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86 of 90 people found the following review helpful
TOP 50 REVIEWERon 25 May 2011
Like all Philips products This Toothbrush and station is Very well made and has a quality feel to it, (designed and made by Philips medical devision i'm guessing, who also make the MRI scanners).

Firstly as to what you get in the box:

1 x Electric Toothbrush
2 x ProResults brush heads (mini + Standard)
1 x UV Brush Head Sanitiser
1 x Travel Charger
2 x Hygienic travel caps (that cover the heads of the brush heads)
1 x Hard travel case

Firstly about the Toothbrush, it is well weighted and features two buttons on the front, an ON/OFF button and a slimline button below that you press to select which mode you want to use...The modes range from: CLEAN (standard use)....Gum care, refresh, Sensitive, Massage...and i'm sure you can work out what which is for!

Unlike other toothbrushes this one vibrates and uses ultrasonic pulses against your teeth to gently BUT effectively dislodge food between your teeth and remove plaque from you teeth. It does it very well and over a period of a week use you can notice the difference! Teeth DO appear whiter and cleaner than they were when i used my old "oral B" Pro from Braun. on the standard setting you get 30 seconds or there about in each quarter of your mouth before it vibrates irregularly, telling you to move onto the next section (just as i guide). The brush heads are contoured which also help remove more plaque that other brushes around the gum line which is the most prone place so i hear.

On to the sanitizer, and its a closed unit that only operates when the door is closed, it works by placing your brush heads inside, closing the door and pressing the button on the top...the UV bulb inside turns on and because the inside is chrome its beams are reflected around the inside meaning the whole brush head is cleaned and the claimed figure of 99% of germs are killed over the 10-20 minute cycle! So you can be sure that the brush heads that your using are clean unlike many from other brands that you have to throw away after a certain period....although you still do the same with these brush heads, they do last longer.

My dentist who has been a leading dentist in the UK and looks at all these products before they hit the streets was telling me about these toothbrushes years before they came out, He fully recommended this product to me and said they perform better at cleaning and protecting teeth better than any he'd seen before. Other things i'd like to mention are that the unit is quiet in operation and the toothbrush simply "hums" while switched on. There is a power saving feature so it switches itself off when not in use after a certain period and once charged the main unit switches off, so it doesn't damage the battery, which last a very long time

Overall very impressed with the quality and results, my teeth feel like they've been polished once I've brushed with this

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178 of 187 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was never, in any form, a brand snob, and would raise my eyebrow high and proud at people hell bent on spending an additional £20 or more on a product just for a label.


Back in the day I used to use an electric toothbrush which cost less than £20 and did the job very nicely thank you very much.
I upgraded via Vine to an Omron 548 (varying from £45-90) - now it might sound ungrateful but I was a little dissapointed, and if Id bought it I wouldve contemplated returning it, as it was absolutely no better (in some respects worse) than my old one.

This Philips one however is exceptional.

The brush head (comes with two sizes) is remarkably comfortable - the larger one feels like its cleaning 2 or 3 teeth at once, very thoroughly. The "clean feel" is just ok first time - but from the third or fourth use onwards feels honestly fantastic. Whether thats because its acheived a much deeper clean over time or because Im getting used to it, Im not sure, but my mouth felt really fresh afterwards, my teeth are - definitely - brighter and lighter (which horrified me as much as it thrilled me - I always thought my teeth were pretty white. Seems not) and they stay feeling cleaner for longer - now, for instance, its been 14 hours since I brushed my teeth and they still feel squeeky clean even though Ive had countless cups of coffee, a bar of dairy milk and two full meals since then. This cant just be down to the toothpaste, because Ive used the same brand now for months (Beverly Hills Formula in case you were wondering)
It feels like it cleans in all the interdental areas, and my tongue and gums feel somehow "lighter"... I dont really know how to explain that, but basically my whole mouth feels like its had a really high class valeting. (Im almost positive that by the end of the month I'll have one of those white sparkling "TINGGG" things appear everytime I smile)

The vibration from it (some 31,000 shakes a minute allegedly!) is vigorous enough to feel like its doing something, but not so harsh it makes your fillings shiver. So I imagine would feel just as good for those with sensitive teeth as those with unsensitive ones. In any case the brush has a "sensitive" setting along with the smaller size brush head (it just gets better) so would suit most anyone I think.

