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4.1 out of 5 stars179
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 30 January 2013
F1 2011 has bad graphics on PS3 and F1 2012 has discontinued steering wheel support, probably finding that most people play with controllers. This leaves F1 2010 to those of us who have paid good money for a steering wheel with pedals (as well as a stand to play it on) - in my case the Logitech Driving Force GT.

This game has a steep learning curve, even for those who are generally very good at racing simulators. I cannot imagine playing the game without a wheel but I must say it does hurt my neck muscles after long play.

This is a proper next-gen experience; incredible graphics, the cockpit view is stunningly effective and close to life, rain effects are scarily accurate and so on and so forth. The outside race presentation is also very good with paddock, garage and mobile home.

The gameplay is as realistic as it's possibly going to get for a video game. It makes me realize how fiendishly difficult the sport must be in real life; for instance, there is loads to think about at any one time, especially if you shift gears manually (I actually have to count the gears up and down in my head as I drive, once I've found the right gear for each corner) and avoiding traffic or crashes is hard enough leaving aside the inevitable driving mistake. Then there is the danger of the engine overheating, tyre wear and so on and so forth.

While the game is more laid back for practice and qualifying sessions, racing is very delicate; just as in real life, overtaking is a genuine achievement and incredibly risky with damage and penalties turned on; it is very easy to ram into cars ahead of you so you have to keep your foot ready on that brake pedal at all times and, most importantly, not give in to impatience and the desire to win every race.

In the rain and in cockpit view things get even more tricky; indeed if you follow the trail of a car in front of you your vision will be reduced to next to nothing - in addition, as in real life, it is best to avoid kerbs and you cannot brake and turn at the same time for lack of grip - in wet conditions that is.

In conclusion, this game is the best F1 racing simulator on the market in my opinion, and one of the best racing games on PS3 in my opinion (I've played GT5 and Dirt 2 as well). It is what fans of the sport have been waiting for. However the realism and very steep learning curve do not make this a relaxing or frustration-free game and probably limit its market.

Quite the opposite; the game is frustrating by nature (F1 has to be one of the most frustrating sports in the world) and genuinely quite tiring if you are using a steering wheel and have most driving assists off. But that's what makes this game special; it is in no way dumbed down and has made few sacrifices for the sake of accessibility doing the sport some justice.

Four stars and a half (four for fun, five overall).
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on 12 January 2011
Firstly - Great great game. Beautifully put together. Graphics and sounds are superb and it is a great all round package.

I got the game for Christmas and havn't been able to put it down.

There are a few issues i have tho which could make it better, such as:

I've raced 14 races so far for Virgin and the car (with no driver aids) handles and out performs the top cars which is a little frustrating if you want absolout realism.

In 14 races i have yet to see any cars crash. No engines have blown no tyres shredded and for me this is a big let down. Part and parcel of F1 are the epic collisions on the first corner and the lead driver 20 seconds in front all of a sudden blows the engine. These things happen in F1 but not in this game (Unless i'm missing something?)

Having said that the exclusion of commentry for me is a big plus as in previous installments it can and does get very repetative and all round for me, a great game from Codemasters. A few problems which will hopefully be resolved for 2011 but none the less a great buy.

-- Gaming is not just for Christmas, it's for Life --
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on 24 September 2010
There is a certain element of excitement one feels, as a fan of formula 1, when the formation lap is over, and those cars are all sat neatly in there positions, as the red lights start to light up, the deafening, yet beautiful sound of those engines revving up in anticipation of those lights finally going out, watching in awe as these magnificent machines squeeze their way through turn one, on the odd occasion marvelling at how the drivers manged to get through that first corner without so much as a nudge.

Transferring that feeling to a game is not the easiest task, and the guys at codemasters have certainly given it a pretty great first crack of the whip. Throughout production, they have stressed that this game was not designed to be a hardcore Sim, with years of practice needed just to start enjoying the experience, nor was it designed to be an arcade game that a bunch of kids would play just to see how many crashes they can cause in one lap.

I now can fully appreciate what they were trying to achieve, and for the most part, they have succeeded. I got the game yesterday, and managed to to find time last night to do a few time trials and then start my career.

The game starts with a press interview which is designed so you can choose your career details, such as your name and difficulty in a slightly more inventive way. Now I started with Virgin Racing as my team, as depending on what difficulty you choose during your setup will determine how many teams are willing to sign you up. The harder the fewer basically. After having a brief chat with the strange looking lady acting as my career agent, I hit the track at Bahrain.

