretty idiot-proof.

The bagless removal system is simple as to be expected in these days of convenience. A simple button click to detach the container from the unit, then once over the bin, another button releases the bottom catch of the container to let your dirt drop out. You can then detach the top half of the container if you wish to be more thorough with your cleaning of it. It all fits together nicely.

There are a couple of caveats we have with this device though, which I'd hope to see improved on in future models.

As mentioned in other reviews, the bottom hose attachment to the unit takes a rather abrupt angle, which may cause deterioration of the hose over time. You have to be careful to sort of tease the angle of the hose out a bit for peace-of-mind.

When you have the Vax at the bottom of the stairs with the hose detached for cleaning the stair treads, because the unit is so lightweight, you have to be careful that it doesn't topple over. Not sure how to design this issue out, perhaps have a pop-out stabilising foot for when it's parked like that?

Also, there isn't any control over the level of suction, and for a device that is quite powerful such as this, it grabs hold of rugs and not-very-well-secured vinyl flooring and won't let go. On Henry it was a simple case of opening the vent on the wand, or on the newer ones I think there is a Green button to reduce power. It would have been handy to have a suction power control (and have it on the handle for added convenience?). It's something to go on the wish list, but not a show-stopper.

We had originally toyed with going for the Dyson Ball, but to be honest, after trying one in a shop and trying this Vax, the manouvreability of them both was pretty similar. The fact that they are both lightweight means you're not struggling either way, and the Vax was a slightly better price.

Overall then, very pleased with this product. A couple of minor foibles which some people might consider of more importance, but it's lightweight, relatively compact and does what it's supposed to do and does it well.
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616 of 638 people found the following review helpful
on 15 July 2010
A remarkable cleaner
Over the years I have owned many vacuum cleaners and in fairness all have done the job one way or the other upright and and cylinder. I have just replaced my Dyson upright with a Vax Mach Air Reach; this is without a doubt the best cleaner I have ever owned. Firstly it is very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, The Mach Air Reach comes complete with integral hose that reached very easily to the top of the stairs it also comes with a very good motorised head I was able to clean the stairs easily and quickly you will be amazed at the suction, the motorised head was also perfect in removing cat hairs from cushions something my Dyson was not able to do, I have two Main Coons cats. The long reach wand cleaned my curtains and pelmets something I have found difficult in the past on board tools was great. I tried an experiment firstly I cleaned my carpets with my Dyson cleaner then I went over the same carpets with the new Vax, you must try this yourself the Vax was lifting a lot more from the same carpets.
When it comes to using this machine as an upright cleaner it will not disappoint either, the motorised bar is efficient and easy to turn off for use on solid floors, the head is very responsive going round furniture with ease. I must also mention the cleaning of the brush roller bar instead of having to turn the vacuum cleaner over you can get to any blockage from the top of the roller bar by just unclipping the top roller bar cover. Emptying was very easy just one button and you are done, Vax also provides you with a very long cable with will almost cover your entire house from one socket!
I have been trying very hard to say something negative about this cleaner it is very difficult as Vax obviously have listened to the customer.
This is without a doubt a fantastic cleaner with a six year guarantee you can't go wrong highly recommend
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 26 April 2014
I spent a lot of time reading reviews, looking for deals and wondering what to get when faced with a very old and disappointing Dyson. I had decided not to get this VAX based on some of the negative reviews but it came up as a Black Friday lightening deal and so I decided to give it a try. Four months on I am very happy with it and here’s why I like it compared with the old Dyson DC07
1. Very light and so much easier to carry upstairs etc
2. Smaller, so much easier to store
3. Way better suction, amazing
4. You can see if the brushes are clogged
5. You can take the canister completely out to clean or wash
6. My old Dyson tools fit the hose which is handy as I liked the crevice tool better than the one with the vax
7. The turbo tool is amazing little tool
8. The price on Amazon is very reasonable
9. The purple clip at the base that connects the hose hasn’t broken as some reviewers predicted, just remember to pull it by the connector not the hose.
10 The lead is so long I can do the whole house without unplugging including cleaning the car without needing an extension.

