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on 28 June 2011
I've had the Zen 100 for about 2-3 months now and I have to say it's okay. The music quality is good, battery time is 12+ hours with 256-320kbps tracks and it's simple to use.

The only downsides for me are the buttons are so fiddly for me. The navigation pad sometimes sticks and is barely the same size as my index fingertip. There's no dedicated lock button, but you can program the 'shortcut' button as a lock if you need it. Creating a playlist makes the player crash, requiring a reset (though thankfully resetting the device doesn't cause files to be deleted). And the player always needs at least 100MB space free for memory, which is inconvenient as you need to connect it to a computer to create space, and isn't helpful if you've just loaded it and are on the move.

Good points about it is you can use the DJ function to play your highly rated tracks (you can rate tracks out of 5 on the player) and your most played tracks. It also uses micro USB for charging, so if you lose the tiny charger cable, you may probably have a longer replacement in your house. If it weren't for my previous player being the awesome Samsung YP-Q2JEB 16GB MP4 Player - Black, I probably would've given the Zen 100 3/5. I guess I'm just spoilt now ;)
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on 27 September 2011
We have Zen V mp3 players, mainly for holidays abroad, which have given good service, so I had few reservations (quality wise) in going for the Style 100 plus the matching Creative Zen TravelSound Mozaic docking speakers.

This combination is small and lightweight, and apart from needing an (inexpensive) external power unit, it cuts out cables/leads. The integrated battery in the speakers is a big advantage over conventional AA or AAA replacable batteries.

We have Creative TravelSound 900 speakers, which is fine equipment, but it needs batteries (or mains power lead) and connecting lead from mp3 player to speakers. Incidentally, the Creative headphones are pretty useless in my opinion - I don't like "in your ear" buds for a start. However, as the supplied ones were not going to be used in any circumstances that was never a consideration.

The Style 100 is easy enough to use, especially if you've had experience of other Creative models.

There is no need to use the Creative Centrale programme if you don't want to - CDs can be ripped to the library on Windows Media Player (wma of mp3 format at selected bit rates) and easily transferred by "drag and drop" from computer to player.

I chose this model for its size and weight when used in conjunction with the docking TravelSound speaker unit - if you want a stand alone mp3 player for personal use then you might want to read other reviews.

For example, the 3.5mm headphone jack is on the bottom of the player (near the USB connection) rather than the top, as on nearly all other mp3 players.

You'll almost certainly need to buy a mains supply unit to charge the player - it will also power up and charge it when docked with the matching TravelSound speaker - and it can also power or charge these speaker as well. Readily available via internet and Ebay dealers at realistic prices - don't buy direct from Creative - they want seriously silly money. Make sure you identify the best model for your needs - the universal travel adapter covers all the bases, all you need is a suitable socket adapter for the countries you visit.
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on 9 May 2011
I bought this along with a pair of Sennheiser HD 215 II Headphones to listen to music in my office. I was amazed at how well they drive such big headphones; much better than other well-known mp3 players I have tried. Battery life is great, I'm getting about 24 hours of playback per charge despite using the EQ and big headphones (both of which increase power usage). Sound quality is brilliant, with excellent clarity on both highs and lows. The EQ and bass-boost features (useful for the HD 215s, which benefit from some extra low-end) don't degrade sound quality noticably.

The bundled headphones are a bad joke, you'll get better sound and comfort from a pair from the pound shop. I don't know why companies do this, it really makes the main product sound terrible. I've not factored this into the review score, as I never intended to use them, and it's obvious they haven't really contributed to the cost of the package...

I'm not interested in the video playback features, so I haven't even tried them out and won't comment further.

The player's user-interface is functional, but not quite as intuitive as it could have been. I chose not to use the bundled software for managing the music, I just sync my mp3 library via the USB ports on my Netgear Ready NAS Duo (if you've got one, create a backup job of your music folder to the front USB and bind it to the backup button, that way you can charge and update your music overnight by just plugging in and pressing the button). The Zen rebuilds its internal index of tracks when you disconnect it, which can take up to a minute if you've got a full 16GB of music.

