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on 22 July 2013
This documentary- chilling in it's straightforward presentation of the truth is vital viewing for all, who want to preserve humanity and freedom from terror and tyranny on this planet.
It lays bare the scope of Islamo-Nazism and terror, and that the Islamic extremists want nothing less than total destruction of Israel and Jews, Islamic domination over the entire earth, and total subjection of all non-Muslims (kuffars).
The film captures footage of Islamist rallies around the world, including in London and the USA.
It also clearly shows the parallels between Islamo-Nazism and the German Nazism of the 1930s and 40s.
Scholar after scholar including Nonie Darwish (the daughter of a terrorist), former PLO operative Walid Shoebat, Alan M. Dershowitz, Steven Emerson, Brigitte Gabriel, Martin Gilbert, Caroline Glick, Alfons Heck, Glen Jenvey, John Loftus, Salim Mansur, Itamar Marcus, Khaleel Mohammed, Daniel Pipes, Tashbih Sayyed, Walid Shoebat, Khaled Abu Toameh, Robert Wistrich.
Historian Martin Gilbert, probably the most prolific scholar of 20th century history, and foremost expert on Nazism and the Holocaust, draws on his vast knowledge to explore the striking and chilling similarities between Islamo-Nazism and German Nazism.
Alfons Heck, a Hitler Youth Member as a boy, explores the psychology of hate taught by the Nazis and sees the powerful parallels with the Islamic fanaticism of today. Walid Shoebat and Nonie Darwish speak of their own brainwashing to hatred.
And this is proved again and again, by clippings of Arab children reciting the results of their brainwashing on Palestinian TV, and a Syrian TV documentary recycling the ancient anti-Semitic blood libel that Jews use the blood of gentile children to bake matzos.
As Alfons Heck explains, the Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists both aim to demonize Jews to pave the way for their total annihilation.
We are shown this with the aid of cartoons appearing in the Arab press of today and Nazi Germany in the 1930s and the 1940s which are chillingly identical.
We also see shots of victims of the Nazi genocide of Islamic terror.
Finally it must be stressed clearly, despite the lies that leftist apologists for Islamo-Nazism peddle, that this movie is not anti-Muslim, but anti Islamo-Nazism and it's supporters and terrorists.
In fact we are exhorted to support the Muslims and Arabs out there who have taken a stand against Islamo-Nazi terror.
They are few who have spoken up and they need the support of the West.
As Brigitte Gabriel explains we are being strangled by our political correctness.
We see a clip of a supercilious Michael Moore, pontificating pompously that 'there is no terrorist threat' and of his counterpart from the 1930s Neville Chamberlain assuring us of Hitler's peaceful intentions.
Islamo-Nazi is potentially an even greater threat than Hitler's Nazi Germany, because it is metamorphosing in many countries.
Can we save the world from another inferno, and mass genocide, or will we strangled by our political correctness.
It is up to each one of us to decide and to take a stand now!
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on 11 May 2015
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil ... is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke, Irish Philospher & Statesmen

This pertinent quote opens up "Obsession," a film about the danger that radical Islam poses to the entire world. Right from the offset, the makers of the film clearly state that it is about Islamists, those who want to conquer the world for Islam and impose Sharia globally, and not about Muslims who are peaceful and do not want to wage Jihad on the rest of humanity. It is important to point out what the film itself says, because all the Islamophiles in the West automatically accuse anyone who opposes the Islamization of the globe, radical terror and Jihad of being Islamophobic.

Directed by Wayne Kopping, who has written extensively on Islam and Jihad, the movie comprises several sections: "The Culture of Jihad," "The Culture of Hate," "Jihad in the West," "Common Denominators," "We've Been Here Before" and "What Do Radical Muslims Want." Together they detail a global Jihad that is being waged by Islamists, and it is a campaign that the West ignores at its own peril. As Nonie Dawish says at one point about the World Trade Center, "When I saw the second plane hit, I knew that Jihad had come to America."

In addition to Nonie Dawish, Steven Emerson, Caroline Glick, Walid Shoebat. Tahbih Sayyed, Itamar Marcus, John Loftus, Khaled Abu Toameh and Brigitte Gabriel are all featured. Each brings an insight into what is happening when this movie was made and is still happening today.

There are flaws with this documentary. It makes a great deal of comparisons between Nazism and Islamism, but there are strong differences. The Nazis only wanted to conquer Europe up to the Urals; Islamists want to conquer the whole world. Hitler and his associates only rarely mentioned the possibility of the Jews' being wiped out should there be a war; Islamists in mosques everywhere are constantly declaiming their plans for conquest and for wiping out the infidels, both Jews and Christians. The two ideologies have some similarities, but they are not the same. Like communism, the Islamist ideology is unlimited in its ambitions.

Having said that, "Obsession" does well in raising the awareness of the viewer to the greatest threat to freedom that exists today, and it is hoped that it will motivate people to take action both here and abroad. Brigitte Gabriel has an interesting observation when she notes that Islamists know how to use our laws and democracy against us. The same holds true for their traitorous Islamophile supporters in the West. Under the guise of upholding democracy, the politically correct in Western media and academia are working to destabilize the entire Middle East, to create chaos and to overthrow regimes that oppose radicalism from Morocco to Egypt to Syria to Bahrain. This campaign is designed to bring the Islamists to power everywhere.

