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Format: Electronics|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Here's the situation; You have a router in your study feeding your PC with the internet. You've also got a Blu-ray Player/TV/Playstation 3 etc in the lounge or upstairs and the wireless signal is a bit hit or miss or your equipment just doesn't do wireless. What can you do? Well, you could by miles of Ethernet cable and run it across the walls or floor, or you could just use this 200 Mbps Powerline adaptor kit.

The D-Link DHP 307AV is a simple solution to providing fact broadband around the house. The steps are as simple as you can get:
1) Plug one powerline into the mains near your router.
2) Plug an ethernet cable from the router to the powerline adaptor.
3) Plug the other adaptor into a wall socket near your other equipment, anywhere in the house.
4) Plug an ethernet adaptor from this to your equipment.
5) Turn on.

That's it, no set up required and everything works straight out of the box. It took me 10 minutes from opening the box to having it all set up and working. I've tested the D-Link with another PC, PS3, 360, Humax PVR and a Blu-ray player and all work just as if I'd have plugged in the Ethernet cable straight from the router itself.

What's more, the 200Mbps speed means that you can stream HD movies and other media from a PC to any media player anywhere in the house. My PS3 can easily access all the video and audio on my PC hard drive now, it works perfectly without a hiccup.

There's not much more to say, the units are sturdy and well built without being too bulky, they even seem to work on a 4 point power adaptor, something not all Homeplugs can boast. Definitely worthy of a full 5 stars for ease of use and performance. Recommended.
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on 22 February 2011
I am a software developer and I host several FTP sites on a server that was previously located in one of my bedrooms (connected directly to the router: in the same room).

I wanted to move the router downstairs onto the ground floor and the server upstairs into the attic.

I needed a faster, more reliable connection than is available over wireless. I also wanted to be able to access the server elsewhere in the house using a KVM over IP Ethernet extender. After reading quite a few review I chose to buy this product.

I plugged one connector into the wall in the lounge and connected up my router. I plugged the other into a socket in the attic (~50m of mains wiring). I hooked up the server and hit the calibration buttons on both devices. I was presently surprised that the hardware connected almost instantaneously without needing to install the provided software (only useful if you want to set up additional security protocols).

I used [] to investigate the download and upload speeds across the mains network. For comparison I moved the server downstairs and plugged it straight into the router. I was amazed to find almost no speed degradation over ~50m of mains wiring and across 2 floor.

Here are my reported speeds: (Connection type = O2 ADSL2)

Upstairs (Via Powerline Adapter)
DOWN: 20.10MB/S
UP: 3.08MB/S

Downstairs (Direct into Router)
DOWN: 20.12MB/S
UP: 3.12MB/S

Speed Degradation:
DOWN: 0.02MB/S
UP: 0.04MB/S

I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone that has multiple desktop units or wireless problems. I would also like to note that the KVM extender I have works with this product as I am currently controlling the sever upstairs via a keyboard, mouse and monitor located in my lounge!

I Hope you find this review useful!

Tom Giles
Multidisciplinary Centre For Integrative Biology
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on 10 October 2010
I spent quite a lot of time researching the web to find the best powerline ethernet adapters about (Oct 2010), and I'm glad I got this one. Easy install, looks good aesthetically and performs very well. Each adapter is on a different power ring and it's got a connection of at least 80Mbps for sure. It comes with 2 ethernet cables also which is useful.

4 stars because none of these powerline ethernet adapter products should be marketting up to 200Mbps etc. when they'll never achieve it.
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on 11 October 2010
I bought the cheapo MaxValue Homeplug AV 200 MBPS on Amazon two years or so ago. Homeplugs are great and a huge improvement over wireless - the next best thing to having a proper ethernet cable connection.

After two years of faithful service, my MaxValues fried on me a few days ago. I have looked on Amazon to check for a replacement and instead of ordering the same models, decided to splash an extra £9 for the D-Link DHP-307AV/B 200 MBPS (which cost £67 for a pair instead of £58 or so for the MaxValue). BOY, WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! The maximum speed I could achieve with the Max Value homeplugs on file transfers between the internal hard drive of my Popcorn Hour streaming device and my Windows PC under the Samba networking protocol was around 2.8 - 3.0 MBPS / second. With the D-Link, I get 4.5 - 4.8 MBPS / Sec (the maximum which the Popcorn Hour can cope with I believe).

The Max Value are OK homeplugs but do yourselves a favour and buy the D-Link. For an extra £9, it's a total no brainer.
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Format: Electronics|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'll keep it short and sweet. I tried homeplugs (the non-av ealier ones) a while back and didn't get much joy, they would only work a very small distance on my home house wiring. I tried them elsewhere (in another home) and they worked better. A bit of Googling suggests that it's down to the amount of electrical interference on your home mains wiring, obviously mine was bad.

I tried these out, had MUCH better success, with connections achieved that I never got with the older ones, however that said, they still worked at slower than Wifi speeds for me.

I never really found ways to improve the noise on your home wiring, so I'm stuck with Wifi, however I don't think these are bad products by any stretch, it's just my particular situation is not ideal for them. The plug are well built, consume low lower, are easy to setup (the setup utility is very simple to use).

I can see these working great for someone that has poor wifi around the house, or dense stone walls etc, as long as their house wiring suits the plugs.
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Format: Accessory|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Living in a rather rambling old Victorian house, our wifi system is somewhat challenged. I have struggled before with this sort of device which often seems to be considerably more complicated than indicated. The last one I tried was a TP-Link range extender and despite a lengthy session on the phone with customer services, where various issues not in the instructions were addressed, that one never did work.

