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on 21 July 2010
Keen to purchase a twin DVD player I toyed with the idea of buying any twin screened player on the market from £80 up to £200. In my haste I assumed all players on such a small screen would emit around the same quality in both sound and vision, after all what else would you want it to do other than amuse the kids on a car journey? However, what I soon realised was what this model does which the others don't - allowing you the option to watch DVD's independently or else the same film on both screens! Not only this but each unit is a stand alone player in it's own right - each having a built in battery thus allowing the kids to take the player from the car and watch it in the hotel room/plane/boat etc without the need for a mains charge or any connecting leads necessary from yet another unit (like some other models..). Image looks awesome and the car-fit kit (included + travel bag) is easy & quick to fit and totally unobtrusive compared to the straps etc of other makes. The DVD is top loading meaning a DVD change takes place without removal of the whole unit (again unlike other models) and the sound is balanced and impressive. The screen control is a light touch up/down/L/R button on the front which is makes navigation easy - especially for little hands! All leads come with the product - inc output leads to display onto a TV - the only down side being a lack of a remote control, but this in itself does not distract from what is an excellent piece of kit!
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on 31 January 2011
Bought this set to replace my old Philips DVD and am very pleased. Yes they do stick out too far but that would be my only complaint. I knew from my previous set how they fixed to the car so I was not disappointed. They work great, are easy to use and the best bit is that if you turn the ignition off for a few minutes (or longer) they can continue to play on the battery packs which are charged whilst driving. Also can be removed and used stand alone which can prove very useful. You can load them up with two different dvds and link the screens together, then simply switch the two screens from dvd to av and you can watch the second dvd.
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on 30 December 2011
I bought these units to replace a couple of Bush Dual DVD players which were truly awful as they never lasted more than a few uses before breaking.

On the move they provide excellent playback quality and being dual DVD each child can select what they want to watch, which saves a lot of arguing. Whilst they are definitely a step change in build quality from the Bush, there are a number of design flaws which stop me awarding 5 stars:-

1) The mounting to the headrests is rather long-winded, comprising solid plastic brackets which are screwed between the headrest mounts and which feature a tilting bracket which means you can get the screen just right for the eye-height of each child. The screens can then be unscrewed from the bracket and hidden out of sight. The problem lies in the bracket, which is fiddly to fit and requires the use of a screwdriver and which can't be stored in the gadget bag provided. When you're not using the units you have to put the brackets somewhere and I end up putting them in a plastic bag, which always seems to end up somewhere different to the screens.

2) There is no remote control for the screens and whilst they're not particularly far away to operate, for my 7 year-old they're very difficult to use. Also, some of the controls are on top of the screen and can not be accessed without taking the seatbelt off to see what you're doing.

3) The worst piece of design, however, is the loading of the DVDs. When you flip the screen down it only opens by about 20 - 30° so loading is made very difficult for children (aged 10 & 7) wearing their seatbelts, which seems to be rather self-defeating.

Overall, I think they're probably some of the best built units on the market, but the attention to detail is very poor and surprising for a company like Philips.
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on 27 May 2011
To be fair this set up is spot on. The DVD quality is good and the sound is also.
The set up for mounting the DVD player in the car is a waste of time unless you have a huge car with loads ofspace between the front and rear seats but I managed to buy some Velcro straps of eBay for £2.50 and the problem is solved.
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on 30 April 2012
1. the screen quality is quite poor - image is not clear unless you hold the unit at a certain angle (vertical axis)

2. mounting brackets - I had to improvise by adding a soft "gasket" in order to attach the units securely to them as the screw was too long - I contacted Philips CS and they unhelpfully suggested to return the unit to seller. I could not be bothered as I had a long trip ahead with the kids in Europe. They seemed to be very happy with them.

3. car mounting - straightforward and easy to install but the bracket arm is too long though - sticks out too much (10 cm or 4" ) - not ideal to be so close to the kids' eyes. A choice of different sizes would have been great.

The picture on the pack showing the installed units in the car is misleading.

4. It is still the best option if you need two dvd players (with standard divX compatibility) and no headrest straps and out-of-car mains + battery powered DVD players.
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on 28 December 2010
Bought this Philips DVD system this afternoon and returned it this evening.

