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3.7 out of 5 stars591
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 March 2015
I am so amazed about this product, I was really scared that it would turn yellow and really patchy!

I hardly know anything about hair so did pop a little message on Facebook asking for advice, and this is exactly what I did below...

So as you can see, I had bright red hair (live xxl) that I had maintained for at least 2 years!

I bought colourb4 and following the instructions I washed my hair twice first of all (with head and shoulders as it is supposed to enhance the process)

I then blow dried my hair completely and began the process of colourb4, please ensure that you read the instructions and enclosed leaflet throughly before proceeding! I dye my hair a lot and am partial to skipping the instructions but these are very important!

I also ensured that I got a comb to comb through the colourb4 product through my hair to ensure equal coverage and believe this to have helped the process a lot.

I have hair that reaches down to my bra strap but is very thin so 1 bottle was just enough for me (the product says hair past the shoulder requires 2 bottles).

I put the product on my hair completely, separated my hair into two sections using clips and then put cling film around it.

I sat in my room with the heater going (the instructions say you should be in a warm room with no drafts) and blasted the cling film for a few seconds with my hair dryer a couple of times to enhance the heat process.

I then followed the rest of the instructions with regards to washing the product out for a certain amount of minutes - PLEASE NOTE this is very important. It can get very tiresome but please ensure you set an alarm and measure this time accurately!

I then followed the last instructions regarding the buffer step and then towel dried my hair.

The product does smell a bit egg-like but no where near as bad as people make out, it is definitely bearable and there are no windows in my bathroom!

Another great point is that I was expecting my hair to be very straw like and dry, the product didn't dry it out at all! Although it felt horrendous in the shower! When it was dry it felt baby soft again :-). Even so, I still left a deep conditioning treatment in for about 10 mins this evening and then washed off again, this got rid of the egg-smell that my hair originally had after wash off!

Please see my picture for the end result! Absolutely amazing! To say that I am estatic is an understatement, I have had hair disasters before and this is definitely not one of them! The end result is very even, not patchy at all, and actually a bearable colour, which means I can let my hair breathe for a week or two before I dye it light brown!!
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on 8 April 2016
I really don't know why people are complaining about this. My hair has had a long history of being dyed from light brown to dark red with an interim of ginger. I felt like going blonde again since my natural colour is just that, and after watching several Youtube videos, Colour B4 was constantly recommended to remove colour with no damage. Now, I bought this in Asda to avoid waiting for shipping and delivery etc. and I couldn't wait to get home and do it. The process went as says:

I washed my hair, making sure i gave it a very good scrub with Head and Shoulders 2 in 1, then, after rinsing out the suds, I gave it another good scrub with the Head and Shoulders.

I then towel dried my hair, and applied a hair serum that included Argon oil.I then dried my hair with a hair dryer to make sure my hair was bone dry before I applied anything.

After drying and mixing the components of the kit together, I made sure to absolutely saturate my hair. Now, I don't mean just making sure everything was wet, I mean my hair looked like a 5 year old had discovered a pot of hair gel. I then combed through to make sure it was all evenly spread.

The next step was to wrap my head in cling film. I looked like an alien but I was fine with that. I also made sure that I went over the cling film coated hair with a hair dryer again to just get the ball rolling.

An hour wait ensued in which I sat in my living room next to my fire place, with cling film on my head, and started doing my history essays. The hour came to an end and I made my way towards the shower to rinse this PVA glue like substance out of my hair.

Because my hair is short short, the first rinse only took 5 minutes, but it was the most intense 5 minutes of my life. I full on attacked my hair, making sure that I got all the product, and any shrunken colour molecules, out of my hair. On then went the rather nice smelling buffer which stayed in for a minute before the next intense 5 minute scrub began. Another coat of buffer and a final rinse scheduled the end of the process and I was in the clear. Just as an after thought, I applied a large quantity of conditioner onto my hair and let it sit there for 5 minutes before rinsing that out as well.

The hair serum was applied again and my hair dried. I can tell you now, my hair has never been so shiny as it was now. I looked vaguely reminiscent of a Super Saiyan from Dragonball Z with my spiky yellow hair,but that darkened a bit and settled on a much more agreeable light straw colour.

