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4.1 out of 5 stars118
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 13 April 2010
It has to be a said that it is hard to find new sci fi ideas these days, everything seems to have been done and hence the remake here.

Since the 1980's when the origional series was aired, technology, opinion and sci-fi have changed and that is what this remake is; up to date.

Fot those in to Sci-fi it will not disappoint with its central focus on the outer space aliens who wear a rather convincing mask of peace and serenity to those humans on earth. But for those of us who are not into the whole Sci-fi gig, there is plenty of action and drama with so many twists and turns that you truely do not know what is around the corner or rather in the next episode.

This series draws parrallels with our society and I think provides a link and allegory for hysteria and peoples growing concern with mistrust in society today which is evidently shown through the so called peaceful aliens. When in fact they are ripping skins off humans and their own people who stand against the plans in the rebellion called the 5th Collumn and the V's leader Anna is planning more than providing healing and love for humans. Think more along the lines of raping the earth.

This series is packed full of everything that is needed to keep you hooked while learning what is going on and growing attached to the characters. You identify with the characters and their situations and because it is from all walks of life; from an FBI agent to a priest to news anchor to a teenager, there is something and someone for everyone. It is extremly realistic in its perception of alien invasion should it so happen today, it is believable and that is what makes it a watch for those of us into sci fi or not. It is not hugely fast paced but it does not draw it out either and there is always something going on and some new twist developing.

So whether you are into the aliens dubbed: THE VISITORS/V's, or not, it doesn't matter, this series will entertain you.
It is already successful in America and you can find it on the Sci-Fi channel on a Tuesday at 10pm here in the UK.

It is definetly one to watch, i promise you will not be dissapointed! Especially when you see the season finale! :)

* Addition - Just to let everyone know who may be interested, V Season 2 starts on the 24th of March 2011!!!! On the Syfy Channel! *

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on 4 June 2012
I lived in the States when V was first shown. I caught and taped the late 1980 repeats back in the UK. I watched The Final Battle over ten times, to the point where I could literally quote the majority of the dialogue. It had a huge impression on me. I bought the videos when they came out and years later when the DVDs arrived I was so familiar with the programme that I did not watch them and kept them sealed until I chanced upon some German versions in 2011, and out of curiosity for hearing a "German" Diana I investigated and I still thought it brilliant all those years on. Prior to the German versions, I went to some lengths to get the £2.99 HMV exclusive new series pilot and was reasonably impressed with the "revival."

Having now bought series one and watched it, I was totally drawn in to the characters, their plights and agendas. I have held back on the final episodes, but just watched them and the season finale Red Sky is just brilliant. Nice predictable conclusions, some unexpected turns and some revelations all against some fabulous background music. It was so good I rewound it and watched the final sequences again.
I loved the original V. I have no doubt watched it on a par with the most ardent of fans. I am apprehensive of revivals, but Doctor Who and BSG have been good. And so has V.

There are characters that nicely draw parallels with the originals, if not in purpose, then in looks. Whilst there are similarities in concept with the original, such as duplicity, resistance and inside help, the motives are not so clearly defined in the new series, with some added interest insofar as the Visitors or "V"s as they are called, have been on Earth for some time. This adds to backstory in various episodes.

There are some outstanding episodes, and the rest are either good or very good. I am perhaps biased as I loved the original two mini-series and parts of the series. I have enjoyed some of the novels too. The new V or V (2009+) season one should not disappoint true fans. Whether it suits all sci-fi aficionados is another matter, but then I am an aficionado where I love all science-fiction series from Doctor Who to Lexx, Blake's 7 to Farscape, and Moonbase 3 to The Twilight Zone. V (2009+) is well cast, tightly scripted and provides the viewer with the right level of drama: frustration, reward, tension, revelation and insight.

I have not bought season 2 yet, but really hope that this high quality production (and the original was the most expensive series of all time in 1984) yields the appropriate future it deserves.
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on 5 February 2011
Stepping from Juliet in LOST to Erica in V may seem strange but Elizabeth Mitchell heads a fine cast in this update of the old sci-fi series.

