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4.6 out of 5 stars136
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 May 2011
This is a very personal read of a young girl developing into an adult and proves that fame has its drawbacks. Hoever, the family, in general, have survived the many adversities and Coleen appears the stronger for it. I really enjoyed her story and hope that the family differences will one day be repaired. A very strong family deserves to stay together.
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on 28 May 2009
The title of this book is spot on. Coleen gives a personal insight into her life as one of the Nolan family and boy there are many tales to tell.
Her honesty is endearing and Coleen has overcome many traumas herself and supported other family members, especially her sister Linda who has suffered breast cancer and the loss of her husband. Coleen speaks candidly about her abortion at the age of 16 and the fact she did not share her experience with any members of her family through shame.

She tackles her fathers violent nature when he had been drinking and his abuse of her sister Anne. It is clear she is especially close to her mother and her battle with Alzheimers which is heartbreaking.

She writes about the causes of her marriage breakdown to Shane Ritchie and acknowledges faults on both sides. Having said that it is clear Shane is the main cause of the breakup with his infidelities but Coleen refuses to throw dirt at Ritchie respecting the fact that they have two wonderful children together.

After reading the book, it is clear Coleen is a great Mum and her family means everything to her. She is very happy with her husband Ray and a her daughter and her career is going from strength to strength.

This biography is entertaining, surprising and a good read.

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on 19 May 2009
I've never been a great fan of Coleen Nolan. On Loose Women, I always felt she came across as a bit smug and self-satisfied - but I did enjoy her autobiography. It was an easy read, and a page turner - from start to finish. Having endured a 'Shane Ritchie' type man myself, I could relate to her anguish at her marriage split - not least having to live through the isolation, lies and parnonia he subjected her to. Emotional cruelty is every bit as bad, as the physical bruises. I had a wry smile at the subtle, but well placed digs she had at the three main men in her life. How they left her - but ultimately all wanted her back (?). The same with the snippet that Shane named his son, with his new wife - with a name (she) wouldnt use. I wish she had talked about her relationship with her siblings a bit more. She touched on the falling out with two of them - but more could have been covered. And it would have been nice to see a picture or two of her, with the two Nolan brothers, who are barely mentioned. For a celebrity who hasnt had trauma's galore in her life - her book was still a good read.
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on 1 May 2009
What an ignorant revue, this was obviously read under sufferance and you have no interest in Coleen whatsoever. What an insult to a fascinating woman - I read this bok in one go could not put it down and at no point does she complain, whinge or moan - not once, she just tells her story and it's truly facsinating. Highly recommended.
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on 15 December 2009
Good book, if you love to watch loose women, i have read her ex husband, shane riches book so it made it all the more interesting!! Good personal autobiography.Upfront and Personal: The Autobiography
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on 31 May 2009
This is a very good book, thoroughly enjoyed it. I understand from watching Coleen on Loose Women that she was worried about the response of some private information becoming public,I don't think anyone would think any less of her,in fact, I think they should praise her for having the courage for being truthful about her life.The thing that stood out for me was the double standards of Shane Richie,ie extra marital relationships,I think Colleen handled it very well and came out of the whole debarcle with her integrity intact(albeit probably torn up inside)and has been able to move on with Ray and a lovely happy family.I say 'Good on her'!!!!
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on 16 May 2016
This book is the most moving book I have read the more I got into it the more tissues I needed but I couldn't put it down for a moment. I had to see how it ended,and I am glad that everyone is happy in the end.
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on 9 March 2015
Real life account of yet another ordinary family, with extraordinary capacity to love, but also to hurt, one another deeply. A welcome education to me on the effects of showbiz on families. Thanks Colleen. Top marks on being a solid mum and wife. You have your priorities right. You nurtured Shane snr with all of your capacity, but comes a day when others have to take responsibility for their actions AND whtat they've done to you, too, along the way. I'm just so pleased your Ray was able to come into your life, despite the possible hurdle/distraction of your public fame, and take away so much tension, fear and vulnerability for all three of you. Clara is blessed, like your boys, to have such a strong, kind man as Ray in your family unit as dad. Thanks for your honesty too. God bless you all.

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on 4 October 2010
i always watch loose women so had to buy this book and i have always thought that coleen was funny!this book was brilliant read it within a week.really could'nt put it down!! you wont be dissappointed!
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VINE VOICEon 11 June 2010
Coleen Nolan's autobiography is a goldmine for anyone interested in the artificial and schizophrenic world of celebrity entertainment. For the rest of us it's just too much information. The book's entitled Upfront and Personal but, frankly, the idea of Nolan the nymphomanic swinging from the chandeliers in an effort to hang on to her cheating husband is not one to settle the stomach. Not being a fan of Loose Women (which some have likened to John Knox's montrous regiment of women) my only prior knowledge of Nolan was her membership of the all girl group which had one major hit and a number of small ones thirty years ago.

Her story appeals to women in particular, possibly because of similar experiences of bad choices when it comes to men. That included an abortion at the age of 16, a variety of one night stands and a marriage to Shane Ritchie in which she presents herself as the wounded victim. Yet it was Nolan who kept accepting him back and paints herself as being strong when they finally separated without acknowledging how weak she was in delaying the inevitable. Brave Coleen, who was recently featured in the press losing her battle with tobacco addiction, seems incapable of being as honest with herself as she pretends. Hence, after ending her harrowing story she writes, "thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed living it" seemingly forgetting the father whose temper used to frighten her, her husband who was unfaithful to her and her sisters, two of whom are alientated from her. That's enjoyment ?!!?

There's a lot of humanity in her story but there's also a lot of selfishness. While she mentions her father, she never confronted him over the way he treated her mother. Her affection for her mother grew as Maureen Nolan developed Alzheimers but her two brothers are barely mentioned. While Nolan does not sink into self-pity she has no problem parading the family's dirty washing in public. It seems contradictory to complain of press intrusion while publishing all the sordid details of dysfunctional family life. Apparently, no matter what the subject, entertainers always need an audience and seem unable to distinguish between their public and private personas. If Nolan really is the girl next door it's time to move house.

Her self portrait is different from that painted by two of her sisters who complain she was the last to join and the first to leave the singing group. She has also been accused of setting up the 2009 Nolan Sisters' tour because of financial hardship. The beef between the siblings seems to centre on Nolan's current husband on whom she heaps excessive praise. Perhaps I've been unlucky (or lucky depending on your viewpoint) in missing the final highlight of Nolan's career, her appearance on Dancing On Ice. Her account of the show and her part in it was almost enough to destroy the will to live and, while she is right that life is about doing your best rather than being the best, she mistakes popularity for talent.

Allegedly, appearing in Dancing on Ice and Loose Women represents success in some quarters. Throwing an autobiography on to the remainders pile to be sold on to pound shops everywhere is just an addition to the cult of celebrity which allows the insignificant to claim importance. Although officially an autobiography the book has all the hallmarks of being based on personal interviews many of which suggest Nolan has a mouth as foul as a poultry farm. Apparently Nolan writes a column on parenting in the Daily Mirror notwithstanding her idea that her son would be better having sex with a prostitute in Amsterdam than a slapper in Ibiza. Nolan considers love and sex to be unrelated which, given her life story, may be true.

The content of the book is as lasting as the early morning mist and, while some people consider it to be a book that can't be put down, personally it's one I recommend will not be missed if it's never be picked up. Nolan claims she has closed a chapter on her life and wants to start living again. Winning the fight against tobacco addiction might give meaning to her claims that she puts puts her family first. The egocentrism shown in this volume rather suggests it's more of a hope than an expectation. Overall, the book is an easy read and for that deserves three stars.
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