The only negative I have found so far is that when I flip open the dust box nothing happens. All the dust is suspended inside and it needs a hand or something to pull it out which makes for clouds of dust. So it’s better not to flip the bottom open but to empty from the top by taking the filter off. The Dyson had a much bigger dust box and the dust just fell out but it’s a minor point because I wouldn’t pay hundreds of pounds for a heavy Dyson ever again!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 15 June 2014
Bought one of these in May 2013, as stated in other reviews the brush head had to be pushed down to pick up the dirt, this is because as it is so light a `selling point', but the force exerted by its weight is insufficient to overcome the friction between the moving brush/motor head and the rest of the chassis, design flaw really. Eventually, over the next few months, it `ran in' and this ceased to be a problem... Then in the last few months it started to whistle and the over pressure valve (on top of the dust collection bin) began activating, a loud whooshing sound, so I checked the airways, cleaned the filters etc, and put it back together... stopped whooshing some of the time but still releases suction due to overpressure at least 75 % of the time in use. This means that it has become far louder than the Dyson DC04 it replaced. It also means that it does not clean properly, evidenced by the reluctance this unit has to pick up fluff!.

Overall I am not impressed as the Dyson DC04 had done 10 years service before the motor went.. so I am scrapping the VAX, taking it to the council tip, and have purchased a Dyson DC25. The DC25 is only a few pounds heavier, much quieter (i.e.; similar to the VAX when new) has far more powerful suction, but unlike the VAX does not lift thin rugs off the floor uselessly (because it does not lay on the floor properly VAX!) but instead grip them with its suction so that the thing is hard to push i.e.; far more suction but applied is a useful fashion.

This VAX has never really worked well from day one, the lead wind up lugs are only just large enough for the length of lead so half the time you end up rewinding it on to stop if falling off, the old fashioned separate hose and the need to disconnect and assemble the wand and hose before cleaning means that the user has to resort to old school, cleaning... i.e.; two circuits of the house/flat floors to clean, one with the wand and one as an upright... and the tools fall off, both of them and without out much provocation too.

Also the Dyson DC25 has instant access and click together tools (they also click solidly into mounts on the body) solid attachment and quick release of the wand (note the review on Amazon that complains that they are fragile probably did not pull the wand all the way up before attempting to removing it as only then does the locking mechanism audibly release the wand/handle assembly.... easy to do if you do not think or have any empathy for equipment...

The Dyson may be £220 but I after my 1 year trial of this VAX equivalent of that Dyson machine I realise that the cost saving was a false economy now... I will not make the mistake of buying a VAX in preference to a Dyson again I think...
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 4 June 2013
I was not sure when I bought this hoover. It is very light and as you are hovering and pull back on it, due to the lightness of the hoover it pulls off the floor too easily instead of pulling back along the floor. The suction is very good and the more I use it the happier I am with it.
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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 14 June 2011
Having had a Dyson for 13 years and finally decided it had bitten the dust I purchased a replacement. I tried a Panasonic which was terrible! Not only was it too heavy but also the head of the vac was so wide it would not fit in-between the dinning chairs, etc. It also was so loud I hated using it. Amazon were brilliant in Returns and a refund. So the replacement became the VAX U90. A huge relief!

The Vax is brilliant at its job (as you should be able to expect from a machine made for a purpose) and it is light weight. The head of the Vax goes in-between small gaps, dinning chairs, further underneath furniture. Its suction goes closer to the wall/skirting board than any other vacuum I have ever had. Being so light to use it makes the job faster and is no problem popping it upstairs. The suction is huge.

The only draw back to it is that I can't use it on my lino as even with the brushes off it is too strong. But then I wash the lino each week and never relied on a vac to clean it so no big deal for me. Some people may find it vaguely amusing that to do the stairs or edges with the pipe: the pipe has to be unclipped from the bottom of the machine and clipped onto another piece of pipe on the left. If Vax are going to make this the best machine ever then as far as I am concerned the only thing they would have to do is to provide an easier way of using the tube. I don't personally mind as it is still such a relief to have the Vax over the Panasonic.

