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3.8 out of 5 stars463
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 28 October 2011
Life with no breaks has to be one of the funniest books I've read in years. From start to finish I found myself laughing out loud at Spaldings's escapades, stange phobias (sponges!) and observations. There were so many entertaining stories, too many to list here, although the embarrasing university story is worth a mention.
I loved how the book was written in one sitting; it made me feel part of the author's journey through his thoughts and reminiscences. And I felt almost priviledged to be included in some of the more personal and private confessions. I had attempted to read this all in one go as a nod to Spalding's mammoth writing session - but I didn't have his stamina (or coffee!).
A brilliant, hilarious book, well worth a read. Spalding has a real talent for drawing you in and leaving you wanting more. I shall definately be reading more by this fantastic author.
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on 10 June 2012
The author that can't seem to write anything serious is, seriously, up my street. He writes in a similar style to myself (under my pseudonym Pearl Barley) and it's completely from the heart. How he managed to get so much written, and so well, in 30 hours is commendable. So I settled in for a cozy read and laughed often as I related to his prose...and I'm female. I could say this was a book written by a male for males but that would be limiting and innacurate. Humour is humour after all and Mr Spalding's style appeals to anyone who is able to picture what he writes about. He simply tells it like it is. And I loved the conversational element whereby he interacts with me, the reader, as if we're best mates already; like we've already met. I had this book on my Kindle for a good six months before I got around to it and I'm glad I've read it now and wish I'd read it long before, and I'm delighted that there are other books to follow in which I can get a further insight into Mr Spalding's quirky life, and when you get a review from the likes of Stephen Leather (different genre but one of the UK's most impressive and successful writers) which I noted he had, you know the only way is up!

This book is very entertaining, raw, in-your-face and down-to-earth honest humour.
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on 19 April 2011
I decided to read this book whilst feeling down. This was one of the best ideas ever. Totally loved the book. Nick made me feel as if I was actually sitting on that chair in his house stuffing my face with his cookies and coffee. To say it made me laugh was an understatement. This is a book I will read again and again and possibly again. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks for cheering me up Nick.
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I decided to read Nick Spalding’s new book whilst on holiday, after being bored into a stupor from all the romance books I downloaded and I was extremely happy to discover it and now share it with you lovely people! Firstly the reasoning behind the book itself is pretty impressive; completing a whole book in 30 hours is not easy feat, and what has appeared from this, is a thoroughly amusing read!

The discussion in the book is a ramble of all topics possible from religion to politics to cars to jobs and so on, contrasted with Nick’s hilarious anecdotes and embarrassing stories. However amongst the humour and the sleep deprivation as the book continues, Nick discusses some extremely emotional and personal concepts for example his family. Through the passion of his writing we can really feel the hurt that Nick feels about his divorce due to lack of time with his family and spending too much time away, focussing only on work. The honesty of his work in union with his lack of sleep really gives away his raw emotions and the guilt and pain that he feels. The only slight negative I found with the book was the last few chapters, where the exhaustion of writing for thirty straight hours begins to take its toll on the author and the zombie brain of too long without sleep begins to appear, (we all know that feeling.) The book becomes a little less vibrant and enthusiastic, but I can forgive Spaulding for that, I know I couldn’t stay up and write a book for thirty straight hours!

This is a book with a completely different conception making it very different from any book I have read. Nick constantly talks to the reader as if you are right there with him. He offers us chocolate biscuits, coffee and the occasional cushion or blanket and tells us to settle down and listen to his rambling as if we have just made a new friend and only have a certain amount of time to get to know him. As with every conversation with a friend I didn’t agree with every opinion or everything he had to say but it’s a conversation, an insight into another person and an author you should watch out for!
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on 14 May 2013
I must say that Nick Spalding has become one of my favourite e-book authors and was very surprised when this showed up on the freebie list.

I will say it is not as good as the "Love..." series, but it still does many things right. It still has plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and whilst the message about "you may not view life the same again" may not be entirely true, it was pleasing to see that Nick is just one of us and that you can relate to the story in some way. The structure is not the best, but it was written off the cuff and it seems like Nick Spalding covered everything he wanted to. It is easy to read a fair bit in one sitting and not wish to put it down.

A decent effort for a book that was written in one go. I will say that whilst I am glad I read the "Love..." stories first so I felt that I cared more about Nick Spalding before reading this, it is still a good book that doesn't take itself seriously and it makes you feel a part of the story.
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on 1 July 2012
Middle aged man writing inanely about his view of life, coloured with stories from his own life. Reels you in early on with the one "laugh out loud" story from his student days - but from there on in it's downhill. Think Jack Dee without being amusing. (Jack Dee I like!) "Pearls of wisdom" like advice to take one day off every 3 months pretending to be sick and to do only what you absolutely have to at work. Got 40% of the way through and packed it in.
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on 8 October 2012
It takes a few pages to get into. But defenatly worth a read. Easy to pick up and put down and might even make you laugh in places. I have ordered the next one and I haven't finished this yet.
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on 20 April 2011
Ever wanted to delve into the mind of a writer? Well if you can't have that, you can always spend 24 hours with Nick Spalding! Haha!

Nick generously offers the reader coffee and cookies as he winds his way through the tales and tribulations of his life so far. The conversational nature of the book makes this easy to read and I found myself nodding along in agreement with Nick (before realising I looked like a complete nut job!)
To me this book is absolutely worth all 5 shiny gold stars - it makes you laugh, it makes you think and best of all it made an 8 hour delay in the airport almost enjoyable!
Nice on Nick!!
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on 27 June 2011
Just finished this book, its been on my kindle for a while now and finally got to the top of my "to read next " pile! Why did I wait so long ?? I was reduced to tears of laughter , the paint ball session is down right side splittingly funny,, I had to read it twice,, Simple idea for a book and it works,, Bargain at any price and one to keep on kindle, it will be read again, and again .
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on 27 December 2012
There is a reason people don't write books like this. It was just a man waffling on about nothing. For half of the book he is just talking about how he is writing the book.
I would have been more mentally stimulated if I just sat on my own in a dark room and thought about wasps.
At one point while reading this book, I got distracted by an empty crisp packet next to me. I found myself reading the ingredients list and being far more gripped. At this point I realised I was procrastinating reading the book, and it dawned on me that as no-one was forcing me to read it, I could just stop. And stop I did. The relief was immense. I spent the rest of the day in front on the mirror watching my hair grow.
You have just had a more entertaining literary experience in reading my review than you will from reading this book. And my review is poorly written. If you're still thinking of getting this book, I encourage you to read a few more reviews, and I assure you, however bored you are reading them, multiply that by 50 and you may come close to the experience of 'Life... With No Breaks'
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