For those who are worried about this game becoming monotonous as is the general feeling amongst non F1 fans about the sport itself, fear not. Even though I only managed a pathetic 22ND place finish in my first grand prix, it was more exiting a race than I care to remember playing. My Virgin car was clearly slower than everyone except my team mate, and after finding my rhythm towards the end of the race, running in 23rd, I managed to get close enough to the lotus of Kovalainen to out break him into turn 3 of the last lap. And that feeling alone, made me feel like I had won the race. That was of course until my engineer sourly pointed out that I had in fact finished 22ND. The point that I'm trying to make, is that in this game, every position counts, you no longer have the urge to restart a race just because you know you can't win it, and that to me is one way it catches the essence of formula 1. Beating your teammate is key, as he is the only one in the same car as you, beat a lotus, and you'll feel like Sir Richard Branson will be inviting you to his island as a thank you.

The most important aspect for most of course is the handling. This game would have scored a massive fail had the handling not been up to scratch, and thankfully, it is brilliant. It really does feel like you are taming a monster every time you throw it into a corner, and the knowledge that breakin too late will send you into the sandpit (or in the case of Monaco, a wall) or getting on the throttle too early will send you into a spin. The game keeps you on your toes every step of the way because any dip in concentration will result in a rather annoying off circuit journey. And where 100ths of seconds count in formula 1, this is a trip not worth taking. Thankfully for those of you who don't want this to be a nerve shredding, vain popping, hair losing experience, the multiple driving assists and the Rewinds available if you so choose put paid to any fears of throwing your controller (or wheel) out the window.

Something deserving of a mention is the Dynamic Weather system employed in this game, it is just superb. Where in most other games, the sight of rain hitting the track was enough to make want to switch off and read a book... you find yourself hoping to experience rain at some point in the game. You really do appreciate the skill and nerves of F1 drivers when you are slip streaming the car in front at 200mph and you literally cannot see a thing.

There are a few minus points that I must share that slightly reduce the overall experience, the omission of various elements so prominent in the real world of F1, such as the safety car, podium, formation lap, lap of honour, all of which, I believe are to be included in future installments of the game. Other problems or bugs if you will are as follows. The lollipop man in the pits can be slightly over cautious when allowing you to leave and can sometimes let many a car whiz past before releasing you (this problem is more obvious in the shorter races where the pit windows are smaller). During practice and qualifying, the live timing screen doesn't seem to show your third sector time, and the engineer always seems to think that the car in front of you is going to pit, even though he has done already, so you never quite trust him, thus making it difficult to adapt you race strategy to what is going on.

There are so many positives to take from this first installment of F1 by Codemasters that those negatives are no more than just a nuisance, a nuisance, much like a wasp at a picnic, that most people will deal with, but some may find a little too frustrating.

I would score this a 9/10 on first look, it is without doubt, the most fun i've had on a racing game, and it is something that even those who are not into F1 could really enjoy.
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on 25 November 2010
I won't repeat the plethora of comments already posted and post-patch - this game is improved but still feels a bit like it was rushed out and has not been completed finished. Hopefully F1 2011 will be better...

Issues I've found:

1. Exiting the pits is far better but some cars still do not appear to pit.
2. Not enough accidents in the race effecting other cars, particularly when in wet conditions.
3. When chasing certain cars, you can keep putting in fastest laps, but when you get about 5 seconds behind, you
have no chance of catching them.
4. Varying levels of performance at certain tracks - no matter how hard you try, you can be miles off your team
mate at some tracks.
5. Not being offered a contract with your team at the end of the season, even if you've won the title. Like that
would happen!
6. No celebration etc when you win a race - or if you've won the Championship. This is quite poor. You get no
sense of achievement.
7. AI cars tyre's do not seem to degrade like yours do. They seem to be constantly fast, when you're struggling.
8. You can't see a 'season overview' - where you won, your fastest laps etc. Would be good if you could compare each seasons statistics and achievements etc.

Overall, I still cannot stop playing this game! There are still some problems and annoying issues, but this game is still highly addictive and I would recommend to anyone. Hopefully Codemasters will bring out an even better game for next year.
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on 24 August 2013
I am bit of late bloomer. Bought the PS3, just as the PS4 is coming out. Coming from playing F1 2009 on the PSP (2 version), i have to say that F1 2010 is much better.

Just making my way through the first season on career mode. Hope to build up my collection of F1 games. It feels as if you are real driver making you through the career. There is consist feedback from race engineer during the practice, qualifying and race.

You also get to interact with your manager, who updates you of your status as a driver withing in the team. Unlike the PSP 2009, you are not always seen as the second driver in the team. In the begin you start of as the number 2 driver, but are able to progress to number in the team. This can be achieved by out performing your team mate.

In addition, you also get offers from other teams. during the the season. You do not have to wait until start of the next season.

