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on 17 January 2011
For the past seven years I have used a Garmin Street Pilot 111 de lux and would still be using it if Garmin had not stopped updateing maps for it in 2009. So I looked carefully at what was on the Market and narrowed it down to the Garmin 1695,3760T, or 3790. I really wanted the five inch screen which the 1695 has as we use a motorhome and it is some distance from the passenger seat to where the Garmin would be sitting, but ruled it out mostly because as far as we are concerned garmin had tried to produce an all singing all dancing unit 90% of which we would not use. We do about seven thousand miles a year all over Europe and we wanted a good basic clear screened no nonsense navigator.
We turned to the 3760 and 3790, we were not interested in voice controlled so ruled out the 3790 and that left us with the 3760T. Delivered by Amazon very speedly, I got stuck straight into sorting out how it worked. The high resolution screen is a pleasure to look at, it locked into the satelites very quickly so I then carefull read the instructions and linked it to my computer, the computer sorted the drivers and took me through to garmin and found the 3760T without problems. It informed me that I needed to update my maps. This was a long process and took about three hours, but may be faster depending on the speed of your broadband (mine was 4mbs). The update went smoothly and my garmin was up to date and registered with Garmin. The screen was fast, flipping through the menus fast and easy. So far so good.
I am using it on the garmin sandbag type base which we had found worked well with the previous Garmin. So it was out to test on the road. I live in Guernsey, 9miles by 3 miles with a mass of small lanes so a real test for its accuracy where lanes interlink within meters of each other. As soon as I started driving the Garmin updated its traffic monitor (Don't think it applies in Guernsey as I heard nothing more) The navigation accuracy was excellent, although the electronic voice (female) had great difficulty pronouncing Guernsey street names and did miss words at the beginning of some sentencies, not as good as our previous Garmin. The 3D mapping view was excellent and very clear on the high definition screen. ( I still wish Garmin would do a high definition seven inch screen, more useful for motorhomers). This slimline unit can easily be unclipped from its holder and then can be used for city exploring and easily slips into a top pocket, can be used in landscape or portrait. I found it for the most part a pleasure to use. I deliberatly drove off route on a few occasions and its rerouting was accurate and very fast.
I got in touch with Garmin as I had three specific questions.
1)Can I update the mapping on my laptop to the current mapping spec of my new Garmin? The answer was yes and i was sent a list of instructions, the whole download went very smoothly.
2) Can I download all of the waypoints saved on my computer in my old Mapsource 2009 system to my new Garmin 3760T. Yes that should not be a problem. Sure enough instructions came back and that went very smoothly.
3) The instruction do not tell you the max size of the SD, SDHC micro cards the unit can take. Answer came back Max of 16gb and the unit can cope with both Micro SD and Micro SDHC cards.
Garmin's service i have to say was excellent and I now look forward to using the unit accross Europe in 2011.
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on 15 November 2010
It's a really beautiful GPS. Super slim and slips easily into a pocket, with fantastic screen resolution. Navigation and accuracy is typical Garmin - very good. Usability is also excellent. You won't need to use the manual, its easy to pick up and use straight away with a bit of common sense. I also find its sluggish at times - but I'm comparing it to the Apple touch screens. It actually works fine 90% of the time. The screen resolution is a major upgrade, so much so you'll hate using anything older!

My only gripe is the traffic (hence not 5 stars). Its not accurate at all. 4 out of 5 times it reports hold ups and accidents that have completely cleared (I know because I ignored its advice and did not divert). It does get it right sometimes - not often enough to make it worthwhile buying it based on its traffic credentials.

Overall, I like it so much I'm thinking of buying a second one.
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on 5 September 2010
This was bought to replace a Garmin Nuvi 670 which was never the same after a Garmin update, & would freeze up at the fist sign of a junction, needing a re-boot.... very annoying. The battery life had also reduced to minutes.

This unit works fine (much as my 670 when I first had it), but has a much clearer screen, with better graphics. The addition of lane identification is also extremely useful. One criticism is that the speed camera "bong" (another £20) is similar to that of an aircraft stewardess button, & too quiet. I got into GPS navigation over 10 years ago, prior to it being popular, using a Palm Tungsten T3 & mapping software. Being PDA based, all displays were taller, rather than wider, which is far more intuitive, & you drove up the screen.... the 3760T supports this very well. Its also much thinner, & genuinely slips into an inside pocket of a jacket. We recently used it to navigate Valencia on foot, & it was very good at that, getting us to the door of the hotel from the train station. (It also worked in the plane next to the window!!!)
Minus points..... The glossy screen is a fingerprint magnet, but looks good when clean! The speaker is build into the mount, & yet another change of plug connection means I have to rewire the hard wired plug in the car. Needless to say my old Garmin mains adapter won't fit either, so more money for Garmin if I want to charge it out of the car.

