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4.6 out of 5 stars593
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I first picked up a Peter James book a while back entitled `Dead Simple'. It was (luckily for me) the first in the Roy Grace Series and was based around a harmless stag night prank that went wrong. From that book I was hooked and each of the 4 books that followed was fantastic. Thankfully this latest instalment is no different. This latest Roy Grace offering is pretty hefty with a massive 500 pages. This didn't put me off, in actual fact quite the opposite.

This story all starts following the brutal rape of a woman on New Years Eve. Only a week later another woman is attacked. What concerns Roy is that both of the women that were attacked had their shoes taken. It begins to ring alarm bells with him as these current attacks seem to mirror those that haunted Brighton back in 1997. The attacker back in 1997 had been named `The Shoe man' and was believed to have raped 5 women before moving on to kill another 2. The attacker was never caught and Roy finds himself wondering whether the killer is back or whether they have a copycat on their hands.

Roy Grace has come back in this book a little more relaxed than before. He is living with his girlfriend Cleo who is due to give birth to their first baby any day. Cleo and Roy's relationship has taken time to grow on me but as you see more and more of Cleo's supportive side you get to like her that little bit more. In addition to Roy we see the return of Glen Branson who works with Roy. He recently split from his wife and is going through a hard time. I must admit we didn't see as much of Glen this time as in previous books and I missed his presence at times.

The story itself is written over two time periods. The further in to the investigation Roy goes, the more of the past you get to see. We see him working both crime scenes both in the present and the past. It's written cleverly and isn't made too complicated. The reader gets to see the parallels and the differences between the two cases which ended up making me feel like I had solved the case halfway through. I was wrong, so I think my police career is a non-starter!

There are still enough plot twists to keep you interested and several suspects which makes for interesting reading. I also thought that Peter James had dealt with the rape storyline very well with it not being too over the top, but trying to be sensitive at the same time. I whizzed through this in a matter of days and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes I was disappointed that we didn't see anything of the `Sandy' storyline come up but there is always hope for the next instalment.

If you have never read Peter James and like Crime/Thriller's, I would highly recommend you give this a try!
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VINE VOICEon 1 June 2010
I have been reading this series from the start and did not think that the author could better the last book but this is definitely my favourite so far.

Roy Grace is back in Brighton, this time investigating a rape case that seems to be linked to a series of unsolved cases from the past. There are some quite graphic descriptions which may be offputting to some but the author handles the issues with sensitivity and tact throughout.

There are several potential suspects and lots of twists, turns and red herrings as the plot goes on. The plot is gripping and I couldn't put it down. As with previous books the author has clearly done a huge amount of research and brings Brighton well and truly to life, with real locations and landmarks playing a prominent role.

There are also some interesting scenes from the past featuring Roy's life with his long missing wife Sandy. Previously we have only seen Sandy through Roy's memories so it was interesting to have a more objective view of her character and her relationship with Roy. This was well contrasted against Roy's current relationship with Cleo and put a new dimension on things.

This series goes from strength to strength and I can't wait to read the next one. If you are new to Peter James I would recommend starting with Dead Simple, the first book in the Roy Grace series, and reading them in order.
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on 24 February 2011
In the latest Peter James novel Dead Like You Brighton is confronted with a rapist who may have disappeared over twelve years ago. A series of horrific rapes have taken place which bear a significantly similar modus operandi to attacks that occurred in late 1997. Is it the same attacker resurfacing or is it a copycat who has been inspired by the man the press dubbed `The Shoe Man'? A hugely entertaining and fast paced thriller ensues in which the reader is introduced to suspect and victim alike.
This is a genuinely creepy crime story where detailed descriptions of sexual assault are presented to the audience in an uncompromising fashion. The author's strength lies in his ability to make the sudden violence that rape entails seem plausible. An attack by the pier seems all too easy for the assailant when it occurs at a packed seaside attraction. Likewise the villain uses social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to gather information about his victims. Peter James brings the open nature of these websites and the information we choose to share into sharp focus.
In his sixth outing Detective Roy Grace remains haunted by the disappearance of his wife despite being in a happy relationship. The nature of these horrific crimes against women ensures that there is little motivation needed to chase the attacker. Intense media pressure and a new boss mean that Grace must put aside his life at home in order to focus on what is fast becoming a widespread panic.
Jumping as it does between the initial attacks and the present day, the novel moves at a rapid pace, while the dialogue and occasional moments of humour help to alleviate the considerable tension throughout. As is so often the case in James' work, this novel provides an insight into police procedures and the difficulties that often stall police investigativions. A particularly grisly exhumation linger in the memory long after the book is finished, and the streets of Brighton come alive as the police attempt to catch the attacker before he strikes again.
Dead Like You is a well-paced and captivating read. Despite its relatively lengthy nature, the plot and details about the various suspects and victims ensure this is a thriller that is difficult to put down. What sets this excellent book apart is the level of research that the author has clearly conducted into police work and the levels of information we all too often share with the world via the internet. For fans of the modern thriller this is a book that should grace any bookshelf.
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on 27 May 2010
The 6th Roy Grace novel does not disappoint. Avid followers will love the new book. The subject of rape is a very serious topic and the author has dealt with the story lines in a sympathetic manner whilst maintaining the pace of the story as the plot unfolds. The regular characters develop and it is fascinating to read about Grace when he was a Detective Sergeant some ten years earlier. A good mix of past and present which again is centered on the vibrant city life of Brighton and Hove.
Keep them coming Mr. James.
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on 27 May 2010
The 6th in the Inspector Roy Grace series is as gripping and fresh as the first. Covering the delicate subject of rape, handled with understanding, interwoven with a fetish for high fashion ladies shoes. Classic red-herrings of other possible suspects with snippets of the underlying mystery of the disappearance of his first wife, Sandy, make this must read. Always find myself impatient for the next since being given the first 2 years ago.
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This review is from: Dead Like You (Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, Book 6) (Hardcover)
Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Ferragamo, Balenciaga, Christian Lacroix;; do these names mean anything to you? For many in fashion they are the names of the most exquisite high end fashion shoes in the world. Expensive, oh, yes! These shoes are not for the faint hearted, 5 to 6 inch heels with straps and feathers and the best leather money can buy. These names and shoes play a large part in this novel, 'Dead Like You'. These ladies shoes become the key piece of evidence and most promising lead into a series of rapes that take place around Brighton around the New Year.

