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on 12 February 2011
Definate recommended purchase. You get 2 lens filters with this. A wide angle converter and a macro filter. Using the converter on an 18-55mm lens give me an absolutely fantastically extended macro range. Before it was anywhere from over 10cm away from the lens, but with the macro filter it's down to about 1cm!

To anyone starting out with photography, I can definately recommend this product. It's a fun thing to play around with and also gives fantastic angles for photos of subjects.

Comes in a cute little leatherette(?) pouch for safe keeping and a cover for each side of the lens and instructions for how to install it. But it's simple, just screw it onto the front and turn your camera on!

It's got a nice weight to it, on my Canon 500D you can definitely feel the camera focusing when it's on auto-focus but it's not distracting and it doesn't make the camera anymore difficult to use.

Fantastic product!
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on 29 August 2011
Just brilliant. Screws on like a filter and works really well. On my 18mm-55mm lens there is some vignetting at the extreme wide angle end of the range but zooming in a fraction eliminates this. There is a little distortion of straight lines at the edges of the picture but overall this little lens produces very good shots. The macro part also works well, I have captured some really good close up images with it. I wasn't expecting much in view of the low cost but at this price it really is an outstanding buy.

Edit: The lens does introduce a fair bit of chromatic aberration (coloured fringing) at the edges of objects but this is mainly visible on shots of brightly lit subjects and on enlarged images. This feature is much less prominent on the macro shots I've taken.
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OK OK, I know that this is not a high quality item, but for the majority of us an adaptor like this which fits onto a standard lens is ideal for the amount of times we are likely to use it. I know that for the serious photographer that this item will not fit the bill and there is plenty wrong when it comes to capturing the image.

So why five stars? It is simply brilliant for the happy snapper like me, who does try to take his photography seriously, but wants to enjoy it, whether it be photographing a row of MGs at my MG club or when recently sailing past the rock of Gibraltar on my way to Lisbon being able to take really nice shots in both places: with the panoramic shots of Lisbon really good. The images both on an imac 27" display are really sharp and so are quite large enlargements.

Is it as good as a bespoke lens? Nowhere near, but then again I wouldn't have been able to afford sailing past Gibraltar or visiting Lisbon if I had a bespoke Canon equivalent in my bag, so for me it is simply fantastic value, particularly if you fix it onto the standard zoom for use all day in cities and simply swap over to my slightly longer than standard zoom when I want to take normal shots.

Simply love it and the best £9 odd I have spent in 2013.
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on 19 January 2012
I have a Canon EOS 600D and I have to say, this is a fantastic purchase. The lens produces some superb shots and the ability to transform into a macro lens is very useful. The macro lens really, really good, I've had a lot of fun taking pictures with it. For £12 you really can't go wrong and I recommend this to anyone. It fits perfectly on the the camera and the vingetting is barely an issue. Brilliant.
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on 1 December 2014
Tested this wide angle lens with my Nikon 50mm 1.8G lens
1st photo is the photo without wide angle lens. (1/100, F1.8, iso1600)
2nd photo is the photo with wide angle lens and same settings. (1/100, F1.8, iso1600)
3rd photo is the photo with wide angle in higher aperture. (1/30, F5.6, iso3200)

Obviously, the photo with attached to the wide angle lens under low aperture F1.8 shows very terrible sharpness.
I have to increase the aperture to enhance the sharpness of the photo.
But the purpose of me buying this lens is to take photo in low aperture with wider angle. This is completely useless to me i rather use my 18-55mm kit lens if i have to increase aperture to get a clear photo.
review image review image review image
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on 26 August 2012
attached to canon 18-55mm on 550d.

It will indeed make your pictures wider. But as hopefully any prospective buyer should be aware, a lens wider than 18mm will set you back well into four figure pricing. So for £8 or £9 whatever I paid, you need to check your expectations.

the pictures do have a lot of distortion - ie straight lines become bent. no good for say photography of a house. however for gardens, more natural things and certainly where focus is on the centre of the image, this is quite a result for the money. I'd say if you're reading this and you are only interested in very casual pics, then sure give it a whirl you won't be dissapointed.

the screw thread is okay, it needs to be applied carefully but i've had it on/off the camera about 3 or 4 times now.