This device, however, worked like a dream straight out of the box and was, if anything, even easier to set up than indicated. Just plug one of the plugs in near the router and hard wire it to the router with an Ethernet cable (supplied). Then press the coding button on the side of the plug. Plug the other plug into an electrical socket where you have wifi issues, connect to your PC or other device with the other supplied Ethernet cable. Then press the button on the side and hey presto, it's up and running. The only thing to remember is that the two presses of the buttons have to be done within two minutes of each other.

A great little device and simplicity itself even for the technologically challenged (ie me!). Issues - well only that it has to be hard wired at both ends and does not connect using a wifi signal and one of the Ethernet cables could have been a bit longer than about a metre and a half as existing sockets are not necessarily well placed for hard wiring. However, overall definitely a very economical and efficient way of extending your coverage with the minimum of effort. Highly recommended!
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on 17 May 2011
Despite upgrading to the latest firmware (which, incidentally, appeared to work very neatly over the network) the product has connection issues when it comes out of sleep mode. I use it to connect my TV to my router so that I can access BBC iPlayer content over the net and the DNLA server on my LAN. The part plugged into the TV sensibly goes to sleep when the TV stops "talking" in standby, and wakes up when the TV turns on again. However, after waking from sleep, the performance is flaky and the connection will often be interrupted mid program. The work-around? Turn it off and on again at the wall...

I have tried to log this with with D-Link but I have been most unimpressed with their support. There is no e-mail address and the phone numbers begin 087 so you have to pay. You can "create an account" to submit a query, but the interface is so bad that I have failed to do so - as you might expect when you see the archaic "this site only supports Internet Explorer" warning. Consequently I still have not managed to contact them because, frankly, my time is worth more than they seem to think, and instead I decided to use this forum as a means of helping to inform other potential consumers. I think it strange that there have been a consistent stream of positive reviews for this product - has no-one else noticed the same issue as me? Perhaps most people are using it in cases where it doesn't need to go to sleep.

Incidentally, D-Link, if you read this and subsequently fix the problem then I will update this review as appropriate.
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on 7 October 2010
This really is an install and forget product. It just does what it is supposed to do, really well. I plugged them in when I got them over a month ago, and they have worked invisibly since.
My internet connection is much more responsive than when using WiFi from my laptop in the living room. There is no moving around to get the best signal. BBC iPlayer is really smooth now.
I now have a 4 port router connected in the living room and have connected my set top box to it, so I can watch videos and listen to music from my server in the loft, and my wife and I can both plug our laptops in.
The interfaces are on different rings, but the same phase, without any obvious problems. I use Ubuntu almost exclusively, so the utilities on CD are not much use for me, but I did fire it up on an XP PC just to see the quality of the connection. One adaptor was giving 100% throughput with the other slightly less (95-98% I think)
From order to delivery was only about 5 days using Amazon's standard free delivery. All in all, I am a very satisfied customer.
I am seriously considering buying a second pair to extend my network even further.
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on 21 November 2010
I'm always sceptical about things that promise so much, then end up delivering little. Nevertheless, I decided to give these a go because we have tricky wireless capability around our house - even with an N-router there are big deadspots.

If you're considering this option, I have only one thing to say...go for it! They work straight out of the box, deliver much better performance than wireless can, and stay up and connected at all times. I was a little concerned that I would have to be on one ring-main for them to work well (we have 3 ringmains for some strange reason) but all worked brilliantly.

The software allows you to monitor the performance, but isn't necessary for operation, so they genuinely are plug and play - no technical knowledge required at all. In fact these are my second pair: one is connected to a port in the router, and the others are strategically around the house, to connect my desktop, PS3 and laptop.

For a change, this product really does do what it says on the box!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 June 2013
Format: Accessory|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are two questions: whether to use this type of product and whether to choose D-link. I have been using TP mains link for a while and in my view there is no question they are a brilliant internet solution. They are very easy to set up. You don't have the hassle of cables and you get better connection than wireless. What's more, if you are using wireless on a desktop you have to buy a wireless receiver which is more expensive than mains links. You can also connect several devices at the same time (though you have to buy more adapters.

Comparing D-Link with my TPs, I ran speed tests one after the other on identical kit and got identical speeds for upload and download. No difference there.

The D-link has a nicer design and looks like a more expensive product.

Both products allow you to build bigger networks by adding adapters.

D-link has an option to use a default encryption code. This isn't recommended but it does mean you can use it straight out of the box with no set up, other than plugging it in.

The setup instructions seem almost designed to make life difficult and I just don't understand why they did this. The instruction booklet recommends that you use their CD to set it up. It says you don't have to do this but instead of telling you how to set it up in the booklet, it tells you to read the manual on the CD. Of course I tried to set it up without reading the manual and it didn't work. The manual then told me that any subsequent attempt to set it up requires both adapters to be reset with a pin, which is slightly awkward as they have to be plugged in while you do it and the reset hole is underneath the adapter. All in all I spent twenty minutes from first plugging them in to getting them to work, a process that would have taken precisely zero time if they had bothered to tell you how to do it in the booklet instead of dumping it on the CD. It would only have taken a paragraph. I almost took off a star for this but as it is a good product, I will swallow my own irritation and give it the 5 stars it deserves.
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