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4.1 out of 5 stars291
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 21 March 2011
So yeah, as a first tablet I wasn't hoping or expecting much, and was really looking to try one out rather than take the thing seriously..

The good:
Well, it's flexible - A bonus as it goes in my Uni bag without cracking or being too bulky.
It's aapparently beer proof! Had a friend spill a pint over it and as long as it doesn't hit the main metal cover it's all dandy after a wipe - Great bit of kit!
It's small, and light. VERY portable, just what I wanted!
It's precise! Every stroke is spot on and after an hour of messing I feel completely at home with it!

The Bad:
Not alot really, still on the first battery, first nib, etc.. nothing's had to be replaced or tampered with so everything's fine for me! On occasion the touch-click doesn't work for 5-6 secs, but I believe thats an issue with my laptop as it doesn't do it on anything else but either way it's extremely rare.

Graphic artist? Birthday present? Young or old, it's fit for everyone and after taking it to my lectures a few times, everyone now has one and it's great for my Games Development course - I have to say it's completely replaed my mouse and even if I wasn't doing a tech course, I'd still use it over a mouse now I've got it to compare them to!

*Although, gamers will still want to keep hold of a mouse for FPS, etc.. For RTS games (Command & Conquer style) this thing rocks!
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on 8 December 2011
This is a Waltop-based tablet, so Ubuntu Linux 10.04 detected the tablet as soon as it was plugged in and it worked immediately for basic point-and-click functionality. To install hover and pressure sensitivity, just install the Wizardpen suite from Martin Owen's Launchpad PPA. Look up TabletSetupWizardpen on the Ubuntu Community Documentation, and remember to use the PPA (Method 1 in the community documentation; skip the long-winded Method 2 about building from source). For simple programs which don't support pressure sensitivity, such as Tux Paint, there is nothing more to do. How easy was that? For more serious drawing programs such as MTPaint or GIMP, you'll need to also configure pressure sensitivity within each of those specific programs. For GIMP use Edit - Preferences - Input Devices, set the tablet to Enabled and check that Pressure is assigned as axis 3. You can then assign pressure to tools such as the paintbrush in the tools window by opening up the Brush Dynamics section.

Hardware-wise this seems like a reasonably durable piece of kit and I have no qualms about giving it to my 5-year-old daughter as a Christmas present for Tux Paint sessions on her Linux netbook. You wouldn't want it rattling around a school bag loose, but you could happily place it in just a cheap neoprene case and expect it to survive in a suitcase or school bag. A 1-metre USB cord is supplied and is detachable, it's a standard type A plug to MicroUSB plug so you could easily replace the cord with a longer one or use a standard USB extension cable. The tablet is 5mm thick rubber sponge mousemat material with a matt wipe-clean plastic surface. The pen feels solid enough, can't say the click buttons are particularly solid but you'll rarely use them (they're for right-click and middle-click only; for a standard left-click, you just touch the pen to the surface). The pen is wireless so takes an AAA battery (supplied); the battery holder inside the pen looks flimsy, but it has to be slim to fit inside the pen and how often will you change the battery anyway? So long as you can resist the temptation to unscrew the pen too often, it should be fine (but let's be clear, this is an electronic tool, not a builder's mate's biro). You get 2 spare pressure nibs in addition to the one already fitted to the pen, plus a basic metal gripper tool to help you change the nibs. The pen is comfortable to use and fits left or right-handed. As with all graphics tablet pens, it has to be held reasonably upright but I adapted my rather lazy drawing style easily and was perfectly happy using it for more than an hour at a time.

For under 20 quid including delivery at the time of writing this represents superb value, it equals the basic performance of a 50-quid tablet with no problem. If you're mad set on getting absolutely the most accurate pressure sensitivity then a more expensive solid tablet might be worthwhile, also if you have a huge monitor then you might want something larger. However as a companion for a netbook or laptop, or for amateur or child use, this is perfect. Plus it installs under Linux really easily despite the manufacturer not mentioning it! Oh, and it comes with Microsoft Windows drivers and an MS-Windows installation guide so I guess it works under that other operating system too.
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on 22 February 2011
After wanting a graphics tablet for a while I finally decided to buy this tablet by Trust as it was a very good price and had good reviews. When I received the tablet in the post (which arrived on time) I set it up on my computer straight away to have a go. It comes with a piece of design software called Artweaver which I haven't actually used yet, i just had a little look at the features :) At first I found drawing on the pad quite difficult to use, but after 15 mins of messing around i started to get more used to it. I have to admit I gave up trying to draw after about half an hour but when i started using it again later that evening i really started to get into it and it became so much easier! I've had it for about a week now, and i'm in the middle of a drawing at this very moment! You don't need to lean on a hard surface; i'm lying on my bed and i'm finding it very easy to draw :) I've taught myself how to draw eyes and noses and right now i'm trying to perfect shading :D not gonna lie, it's looking good haha. I'm a graphics kinda person and i'm pretty good on computers but i'm so bad a drawing! so this is really helping me! I'm using free design software called SmoothDraw which is great! It even recognises that i'm using a graphics tablet and i can set the pressure scale etc. If you do want a graphics tablet i would recommend getting used to a piece of graphics software as it helps to know all the different features. For example, I've only just found out how to use layers on SmoothDraw which is a great feature.
Since I am a really bad drawer and I've been creating great drawings within 1 week, i'd have to say this is a great graphics tablet! I feel like an artist! There are no flaws! The size is fine because I zoom into my drawings anyway and I think if the drawing area was larger then it would be harder to use.
I hope this review is helpful! You really can't go wrong with the product, just don't give up if you find it difficult!
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2012
This is a super little tablet.