The unit is really comfortable to hold - one of the issues I had with the Omron was that in a natural position I was forever turning it off accidentally, and in retrospect it also felt... awkward, and slippery in the hand: not so with this one - it feels the right amount of heavy and grippy and Ive not killed the power halfway through brushing yet either.

The base is sturdy and secure, and wonderfully comes with an enclosed UV sanitiser. I love the idea of this: ever since seeing on Kim & Aggie that flushing the loo can result in aerosolised poo-&-pee-bits ending up on your toothbrush Ive been vehement about my toothbrush sanitation, so this helps me deal with that particular OCD quite nicely. Sure this will for some be a gimmick (the point of it apparently is to kill the bacteria transfered from your mouth. Which used to live in your mouth and is vacationing on your toothbrush. So putting it back in your mouth is bad... how? Meh), but if nothing else its a nice clean, tidy way to store the heads.

The battery seems to last forever(ish). I charged it up for 24 hours a week ago, and despite two uses per day (sometimes 3 if Im feeling that way out), the battery bar is still showing full. Impressive - this would be a great feature for someone who travels a lot.

Speaking of traveling - it comes with a very sturdy travel case (oh the hygeine!) and travel charger. Seriously - little things like that make a huge difference when it comes to choosing between brushes, so I like what theyve done there.

And it does something to shrink your peridontal pockets apparently. I dont know what they are, or if I have or want them, but it sounds like something I need shrinking. (I must admit I am a little bit in love with Philips at the moment, so they could say anything and Id nod and smile and tell them they have lovely eyes)

So - in conclusion: Well worth the price (its probably cheaper in Boots as they usually have a sale on electric toothbrushes every xmas) and in terms of tooth-brushing - does a bang up job. I am officially converted to brand whoring.
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56 of 59 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 1 November 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Sonicare comes in several pieces, each of which is worth discussing separately. There are the toothbrush heads, the toothbrush handle, two charging stations, and a travel case.

There are two heads provided, one of a standard size, and the other slightly smaller, presumably to allow for `precision' cleaning. The bristles are tightly packed, and a rather pleasant blue-green colour, presumably to indicate brush-wear. I believe these are standard Philips toothbrush heads, but have yet to need to replace them in order to confirm this.

The first, `travel' charger is similar to a standard charger on other sonic/electric toothbrushes. A two pin lead which goes into a plastic base, with a prong on which to set the toothbrush. Unfortunately, I can't confirm the `multi-voltage' claim, though I didn't note any way to change the accepted voltage. Still, it's a perfectly good toothbrush charger, if not particularly exceptional.

The second charger is rather larger and more elaborate. It contains the standard prong for charging the toothbrush, and then a small cabinet type installation. Inside this cabinet is space for the appropriately sized toothbrush, and a bulb which emits UV light. The principle, apparently, is that the user should brush their teeth, then put the toothbrush head into the `UV Chamber', where the lightbulb will then sterilise the brush head of any nasty bacteria lurking there.

Whilst I quite like the wider, more stable base, it's a bit of an issue if you're used to charging your toothbrush on the edge of the sink; the broader platform will necessitate charging elsewhere. The UV bulb appeals to my inner gadget-nerd, but feels a bit gimmicky. People have somehow survived up until now with bacteria on their toothbrushes. However, if you're particularly bacterium-averse, or you just enjoy a fun gadget in your bathroom products, it's quite cool, and certainly seems to work well enough. Though I'm not sure how I'd tell if it didn't.
The travel case provided was a hard plastic shell - though the product description suggests it is soft, it isn't. It's light contoured, and, as a frequent traveller, I was quite pleased to see one included, if only to stop the toothbrush from turning itself on in my luggage and draining the battery.