I'm now waiting a few days before attacking my hair again with a box of dirty blonde hair dye. There are a couple of things I do want to say though. The smell for starters was NOWHERE NEAR AS BAD as a lot of people said it was. Yes it smelled a bit like sulphur and a subtle smell of rotten eggs wafted around my home for a couple of hours, it was not at all like my memory of when my sister stripped her hair and recreated a ww2 gas attack throughout the whole house. The second thing is that I am sure that most of the people leaving 1 star reviews are not reading the instructions carefully enough, not washing their hair as thoroughly as they're supposed to and I'm pretty sure a couple of them are allergic reactions from not having done a spot test, like it says to do on the box.

Seriously, everyone needs one of these in their cupboard because it was fantastic in taking me back to my more natural roots. My friend always uses this when she feels like going a different colour and she's never had any complaints.
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on 27 February 2016
Have had my hair bleached, then died jet black and blue/black every few weeks for the past few years. Following that I had the ends lightened and had dark red all over so had heavily coloured, very thick and long red and jet black hair.
Wanting to start from scratch with colour on my hair and having been told several times by hairdressers that nothing can be done with the black it just needs to grow out I came across this product. After reading mixed reviews and realising it probably wouldn't work due to the colours I'd had on my hair I bought just one box to try it despite being advised I need 2 boxes for the length of my hair.
I had washed my hair the night before with a silicone based shampoo and conditioner and didn't rewash it as advised prior to using it.
I applied it exactly as instructed. It does smell but not intolerable! Left it on for 60 mins and followed the instructions for the rinsing and buffering. Applied some conditioner afterwards too as felt quit dry.
I was shocked how much of the colour it had taken out! I expected at most, a dark brown red but it ended up a mix of medium brown, coppers and light browns! ! Was going to recolour it straight away but decided to leave it for a while as I quite like the mix of colours and surprised how much lighter it is!
Very impressed. Yes it's bit of a chore with all the rinsing and steps etc and the smell isn't great but definitely does what it says! And that's with just one box on my very thick and long naturally curly hair! Will def recommend and use again!
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on 16 May 2013
Ive just finished using this product and i'm relieved and pleased. My hair naturally is mousey brown with quite a few greys, but about 8 years ago I had highlights. This led to becoming blonde all over using "nice and easy" permanant dyes. I got fed up and had a mad five minutes and dyed it plum brown. It looked so wishy washy that i then applied dark reddish brown, which was a nice colour but not me. I did what EVERYONE should do and researched for hours on this product. I learned to use a clarifying shampoo first, and I did a strand test (worth the extra hour if you are unsure of the result) I applied the product, rubbing it through evenly (i didn,t comb it through as this drags the product away from the roots). Yes, it does stink! theres no denying that one. The colour was changing before I started timing. I wrapped clingfilm around my head and a towel. Didn't bother applying heat (probably advisable in a cold house though. Waited one hour, stripped off and jumped in the shower. Rinsed for 12 minutes whilst vigorously rubbing all over scalp, neck and ends. Applied the buffer (very foamy) and whilst that was taking I washed the manky smell off of myself! lol. I left the buffer on for 2 minutes then rinsed for 8 minutes. This is the point your hair feels like straw and panic sets in. DON'T. I applied the second lot of buffer and massaged well, and rinsed thoroughly. I could see that my hair was goldy, so i then shampooed with "a touch of silver" shampoo and left it on for the recommended 5 minutes. I followed this with herbal essences conditioner, combed through, and left for 2 minutes. I came out of the shower looking rather like a prune, but happy the job was done. I blow dryed, and was delighted to see a dark blonde that had slightly darker ends. I was going to put a stage 1 colour on it, but I am happy that I can live the recommended 4 weeks before applying a permanant lighter blonde dye. DO NOT put a semi or perm dye on it straight away or you will be back to square one!