Overall its a great unit, a bit pricey, but the best one I've owned yet.
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on 4 December 2010
First things first; it looks great; a bit like an iPod with similar touch sensitive screen. It will therefore fit in your jacket pocket and will change orientation as you turn it so you can use it for navigating on foot in portrait or landscape mode. It starts really quickly and if you keep it in standby, it starts instantly which is a huge improvement over my fiancée's Garmin 760 I've been using recently. The screen is very clear and hi-res.

However, the traffic facility is of limited use; not because it doesn't work but because not every road is covered. It may direct you away from one lot of traffic and straight into another lot it didn't know about. However, the timings are generally more accurate than the 760 which was over-optimistic even on a clear road as it allowed no time for traffic lights or road junctions. The junction view is largely a gimmick which looks impressive but by the time you've looked at the nice picture you'll have missed your turn. Similarly the lane guidance is useful but not always accurate - for example it sometimes shows 4 lanes when there are only three.

The biggest issue is the routes which are largely excellent, but it does have a tendency to direct you off motorways then back on again. It even happened locally where it directed me to turn into a slip road in front of shops then back on to the main road. As with any Sat Nav you should never use it blind and it's pretty easy to look where it's directing you and to spot that it's taking a short detour. If you do decide to completely ignore the route it offers, it doesn't keep telling you to make U-turn unlike the 760 which would nag you for miles. However route re-calculation is slower than the 760 possibly because it's having to deal with traffic data. The much vaunted facility to "learn" your favourite routes remains untested simply because I don't need a Sat Nav on my regular routes so it never gets to learn them.

Overall, it's a good piece of kit and if they cure the tendency to take short detours it's probably as good as Sat Nav gets.
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on 20 June 2011
bought this to replace my 8 year old tom tom, it looks great and the screen quality is much better than tom tom but these were the only good points.. my first garmin nuvi 3760t was sent back after 2 weeks due to the map started to pixilate the turn itself into stanby mode, this happened about 3 times while driving on good clear mornings. top marks to amazon they sent a new one to me within days, however the replacement is even worse this time half the map dissapears so you cant see the road ahead, i did call garmin who told me to update via computer , which i did, but since then it takes an age to find satelites and whenever i get a phone call,via the bluetooth the unit cuts me off and turns itself off.. as with some of the other reviews sometimes its directions leave a lot to be desired it tried to take me off the a406 and then divert me to the roundabout to pick up the a406 again.. i have also pulled off the m25 to miss traffic and go via the country lanes and after 3 miles it still tries to get me back to the m25, where as the tom tom sent me via the country lanes.. im sure all sat navs will one day look like this, garmin have the looks spot on but alas they cannot match it with reliability, so regretably i am sending this one back for a refund... i forgot to mention the traffic info works only when it wants to so dont be tempted to buy because it has this feature.
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on 14 July 2010
I realised I needed a new Sat Nav last week when my TomTom XL fell off the windscreen (the ball and socket joint has broken),scuttled across the dashboard and landed in my open cool bag in the front passenger footwell.
As I continued my journey,the woman's voice also continued from the depths of my cool bag: "Turn around when possible"....
So after much research,I landed on this one - needing the phone facility so that I can actually talk to work colleagues and loved ones (two separate breeds I can tell you)while I drive 300/400 miles in a day.
I also wanted a device that alerted me to traffic problems up ahead.
I took it out for a test drive in my locality this evening and it's as if I have been given better hearing or an extra pair of eyes - simply fantastic screen,so clear and great colour depth compared to my previous TomTom's.
I also have had enough of the rather vagueness of TomTom in its entirety,paying extra for maps every year etc.The Garmin gives me lifetime maps so must save money over the TomTom within a few years.
And none of the updating maps problems that seem to plague TomTom users - simply logged on and it checked my maps were updated.
Anyway,I am on a trip up to B'ham tomorrow and so shall see how it performs.
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on 30 July 2011
I have had a TomTom, Navman and a Garmin and since getting one of the cheaper Garmins I have decided Garmin are the best.