The brush handle is perhaps the most elaborate piece of technology in the pack (on a par with the UV sanitiser). It comes with five separate brushing modes.:

-`Clean', which provided a knock-your-socks-off vibration, and left my teeth feeling very clean indeed.
-Gum Care; this felt slower than `Clean', but otherwise had similar results
-Refresh; Again, less power than clean.
-Sensitive; This actually felt like a fairly gentle pulse vibration, which is good for those of us with sensitive teeth - the strength of `clean' might be a bit much in some cases.
-Massage; This is more of a pulsing vibration, which feels quite odd, but is apparently good for your gums.

I'm not sure most people will use any setting other than the powerful `Clean', though I'd recommend `Sensitive' if that proves a little too powerful.

The different modes are selected using a little silver button in the handle. Rather cleverly, the handle is blank until the button is pressed, and then the modes miraculously appear. They then fade away again after a mode is selected (see the first product image for how the brush looks with the mode menu visible). This rather slick technology is impressive, and actually quite stylish.
Another useful piece of technology is the battery charge indicator. Some electric toothbrushes don't come with these at all. Others have an indicator which lights up/beeps when the brush needs to be charged. This brush, however, displays a graphic of a battery, with remaining charge displayed. This means that the user has greater visibility of when their brush will run out of charge, and can recharge it before it reaches the `warning' level of other brushes. The extra detail is appreciated. The claim is that it comes with three weeks battery life - I can attest to two weeks, at least, with no sign of a charge being required.

The handle itself is nicely styled in the standard white, with metallic front piece. The underside also has a rubber grip, useful if you're concerned about the brush slipping away or being dropped during use.

This is a well made toothbrush, which cleans very effectively. There are a few gimmicky pieces of technology (like the UV sanitiser), but nothing impedes the core functionality. There are several useful features, and the extra brush modes are welcome (though perhaps somewhat superfluous).

Overall, this cleans teeth very well, and looks very good doing it. An excellent choice.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 13 November 2011
I have had a sonicare flexcare for just over a year and it has been fantastic, making my teeth feel noticably cleaner than alternative brushes. However, as has been widely mentioned online, it has started turning itself on of its own accord and this makes it unusable. It's impossible to charge it up enough to use, and the noise it makes when you're not expecting it to turn on is really annoying! So i've let mine run down while hidden under a pillow, and I won't be trying to charge it up again.

This has made me decide against buying another one, as for this price its life should be considerably longer. I'm not prepared to pay that much every year! (Some people are complaining about the same thing happening much quicker than happened to me.)

The other problem is that the heads are really difficult to get hold of. I found some for a decent price and bought loads about a week before mine died. Very frustrating!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 19 December 2013
I am simply astonished.
I bought this in December 2011, it broke down in the end of November 2013, a week before the guarantee expired, and while I was contacting Amazon and Philips UK office, where I was advised to contact Philips in my country (EU), the 24months have passed, then Philips rejected to take the case under the guarantee, and the reparation became on my own cost. (Remember, they count 24months from the day you ordered, I actually received the package a week after, so I hadn't used the product 2 years when I reached Philips, but no help there.)

I used it with my partner, as the product has a stand for 2 brushes, and we used it every another day, so I definitely don't think we overused it, or did anything that would break it, it just suddenly stopped working one day.

I'd heard about electric toothbrushes breaking down after guarantee expires, but this Flex Care + costs over 200GBP for RRP and still 100GBP at 50% off at Amazon, from a renown maker as Philips, I just believed it was going to last for a while.
We've spent a fortune on brush heads, and I really liked the idea of brushes getting sanitized (even though my partner successfully ended with dark mold spots on his brush - was the blue light working??) but this is just ridiculous investment, if it has to break down so fast.

When they are charging so much for the brushes, you expect that they get the profit from there, but they want you to buy new motors all the time as well, this is just provocative in this age when we need to get more resource efficient!
Even though we were happy for the product while it lasted, we might boycott Philips now.
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98 of 106 people found the following review helpful
on 19 December 2010
In terms of performance, this toothbrush cleans extremely well and reaches difficult spots which wouldn't be thoroughly cleaned with manual brushing actions. After a descaling at the dentist, it maintains the smooth polished feeling for a months if used regularly. My dentist has certainly noticed the difference.