The height of the handle is versatile and the noise of the machine is low. Easy to store in odd storage places as it is so light to lift. The price is good too.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 16 July 2010
Vax U90-MA-R Mach Air Reach Multicyclonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner
What a Brilliant machine.
I never thought I would get excited about a household appliance,but this machine has proved the exception.
The suction power is just amazing ,& its multifunctional hose & attatchments are so easy to use.
You can switch from vacuuming the floor to cleaning curtains & upholstery in seconds.
My only complaint is that it all but "swallowed " one of my loose kitchen tiles.
The cord is long enough not to need a change of plugs whilst cleaning downstairs & using the attatchments enables the stairs to be done from the same plug as well.
Emptying the machine is realy easy ,infact all the parts are very easy to change & use.
I just wish I had had a machine like this when I had pets & 3 younG children instead of waiting till Retirement!
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158 of 170 people found the following review helpful
I have had my Mach Air Reach now 2 weeks and there are things I love about it and some things that I would change. I am in the middle of moving house so I have put the machine to a good test.
I love the size of the machine as it stores away very easily and the length of cable allows me to plug in 1 room and vacuum through to the next. Although I wish there was a way the cable automatically retracted as there is a lot of cable to wrap round at the back of the machine.
I love the switch that allows me swap between carpets and hard floors. My previous vacuum cleaner only did carpets so I think this is a big plus for this machine.
The extension hose is another plus for this version of the Vax Mach Air which allows you to clean stairs top to bottom easily. The machine is so light weight you can carry it up the stairs no problem unlike my Dyson which was so heavy I used to bang it up the stairs.
I do find the hose attached to the machine a bit fiddly where you pull it out from the back. It is supported by a clip that does not come off so I was forever stretching the hose from under this clip. The clip is designed to stabilise the machine so when you pull it along it does not tip over like my Dyson did so it is good in this way. The hose fittings do fit/clip together easily.
The Handle to the machine does act as a telescopic wand type so you can pull it out completely and attach the hose too it and use the various tools. I would have liked the handle to have been a little longer.
I like the extra tools it comes with which are handy for stairs and adding the extra little brush allows me to do skirtings and corners of the ceilings. There is a turbo tool which is handy for pet hair but the machine does a fairly good job at pet hairs anyway. It is a shame that all the tools can not fit on the machine but I guess they are trying to keep the overall weight down.
The power of the machine is good as in my first time of vacuuming I filled the cylinder with dirt and hair etc. and my house is vacuumed every other day. So it seemed to get the dirt and hair that my Dyson did not get and it was much quieter too. This was strange as my Dyson seemed to have more power as it used to pull the carpet up where the Mach Air did not.
Emptying the machine was different story as when I came to empty it into my wheelie bin the whole thing fell into my bin. I and the machine ended up covered in dust so just be careful. I did prefer my Dyson that while holding the handle you pulled the lever and it emptied with this machine you have to unclip at the bottom. I do wish it could hold a bit more dirt etc. as my Dyson does hold more in its cylinder.
Overall the Vax Mach Air does tick more boxes than my Dyson. It is lighter and quieter. It will travel further and with the extra hose reach further. It is brilliant to go from carpet to hard floors with the touch of a button. It is a practical and user friendly machine.
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on 19 July 2014
Over the last 12 years I have had about 6 or 7 different vacuum cleaners and to be honest I've found them all to be pretty much of a muchness. The three most recent vacuum cleaners I've had - I'm going to use the word "hoover" from now on to indicate the appliance, not the brand - have been two Vax machines and a Dyson. I had the Vax that looks like a Dalek and shampoos which was a drag-behind hoover and the other two were a Vax for pet hair and a Dyson drag-behind. All three were hateful.

Now this little darling is super-sweet. It is very light so can be pushed around and carried up and down stairs by ladies and gentlemen of both sexes without the need to loosen either collar or girdle, and comes in a rather attractive purple colour which clashes with everything. So if you want a hoover that is agile, easy to manoeuvre and which teams with an interior design theme don't buy this one.

If you are buying a hoover for a man, you cannot go wrong with here. I am a member of that sex which refuses to ask for directions and does not read instructions in the belief that "I know what I'm doing" and uses every pan in the cupboard to boil an egg. Some men have fragile egos and tempers that leave them quivering with rage when the instructions that have been ignored are incomprehensible or the finer details of what goes where are lost to the descending red mist of impatience. Save yourself, and him, the aggravation and buy this hoover. All you need do is open the box and attach the handle. Job done. You don't need the instructions. Unless of course you want to do some hoovering in which case you are required to plug it in. Two points of slight contention - it IS easy to detach the dust container and to open it at both and and drop the contents everywhere, so do open it over the bin. I had to help the contents out as most of it was cat fur and was tightly packed. Without the instructions it isn't clear what the little button for the turbo-brush ignition is for, but any naturally inquisitive male will press the button and thereby readily discover its function with a HUGE grin. I was quite enchanted when I heard the tone change from Peugeot 107 to Bugatti Veyron as the turbo-brush bar began to spin and agitate the pile accompanied by the glow of a green light which indicates that something special is happening. Even the mechanism for opening and cleaning the turbo- brush is so obvious it cannot fail to delight!