I bought this for the lane assist and that it appeared to be good as a pedestrian sat nav. I work as an engineer and travel all over the country and have to walk around london after parking my car miles away.

After reading the reviews I decided to go for this one over the 3790 because I dont see the point in the "voice commands" feature. Some of the negative reviews I read made me laugh. So I am going to tell you my experience against these negative reviews that I don't agree with.

The unit it slim and looks smart. It does get hot when plugged in but it doesnt cause any problems. I put this down to the slim design.

It shows you the speed of the road you are on in the corner which is brilliant. Knowing the speed limit.

I have not experienced this "whirly bird" problem of the garmin not knowing where I am going, and I have been through London.

As for the diverting you off roads and back onto them as mentioned in some reviews. I suspect that these reviewers have not turned off the avoid traffic option in the avoidances. If you go to the settings you can tell the satnav to avoid traffic aswell as motorways, tolls etc. Turn the traffic option off and you won't get this problem. Also people seem to not understand that you have to apply a bit of common sense when using a satnav. Durrrrr.

I got the free cityxplorer for free. I chose London and it is excellent to use on foot. There is an option to navigate by car or as a pedestrian.

The Garmin offers a free map upgrade when you register it to check it is up to date. It does take over an hour to update but big deal. I have tried Navman and TomTom and I do not think these companies update their maps as well as Garmin. Garmin are the best at this.

The speed camera alerts are good. Would be nice if there was an option so they still beeped when the sound is muted.

Garmin are the only sat nav company that offer FREE and UNLIMITED traffic alerts which I have found to be useful. Not always accurate but most traffic alerts are only as accurate as the information they get.

The lane assist is good. Shows the lanes you need to get to in the top left corner as part of the turn and then when you get close it shows you a picture of the junction and arrows to the lanes.

The screen is very clear and bright.

I think it is an excellent satnav however ONE critism which is why it lost 1 star. Garmin seem to be the only satnav company that don't allow you to input POIs (points of interest) and let them come as logos on your map as you drive. You can load them on but you have to say you want to navigate to one. On Navman and TomTom as you drive on the road you can see there is a mcdonalds or a premier inn or something from a logo. Garmin say its to stop the map being cluttered but surely this is down to the user to decide.
Sort this out please Garmin!
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on 26 November 2010
Faultless performance so far but I have yet to use it in Europe (sole reason for purchase). It's a beautiful piece of kit which functions as promised. Both the windscreen and dash mounts work well. I drive an old Toyota mpv (Lucida Estima) and the windscreen mount functions well on the driver's side quarterlight whereas the dash mount sits in the middle of the screen to my left without obscuring the road - a choice of left or right. Perfect. I had spent a good nine months thoroughly researching sat navs suitable for use in Europe and I am delighted with this model which, incidentally, is top rated by Which Magazine (online). Buy it ...

Update: following 7 days driving around northern France I continue to be delighted by the performance of this satnav which has always got me to my destination and never once let me down. The screen display is perfect. If I decide to deviate from the prescribed route (most recently when giving a ride to a hitchhiker) it recalculates the route to the original destination in seconds. My preferred location for the sat nav is mounted on the centre of the dash - a sort of poor man's heads up display. It has made driving in France a joy and I wouldn't leave home without it ... and in January 2011 I am off to Cadiz, another 1,500km south, so I'll keep you posted.
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on 31 August 2010
A great improvement on my old Garmin. Particularly liked the photo quality image of upcoming motorway junctions with clear lane advice and improved "next turn" information - now on top left of screen. But it broke down after 3 weeks - on a journey the map started to pixellate and disintegrated totally although other information was still on screen. Great return service from Amazon.
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on 11 August 2011
No I wouldn't get one again. Bought this unit because it would fit neatly in a pocket unlike the bulky TomTom units. That's as far as it went.
The navigation is hopeless, some places it simply cannot navigate from at ALL!! (Hook Of Holland) claiming there is no route. It will ignore
perfectly good motorways and use side roads when I have selected fastest route. It will constantly take me off a junction of a motorway, only
to steer me straight back onto it again.

It reboots itself constantly for no reason whilst navigating.

Have had the unit now for some 9 months, updated the firmware, updated maps, tried everything, still as useless as the day I bought it.

Save your money and buy something else.
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