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4.4 out of 5 stars246
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 21 July 2010
This is a great little gadget to have in your house. I bought it initially as I couldn't bear listening to music on my laptop's tinny speakers but at the same time I didn't want to loose the portability of my laptop by hooking it up to a huge speaker system. This unit can sit in the corner of a room and will play music from your mp3 collection at an impresive volume.

Pairing the bluetooth speaker to my laptop was incredibly simple and now every time I turn on my laptop, the speaker automatically comes on and is used as the default speaker device. The sound is pretty impressive, although sometimes the bass will overpower the rest of the sound if it the volume is too high. I recommend turning off any bass boost on your device when listening on this speaker. However, I am not using the USB Bluetooth dongle with built in codecs that you can buy on the creative website so perhaps that would result in a more perfect sound quality. Also very handy is the 3.5mm audio input jack as whis means I can plug in my mp3 player.

Overall, this is a great system and very good value for money.
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on 3 October 2011
The audiophiles are probably cursing me right now. After all, this speaker system is an all-in-one thing so can't possibly sound good. And it's bluetooth, so surely the sound must be awful. But actually, this thing is awesome. Other reviews on Amazon are all glowing: "superb set of speakers", "sound quality is really good", "the sound is very rich and excellent quality", "great sound", "good punchy sound with quite respectable bass" ... you get the idea. And I agree with all of them.

I love the wires-free aspect. Having one less wire plugged into the laptop is a big benefit, and now I only need to get wireless charging and wireless external monitor connection. Hurry up, future!

The speakers work just fine with my Mac under OS X Lion, bluetooth pairing was easy and then it's simple to select when you want to use the speakers, in the bluetooth menu you click Creative D200 and then "Use as Audio device".

They also work just fine with my TouchPad and my Pre2, all via bluetooth. There's something deeply amusing about tunes blasting out, being fed from a tiny mobile phone, wires-free. There's also an auxiliary port on the back if you do need to resort to cables.

The only slight drawback is that there's some lag involved due to the bluetooth link. It's not at all noticeable listening to music or playing games, but when watching videos it can manifest in lip-syncing issues.

I'd give it 5 stars if it were slightly lighter and slightly less bulky for the same quality sound. (It's about the width of my 15 inch laptop screen).

In summary, if you're working on a laptop and like listening to music at least occasionally, this is the single best thing you could treat your ears to. That, and Spotify.
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on 18 January 2011
First things first. This looks and feels like a well put together piece of kit. It is stylish and a lot heavier than you might expect. My wife says it looks great. The main thing, though, is how it sounds. I am pretty fussy about such things being a musician and sound engineer. At home I use a valve (tube) amp and some very nice speakers, so I'm using that as my benchmark in pure audio terms. In absolute terms: no contest. This unit lacks the sheer stress-free clarity and sound staging of a higher end hard wired system, but then, it is wireless and a fraction of the cost. On its own, it sounds acceptable. Much better than many PC speakers, just don't expect it to outperform a 'real' hi-fi. What it lacks in absolute audio terms however, it more than makes up for in sheer convenience. It easily interfaced to my Macbook Pro and Nokia 'phone, allowing me to work from the kitchen table without trailing wires. It is small enough in size to take with you on vacations, and comes with UK and EU adapter plugs. So, in summary, very handy and helps keep things neat and tidy. On a purely sonic basis I'd give it a 3 out of 5, but would have to add another point for convenience and practicality. To be fair, I've listened to some far more costly bluetooth audio options and I did not think they were noticeably superior, so it has to rate as good value too.
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on 20 March 2011
Requirements (what I wanted)

- well made speakers from a well known brand
- decent sound
- reasonably portable
- bluetooth functionality (for streaming from 2nd gen iPod touch and 3GS iPhone)

Received (what I got)

- extremely well made speakers from a well known brand - they feel solid and well made and look great
- excellent sound: more than adequate to fill a large kitchen and decent bass response, absolutely no crackling or tinny-ness whatsoever, very clear sound
- reasonably portable: moving them is a matter of unplugging and carrying to next location
- seamless streaming from both of my Apple devices: I purchased the Sony TMR-BT81P bluetooth adapter and was streaming music within 30 secs of taking the speakers out of the box. It was that easy. I didn't even have to switch the bluetooth button on, the speakers simply picked up the adapter after a few seconds

Full five stars if line out/aux cable was included but don't let that deter you. If you want a genuinely great sounding set of portable speakers, are not bothered that this is mains-only and are prepared to pay £70, I would highly recommend these.
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on 1 December 2011
The simplicity of the unit is a stand out feature. Take it out of the box, remove the plastic wrap and attach the plug. Switch it on and a tiny blue light at the top glows. Very neat and tidy, looks great. I actually read the instructions for once, which basically means pressing the left button and holding it in for 5 seconds till it starts flashing. The wife's iPad picked it up almost instantly and within 2 minutes she was streaming music to it via blue-tooth. What a joy. Good solid sound from such a smallish unobtrusive box. Makes listening to music from her iPad enjoyable now, where as before, it was rubbish. Hooked up our bedroom TV via a cable and what a difference it makes, actually having proper bass from a small TV is magical. Only gripe is no way of controlling the volume remotely when used like this. But hey-ho, for what I paid I should not really complain. More than enough volume to fill the bedroom and annoy the neighbours if you are not careful. Looks like it could be a very good buy. OH! and as a bonus it's easily portable, so I can see us taking it with us when we go caravanning as we always have mains hookup. Result!
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on 9 February 2012
I received my speaker yesterday and i must say, i'm really impressed.