You get real life feed back from the car. You can adjust the engine, wing and tyre settings via PS3 controller.

So far, i have no complaints. I have bought F1 2011, haven't played it yet. Hope to buy 2012 and 2013.

07/10/2013 - Well an update from my previous review. I have just completed the first season on Career mode. I have to say that is realistic. Won the WDC in Korea and it was announced by the team. I was offered a drive from Force India. The qualifying and race expectation goes up. A superb car, won the first race of the season.

You can find a guide on how to set up the car on Altered gamer.
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on 30 March 2011
The title of the review says it all really. I've said my piece and I could stop there.....However like noel Edmunds I'm going to keep on going. I could have said somthing about John Leslie there but I felt it was in bad taste. Anyway

Codemasters, an abslolute dinosaur in the world of game developement, have pulled out all the stops to produce a stunning game and a stunning experience. This game is up there as one of the most immersive games I have ever played. The concentration levels needed to keep your car on the track is amazing. By default Codemasters have you by the nuts from the offset.

The handling, speed and general feel of each car only heightens that feeling of imerssion. The feeling of coasing past the first place driver on the last lap or holding on for dear life in the last lap to win is a fantastic feeling and it really gets the ol' heart rate pumping.

There are some minor flaws with the game I have identified. The diffculty on certain tracks can catch you out compared to some easier tracks. The various tweaks and options regarding your race set-up is irellivant as your pit crew always select the best option for the race conditions.

Overall F1 2010 is a very easy game to recomend to anyone, racing fan or not, people will easily become hooked.
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on 24 September 2010
Codemasters, bless them, really had a challenge on thier hands when they announced they were going to develop the next so many Formula One games; for many fans it seems difficult to get a game that has the right balance between an arcade experience for half-hearted pick-up-and-play gamers and a dedicated simulation for the real hard-core balls to the wall F1 nuts like myself.
Luckily, however, it would seem Codemasters have triumphed. F1 2010, displays both the simple to understand racing enjoyment for the wider audience, through it's incorporation of many driving aids and step by step introduction methods and the uber-detailed and intricate areas of the fascinating and exhilirating sport.

The main plus for me, i think, is the fantasting graphics. Based around Codemasters previous experiences on sucessful console titles like DiRT 2 and Race Driver: Grid, F1 2010 blew me away, the graphics are simply stunning. The sunset over Yas Marina, the shine off of Button's McLaren in Singapore, the seas of red tifosi at Monza, the graphics immerse you within the atmosphere and tension of the game. Plus, the wet weather system, is superb, the spray and streams of rain looking fantastic.

Another thing that is good is the ability for new players just to pick up and play. Despite having played many a racing game on the PS3, i felt i needed to start off on the easist setting so that I also had all the assists on like the brake control, traction control, automatic gearbox etc: I then started up the career (a choice of 3 years, 5 years or 7 years, I went for 7, naturally) and then your whisked off to Bahrain with the team you choose (as in on the easiest setting you start with a backmarker team so Lotus, Virgin Racing or Hispania, in my case Lotus, i presume the harder setting equate to larger teams with harder goals). Despite only qualifiying a lowly 23rd and finishing a lowly 22nd, i soon found myself adapting to the cars and the games handling. So much so, that by Round 2 in Melbourne, I qualified 15th and finished 4th (much thanks to the two Force India's taking each other out into Turn 3 but hey, still 4th) I do advise that anyone getting this game puts in the time to learn it a lot if they aim to race on a harder setting, as you really have to wrestle with the car and take the time to learn the different tracks etc:

Another standout feature of the game is the rivalry that the game creates between you and your team-mate. Beating him will quickly impress and lead to promotion, updates to the car and possibly a contract with a bigger team. This whole rivalry is also shown through the interviews you have with the press. Saying the right and wrong things can influence how rival teams see you.

Lastly, I want to talk about some downsides. It does seem that Codemasters have missed a trick here when they didn't include formation laps, safety cars, the podium/champagne and the celebration lap. It would all add to the F1 experience and it is definetly a let-down. Plus, the woman who is your agent looks like a zombie. She is kind of creepy.

Overall, this is a top-notch racing game that all varying degrees of dedication can play. For me, it is a hugely impressive entry into what I hope is a long line of F1 titles from Codemasters. It is absolutely essential for anyone who is a die-hard F1 fan.

Update: Now a month into playing the game, I can give a more in-depth or thourgh review of some aspects of the game I may have overlooked before...