it does also affect quality of focus, but again, if you only want small pictures, by the time you've taken 18mp down to 1mp, then you wouldn't know.
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on 8 July 2015
Terrible. The quality of the photos deteriorates with a blur. You also lose colour. I know it is £10 so I was expecting less quality. My quarrel, however, is with the actual fitting of the lens. I attached it to my 58mm lens and the macro attachment screwed on absolutely fine. Though, removing it was a different story. It became jammed and I actually had to do damage to my camera with pliers in order to get it off. It required that much force! I had not screwed it on that firmly either, it just became stuck. Whether there was some defect with the screwing mechanism, I am not sure. I believe this product is a danger to your equipment, as well as producing a poor picture quality for your shots. If you have expensive camera equipment, in my opinion, you should avoid buying this.

I have attached a picture of the lens after I removed it to give you an idea of how much force was required.
review image
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on 14 June 2014
Neewer 58Mm 0.45X Wide Angle Lens Review

Tested on Canon 60D with kit lens 18-55mm. This cameras sensor has a crop factor of 1.6 so the widest the lens will open is around 28mm.

The 0.45 is lightweight and comes in 2 parts. Together the lens acts as wide angle. But remove the one part and it becomes a macro.To use, remove filter on 18-55 before screwing the 0.45 lens else vignette will increase. The screw mechanism is a little noisy initial but soon loosens up.

Opening wide will achieve a 35mm equivalent of 13mm, however you will get some vignette, which depending on the shot you are taking will enhance or detract from your photo. If you do not want the fish eye effect (with vignette) then you need to zoom in to about 22mm. This still gives a 35mm equivalent of around 16mm.

I found generally the photos are overly bright, lacking contrast. The photos can be a little soft around the edges at wider aperture. This is easily corrected in camera settings, stepping down 2/3rds and using f14.

All wide angle lenses will suffer varying degrees of distortion and chromatic aberration resulting in colour fringing. The degree will depend on the light/time of the day and the angle you are taking your photo. So you will get some fringing. This can easily be corrected in say Photoshop elements.

The wide angle photos this lens attachment produces I found perfectly adequate. The macro part of the attachment produces superb quality close ups. Both would certainly look good in an A4 photobook or 8X10 photo prints. If you are wanting to exhibit or enter competitions, then you should probably be choosing a dedicated wide angle lens.

For enthusiastic amateurs or new to DLSR photography, this exceedingly cheap attachment will provide a great opportunity to practice wide angle or macro before you decide to invest in lenses around £300 new.

I’ve attached a few photos as taken and also with minimal fixes so you can decide.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 22 December 2011
The wide angle lens works ecactly as described. It offers a greater viewing angle than having to actually purchase a wide angle lens. GREAT product!
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I have a Black magic Pocket camera with a super16 sized sensor, which in real money means a massive x3 crop factor on full frame (ff). The widest video lens I have is the SLR Magic 12mm cine lens at 36mm ff equivalent, which is a pretty good standard lens for super16 video, but no longer wide. With this adapter (which is the right diameter for the SLR magic 12mm), I now have 12mm x0.45 = 5.4mm, which is about 16mm FF equivalent, or 'very wide'.

A c-mount or super-wide micro 43rds lens that goes anywhere near 5.5mm is very expensive (about x50 the price of the adapter), so this has to be a bargain. Better still, the x3 crop works in my favour for aberration: the blurry edges that this adapter gives on APS-C is cut out significantly because of the x3 crop, leaving only a bit of spherical distortion.

Because this is a wide angle adapter (i.e. it collects more light to the lens, which offsets the extra glass), the light loss is minimal: I'd say less than 1/3rd of a stop. the filter size is 62mm (although I use 77mm filters with a step up ring - I recommended you also use an oversized filter for wide angle otherwise you may get vignette)
Only slight issue is that you have to reverse the 'macro' lens (unscrew it, turn it around, then screw it back in) to get the adapter to fit into the SLR magic 12mm, which makes the etched focusing scale on the SLR magic out, but that's not really an issue as you can still focus to infinity.

Although this type of adapter is generally not that good for APS-C, I would thoroughly recommend it for the Black magic cameras (and m43 camera in etc mode). It saves you a ton of money over buying a super-wide, and because of the high crop, you have far less distortion issues than APS-C and (god forbid!) full frame.
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