This is the first Peter James' book I have read. Starting in the middle of this series is not a problem.
Detective Superintendent Roy Grace is the man in charge and in the lead of this British series. A woman is attacked and raped in Brighton with one of her high-heeled, designer shoes. The attacker then leaves, taking the expensive shoes with him. When the rapist strikes again Roy Grace realizes that both attacks are almost identical to the Shoe Man case he worked on in 1997. Six women were attacked before the Shoe Man vanished, and his final victim was never found. Roy presumed that she was murdered, and it always bothered him that the case was never solved. The characters are well written, and we meet all possible Shoe Men candidates. All the clues are there, and although we might think we know who the rapist murderer is, there is an interesting twist at the end.

Roy Grace is a man who sees the broad picture and does not view the world in black and white. The careful writing of each character makes us feel very anxious for them and the suspense builds. With flashbacks to 1997 when Roy was a young Police Officer working the Shoe Man case we also meet him at a time when he is happily married to his now missing wife Sandy. His current partner, Cleo, is pregnant. Because Cleo and Roy want to get married, he can officially declare Sandy as dead. There is a real mystery here, and I assume there will be more to come in the next book. The police procedures are precise and carefully written. I was particularly impressed with the amount of research on rape that was imparted in this book. Excellent information that should be shared. The sense of horror he creates in his victims brings to life the horrific fear that each feels.

Peter James has developed a British crime series that is so fast paced and so well written that I will recommend it to my friends. It is rich and satisfying and full of suspense with twists that abound. He uses the new social media, Twitter and Facebook, to trace the day to day lives of the characters, and we feel the mystery that surrounds.

Recommended. prisrob 05-17-13
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on 1 October 2010
In Dead Like You, a welcome and exciting addition to the Detective Roy Grace series, the hunt is on for the rapist, killer and fetishist known as the 'Shoe Man'. This book is more multi-layered than most of the previous books by Peter James. Present day cases overlap with ones from 1997, allowing the writer to illustrate the differences between Grace's life and character now and then. In the recent Roy Grace books, Peter James has been drip-feeding us with more and more snippets of information about the disappearance of Grace's wife and the effect this has had on him. In this one we are allowed to see details of the life they lived together, with the cracks appearing, in contrast to Grace's current and much smoother relationship with his fiancee, Cleo.

The 'Shoe Man's' obsession with shoes is well created and believable, and the descriptions of him watching women buying designer shoes are enough to make anyone think twice when doing this. The characters of the suspects and their relationships, or lack of them, are well drawn, albeit it with perhaps an over-abundance of shoe fetishists included. I thought, at first, that the rapid cutting between then and now was going to be annoying, but it didn't take long to get really absorbed, and to appreciate the extra depth this gives the story.

All in all, this is a very enjoyable read, and adds depth and progression to the series.
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on 17 February 2011
This is another solid Roy Grace novel although Peter James needs to refresh the background if there are to be any more and he is to hold our interest. Dead Like You uses the device of dipping back into Grace's past, linking crimes of then and now. Unlike Dead Tomorrow where the various story threads were poorly integrated, this one works quite well. However, this inevitably leads to some minor scenes of Grace's earlier life with his wife Sandy, an aspect which remains unresolved and is approaching tedium. At least this relationship did not figure in the present day chapters!

James' research and police knowledge shine through once again, this time in the difficult area of rape; whilst the story line may push the boundaries, it is this solid foundation which convinces us this is how the police would deal with this in real life. Meanwhile Grace's team are getting a little jaded; ACC Alison Vosper is replaced and it is time for some changes to the rest of the team, perhaps a new face or two and the final retirement of Potting, his non-pc exchanges are wearing thin.

Overall too long again, and I worked out the who-dunnit bit long before the end, but still enjoyable and an easy travelling read.
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on 19 October 2013
I have been fascinated with the Roy Grace series from the first moment I started reading them. I love the style and pace of the author Peter James. His detailed knowledge of the Brighton area in which this series is located creates a considerable ambience which is great for me as I live in the general area which I love. In this novel he deals sensitively and knowledgably with the serious crime of rape. He clearly does his research. There are several strands to the story which he weaves expertly to the end. Interestingly there are a few strands which do not get completely woven in which hang enticingly at the end and no doubt will be rewoven in future books in this series. Therefore I will be watching out for these in future novels and look forward with anticipation! Those who have already read some of the Roy Grace books will, I think, love this one. Anyone new to this series who loves crime, thriller, mysteries I am sure will love this too. But try to read the series in order as there is a general story line running through which links each book. However each book is a complete story and can be read individually. Happy reading!
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on 20 June 2010
Peter James can do no wrong, this is a terrific follow up to the Grace books, this one allows you to see why grace is so focused on finding his missing wife. One again Peter James has hit the jackpot, keep them coming Peter
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