To quote Nonie Dawish again, she clearly sums up what it is that the Islamists desire, "As a child I attended the Gaza elementary school, and we were taught that Jihad is a religious, holy war for the sake of Allah. That is what it is: To conquer the world for Allah. That is Jihad!" That is what the interviews and presentations in this film reveal: The Islamists want to conquer the whole world and impose Sharia upon all who dwell on it.

Gabriel goes on to make one of the most crucial statements in the film when she says, "The Western world needs to stand up and support the voices of the moderates. ... The Western World needs to support them and needs to do everything we can to empower them."

This is so very important. With governments such as the constitutional monarchy of King Mohammed VI in Morocco, the fragile democracy in Tunisia, the more-authoritarian democracy of President Sisi in Egypt and monarchy in Bahrain all working to stave off the Islamists, we should doing everything we can with aid and assistance, with reducing quotas and tariffs on their products, with technical and scientific support, to back them fully. They are the fortresses that stand against the radicals. Even the regime of Bashar Al-Assad is opposed to the Sunni fundamentalists, and our attempt to overthrow it and not reach an accommodation is sorely misguided and could lead to disaster.

"Obsession" is a clarion bell to which the West should listen.

Ron's Grade: B+
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on 11 January 2013
This film draws back the curtain over radical Islam. We find out what is being said by radical Muslim preachers on the streets of our own cities. We see what is being taught to Muslim children behind the scenes. This film puts together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to expose the global war being waged by radical Islam. And we see the connection between the Nazis and radical Islam. A challenging and disquieting film
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on 8 June 2014
This documentary invites people around the world, Muslims and non Muslims alike to finally take a stance against extremists, who ruin our lives, tarnish Islam's names and attempt to murder western cultures and values. This film and its viewing should only be the beginning of a much more important action against radical Islam. After watching this film, people should find out more about this growing problem and find solutions to solve it once and for all. Nazi Germany has been defeated, so can radical Islam.
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on 7 January 2013
We rightly condemn the appeasers of the thirties who made the Second World War inevitable. And many of those same people who today accuse Chamberlain and Deladier of being weak, are walking blindly into the abyss seventy five years later.

Radical Islam is not just a threat to Israel but to Western civilisation itself, and this film shows just how political correctness and political cowardice is making it easy for Islam in its global jihad.

Wake up, or remain in denial, because every day that passes, Islamic jihad grows stronger.
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on 3 February 2014
I have just watched this farce of a documentary (requested from an academic friend), as I have no intention of spending my hard earned money, the royalties of which will no doubt end up in the pockets of a racist bigot, a distorter of the truth and a hate preacher. I have already found seventeen serious errors which are an attempt to pervert historical and religious fact. I will watch it again but in the interim I want to bring a serious dose of reality to this whole 'terrorism' label that hate preachers enjoy slapping Islam and muslims with such reckless abandon. Consider the following irrefutable historical facts:

Who started world war 1?. It was not the muslims!.
Who started world war 2?. It was not the muslims!.
Who murdered over 6 million European jews?. It was not the muslims!.
Who financed the illegal invasion of Palestine after WW2, thus displacing and murdering hundreds of thousands of Palestinians?. It was not the muslims! (it was churchill & balfour).
Who murdered 20 million aborigines?. It was not the muslims!.
Who nuked Hiroshima/Nagasaki?. It was not the muslims!.
Who murdered over 10 million North American Indians?. It was not the muslims!.
Who murdered more than 50 million South American Indians?. It was not the muslims!.
Who took 180 million Africans as slaves, of which 88% died and their bodies were thrown into the Atlantic ocean?. It was not the muslims!.
Who perpetrated the Spanish inquisition and executed or displaced over 10 million citizens?. It was not the muslims!.
Who was responsible for the union carbide toxic leak (December 1984) and caused the deaths of over 1 million innocent people? (none have received any compensation). It was not the muslims!.
Who engineered and funded the illegal, terrorist invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan, murdered and displaced over 150 million people?. It was not the muslims! (it is usa and her cronies).
Who encourages their murderous, rapist soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan to go on 'weekend rape rallies' to gang rape muslim women and girls?. It is not the muslims!.

No, it was not the muslims who were responsible for these atrocities. In fact, it was the European christians who were responsible for these horrific acts of brutality. So racist hate preachers and the perverters of history (robert spencer, gregory davies, et al) will do well to remember these poignant historical facts. Furthermore, I suggest these people define 'terrorism' in the correct manner. If a non-muslim does it, then it is just a crime but if a muslim is even suspected of such an alleged crime, then all of a sudden the entire ummah and our deen is falsely accused and demonised and labelled as 'terrorists'.

I suggest these hate preaching, racist monsters first remove the racist double standard and sheer dishonesty and then come clean with their insidious and heinous allegations.
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