My daughter wanted a graphics tablet but was adamant not to have one of these flexible ones so I bought her the Trust Stylus Design Tablet which she was really happy with.

I belong to an art site and use the mouse pad to draw with and thought I would get myself a tablet too. I wanted something small to go in my dinky netbook case and saw this one.

It is lovely and light, stays put as it has a non slip backing. It feels like a mouse mat although smaller and works really well.

The pen is a bit on the scratchy side as someone has commented but mine too has worn down a bit, stopping the scratchy feeling as you draw. I tend not to use the buttons on it but occidentally press them while I am drawing which can be a bit of a pain but I know why they are where they are I just wish they could be deactivated if your not going to use them for a while.

It took me a couple of days to get used to it but that is only because I have never used a tablet before. Now its really easy to use and draw with. I still sometimes hold it a bit too high above the pad and loose the cursor but most of the time I manage ok.

It is a neat little thing and fits in with my net book beautifully when I dont need it. Also when I draw I can sit it next to my net book on a lap tray.

Maybe not good enough for business use or constant use with big projects but for the occasional user for at home its fine.

For me its perfect!! I am very pleased with mine. It does the job I needed it for and easy to stow away too. All boxes ticked!
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on 19 March 2013
This flexible tablet is one of the cheapest design tablets around. It's great for many things, such as writing forms, writing maths on your computer, and of course, drawing with programs like PaintTool SAI or Adobe Photoshop. It is very portable, easy to carry around. The precision of this tablet obviously isn't top notch, but very satisfactory for its price. You can easily do some very nice art projects with it, and it is a great choice for beginners or enthusiasts that are afraid to spend a load of money on a more serious and expensive tablet.

- You're looking for a cheap tablet to get the feel of it and draw for fun;
- You need to do tasks that require a moderate level of precision;
- You would like to try a replacement to the traditional mouse or touch pad;
- You want to hand write forms on your computer, schemes or maths (great for students);
- You have trouble holding a pen in your hand steadily;
- You are looking for something to do a serious precision work (pro artist, designer, etc.);
- If you are looking for speed rather than accuracy;

If you are a beginner artist, I recommend you to look for PaintTool SAI to use with this tablet, as it is easy to learn and powerful. If you are a student, I recommend using this tablet with Microsoft's OneNote (very useful for taking class notes). This tablet can also be used to play simple games such as "Angry Birds", "Cut the Rope" and "Where's my Water?", being that it works great at this type of games.
Here's four other facts about it that you'll find very useful to know:
- This tablet is PRESSURE SENSITIVE, which means pressing lighter or heavier with the pen on it will make the trace thinner or bolder (if the program supports that);
- This device consumes a significant amount of energy, and if you use it with your laptop it will impact your battery on something between 25 to 40%;
- To know where you are going to be writing on the screen (the location of the cursor), over the pen within 5mm of the tablet, and it will show up on your screen without affecting anything;
- The lines marked on the tablet correspond to the limits of your computer screen. Hovering the pen to the corner of the lines will take the cursor to the corner of the screen, for example.

Please look at the costumer images I have uploaded on the product page for more details on how this tablet looks like!
review image review image review image review image
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on 27 July 2011
I am a first time buyer of graphics tablets and a very amateur artist so I purchased this product because its the cheapest around and the thin design benefitted me and my small desk space.
The tablet is perfect for my needs I plugged it in and it worked great however, and I will capatalise this this for emphasis, INSTALL THE DRIVERS FROM THE DISK PROVIDED TO GET FULL FUNCTIONALITY. Although it immediately started working the software on the disk allowed a bit of further customisation of saettings and allowed the product to function fully.
After a few weeks of using it i don't even think about it at all I can just pick up the wireless pen and begin drawing, the pen although at first may feel a bit bulky is great and apparently works by magic. The pad itself is a flexible rubber mat with a cool looking design on it. I have dented the mat slightly but this doesn't appear to have impeded the function at all so dont worry about the reliability.
The USB connection is fine and is long enough for me to work comfortably and the sensitivity of the device is great. I would also recommend smoothdraw 3 as a easy to use program that goes with the tablet but remember to install the drivers and hit the 'compatability+' button or it will not work properly.

