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on 16 August 2010
This was a replacement for an earlier model bought from Amazon which broke down within five months but was replaced with remarkable efficiency, courtesy and speed. (Let's hope the new one doesn't go the same way.) I need it as a temporary recorder for TV progammes, and as a means of dubbing those programmes and an old library of tapes to DVD. To date it has done all these things very well. The massive hard drive should suffice to record as many and as much as I could possibly need. Its only drawbacks are that the dubbing from VCR has to be done in real time (e.g. a two-hour programme will take two hours to dub) and, peculiarly, once you have programmed the recording of a TV show, the drive goes into a rather noisy standby state until the recording is done. All the same, dubbing from HDD to DVD can be done at 'High' speed, taking about one-eighth of full running time, and works very smoothly.
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on 30 August 2010
Bought this as a gift for my parents. Fairly easy to set up, but I reckon it would be a bit more complicated for technophobes. Good value for money as there are multi recording formats that are easily identifiable with colour coding. Also great for updating old VHS tapes into more enduring formats. The picture quality is as good as a terrestrial aerial provides, but dvd pictures are sharp and even old VHS recordings look better than expected. Good all-in-one unit that saves on the hassle and mess of multiple cable connections.
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on 7 August 2010
I had a head start with this one as I previously owned the RDV48, which my daughter 'borrowed' when her Phillips recorder player broke down. As with daughters, the borrowing became permanent !!!
The RDVX60 is a few steps up from the 48 and it really is an excellent machine. It's a bit quirky with the constant need to verify your decisions. The term are you sure will become second nature to you. Better this way than mis hit a key and lose data.
The addition of the USB input is the icing on the cake as I can use my key fob 8Gb memcard to 'transport' picture and music files from my daughters PC/camera without the need to burn a disc.
The only downside is that damn manual. It does what it says but you need to interpret it clearly, but as I said at the beginning I had a head start with it's predecessors users guide.
My grandaughters have great fun recording their WII and PS3 movements to DVD through the various I/Ps, why I don't know but that's kids for you.
All in all I would fecommend this to anyone who wants a good DVD/VHS/recorder/player with a mass of functionality and features. I have started transferring my old VHS tapes to DVD at last and the one touch/walk away until it's done facility suits me fine.
The 320 GB hard disc is a bit OTT as I doubt I will fill that up in my lifetime. On the RDVX48 I actually recorded the entire last series of Robin of Sherwood in Hi def and had bags of space left. God only knows what to do with the extra capacity.
Nuff said.
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on 23 October 2010
I have a very lazy approach to technology and really just wanted something that will allow me to continue taping things off tv , watch the occasional DVD and to view Freeview channels without using a separate digibox. So it was with a heavy heart that I unwrapped this large but sleekly designed machine and took a first look at the instructions.

As is so often the case, the 'Quick Setup Guide' is next to useless if you are not already familiar with how this type of technology works. The bulky 'Owner's Manual', however, is an impenetrable mass of diagrams and technical terms. After half an hour struggling to get the thing working, I abandoned the guide and tried guesswork instead.

I found it makes things much easier to identify the basic functions on the remote (ie which button do I press to get DVD), try playing DVDs and tapes etc first. Once I'd become comfortable with that, I then looked at specific sections in the owner's manual for the more technical areas like how to record using the hard drive.

The dvds look fantastically detailed, my old videos play perfectly and - best of all - recording via the hard drive is incredibly easy. I'm still unlikely to bother discovering the myriad functions of this machine but as a space saving combination of dvd, video, digibox and hard drive this is a real winner.
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on 23 September 2010
I wanted a machine to transfer tapes I made of my children growing up to DVDs as it would have cost far more getting the job done at a computer shop for the amount of videos I wanted to have dubbed. For this purpose the machine has already paid for itself.

Dubbing is surprisingly simple and once 'finished' (also simple) the resulting DVDs play back very well in other machines. In fact they play back better in other machines than in this one as the dubbed DVD playback on this is too dark to see the images properly although the original VHS playback on the same machine is fine. I haven't tried shop bought DVD movie playback yet so can't comment on that (perhaps I'll add that at a later date once I have).

This is so far the only fault I can find with the machine but since it is an important fault (had I wanted to use this machine for playback) I have given it only four stars. I haven't tried playing with controls to rectify this fault as for my purposes I'm not bothered about DVD playback so perhaps it's a problem that can actually be easily sorted! Again perhaps I'll post an update at a later date once I've had opportunity to try to rectify this.

