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4.2 out of 5 stars24
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 19 December 2014
This is NOT the low point of her career no matter what the people say! I think this is a great album, must buy!

1. Bionic 10/10
Hard hitting introduction to the album, it sums up the theme in this song alone

2. Not Myself Tonight 10/10
The perfect lead single, stunningly brilliant

3. WooHoo (featuring Nicki Minaj) 10/10
A huge collab, brilliant track!

4. Elastic Love 9/10
Interesting and memorable, really enjoy this

5. Desnudate 9/10
Mega fun and catchy, single material!

6. Love & Glamour Intro 10/10
Sassy and fabulous spoken introduction that works well

7. Glam 10/10
An incredibly hot track, Christina gets in your face and gives you a hint of what it's like to live in her world!

8. Prima Donna 9/10
Another song dedicated to showing you why she's the best, so fun

9. Morning Dessert Intro 9/10
A sexy, slow introduction to the next track

10. Sex For Breakfast 9/10
The seductive Christina returns on this song and it fits in very well

11. Lift Me Up 9/10
A great ballad and the start to a section of some of the most personal songs on the record

12. My Heart Intro 10/10
A cute introduction featuring her family

13. All I Need 10/10
Beautiful song written by Sia, you know it's coming from Christina's heart!

14. I Am 10/10
This song tells you how Christina does have her insecurities still, it's a lovely track on the album

15. You Lost Me 10/10
One of the most powerful singles on the album, much loved!

16. I Hate Boys 9/10
Fierce and sassy, another brilliant single

17. My Girls (featuring Peaches) 8/10
Although being one of my least favourites I still enjoy it a lot

18. Vanity 10/10
The sassiest song on the album, pure fun and energetic!

19. Monday Morning 9/10
Another change in tone which works well

20. Bobblehead 10/10
Catchy and fun sing along track

21. Birds Of Prey 8/10
A slow and dark song, bordering on creepy!!

22. Stronger Than Ever 10/10
Penned again by Sia, beautiful track that could've easily fit onto the standard edition album

23. I Am (Stripped) 10/10
The stripped down version of I Am, just as beautiful and maybe even more so as the original!

I'd DEFINITELY recommend buying this album to add to your collection, it really isn't as bad as some people say. It's fun and full of attitude with some of classic Christina's ballads towards the album's end. Give it a go, you won't regret it!
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on 1 July 2014
Aguilera's voice has been growing on me over the years and I firmly believe she is one of the finest vocalist of the last decade and her generation. I'm even confident that she will go on to do some great work in the future. Millions of X Factor wanabees the world over want a slice of the Aguilera pie but it's not that easy for she has the very voice they love but can never imitate and why, because she is too good a singer. Now with her late 90s pop starlet stuff long behind her, and the R 'N' B bombast of 'Stripped' which brought her international acclaim in the can along with the funk of 2006s soul-driven 'Back To Basics' she dares to go electronic with this 2010 album, and where is that? Well you could say it's into Lady Gaga territory. As a fan of Aguilera, electronic music, and Gaga herself I had to hear this out of sheer curiosity. I popped it in the machine (sounds robot!) and hit the play button. The first thing that struck me was the production which was bass heavy, with some great drum patterns and big fat analog sounding synths. Then the vocals, Aguilera tried a lot of new things here which has further broadened the scope of her great voice and overall the album kept me entertained with techno-dance songs and chill-out nu jazz-style ballads. It's a long album with 23 tracks in all (Deluxe edition, well worth it for the 5 extra tracks) but it definitely contains some of the best vocals she has done. The themes covered in the songs are nothing new, but pop has a built in recycle system anyway so it's the usual love, fashion, sex and money we have come to expect by now. If you like Christina Aguilera you may find this album is good but if you like Christina Aguilera and electronic pop music you may find this album is excellent. I did!
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on 14 November 2012
Christina Aguilera's long-waited 4th studio album was hyped a lot since the day her collaborators were announced. Ladytron, M.I.A., Sia, Linda Perry, Claude Kelly, Nicki Minaj, Peaches, Tricky, Ester Dean among others.. a wonderful bunch of talented artists in one disc. Do you want indie music? You got it. Do you want contemporary dance music? You got it too. Do you want some electro music? Got it. What about ballads? Definitely! Besides, she's the queen of ballads. In my opinion, the ballads of this album are the heart of "Bionic". You gotta listen to "All I Need", the underrated "You Lost Me", the electro "Lift Me Up", "I Am" and "Stronger than Ever". Her voice is so awesome!
I only didn't like a couple of the electro dance songs (see Prima Donna, Desnudate) they were generic.