In summary I can not see how spending an extra £30 could benefit a hobbyist or first time user and if anything the smaller compact design suits me better than more expensive devices. If you have been looking for a graphics tablet to play with and have a spare 20 quid then this is a must buy.
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on 1 July 2012
Love it! I was undecided whether to buy this, mostly due to the price being so low and a few negative reviews, but the positive reviews outweighed the negative so I took the glad I did cos I would have missed out on a real bargain. This is my first graphical tablet, I'm not a graphical artist and my main reason for buying was to use with Photoshop Elements (which recognised it immediately) for colouring digital craft images and the occasional drawing. It's brilliant. Other than the short USB lead which I'd already read about(easily solved with a standard USB extension lead) I can't find a negative word to say about it and am constantly looking for excuses to play (ahem) use it! I didn't know how I would get on with a tablet so didn't want to spend a fortune but on the other hand didn't want to be put off by getting something naff. This is perfect at an excellent price. It is about the size of a mouse mat and looks like one too but I find it plenty big enough. It took a little bit of getting used to (about an hour) but it's amazing how quickly you are able to navigate the screen. I find the pen easy to use and precise. I have windows vista and it installed very easily with no problems, literally load the driver from the disk and plug it in. Instructions were more than sufficient. I have nothing to compare this with but for my needs it is fantastic and I couldn't be without it now. Definitely no regrets!
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on 14 February 2013
I had a completely different need for this product than most of the other reviewers. As a trainee maths teacher I often have to work through large amounts of mathematical equations for my post-graduate assignments. Anyone who has used the equation editor in Microsoft Word can tell you it is a slow and frustrating process using a mouse to select each individual part of the equation. Since I got the tablet and pen I can just write the equations straight into Word as though it was a standard ink pen on some paper and it converts them instantly to Word processed equations. The tablet itself is so small and light, it barely takes up any extra room on my desk and can be used in addition to a normal mouse (if you have a free USB port). The price was also excellent, I can't see how any of the more expensive ones could be any better and the small and light pad makes this better anyway. It seems to know exactly how big my screen is and the rectangle outline on the pad is the exact edges of the screen. It was easy to set up using the installation disk and the pen is comfortable enough to use for long periods. My only slight gripe is that sometimes it is too easy to accidentally press the 'mouse click' button on the pen if you're not holding it in a specific way.
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on 5 January 2013
Please ignore all the lazy people out there who don't even bother googling their problem. It does work on mac when you get the requited driver. Do a quick search and you'll get a specific page where the guy gives you the link to some software you need to down;oad. Otherwise the set-up is straight forwards and the tablet works great. It is a little bit too small for my liking but i'll get used to it.

The pen is my major niggle - it is cheap beyond compare. When you first open it the back bit falls to the front as it's not mounted in there. The battery is held in by a 5mm metal clip and the button rattles when you shake the pen. All tell-tales of chepyness. As a little bonus in the box there is a little metal torture inflicting device that turned out to be for replacing the tip as well as two spare tips.

I still gie it 5 stars because for the price the product on the whole is amazing. As gret as other tablets like the bamboo are in their wacom-e glory they are quite expensive and this is a perfect example of how if you're prepared to compromise on size and a little on build quality you can get a great tablet.
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on 16 September 2011
First things first. I bought this because it was the cheapest available and I wanted to try a pressure sensitive tablet for drawing designs that my mouse wouldn't accommodate. If you've never used a tablet before, it takes some getting used to as you need to develop different movement habits to get the most out of this.

The tablet itself is non-intrusive and pretty robust. It sets up out of the box and comes with Artweaver as the pressure sensitive software. The pressure sensitivity is a little rough and requires practice but is really good for the price. I use it for painting new designs and touching up photos which requires a little more finesse that using a mouse. I still have my mouse attached and the two pointing devices do not conflict, letting me switch back and forth between the two for convenience.

The pen is a little bulky with a scratchy nib at first feel but once I used it for a while, the nib wore smooth and the pen feels just right for drawing on the available area. You will need to practice taking the pen off and back on to this area to navigate your screen, software and drawing. The settings in the driver pack allow you to customise quite a bit and I would suggest setting these to relative mouse position to prevent early insanity. You can also change the pressure settings for clicking and change which button does what.

In the box there are also two spare nibs and a nifty little tool for removing the old nib.

All in all a nice package that does the job at a very reasonable price. If however you are looking for a professional level tablet please spend the money that you know you need to!
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