Now for some less favorable comments:

It can be quite harsh and abrasive on enamel so I generally use this once a day and brush manually otherwise.

It has a number of features e.g. different brushing modes/ UV sanitiser etc, which may influence the decision to buy but I would guess most owners will soon ignore.

A word of warning: It has begun to turn itself on and off randomly (any time of day including night) after I have had it for around 1 year. At first I thought the battery simply needed another full recharge but the problem continued. I have now allowed the battery to run flat and no longer use it.

Another problem as stated in another review is the black mould that grows around the handle/neck area. The discolouration is hard to remove. I am sure the manufacturers can counter this issue with an anti-fungal impregnation.
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 19 November 2011
These tooth brushes are absolutely brilliant when they work, they're certainly the best I've come across in terms of doing a good job of cleaning your teeth resulting in a "dentist clean feeling", however, they don't seem to last at all due to the apparent cheap components inside the tooth brush.

As I write this review, my 2nd Philips Sonicare toothbrush has now failed after only 5 months of normal twice-daily use. The 1st brush failed in exactly the same way but lasted slightly longer. On both occasions, the brush suddenly starts to make a slightly different noise to usual and within a week stops vibrating completely and becomes useless. While the unit still powers (in this case there is no issue with the battery as reported by other customers), it seems the motor within stops working or becomes disconnected in some way. You can't use it like a normal brush either so once it stops vibrating it's useless.

Amazon also seem to purposely make it very difficult to find out information about returning faulty products. You'll find yourself following a trail of links pointing to pages of varying information, none of which are helpful and simply lead you into a loop of viewing the same sequence of pages over and over. Some of the returns pages are very misleading, making it sound as though you can only return a product up to 30 days after it was purchased which is incorrect. Other pages wrongly tell you to contact the manufacturer - I contacted Philips and after a long time waiting for a response they told me to contact Amazon. However, it turns out you can submit a request for a replacement or refund using a well-hidden form at [...]
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 29 October 2011
Bought the brush after reading amazing reviews - actually, bought 2 (one for me, one for my partner). It is a fantastic brush and does look after your teeth - however after about 3 months, BOTH our brushes stopped working - they just stopped vibrating even with full battery. Very odd and for an expensive brush, there should def. be a longer life.
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21 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 5 January 2013
4 of these models of toothbrush in 2 years, each and everyone has broken. They are engineered to break after 1 year of use, that is plain to see if you open one up. The rubber protector that sists at the base of the metal pole (which the toothbrush head sits on) perishes after 1 year. This then allows toothpaste or any other liquid to seep into the electronics and mechanics and eventually breaks the toothbrush.

I will not be buying anything from Philips again, it seems that they have changed the standards they had when producing electronic equipment.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 7 September 2011
I have gum recession and am a smoker. So I have to be gentle with my gums and deal with nicotine stains on my teeth. For years I used a series of Braun electric toothbrushes. I always found them to be excellent although they never dealt with stains very well. When the last one stopped working I decided to give the Philips a go.
So far it has been just as gentle on my mouth (perhaps even more so than the Braun) but amazingly has also helped remove stains from my teeth. Even my dentist is impressed with the results.
I also like the sanitizer. Not only does it keep your brushes out of the way of germs during the day (you really don't want to know what your toothbrush has on it if you leave it out in the bathroom) and the UV light might even kill germs!

The downsides are:
1) It does tend to make more mess than the Braun. Expect spraying yourself in the face with toothpaste or dribbling down your chin on the first few uses! (even nowI still sometimes make mistakes!).
2) If the back of the brush head contacts your teeth by mistake you know all about it. I don't have a problem with this as I am usually careful and it's not as bad as some people have mentioned.
3) I'm on my 3rd Philips. The first one lasted 6 months and stopped. It was replaced by Amazon no problem and lasted 2 years before dying.
4) Brush heads aren't exactly cheap but do seem to last a long time.

I have no interest in all of the silly 'modes' electric toothbrushes have. I just want a good clean. So I cannot comment on all of the 'mode' options on the device. I would prefer it if they put their R&D into just providing a better cleaning mechanism.

For me, it's the only electric toothbrush I would use now.
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