I have not had it very long so hope it continues to perform at the present standard, in which case I will be quite happy since playback on this machine isn't intended. As things stand I would recommend it as a machine for dubbing!
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on 12 July 2012
I purchase this DVD/VHS/HDD 3 in 1 to replace my old equipment when we decided to do a full room make over and purchase a new Toshiba Led TV. I originally had a separate DVD player, a separate VHS recorder and a separate DVD recorder, I decided to purchase the Toshiba RDXV60 to match with the LED TV. One of the advantages of the unit is it's ability to receive freeview+ programs that allow you to freeze live TV when someone calls or when you want to get a cup of tea or a drink, although I have virgin cable TV with HD I have found that the RDXV60 is ever bit as good if not better than the quality reception of the cable HD digital broadcast. The added advantage is the fact that I have only the RDXV60 and the cable box and I have gone from a large entertainment unit to a neat smaller unit that does not take up half the room.

I have found the RDXV60 to be a trouble free and very high quality piece of technology, as I have been using it for about a year now and apart from the initial learning curve there have been no problems at all. The control interface is very simple and the timer control is so easy that once you get the hang of it you have very little problems. The majority of the time I just record directly to the 320GB HD (hard disk) which is virtually one button recording and if I find that I wish to keep a copy of the recording I can make a copy to the DVD recorder. When programming to record you can select the quality of the recording that you require i.e. XP, SP, LP, EP and SLP these have a significant effect on the space you use for recording and what space remains for future recording. When I first started using the Hard Disc for recording I always used it in the XP, but I soon found that this reduced the amount that I could record on the HD, I eventually found that recording with SP saved a lot of disc space, but also the quality of the recording was just as good, now I only use SP unless I want additional high quality to save on the HD and then transfer from the HD to the DVD recorder.

One of the main reasons that I opted for a unit containing a VHS player/recorder was to be able watch and to save original VHS recordings and transfer them to the HD in XP then save them to the DVD also the ability to reproduce family video is an added bonus. With the RDXV60 you can copy directly from VHS to either DVD or the hard disk, but as I have stated I prefer to copy directly to the HD in XP high quality then to the DVD in XP, by doing this you are copying at the highest quality with no loss whatsoever of any resolution.

Another advantage of the RDXV60 is the ability to record directly to the HD or VHS from any source while watching a DVD, although I don't think that I will ever use the VHS record facility of the unit due to the method of recording to tape as DVD and HD recording is far superior. The DVD player will also upscale a normal DVD quality to the 1080 resolution and so far I have not come across any DVD that the player will not play, unlike my original DVD recorder or player that often would not play a borrowed or rented DVD for no apparent reason.

I have found the RDXV60 to be first class offering very high quality output at a very reasonable price, I can only go on my experience, but I would recommend the unit to anyone who is in the market for a very good quality DVD/VHS/HDD recorder, highly recommended at a very reasonable price.

I have updated this review to include the following details, I have now used the RDXV60 for 18 months or so now and have used quite a proportion of the functions that the machine has to offer, I have found that the editing functions are very simple to use, but also the results are spot on. Recently I actually ran out of space on my HDD and looked through what was recorded, I was amazed to find that there were over a 120 programs recorded, so I decided to record some of the series that I had recorded to DVD. I found that editing the programs to remove the adverts and breaks was very straightforward and the results were seamless, I then would record them to DVD and finalise them. The programs that have been recorded to DVD are as good in every way to the original recording on the HDD, but please note that the recording quality that I used was always SP (Standard Play), you can if you wish use an extended method of recording, but be warned the more you expand the recording time of a DVD the lower the quality of the video and sound results, but this depends on your own individual needs, see page 28 of the manual. I suggest that if you are going to record a program or a series of programs, you firstly record a sample program to the DVD, then compare it to the program that you have recorded from on the HDD before committing yourself to the recording time. I have found that the best quality to record programs to the HDD is SP, and likewise to transfer them to a DVD. Initially I was recording everything in XP which is the best quality, but I found that this halved the capacity of the HDD and also the DVD, I reserve XP when I am transferring a VHS onto the HDD, but I then use XP to save the the recording onto a DVD.
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on 7 October 2011
We have had 3 of these now. The first one kept switching itself off at random and when playing back from the hard drive sometimes it flashed and crackled so it was returned to Amazon and replaced with another. The second one would not play vhs tapes clearly or quietly so we bought a vhs head cleaner from Amazon which promptly jammed in the machine. Again this was returned to Amazon who gave us a full refund. We decided (wrongly) to buy another thinking that surely we couldn't have trouble with a third one. Wrong! Unfortunately Amazon didn't have any in stock so we bought the final one from Dixons. Again it started to turn itself off at random whether we were playing or recording, it didn't matter. Once again we wanted to return the item but Dixons only offer repair not refund. It was duly sent to be repaired. We got it back after a month but it wouldn't tune in at all so back it went again. It has now been 'under repair' for 3 months. It should be returned tomorrow but we haven't any confidence in it working properly now. How we wish we had bought Panasonic from Amazon!
Just an update. Within half an hour of the unit being returned to us yesterday, a video tape promptly got stuck half way in and no matter what we do it will not go either in or out. As the unit again refuses to turn on it is once again, useless.
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on 4 December 2011
I had the previous version of this Recorder, the RDXV59, and used it for several years primarily to copy my large tape collection to disc in a different room of the house (so that the real-time copying didn't interfere with watching and recording new shows in my Living Room).