We have all done it haven't we - whilst hoovering we have come across that bit of thread or fluff that holds on to the shag for dear life. You pass over it one, twice, three times, but you still cannot dislodge it, so you bend down pick the thread or fluff from the carpet yourself (this is the digital method) and then drop it back on the carpet to allow the hoover one more chance. Well if you like that game, don't bother with this product, it will spoil your fun. Also, if you like getting halfway up the stairs before needing to balance the hoover on the tread, running back down stairs and rushing to unplug the hoover before it throws itself down the stairs at you don't bother buying this appliance; you will loathe and detest the generous length of cable that allows you to clean the entire flight without changing power points.

The noise this makes isn't bad either, I wouldn't recommend using it when the other half is nursing a hang-over, but at the same time it isn't going to leave you with ringing ears or annoy your neighbour with supernatural audition if you use it at 7 in the morning or 9 at night. In fact for such a powerful little machine is it amazingly quiet (by comparison with the Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer, for example). I could still hear the radio whilst hoovering.

I received my U90 etc this morning having decided earlier in the week that I cannot stand the dyson drag-behind one moment longer. I hate the fact that it gets stuck on door frames and cannot negotiate corners and that it will turn base over apex if you pull it over its own cable. Unlike my drag behind model this upright is quite pretty, it is feminine in proportion and has the agility of fleeing rat. I can get it right under desks and tables, up close to the skirting boards and the divans with ease and precision, and because it doesn't have a massive cleaning head it can be insinuated into fairly close spaces without too much trouble and without masses of hose coiling round your legs or knocking vases off shelves behind you.

I hoovered two days ago using the D-Word instrument, today straight out of the box I gave the living-room a once over with this and was shocked and amazed and several-other-superlatives to discover that I had actually chosen a hoover that works! Instantly its totally-transparent but prosaically-named "dirt bin" began to collect the fluff, fur and dust of ages that had hitherto lain undisturbed the twisted pile of the carpet. Cat hair that would torment the perfectionist hooverer with its powers of adhesion yielded instantly to the irresistible power of suction created by this wonder of engineering.

Then came the real test - the cats rug. My cats have their own rug which is infrequently vacuumed given that it is their usual place of safety and refuge when the noise monsters is on the prowl, but today they would have to suffer in the name of science.
What would usually take at least ten minutes to clean with the Dyson drag behind (pet- hair specific model) using every tool and lots of swearing took but a moment of calm passes over the rug with the aid of the V8 powered brush-bar switched on! Honest! This products works!

Now I am 6 feet and 1 inch tall in height and have a dodgy back (sacra-illiac joint trauma) which would normally be displaced, subluxed, or what-have-you and generally aggravated by the scrubbing motion required to get fur off the carpet with the drag behind models I have previously suffered. I can tell you that this appliance it tall enough to be comfortably used by a person of my height and has a handle that can be adjusted for the comfort of the less-looming - and all without giving you a bad-back.

I could have bought a less expensive vacuum cleaner, and one more powerful, but I'm glad I didn't this sapphire coloured gem has restored my faith in Vax to design and build machine that does simply what you bought it for. Hurrah!
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66 of 71 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 19 August 2010
Package Quantity: 1Style Name: PurpleVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The vacuuming power of the Vax U90-MA-R Mach Air is brilliant, whether on hard floors or carpet/rugs. A simple press of a button allows one to smoothly glide between the two major surfaces with no problems, enabling ou to clean the floor easily and quickly.

The only draw-back I can see with this machine is the lack of secure places for the additions. One of them comes with no space at all and the other two - whilst they fit nicely into each other - do not fit securely on to the cleaner.

Fitting the extension to each other can be a tad convoluted to begin with, but quickly becomes second nature. The handle can be removed from the vacuum to be attached to the main suction hose, and when extended with the extension hose (funnily enough!) enables the user to clean the stairs with ease, without having to lift the machine up and down the stairs, precareously balancing it half-way up. Coupled with the very long flex and this enables one to be able to clean several rooms - in our case the living room, kitchen, hall and stairs - with no need to unplug the cleaner and move it to a more central socket.

Very lightweight and easy to pick and move, this vacuum cleaner is to be very much recommended. We moved to this machine from a Dyson 04, and I would say that this is at least the equal of that one, and in certain cases the superior cleaner.

With the added brushes/extensions and the suction power and manouverability, overall this Vax is a welciome addition to the family of cleaners they provide.

Only 1 starr off for the lack of space for the additions. Otherwise - Brilliant!
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