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4.0 out of 5 stars128
4.0 out of 5 stars
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In a more just universe, The Losers would have done the kind of business the disappointingly shoddy Expendables did and kickstarted a series, but in this one it pretty much came and went unnoticed in the US and was a complete box-office disaster just about everywhere else. Which is a shame, because it's a terrific comicbook action movie that manages to be stylish without being incomprehensible and delivers satisfying action scenes even if it's not in the business of offering surprises. The Losers aren't superheroes but a modern-day A-Team who get set up after taking out a Bolivian druglord on his home turf and, as mercenaries for hire, try to make enough money to get back to the States, find the mysterious Max who `killed' them and deliver some payback. Not exactly rewriting the action movie playbook, it's true, but this does it with wit and panache in a globetrotting plot (well, Bolivia, Dubai and some of the lower American states) that belies its relatively low budget and makes its ensemble of hardboiled wisecracking heroes worth rooting for.

Coming off Avatar, Zoe Saldana's mystery woman who hires them got most of the geek publicity, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan, coming across as a combination of George Clooney and Robert Downey Jr., is a charismatic lead who manages to be convincingly hardboiled without being unlikeable, with Chris Evans' techno-nerd, Columbus Short's one-who-wants-to-get-back-to-his-family who ticks all the deadmeat cliché boxes, Idris Elba's constantly threatening one and Oscar Jaenada's sniper who's main characteristic is his hat rounding out the team. But the big surprise of the film is Jason Patric as the kind of guy who has so many evil plots going at the same time he can't keep track of who he's set up or killed. Usually a flat one-note actor who manages to outstay his welcome before his first scene is half over, here his dryly sardonic eco-friendly master villain is a genuine delight, his absurdly underplayed scenes with sidekick Holt McCallany pitch perfect ("That was my hit him in the face nod, not my throw him off the damn building nod!"). At times the film does favor banter over action, but there's enough of both to go round and it's hard to complain when one of the villains gets one of the more spectacular exits in recent years. Ultimately it's nothing more than an entertaining action movie with a sense of humor, but when it's done this well that's more than enough.

Optimum's Bluray offers a good 2.40:1 widescreen transfer and a decent array of extras - audio commentary by comicbook writers Andy Diggle and Jock, a deleted scene, five featurettes and trailer.
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So, the eponymous 'Losers' are a unit of disavowed, left-for-dead soldiers, betrayed by their government in an effort to cover up their morally dubious actions in Bolivia. They swear to wreak havoc on the man that betrayed them, an agent known only as "Max" and they will have their revenge, even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice.

Jeffery Dean Morgan (Watchmen) plays 'Clay', the Loser's squad leader with great effect. He has a perfect combination of surly mannerisms and boyish charm to really fill the character out. Chris Evans (The Torch out of Fantastic Four) is also a notable mention, both of the guys are veterans on the comic-to-film scene and provide solid performances. The rest of the crew are decent actors and they really have some decent camaraderie on-screen building the humour.

The Losers is another one of the seemingly conveyor belt-fed graphic novel movie adaptation franchise. However, it is starting to feel like they are scraping the barrel for worthy conversions as I hadn't heard of the Losers at all before this movie, and I read comics. But don't let this dishearten you, there is not much to pick-up, no reams of back-stories; just good old fashioned action and comedy.

The story is very predictable but it doesn't take itself too seriously so you can easily sit back and ignore the plot-holes or the unnecessary locale jumping (Dubai - Miami - Delhi - Houston: all in a 5 minute sequence!!). Max turns out to be a cardboard cut-out bad guy and the dialogue and motivation have all been done a 100 times before, nonetheless he is played flawlessly by Jason Patric (In The Valley Of Elah) and deserves some merit.

In conclusion, The Losers is full of funny moments, great action sequences, good acting and memorable scenes. Whilst it brings nothing new to the table it is a solid action film and will keep you smiling and laughing the whole way through. Recommended for an easy afternoon watch!!
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on 22 August 2014
This looks at first like a boring, bland action film, and in some respects it is. But it's self-aware, moving and funny.

The premise is that a group of American agents are set up by the faceless figure known only as Max, and the film opens with a truly disturbing scene that might put you off the rest of the film. Don't let it, though, because you'd be missing out on a real treat.
The Losers knows what it is, and it knows how to avoid action movie clichés, in part by mocking them and in part by being an actually engaging movie. It has the typical setup for an action movie, but its execution is tremendous.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great as the team's leader, Zoe Saldana is a strong character as the vengeful mercenary aid, but the real show-stealer here is Chris Evans (now known for being Captain America). He is brilliant in every sense of the word - he's hilarious, he's strong and he just seems to be having a great time, which is something that gets reflected in the viewer. One particular sequence is one of the most pleasant, enjoyable, fun scenes from any action movie.

All in all, a good action romp that's more than what you think it is.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 August 2013
The Losers is about a team of elite soldiers, double-crossed and left for dead on foreign soil. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Therefore, they must hunt down and blow up everything. Well, the probably refine it to those responsible for their situation, but they pretty much blow up everything in their path.

The plot is certainly not original. Everything in the big-budget version of the A-team does it better. However, that's not to say that The Losers doesn't have its merits.

Yes, it's a B-movie, but it has enough decent actors to give it just that little bit more appeal than your average `filler' movie. None of the cast are given enough screen time to really develop their characters, as the movie is quite short, but if you're in the mood for plenty of explosions, shoot-outs and punch-ups - all of which are filmed in a very cool `slow-mo' way, then give this a go.

Trust me, there are plenty of worse action B-movies out there!

Probably a 3/5 out of 5.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 April 2012
This is a great easy going action film, just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride! Its not as over the top as the A-team or as action packed as most action films but it still delivers the fun and thrills with its fun and simple story and perfect little cast. It has elements of other films mixed up and ideas that have been done before but with a few added original elements and twists, its certainly worth checking out and will suit most people!
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on 7 October 2013
why this wasnt a bigger i dont know, great performance and chemistry between jeffery dean morgan and zoe salanda in it and loved the comic turn by chris pine.
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on 26 July 2015
I've sat thru film in the cinema that i've had high expectations of that turned out to be just awfull. This however, i never saw iton the bill at cinemas but i would have walked away thinking it was worth the cost of a cinema ticket to was entertaining, funny & it flowed really well. Great cast of characters & well edited. I would embellish this more but i would be only repeating what other's have said in positive reviews. Definately worth a watch.
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on 8 September 2015
In the immortal words of Bruno Mars this is "Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy". Would have loved to have been a character in this film made into real life - except for the making people dead bits. Well paced and well put together film with good casting. Its kinda the A Team brought up to date but with a few dead people. Gotta love a bit of Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a comic book conversion to screen.
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on 19 December 2013
Great film well worth the purchase and would recommend it to anyone that has interest in this genre of film
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on 6 February 2015
This is a great film and who ever decided not to endorse parts 2 & 3 and more made a bad mistakes!!
It's what the expendables should have, but couldn't even come close.
Nevermind life is full of other people's bad decision.
Why wasn't this film promoted more or better?

Note to producers, spend some money on advertising and promotional stuff and your money would have been returned ten fold!!!
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