When it came to finding a new Recorder for the Living Room, I began by purchasing an LG Recorder (which did everything well, with the exception of burning back it went to the shop). So I decided to pay a little extra and ordered the RDXV60, thinking that I didn't really need another tape player but at least I knew the brand and could start recording on the hard drive and/or straight to disc.

I don't like using phrases which humanize machines but the word 'temperamental' springs to mind. The machine takes a lot of getting used to, mainly because it often 'senses' things and prevents certain functions as a result...for example, it won't let you finalise a disc if you've timed something to start recording within half an hour (because the finalising may not be complete within that period...although usually it doesn't take more than a few minutes)... so it's not doing anything wrong as such, but it can be frustrating.

You end up feeling like a slave to the machine rather than the other way around but if you take your time and familiarise yourself with the manual, it all starts to make sense after a while.

Apart from a couple of things... sometimes when you try to burn a recording quickly from the hard drive to a disc, it will only allow you to do so in real time... you try on another day and it allows a fast idea why it's not consistent... also, I am currently having problems loading discs. After several attempts to successfully load a disc I am having to unplug the machine and plug it back in again before trying again, at which point the disc will play.

Why? All I get is a clunk, clunk sound, whilst the disc tries to load, and then a message implying the disc is faulty...but that same disc plays fine on the RDXV59 in the other room.

Is it an over-heating problem? Who knows? One day it acts up, the next day it's need to have patience.

Update: A few months after I began using the machine regularly, it started making a crackling sound during the odd recording and the recording would stop - possibly a short of some kind - so I swapped the machine over with the one I'd placed in the kitchen (now 5 years old) and I use that one instead for the bulk of new recordings. The newer one now in the kitchen still works 99% of the time but I use it less.
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on 3 November 2010
We bought this combi recorder as it had some good reviews and provided us with the ability to copy family VHS tapes to DVD. It also has a very large HD recorder and my old faithful and heavily used FVRT hard drive recorder was getting old and unreliable. This combi seemed to cover a number of bases.

But what a dissapointment!

First and foremost, while it has a large HD recorder it only has one tuner so you can only record one channel at once (and that is the channel you are tuned to - if you want to watch another channel you need another freeview enabled device to watch it on).

Two overlapping programs cannot be recorded. Admittedly I didn't even check that it had multiple tuners before I bought it and that is my fault.

But really what is the point of a HD recorder if it cannot cope with overlapping programs? My old FVRT (and I mean:- 1st generation HD recorder) could record two channels at once while you were watching another already recorded!

Secondly the thing is about as user friendly as a rattlesnake.

Try and manually record a channel you are watching. Press the red button and it stalls for about 20 seconds doing some self-test before it starts recording. During this time the screen is blank.

Press the instant record button once and it records for 30 minutes (not to the end of the program). Press it twice and it records indefinitely.

Getting it to record from the program listings is a matter of pot luck... sometimes it works.. sometimes it doesn't. I still have not figured out why.

I should have sent it back and got a refund but I'm stuck with it now. At least I hope it can do the VHS copying, although I have yet to try this and of course could have done this with kit about half the price.

In summary. The single tuner is a BIG deficiency and essentially cripples the HD recorder. The controls are non intuitive and frustrating. The manual must have been written by someone on drugs.

If I were you I would buy something else. This is an expensive and (for the price) very flawed combi recorder.

The only plus side was that the delivery and purchase from Amazon was the usual slick and efficient operation.
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on 18 August 2010
I taught myself to use this machine, and found that it was excellent. Good to be able to record onto hard drive, also good to be able to connect a usb flash drive to look at photos. However, after seven months it packed in completely, and I have just sent ift back to Amazon. I'm a bit afraid to buy the same again in case the next one broke down out of warranty. By the way, the return of the machine to Amazon was brilliant, via DHL. Very speedy and efficent. But that's not the point; who wants to use the return service anyway!

Terry Smith.
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