Physically it's very robust. The buttons have a reassuringly solid feel to them but are quite loud and clicky. There's absolutely no flex to the case, and it has survived a few drops without harm. Both the headphone and USB ports are firmly attached to the case, not just to the circuit board, so I've no worries that the connections will fail.

Overall, it's an excellent little player, and fantastic value.
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on 19 October 2010
I have owned a Creative Nomad Jukebox for 8 years and have been very pleased with it despite its size.
With the Zen Style I found it very difficult to understand the instructions for the Creative Centrale which you have to use to compile or load Playlists. I eventually manged to load two smallish playlists and the player played them OK but when I loaded bigger playlists the player would lock up if trying to play any of them, even the original small playlists would not play. I tried dragging and dropping a playlist into the playlist file. The player listed the playlist and the music went into the album sections but the music would not play from the playlist. I tried syncing the playlists from Windows Media Player but the playlists weren't listed although the music again appeared as albums.

If you just want to play albums then it is easy to operate, the sound quality is good and drag and drop works with albums but as a player of playlists it is useless.

I was hoping the software with my old player would recognise the Zen Style and/or the new software would recognise my old player but in this I was disappointed.

I returned the unit and bought a Sansa Fuze instead. I bought my partner one in May and it is easy to load playlists from Windows Media Player and it is easy to operate with good battery life. I had to pay £10 more for the Fuze in October than I did in May. Presumably an indicator of its popularity.

The Creative Centrale software recognises the Fuze but I haven't had time to play with it yet.
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on 11 August 2013
great little mp3 player for my 3000+ songs. Easy to navigate and the audio volume can be capped if you want to make sure you don't listen to music too loudly. I also set it to turn itself off after 1 hour if I haven't used any controls in that time.
I chose this product because you simply plug it into your PC with a USB cable and drag and drop music onto it with out installing extra software.

I enjoy the DJ function, which selects 20 songs I've either marked as 5 star or plays songs I don't listen to very often.
Sadly the playlist function lets me down. It takes ages for a playlist to load and sometimes it even freezes.
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on 15 July 2011
This Player is perfect for me, it holds a large number of audio books is small and easy to use and the sound is good
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on 27 October 2010
The only good thing to say about this item is that it is cheaper than some rivals, as Creative have just reduced the prices of hteir Zen range. I bought one which was delivered straight from the factory. The Zen would connect to my PC in order to download the software; which immediately told me that the firmware was out of date and needed upgrading; which I did and it appeared to go well.

The problems started when I actually tried to use the Zen on its own. The unit wouldn't switch on and the battery never charged! I checked on the Creative site and made sure that I had the latest firmware, I checked the reset/support software but the Zen 300 isn't supported! Contacting the company they suggested doing all the things I had already done including the reset software that doesn't support the Zen 300.

The on-line RMA process doesn't recognise/support Zen 300's either! I eventually managed to get a response from Creative support; who were eventually persuaded to open a manual RMA on my behalf. I then had to pay for it to be sent away and as yet have not recieved a replacement or any update from the company. This was 3 wks ago!

So my advice is stear clear of this pay a little bit extra for someone else's product that actually works and is supported by the companies support processes.
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on 24 July 2011
I bought this to take advantage of spoken word recordings in mp3 format. I am not the most technically accomplished person but I found this player to be excellent value and very easy to use. The accompanying software has not been such a success which is probably down to my shortcomings but I have been able to load it with mp3 format books and use it without problem. Very pleased.
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on 4 June 2011
difficult to use, crashes when trying to create a playlist crashes when trying to add music sound quality is below average. I have found numerous faults and have only used it for a day,(already very frustrated with it). would not recommend this product to anyone and i would strongly suggest saving up the extra money and buying an ipod.
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