It DOES tell you on the pkt (albeit very tiny print) that it is not recommended on hair that is henna or extreme colours dyed.It also says on the box about a build up of silicons etc. The thing they need to print on the box is that its a good idea to use clarifying shampoo first. I only discovered this by research. In my opinion, if you can take the time to write a review, you can take the time to research properly, do your homework, and prepare :) Cutting corners or time is not an option with this product. Hope this helps
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on 3 May 2016
This product is great. Didn't want to pay for a hairdresser to remove the red, so thought I would do it myself. I just wanted to post a review to share my before and after pictures, because when you read around on the internet and the other reviews there are some scary results. A couple of friends kept telling me not to do it as well, so coupled with the bad reviews I was very hesitant. I'm posting this so if you are in a similar position you can see my results.
I had been dyeing my hair with permanent red dye for about 6 months - both shop-bought and at the hairdressers. Before using ColourB4, I stopped dyeing my hair for around 6 weeks, and 2 weeks prior I stopped using colour protecting shampoos, just to let a lot of the red fade out. I followed the instructions to the letter, even doing the two washes and the ~20 minutes of rinsing (I timed it!).
My hair afterwards was in really good condition, I even dyed it the next day and my hair was still great, maybe a little dry but that was to be expected really. The pictures show my hair before colourB4 and then the results afterwards.My hair after was slightly ginger-tinted but not orange, it wasn't a particularly bad colour. It also wasn't patchy which I was pleased about, maybe a little streaky but some of that might be due to my own hair colour underneath.
(P.S. my hair is naturally curly, the colour B4 didn't do that!)
review image review image
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Works brilliant but make sure you rinse for the full time specified after otherwise your hair will smell of rotten eggs
review image review image
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on 12 March 2016
After getting this product i was very mad at first as one of the bottles had leaked and i only received one glove. When deciding to give it a go anyway the product does stink of egg but it wasn't half as bad as i expected after reading the comments. my hair also didn't smell afterwards.
I had high hopes but saw no change and became disappointed until i dried y hair when i saw it had TOTALLY removed all colour. It was taken me right back to my original colour which im amazed about. Im a natural light brown and i had all sorts of black and purple in my hair. It however didnt touch any of the semi permanent colour that was in my hair however this didn't really concern me.
Overall did its job AMAZINGLY but its useless on semi permanent colour.
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on 12 September 2014
This product it's amazing, it worked! By mistake I used dark brown colour on my hair and result was black....I was unhappy after I used Colour B4.First of all I was surprised my hair are lighter then usually but in few days pigmentation came back to normal and I have brown hair again..Thank you very much.
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on 7 April 2011
It smells really bad, which is a given.
& when you wash your hair the smell doesn't go away for a while, but excellent at removing hair color!!

(old or new)

It removed all my build up of color.
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on 4 September 2015
I've been a fully qualified hairdresser for 16 years and since having my son I'm a stay at home mum that just doesn't have the time to sit in a salon for 4 hours having a colour correction. I would ALWAYS say go to a salon if you're trying to sort your hair colour out but I understand the constraints of money and time so I'll be as honest in this review as possible.

Don't buy if you're expecting miracles.
I've been dying my hair black for years and wanted to go to a mid brown. My hair is of reasonable thickness and sits around the bra strap. I washed my hair twice with a clarifying shampoo before I started and I used 2 boxes for the first application. My roots went to a light golden brown colour for about 3 inches and the rest went a patchy dark mahogany brown. I then did a second application just on the mid lengths and ends and that did nothing. Rinsing this product properly is a MUST! For me I was in the shower for half an hour. I rinsed it off for a full 10 minutes and the buffer got a full 15.
After all of that I had to bleach the ends with 30 volume bleach just to get some sort of lift to be able to do anything with it. This I expected I'd have to do anyway so it wasn't a surprise. After that I put a straight base 6 tint on it to even it out.
End result: It'll do but it's by no means perfect and it's definitely going to need more work but at least I can leave the house without a hat.

Condition after: Dry. But you have to remember the clarifying shampoo and no conditioner didn't help plus Colour B4 takes all of the natural oils out of your hair too. Be prepared for a lot of deep conditioning treatments and a good trim.

Smell: It's honestly not that bad. It smells like Veet hair remover mixed with old fashioned home perm kits. After reading the reviews about the smell I was expecting something hideous and even warned the rest of the house. No one said it smelt bad and after washing it and using conditioner I couldn't smell anything on my hair.

Would I use it again: Yes I probably would. Remember black and reds are a pig to get out of your hair anyway and add years worth of colour build up to the mix don't expect blonde flowing locks after using it.
If your hair is dyed anything above a base 4/5 expect a ginger result

Hope this helps
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