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4.2 out of 5 stars69
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£8.00+ £2.03 shipping
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on 14 October 2014
great condition brilliant service , i am very happy thank you .
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on 11 October 2015
Great delivery quality but the game is absolute garbage.
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on 1 May 2011
Just replayed this after 1st playing it on PS3 game a year+ ago. Now re-played the 360 version!.

Casltevania is a great action/adventure game added with a good mix of platforming and the odd puzzle solving. Graphics are certainly some of the best I seen both on PS3/XB360 to date: Great effects, atmosphere, quality animation, excellent texture and lighting. The variety of graphical effects are vast and of high AAA standard that can easily equal or even surpass Uncharted 2 graphically in many areas. Castlevania certainly outshines UC2 with platforming, puzzles, action and boss battles!!!...The orchestral soundtrack is nothing short of quality. Always hitting the right mood with pace and ambiance perfectly. This could actually be the best game soundtrack created to date! Action is varied and flexible both with physical and magic use. The weight and power of attacks feel fluid and can be quite dazzling to watch with plenty of varied moves to learn and unleash on the many different Gothic horrors in all shapes and sizes you'll encounter during your journey. This is a game that -to me personally- surpasses UC2 in more ways then one: puzzles, atmosphere, battles, music, platforming and game longevity(15hrs+) are all implemented well and break the game into a deeper varied experience then UC2...Lets also not forget! it was the original Castlevana games that created the platform, adventure, rpg, action game genre - NOT!- God Of War or Uncharted (which some people think Castlevania copied!!!!). A great game recommended to all action and adventure fans, with great return to classic Castlevania gameplay.
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on 5 September 2012
The sense you get while playing this Castlevania is that it is made by people who have something to prove. Mercury Steam were still smarting from less successful titles and needed this to work. A 3D Castlevania had yet to be a hit and many saw the portable Metroidvania titles as the series' lifeblood.

The gameplay is quite conservative, some might say plagiaristic. Much of the core mechanics are very similar to God of War. And when the game isn't borrowing from God of War it is taking elements from Shadow of the Colossus. I can sympathise with the creators playing it safe but I just think that a series as mighty as Castlevania should resist standing on the shoulders of giants. The gameplay is fine and the enemies do vary. I enjoyed it for the entirety of its running time, which is considerable.

Where Lords of Shadow does take risks is with the Castlevania story and lore. Dracula, though present, is not the last boss and the story takes a winding road instead of the serving up the monster mash of previous titles. The music, though occasionally familiar, doesn't reuse the absolute classic tunes in the ways you might expect. These are brave choices and ultimately do work, for me this is still Castlevania in a similar way to which that Daniel Craig is James Bond.

This Castlevania looks and sounds amazing. There are really, really good moments here often born out of fantastic art design, superb music and cut scenes that meld seamlessly with the action. This is not the greatest imagined world ever created as there are too many invisible walls. It is an Epic adventure, a lovingly wonderfully crafted piece of work that I enjoyed immensely. But I simply cannot give it a perfect score because it does borrow and steal instead of making Castlevania the game other develops should follow.
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VINE VOICEon 9 October 2010
Castlevania Lords of Shadow is a beautiful game, certainly amongst the most beautiful this generation. The art is consistently superb throughout, often creating scenes of stunning beauty and complexity which put other games to shame.

Sadly though this comes at a cost, and that cost is frame rate. Far from the smooth 60fps of something like Dante's Inferno, Castlevania limps along at around 20-25fps. Even relatively empty scenes barely reach 30fps, and complex scenes will drop to 15fps or lower. For a high profile big budget title such as this, such poor optimisation is unforgivable.

The problems don't end there. While the art is amongst the best this gen, the camera is amongst the worst. The camera is so terrible it's almost as if Konami designed it exclusively to annoy the player. It's completely automatic, which zero player control at all. It changes viewpoint, usually radically, without warning and often without reason or logic. One minute it's pointing forwards, the next it's looking you in the eyes until you run over the edge of a cliff unable to see where you're going. During battles it likes to pan out to such a distant view point as to reduce the characters to microscopic miniatures. When climbing the camera veers wildly from extreme up angles to extreme down angles, seemingly at random. It's also not unusual for the camera to position itself behind a wall or pillar during battles, completely immovable and oblivious to your imminent death. Curiously even when you're not moving around the camera jitters and shakes as if the camera man is in the advanced stages of some sort of degenerate condition.

And there's more. The game has more invisible walls than any other game in history. Most of the environments look ripe for exploration and climbing, but the game walls you in with invisible barriers to such an extent as to highly infuriating. When the game does let you climb the actual climbing mechanics are very clunky, that is of course, if you can actually find the one tiny part of the scenery which isn't behind an invisible wall and can be scaled. There's no map too, or hint system, so when you do have to escape from a maze like area the game just lets you bounce off the invisible walls for as long as it takes to find the gap through to the next area.

For all the problems (and there are plenty of others which I haven't mentioned), there is still a fun game in here. It's a shameless God of War clone of course, and it's only connection to Castlevania is the name on the box, but the game still manages to entertain despite it's many issues. I just wish Konami had removed the invisible walls, fixed the terrible frame rate issues, and given camera control back to the right analogue stick where it belongs. It's also a shame that so much of the beautiful environment art goes unseen as the fixed camera goes in for a close up of a wall or a distant shot of some gravel. A free camera next time please.

A decent effort Konami, but you can do better. Oh and the music is nice, although as with the rest of the game bares no relation to Castlevania.
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on 6 November 2010
A good game, great design and pictures, but camera movements are weird and not very well designed... Too much dead walls...
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on 26 July 2015
This game is ace, I love it
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on 18 November 2010
Good Points:
I quote liked the part where you fight the bosses because they are quite scary at times during the game. I especially liked the battle with the Black Knight. It just makes him angry seeing Claudia's death. The battle against him was excellent.

The voice acting is really impressive especially with Sir Patrick Stewart as Zobek. I liked everything he says e.g. "Back you demons" or "You will all meet the same fate. It made me laugh.

I quite like the graphics because it almost sounded you are inside the game itself. I was delighted with the background music. Some of them are mysterious and some like action-packed

Bad Points:
It is strange really with Gabriel armed with only a cross. He should have had a sword in battle.

The other slight annoyance was that the game was on 2 disks instead of one.

Overall I really enjoyed this game.
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on 27 November 2012
I am very happy with my item and will be buying from again in the future when need be. Thanks
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on 30 November 2010
...definitely a good game. it steal gameplay/ideas from devil may cry, god of war, prince of persia. but it's a good copy with pure graphics. what else ?
next opus with an identity ?
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