For starters, as many recent reviews here have mentioned, the game does have some annoying and often fustrating bugs, an example of which is the painfully slow time it takes for your pit crew to release you after a stop, resulting in numerous track positions being lost. Furthermore, I often found the frame rate can sometimes slow, in some of the more detailed tracks like Monaco. This isn't to say these bugs bring the game down from a four stars, merely providing mild irritation at the games bugs. In addition to this, the frequency of which your in game character recieves punctures in frighteningly often as this can also fustrate at times.

Secondly, I can talk about the games long term playability. The game does not cease to become dull or tedious after the month I have had it and Codies have truely captured a good re-playability with F1 2010. Now in my second season of the inital 7 season career, I continue to invest time and hone my skills on this surprisingly challenging and also rewarding racing sim.

Lastly, I'd like to re-iterate that despite the games numerous flaws concerning bugs that many reviewers are annoyed with, these should not discouage, as for any dedicated or die-hard motorsport/F1/racing sim fan this game is a definate must have!
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on 8 November 2010
Now that Codemasters have sorted out the biggest bugs in the game (pit-stops and tyre sim) this is a great game. The graphics, the sounds, the tracks and the different racing options such as time-trial, grand prix & career mode all add up to a top notch effort.

The number of driving aids means everyone can pick it up from the very start. And after you get the hang of it, you can take some off these off to increase the difficulty. You have breaking aids, racing line aids, flashbacks to effectively rewind time to before you crash-out, different levels for the cpu AI drivers etc. So it will be a while before you can say you've mastered the game totally.

I can see where Codemasters could improve the game i.e. safety car, podiums, parade lap etc. But I can't fault them with what they have in the game. If you are into F1, or are looking for a racing game and are thinking about buying this you won't be disappointed.
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on 26 September 2010
I've waited for ages for this game since the first F1 game on the PS3 and got it Friday on launch day.
Firstly it is brilliantly made, the tracks are superbly detailed, and the cars and features are excellent. Sounds are true to life, and the realism is awesome.

My main gripe is that they have made it just that little bit too hard. Don't get me wrong, I like games to be a challenge and no walkover, but even after a good 10-15 hours of gameplay on the eaisiest setting with all driving aids on i am still 3 or 4 seconds per lap slower than the top 10, take the aids away and its like starting all over again. However, its also a bit inconsistent though, as in China I won the race from 15th on the grid in a Hispania first time out !?!?

If your a casual gamer (i have a young family so probably only 3or4 hrs a week spare time to play), i can see the game getting frustrating after a while, you will need a huge amount of gameplay to start competing well. I know its a simulator more than an arcade game, but after the novelty of the brillant graphics has worn off, i can see myself not playing this game very much. Should of leaned slightly more towards arcade to cater for all.
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2010
F1 2010 is a worthy successor to the last Playstation F1 game, F1:CE, and Codemasters have done an excellent job in breathing new life into a fairly tired old concept. The game is genuinely challenging for those who seek a full-on simulation of F1 racing, but it is also accessible to the novice or intermediate player, since a range of options allow you to tailor the game to your preferred level of difficulty. F1 2010 offers a new perspective on the career mode, whilst staying true to the fundamentals required of any new F1 game... a full complement of new cars, new drivers and new circuits, and an exhilarating sense of speed behind the wheel...

While the game currently has several weird and annoying bugs, there are patches on the way that seek to remedy them, but even without the patches, I can't say my enjoyment of the game has been spoiled much by the bugs, and there are some workarounds available which you can find by simply scouring relevant internet forums. For a game of this size and complexity, there was always going to be some aspects that are less than perfect, but they must be weighed against the good things in the game... and on that front, F1 2010 really does not disappoint. Graphically, it is the best console F1 game by far, and in terms of sheer playing pleasure, it doesn't get much better for a driving game.

*** For people who own both Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles ***

I bought this game on the PS3, but I have also played it on my Xbox 360, and graphically there is a real difference in the two versions. The Xbox 360 version looks alot sharper and smoother, and it almost had me taking my PS3 version back and swapping it for the Xbox version.

However, in order to play the game online on the Xbox 360 version, you need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber (about £35-40 a year), whereas Playstation Network is free (at the time of writing!). Also, given that the game requires some patching (updating via the internet), I'm inclined to stick with the PS3 version for the time being, despite the fact that the game is much better looking on the Xbox 360.. although I don't know whether you need Xbox Live Gold membership to download patches!

Anyway, whether on the Xbox 360 or the PS3, this game kicks some serious ass, and it promises to be even better once it has been patched in the coming weeks. For those people with both Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, just be aware that the Xbox 360 version looks alot better (and the PC version better still, so I believe), but the PS3 version is easily worthy of the cover price, and remains an essential purchase for any self-respecting fan of motor-racing games! The only thing missing is commentary by James Allen.... j/k ;)
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