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4.1 out of 5 stars20
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 12 July 2010
Metal and alternate rock are both very Male-orientated genres, however, Indica do an amazing job at adding a bit of femininity to the genre. Their songs have a strange sound to them, somewhere between gothic and alternative rock (similar to The Rasmus' later albums). I struggle to find many bands with a full female lineup which satisfy my musical taste (not a big fan of spice girls, girls aloud etc), but indica took me by surprise. Amazing composition all around.
the album was also produced my Nightwish Keyboardist and composer Tuomas Holopainen, who has done a fantastic job helping out Indica. If you are in any way interested in alternate rock, or songs with a gothic feel to them, get this album!
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on 26 September 2010
These girls have been a wonderful surprise for me! I've discovered their cd in my local mall here in north Italy: then before buying it eventually on Amazon, I've checked their songs on line & I've liked them.
It's a good mix of enjoyable easy-listening rock-pop, with a dark inspiration behind, never banal but not boring...Exctly what I was looking for, & besides, liking brilliant Nightwish & their leader Thuomas, I had no doubt about his personal taste (being Indica's producer).

Last but not least, I absolutely suggest you to buy this version of this English 1st edition of their record: it's worth all your money, I've purchased a lot of cds in my life, but this 1 has really amazed me for how wonderfully is well created, visually it's stunning, it's like a box-set full of things (besides the usual lyrics-booklet, also a nice dvd with their videos, interviews & tour-diary...) perfect also as a gift! ;-))
I've listened to their songs also in Finnish, even if I don't speak the language, I can tell the English version of those songs don't lose the magic within...Long life Indica, you're more than welcome in a landscape made of music too much alike!
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on 18 November 2010
My own taste in music includes Within Temptation and Nightwish. I listened to Indica by chance and totally enjoyed the latest [English Language} album - A Way Away. Inventive songs and great delivery by a very talented and good looking Finish girl band. Quite hard to categorise. Not really heavy Goth metal but has enough darkness to keep me interested! Buy the album you will not be disappointed!
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on 6 November 2010
.......... or should I be more generous and say rock pop. Yeah, more rock than pop. Didn't like it at first, except "Straight and Arrow". The begining of that is great and stays great. Took a couple of plays to get into it. "As If" is also catchy along with Lilja. Only duff one is the last, Eden. Not really a fan of female stuff. Find Nightwish et al all a bit operatic for me. You know, start of great, heavy, rocky then end up warbling and sounding like Swan Lake. Not this though. This more standard rock music. If it had a few more guitar solos in it then it could have been a 5 star review. Wish more girl bands would sound like this. What Indica need to do is back this up with a date in the UK and they could become big.
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Firstly if you are expecting something heavy then don't bother. Likewise if you are expecting pop you won't get that either. Indica are an intriguing mix of rock,Kate Bush,Corrs with a hint of heavy. It's quite brilliant.

Now my normal music is AC/DC, Anthrax, Rammstien, Iron Maiden - the general range of stuff most metal-heads listen too. Indica should not be my cup or tea but they really have something. The songs are clever, haunting and have a huge soaring range. Very very musical and you can't help but get drawn in.

It also helps from the validity point of view that they are not a manufactured band. They sing, play and write their own stuff. I like that. Of course being good to look at doesn't hurt either. The sad thing is that this band who have genuine talent and could make it big in the UK won't because they don't conform to the normal pop mold that the likes of the BBC or Cowell want.

All the songs work very well indeed as a whole and there is an operatic tinge to the album.

So, if you are prepared to be a little bit open to something a bit different but very good then give this genuinely talented band a listen.
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on 3 January 2012
I bought this album as it cropped up in a recommended list and I'm glad that I did.
I'll start by saying that I strongly disagree the people who have compared this band to Nightwish. They are nothing like them. If you buy this thinking that you will get the depth, layering, orchestral sound and darkness of Nightwish then you will be disappointed. However, that is not to say this is bad. It isn't; just different.
This is a mostly upbeat album. Another reviewer has described them as pop metal and I think that's a good description. It's easy to listen to, catchy but at the same time has some interesting moments. If that is the type of music that you like then get this. This will not be an album which you listen to for years to come but it's very enjoyable and the odd quirky moments mean that I will be looking out for this band's next release to see if they have progressed.
The singer's voice has a nasal quality that I quite like. All in all this is a very tidy album. I recommend it. I give it 3.8 stars.
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on 9 September 2010
Saw advert by chance and checked band out on YouTube - liked what I heard and saw - so went for it.
It's probable a bit like marmite - but I think the CD+DVD are excellent - creative, multi-layered, varied and eloquent. Labels like progressive or alternative rock are often associated with geeks in anoraks - and this is not a pure example - but it is related in a lively and interesting way - with songs full of melody and dynamics with enough changes in mood to never get predictable.
To me there is talent and passion plus a warmth and charisma that is often lacking. The packaging is also tactile heaven - opening into a visually splendid cross spread holding CD, DVD and Booklet including Lyrics.
They are NOT mean!!
I also enjoyed their Finnish songs on YouTube - so would love their migration to English to be successful - so they are encouraged to do more.
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on 23 February 2012
Most of the Nordic rock I know has more than a touch of "death" about it. De-tuned, palm-muted staccato guitars, sombre and massive orchestrals and monster-voiced vocalists abound.

Not so Indica. A five piece all girl rock/pop band from Finland. They do have rock out moments, but this album has lots of musical textures, eerie piano ballads and sensitive orchestral scores. They have a kind of fairy-tale feel to some of their songs which works well against the grandiose production. The songs are strongly tuneful and haunting. They stay in the mind for ages.

Fronted by Leena Johanna Salomaa or Jonsu, she writes the songs, and plays guitar, violin and keyboards. Jonsu's voice is unique and distinct. It does seem to divide people, but I am liking her more and more. Words almost fail me here, but on some tracks she sounds like Edith Piaf on helium. Her diction is spot on and each word is crystal clear. Lyrically intriguing and sometimes amusingly baffling ( Little sister, ignore local news, papers come from trees we'd never climb !?), the songs touch on existential musings, and frozen landscapes. Some of the tracks do have a touch of the "Eurovisions" about them, but dont let that put you off. Check them out on UT they come over so sweet and charming, they really smile when they play.

This is their first English language album and most of these tracks have appeared in Finnish. If you like A Way Away you should check out these Finnish albums.Tuuliset Tienoot,Valoissa, and 2cd Slipcase: Ikuinen Virta/Kadonnut Puutarha

It took me a few listens to appreciate Indica, but now I play it loads. For me the highlight is "Eerie Eden" the sad, semi-orchestral closing track which features beautiful, crystaline vocals. Other stand outs are "As If", "Children of Frost",and "In Passing".

What does Indica mean ? Aha. Google it.
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on 2 August 2011
Having read a few of the other reviews and comments on this album/band I took a punt as I tend to like alternative metal. What arrived was not exactly what I was expecting (similar to Nightwish) instead Indica tend more towards the pop end of metal. Having said that I do like the album, although you do need to listen to it a couple of times before you appreciate the distinctive sound, and I will be looking out for future releases.
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on 9 July 2011
I bought this after hearing one song, which happened to be when I was going through my time of the month when I go mad and buys loads of stuff with left over cash. And I'm glad I purchased this, to be honest I wasn't expecting to like it at all but the second I put it on I just couldn't turn it off.

Hope to hear more from them, they are a generally talented girl group who deserve loads of success.
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