V follows a group of people who join together when an alien race arrives promising peace and cutting edge cures for illnesses. But are the visitors to be trusted? What is their true intentions? These are just some of the qurstions the show throws out to viewers. From the opening pilot episode its clear this series is going to be popular, the perfect special effects and exciting plot lines never let up, the acting is brilliant and the show is a welcome change from the comedy that fills our screens too often these days. Its better than the cheesy original series and almost as exciting than LOST. The storylines are well written and the characters well developed, as a result this show is very addictive and its a shame it only lasted another one season after this.
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I absolutely love V, the original mini series is a sci fi classic, one of the best sci fi shows ever made. The regular series that followed, wasn't as good as the mini series but was good fun none the less. The remake, while not as good as the original mini series, is at least better than the regular series. A good cast, Morena Baccarin from Firefly and Stargate SG1 is gorgeous and evil, just like the Visitor's leader should be and does a very good job as does the rest of the cast, some of whom may be familliar to you from other shows. It has simmilarities with the original series, the ships arriving in the pilot is lifted from the mini series. The pilot episode is absolutely spectaular, one of the best pilot episodes of a sci fi series ever, but the rest of the series while very good doesn't quite match up to it's excellent potential, but the finale is excellent and will leave you wanting more.
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on 11 December 2010
Loved it all the way. I bought it believing all the good things I had read about the new V and did not regret it. Characters, acting, plot development, sets, effects, everything is topnotch. Reading some of the bad reviews here I get the impression they're referring to the original V series which is - let's admit it - just okay, nothing more. It's still watchable but clearly only as an 80's nostalgia trip. I am a fan but watching it again two or three years ago the slow pace and some terrible acting slightly annoyed me. That is why I am so glad someone took the V premise and propelled it into the 21st century. The new series is an excellent ride and the last episode offers some neat twists that will leave any viewer asking for more.
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on 25 November 2010
V Season 1 should have been great but it isn't. There is some good acting in the first season and some good story lines. The special effects are good and Morena Baccarin is great as the evil Visitor leader Anna. However, V lacks something and for me there is not enough action in the first season. The first few episodes are slow and you are waiting for something to happen.
V gets good towards the end of the first season and I liked the ending of the series.
Elizabeth Mitchell plays a good part as an FBI agent, mother and resistance leader and the scenes involving Mitchell and Baccarin are well acted. There are some good actors in V and my hope is that season 2 will have more action and suspense in the episodes.
A bit disappointing
3 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 February 2012
This updated version of the classic series has a lot of potential. The special effects are excellent as you would imagine from a modern production. The acting is very accomplished and the central characters believable. It started well, seemed to be building on the storyline introduced in the earlier series but it never really developed beyond the first few episodes. At the conclusion of the first series I felt very little had been achieved beyond a basic tale of alien (would be) invasion. The ideas weren't new no matter how well visualised and without the special effects it would have been a flop. I thought it was a bit predictable and clichéd and had no trouble predicting the behaviour of the main characters. No surprises then that the show did not survive the second series. Take it for what it is, a pedestrian Sci-fi with familiar ideas and predictable actions but with great special effects and some excellent acting. Entertaining but by no means original, worth watching but don't expect too much.
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In about 99% of science fiction, aliens come to earth in two ways: charging in to invade, or they come in peace... so they can invade quietly. The second kind are the main problem in "V: The Complete First Season," a remake of the 1980s series/miniseries about mysterious alien Visitors who come to Earth with some nasty ulterior motives. While this remake suffers from some "Lost syndrome," it's a sleek, complex story with an intriguing cast of characters.

City-sized alien ships have appeared over twenty-nine cities worldwide, and the aliens' leader "Anna" (Morena Baccarin) declares that, "We are of peace." The Visitors offer their advanced technology to better the world, and cause massive changes -- social, religious, medical, and so on.

While hunting a terrorist cell FBI agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) stumbles across an anti-Visitor resistance -- and the shocking discovery that not only are the visitors reptilian creatures in humanoid skins, but some Visitors are hiding among us. She and the skeptical priest Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) begin forming their own little resistance cell, along with the V-in-hiding Ryan Nicholas (Morris Chestnut) who is trying to reactivate an alien rebellion known as the Fifth Column. At the same time, news anchor Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) finds himself the media ambassador of the V's, caught between ambition and his growing doubts.

But the resistance has more than Anna's cruel, duplicitous nature to deal with -- Erica's gullible son Tyler (Logan Huffman) has become a "peace ambassador" for the V's and is falling in love with Anna's daughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoort). Ryan's girlfriend is pregnant with a hybrid baby. One of their number is captured by the V's and brutally tortured, even as Anna hatches terrifying new plots to wipe the Fifth Column from existence...

"V: The Complete First Season" is very different from the 1980s version -- there are sweeping changes to the story, characters, the political commentary and the aliens' manipulation ("Gratitude can morph into worship. Or worse... devotion!"). The only problem with this season is that it suffers from "Lost syndrome" at times, where it feels like the plot is moving WAAAAAAYYYY too slowly and not enough is happening per episode.

But the writing is undeniably brilliant -- it's full of suspense and some amazing plot twists (just see what Anna's unleashing on the Fifth Column). The characters are painstakingly sketched out and carefully developed, along with strong dialogue ("Human decency's a privilege, father. He's lost his. And, when we prove to you that he's lying, you're gonna lose yours, too") and some very powerful emotional moments (a Fifth Column doctor is forced to murder his own friend).

And yeah, there's some creepy stuff too, such as when Erica gets her shocking first glimpse of a V face. Not so much rodent-eating, though.

And the story revolves around two strong actresses -- Mitchell has a powerful, wiry presence with plenty of hidden sorrow/strength, and Baccarin is wonderfully creepy as the ruthless, cunning Anna. Chestnut is simply brilliant as a good-hearted V who cherishes freedom and his human lover, and Gretsch is also excellent as a priest torn between his priestly duty and the need to stop the V's. The problem: Huffman doesn't have the chops to make Tyler anything but a whiny little pain, and Vandervoort feels like a token love interest for Tyler.

It has some freshman flaws, but "V: The Complete First Season" is a promising start for one of the few sci-fi shows on network TV -- powerful acting, solid scripts, and some nicely creepy aliens.
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on 8 June 2010
I have yet to see the original mini-series (I got it on DVD so will do soon!), but I absolutely love this remake. It was a bit slow to start with, but around half-way through it caught up. The actors really got together, Morena Baccarin is perfect as Anna, Morris Chestnut is great as Ryan, and Elizabeth Mitchell really shines. Great it got renewed for a second season and can't wait till September after an exciting season one finale!
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on 28 April 2012
A watchable waste of time. Does this even make sense? I enjoyed watching all seasons of V. The first being the best but just felt at the end that I would never watch it again as it just didnt captiavte me as much as other seris have , 4400 hundred for example.
I proberly would not reccommend this but thats not to say that it won't fill a gap in time
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