There was a small white stain on the speaker cloth but nothing a little clean wouldn't solve and there was no way i was sending this beauty back.

I'm really particular about how techy stuff looks and this doesn't disappoint, I hate hundreds of messy buttons that collect dust. It looks subtle, sleek and looks a lot more expensive than £75.00.

For an average size lounge the sound is good, I live in a terraced house and won't be listening to music at anti-social levels so cannot comment on how it performs at high volumes but its not at all tinny and there is no hiss. I think anyone who complains about the sound must have very finely tuned ears or are probably stretching the capabilities by blasting out music.

I think for the money you really can't go wrong... i imagine if you bought a hifi for £75.00 it would be distinctly average.

Pairing was not a problem with my Macbook and the sound can be controlled via that so its not an issue that there is no remote (as others have mentioned).
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on 10 December 2011
To be honest, it doesn't look much when it comes out of the box, and you could put it on any shelf or table and not really notice it. It feels heavier than it looks, and when you plug it in you find out why. For its size it sounds fantastic. It sounds like something much bigger, and the sound quality is, in my opinion, very good indeed. If I played it on full volume I would certainly get complaints from my neighbours. It couldn't compete with an expensive hi-fi, but as a fifty-something ex rock musician, my old ears wouldn't be able to tell the difference. At eighty quid I doubt that the product is aimed at the hi-fi/vinyl types anyway.

And it's easily moved from room to room.

Unlike some other commentators, I found the bluetooth setup easy just using the built in iMac/iPad bluetooth. My music collection is mostly on my iMac, and I stream it to the speaker system via my iPad. (that sounds complicated, but it's not).

Highly recommended.

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on 24 October 2011
Having read the other reviews I had expected more from this product. It's certainly adequate, especially for playing pop music, but for classical music it's not that great. The bass is good, but the treble sounds noticeably scratchy. Sort-of sharp/thin, almost grating. Not badly, but just enough so you do notice. Again, it's not actively horrible, but for close to £100 it does feel a bit irksome.

NB I'm using this speaker to play music via bluetooth from my iPod, so to make sure this issue wasn't caused by the reduced quality of the usual iPod music file I put some music on it via "lossless encoding" from my CDs, but that didn't make a difference really.

On the upside, it's easy to make the bluetooth connection, and on the whole it does what I want it to do: it's mains powered so no battery issues; I can use my ipod or ipad to browse the web while at the same time it's streaming music to the speaker; the speaker easily has enough power to fill the room; it's good-looking.

Another minor niggle: really don't understand why the volume control on the ipod is deactivated when it's connected to this speaker. It means you have to walk over to the speaker to change the volume when you can do everything else (selecting tracks) on the iPod. Makes no sense.
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on 21 January 2011
My sweet wife bought me this for my birthday at my request, I am not disappointed in either my wife or the Creative D200 Pure Wireless Bluetooth Speaker system. I'm no audiophile but I find the sound from this gadget remarkable! It has it's own sub woofer and is currently filling the room wonderously at, what I imagine to be, Hi Fi Quality! In fact it's capable of filling the house! My mate came round earlier and hooked his i-Phone up to it to play a new song he'd just recorded... he IS an audiophile and he was envious! It hooks up by the power of magic to my bluetooth enabled laptop and phone and has a reasonably good range. It also connects nicely to my iPod Classic via a Gear 4 transmitter dongle that arrived in my sweaty paws yesterday. I've had the speakers for over a month and remain astounded. I can't wait for summer when I can get it into the garden albeit with an extension lead, and that's my only complaint... there's no battery power supply for that truly wireless experience.

A great gizmo!
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on 7 January 2011
Have been looking for a Wireless/Bluetooth speaker for a long time now and finally took the plunge on this. Ironically enough though, this wasn't my first choice. I came to this after looking at something which I thought was wireless but it turned out it was mainly designed to work with an iPod which for me was pointless. I finally found this one and so purchased it based on the reviews I read. It arrived this morning and I've only had a couple of hours of playing with it but... it is almost perfect. Only almost due to one aspect which I've a feeling is not an issue with the speaker but just a case of setting up the things to connect to it properly.

When you take it out of the box you give a sigh of disappointment at the size thinking, 'have I just purchased something akin to a tin can?' But... the sound is awesome. It's a beautifully compact, heavy and smoothly finished piece of kit. For what I consider is a really good price, it feels and looks like quality.

You just plug it in, turn it on, hold down the bluetooth button for three seconds until it flashes on and off and then, in my case, tell your Android phone to look for it, select it from the list and press connect.

Once connected I loaded Spotify (Can I just give a shout out for Spotify and awesome service) and loaded the epic 'I die you die' by Gary Numan Telekon + 6 Bonus Tracks (One of the best musicians ever in my opinion.)

The sound that this thing pumps out was fantastic. I wondered how loud it would go and pushed it to it's limit before turning it down in case I annoyed the neighbours. I'm no audiophile, so can't comment really on Bass and Treble, but I know I do like a bit of depth to my bass and this has got enough to make me happy.

I also connected my laptop to it, which was slightly more tricky, but only due to the quirks of the O.S. My one gripe, and it's not really that much of a gripe, as I'm sure once you delve into the mechanics of it, you can make it easier, but my one gripe is that I don't seem to be able to easily switch from device to device on it. I.e. Switch from my Phone to Laptop. As far as I know, in order to do this you appear to have to re-connect by holding down the bluetooth button, but, as I've said, I could be wrong.
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