The standout tracks are: the provocative lead single "Not Myself Tonight" which is hot and the beat is crazy, "Birds of Prey" the Ladytron song, "Monday Morning" where Gwen Stefani meets Madonna, "Woohoo" the collaboration with the talented newcomer Nicki Minaj, "I Am" and of course "You Lost Me".

This is the best pop album of 2010 which is terribly underrated.

PS: The booklet is fantastic. Well done to the guy who made the special artwork too.
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on 5 July 2010
Ok for starters I'm a HUGE Xtina fan but, this is no Stripped!

I bought this the day it came out... I think the problem with this album is the hype Christina created before this... the whole ''Futuristic album'' didn't really work out (apparently) and they decided to turn this into a mainstream album and still... they didn't do much!!

01. Bionic: ok this absolutely great... great in every meaning of the word, its what the whole album could have been.
02. Not Myself Tonight: well, um, its good but not ''lead single from forthcoming album'' material! Could have served as a third or fourth single
03. WooHoo (Featuring Nicki Minaj): fantastic!! i love it (though the intro is a bit pointless and boring) its so catchy it just makes you sing along and dance silly! Could ahve been second single if promoted right...!
04. Elastic Love: hmmm sounds like a M.I.A. song (its produced by M.I.A.) only with Christina's vocals... its not great, its just ok!
05. Desnudate: its good fun song but it gets a little repetitive. I prefer the fan-made version with Pitbull... its always a plus to hear Xtina singing in Spanish.
06. Love And Glamour (Interlude)
07. Glam: It's good, its a ''Vogue'' could-have-been, only a little less fabulous. Not my favorite but I don't mind it
08. Prima Donna: ha! my personal favorite... its the same attitude song as Rihanna's ''Rockstar 101'', it features Lil' Jon-type vocals and its everywhere credited as ''featuring Lil' Jon'' even though it doesn't haha!
09. Morning Dessert (Interlude)
10. Sex For Breakfast: just, REALLY not that good
11. Lift Me Up: aaah, simply fantastic, tear-jerking ballad. Christina at her best! It may sound like ''Hurt'' Part 2 but it really is more than that
12. My Heart (Interlude)
13. All I Need: another nice ballad, not her best but has great lyrics
14. I Am: ooh, Christina's self-descriptive song, cute, nice but just that
15. You Lost Me: There's not really a word to describe how good this is... An amazing song that includes whispery and shout-y vocals but they sound perfet. And the radio mix of this is even more amazing, giving it a little more beat for the radio. Hope it does well on the charts
16. I Hate Boys: pure fun! Not a masterpiece but you can listen to it and have fun. not from the ones I'd skip...
17. My Girls (Featuring Peaches): Hmm, this got me thinking... its not massive but not bad at all... its just ok, and Peaches gives it extra boost
18. Vanity: hahaha simply fan-f***ing-tastic! You can't help but smile or laugh at Christina's second self-descriptive song (but this one is pure fun), its a song that can do great if promoted right but not if they censor it (Christina swears like she hasn't swore before haha) one of the best!

19. Monday Morning: different... should have been on the normal edition
20. Bobblehead: fun song, really catchy... you wanna sing-along
21. Birds of Prey: and we come to the greatest song Christina ever recorded... without exaggerating this song is a pure masterpiece... dark, with moody lyrics and great vocals. It should definitely be included in the normal edition
22. Stronger Than Ever: like ''Fighter'' Part 2, same passion, same attitude, same nerve. Its definitely Bionic's ''Fighter'' but its great on its own... and again should have been on the normal edition
23. I Am (Stripped): Better than the original