I bought this on the basis of the photo showing the two screens neatly tucked on to the back of the headrests. In reality, there's a clip that fits around the headrest posts, with a chunky clip that connects to it, and an arm which connects this to the back of the DVD player. In all, this protrudes by about 5 inches from the back of the headrest - nothing at all like the flush mounted screens on the picture. We tried it on a Ford Mondeo and a Citroën C8 and it was equally obtrusive on both. I'm almost certain that the picture has been photoshopped as there's no way on this earth it would fit on any car the way it's shown in the photo. It might not sound like a huge problem, but I bought this (as many people do) for young kids. It sticks out in mid-air in the back of the car and would get bumped every time someone got in or out the car, it would be far too close to their eyes for comfortable viewing and there would be wires hanging everywhere.

The previous reviewer says that it is top-loading, which is perhaps slightly misleading as I thought he meant there was a slot you put the disc in - instead the front of the screen opens forwards and downwards from the top, and only by about 30 degrees, so it's actually really difficult to load and unload while it's fixed to the car, and would probably result in scratched discs. Another design fault is that most of the buttons are on the right hand side, and NO remotes are provided, so it might be awkward to control.

On the plus side, the units themselves look really smart and the carry bag is decent quality (although not suitable for purpose as you'd have to remove the ridiculously long arms which stick off the back once assembled). The pull-out frame stands are good if you want to stand it on a desk, and you do get all the cables and bits required in the box.

Philips are selling this as a twin set - in actual fact, it's just 2 individual players with an input/output cable to copy content from one to another, and a joined up dual car charger. Save your money and buy a pair of players with proper headrest mounting straps that won't protrude halfway into the back of the car. An utterly rubbish purchase.
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on 31 December 2010
Overall a really good product. Improvement on the last Philips in car DVD system we had. It's fantastic to have 2 separate movies playing at once, stops the arguments on long journeys. Headphone supplied are a bit naff so ended up buying two new sets that were much more comfortable and durable but that's just me being fussy. Picture quality good, sound good, very easy to set up. It is fantastic that they hold a charge - this means when you stop to get petrol the DVDs continue to work when the engine is turned off and don't restart when the engine does - which is what happened with the last set we had and it was frustrating for the kids who had to find where they were in the DVD again.

Could use a strap or velcro attachment to back up the plastic 'clip style' attachments that come with the set. When attached the clips are vulnerable if leant on or pulled and can easily break. Not sure how long they will last with my boys! Overall a very good product but time will tell how long the clips last. Worst case scenario the kids can hold the DVD players on their laps!
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on 26 December 2012
What a fab dvd player it kept my two very quite on our way to Crantock in Cornwall, very easy to use even my 5yr old could use it, what i liked about this dvd play is you can watch the same or individual dvds. It is also top loading so you dont have to keep the whole dvd player off head rest, also it has a built in battery so if you stop and turn your engine off the dvd player will keep on playing, it also remembers where you got to on dvds so your dont have to start from the beginning again. Also with this dvd you can take it in doors and use it eg carvan hotel ect, so you could plug it into the tv where you are staying which is a bonus.It really is a must have and would recommend this to my friends, a winner all round i would say.
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on 16 November 2013
Good portable DVD player - bought it to replace a single screen Philips PET744 so both kids can watch the same DVD. Disappointing battery life (which I knew when I bought it) as it's fine when in the car & plugged in but not so great on a plane etc....PET744 has 6hr battery life. Also doesn't have a remote control like the PET744 (again I knew when purchasing) which isn't a major problem as my 5yr old can reach most controls he may need to....would just have been useful to have one. Overall I think it will be fine - wanted one the kids can watch the same or different DVDs & this one can. We were happy with our last one so hoping this one performs as well!
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on 12 April 2013
After 2 years and very little use, both units have stopped working. I don't consider 2 years to be a reasonable amount of time for a DVD player to last.

Also, the mounting bracket is so long that the screens bounce up and down. I searched for alternative ways to secure the screens to the headrests, but couldn't find any.

My one star rating is purely due to the failure of the product. If there were a rating for Amazon, I would also give them 1 star since they are not interested in fixing the problem. They just want me to talk to Philips as it is out of warranty. Me mentioning the sale of goods act, and the fact that my contract is with Amazon, not Philips fell on deaf ears.
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