this album is just GOOD, its fun to listen to, its nowhere what could have been... still decent effort...
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on 12 November 2012
I didn't buy this when it was released due to the negative reviews. I don't know why Christina got so much grief for this album as she did. Yes, she changed direction and did something different. But she did that with Back To Basics too. Working with Sia on this album to create a different sound, the music is great but I feel Christina's styling missed the mark. It felt like she was trying too hard so no one bothered to listen to the album. I think people should listen to this, especially the deluxe edition as the additional songs really add to it. It's loaded with dance sings and ballads and its a shame she didn't try harder to promote it. All in all, a great album from a great singer.
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on 22 June 2013
Most people had slated this return because of artistic direction and the risque nature of the lead single and accompanying music video, but what we actually have beneath the surface of the controversy is a genuinely strong album that is a pleasing experience. This album was actually very ahead of its time, has great dance tracks, strong vocals, touching ballads and a great undertone of self empowerement. This album I would have to place as my 2nd favourite Xtina album (just behind Stripped) and is among my favourite albums of all time. Really recommend actually trying every single track of the album and definitely worth a purchase.
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on 5 July 2013
I am a huge fan of Christina Aguilera, I love her voice, and how much of herself she puts into her music and makes herself accessible to her fans. She really takes you on a journey with her when you listen to her music.

Unfortunately, this album has not done as well as it should, for a number of reasons. Firstly, she postponed the release date for this album and the promotion because of Burlesque. In this time, Beyoncé among a few others released their music portraying futuristic women, which made Christina look like she was following the trend. This is not the case because a while before starting this album she released some incredible music such as "Genie in a Bottle 2.0" and "Falling in Love Again (Can't Help It)". I absolutely loved this foray into a futuristic, femme fatale figure, even if it was putting her real vocals on the side for a while. I also loved the fact that she re-did Genie in a Bottle, as she has always said that she never liked the way she was manufactured on her first album, and by doing this she was taking possession of her music and making her mark as an empowered, successful woman.

The other reason this did not do well is the promotion itself. Coinciding with her divorce from her husband, Christina really struggled to promote this without looking like she had a serious attitude. Even I was entirely put off getting the album just by watching one particular interview. After putting so much thought into her album and the image it was going to take, and making such a brave step into a different musical direction, at this point of promotion she seems to have lost a lot of inspiration and motivation. We see her with terrible outfits that don't really fit the theme of her album at all, and even the repetition of some outfits for different performances. This was not her at all as for her Back to Basics album she was really on it.

She has said she's a fan of Goldfrapp and I liked how she was inspired by Goldfrapp's album Black Cherry. When you compare the back of both their albums, the image is virtually the same, except that Christina's is futuristic and Goldfrapp's is reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood. I really love the idea of the picture on the album cover. As for the music itself, the songs were overall hit and miss. But I like Bionic and Vanity (a song not to be taken literally!) for their personas, and All I Need and I Am as ballads. The single Not Myself Tonight I personally found atrocious, but she didn't even write it and it was added quite a while after she finished her album. So how and why it became the lead single I have no idea, but I think the video put the nail in the coffin for that one (my personal opinion).

Overall a misunderstood album that could have been a lot stronger had it been given the chance. I would have also liked to hear more music like the futuristic ones I mentioned earlier. In terms of the music I'd give it a 3/5 but I'm giving it a 4/5 based on the concept of the album and its potential.
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on 13 May 2012
I own this album since it's release, and it's still my all time favorite!! Iv'e always been a huge Xtina fan and it dissapoints me that many other fans don't like the record. The album contains very catchy electronic songs and some stunning ballads. Stripped was amazing, and so is Bionic. A real Xtina classic. Shame that the record flopped, it's a masterpiece!! 5/5
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on 18 November 2012
in your product description it said the deluxe edition of this cd i purchased from you would contain a obi strip which is the little cardboard piece that is placed on the spine usually on japan or most far east editions of cds this is the second time i have written to you please advise me-.........WERE NOW 6 MONTH DOWN THE LINE AND STILL NO REPLY !!!
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on 28 November 2012
I like this album. It's really great work by Xtina. Much more intersting than her later album. And I couldn't understand why it had so bad sales. Hope to hear songs from this album someday in her tour... Yes, I'm waiting for her in tour.
And I like the cover of this Disk. It's so unusual!
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