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3.8 out of 5 stars42
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 26 January 2014
Good game play,and a good varying gaming styles between the different styles of spiderman. I found that switching between stealth, brute force and agility was fun. The Visual effect for each suit was also different and worked very well.

Good cameos from characters like juggernaut too.
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on 16 July 2013
The title says it all really. This game is so VERY frustrating..

Being a MASSIVE Spider-man fan, I decided that I had to purchase this game despite the mixed reviews I had read. How bad can it be, right? It IS Spider-man after all!! Boy was I wrong..

The game had potential; the trailers made it seem like such an epic game about the 4 different Spider-men from various Spidey dimensions. The storyline itself was OK. But the repetitiveness of the game lets it down in a BIG way. Every level is the same: Fight a bunch of minions, have a small fight with the big boss, then back to the minions, then back to the boss, get the fragment.. so on. The only difference is what Spider-man you are playing as. Whether you are playing as Noir or Amazing Spider-man. There is really not a lot of change between the 4 as the trailer suggests. It is literally just: Beat up the never ending amount of bad guys until you reach the big boss at the end of the level. Not only is it boring, but it is also ANNOYING.

The game is such a mess. The combat system is terrible. The big bosses have an insane amount of health and can take pretty much ALL of yours with one punch whilst you have to keep punching and punching and punching before you can even THINK of getting the health bar down by an inch.

Graphics? For a PS3 game, the graphics are pretty bad. I'm not usually one to care so much about graphics as long as the game is fun and playable. But, this game is neither fun or playable. AVOID!

Spider-man Shattered Dimensions has left me angry and frustrated more than anything. The ONLY redeeming quality of this game IS Spider-man. He is a funny guy. He made me giggle on more than a few occasions. But that unfortunately wasn't enough to save this game..

I am currently playing on the hardest difficulty and am just about to reach the last level. Has it been fun? No! It really has not. The ONLY reason I have not sold this game yet is because I want to get my full moneys worth and unlock as many trophies as I possibly can. But this game is *without a doubt* one of the WORST (if not THEE worst) games I have ever played on the PlayStation 3.

If you want a good Spider-man game, try The Amazing Spider-man Game and/or Spider-man Web of Shadows.
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on 11 September 2010
I got this game today and am very impressed with it, the graphics although 3D have a comic book feel to them and it has excellent voiceovers by Stan Lee and the Spidermen from the TV series.

If like me you were disapointed with the Spiderman 3 movie and the previous Spiderman games (not including Ultimate Spiderman on PS2)this game will change your mind, I think that the Amazing Spiderman universe takes a lot from X-Men: Origins Wolverine in terms of gameplay and the Noir universe seems like Arkham Asylum was the main inspiration in terms of stealth.

The tutorial at the beginning outlines the 4 Spidermen and gives you an idea of each ones unique controls and powers, the first two levels took about an hour each and I enjoyed playing it.

To anyone who is not sure about this game, BUY IT! you will not be disapointed.
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on 26 January 2013
This was a game for a friend, for his kids. It was brand new, there really is nothing else to say. Looked as expected, and worked as expected. I'd recommend this to anyone that likes to play Spider-man.
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on 23 September 2010
I am usually a big fan of spiderman games, I even liked the much critisised Spiderman 3 even though it had its faults. The main problem I've discovered with Spiderman games that are not open-world is that they can quickly become boring. That is the problem with this game to an extent.

As a couple of the other reviewers have touched on, a lot of the gameplay is very similar i.e. amazing, 2099 and ultimate. The combat is slightly different for each of these versions but in my opinion they are not different enough to really distinguish them. The addition of spiderman noir is a nice touch and a welcome change from the slightly repetitive brawling of the other dimensions, even if a lot of it is obviously influenced by the mechanics of Arkham Asylum. The combat is still fun and the flying sequences in the 2099 dimension are quite cool but it's a shame they didn't come up with more aspects that were unique to each dimension.

The story is fairly unoriginal, a tablet has split reality and you have to find shards of it in each dimension. It's a fairly obvious excuse to include as many different Spiderman baddies as possible in one game but I wouldn't say that's a bad thing as the variety of baddies is good, ranging from an Al Capone-esque hammerhead in the noir universe to the more recognisable carnage in the ultimate universe.

There are a couple of bad points to the game which almost ruined it for me:

1. The voice acting is ok, the voices do seem to suit the different spidermen and baddies, however, there seems to be a very limited selection of phrases etc that were recorded for the game because if you are in one area for quite a while e.g. lengthy boss battles or in the noir dimension taking down multiple baddies, you will hear the same things said over and over again, sometimes 4 times in a row. This gets INCREDIBLY annoying. One such instance was during the hammer head fight, I was screaming "shut the f**k up" at the TV a short time into this fight. For a 3rd generation game, this kind of shoddy work is just not acceptable.

2. There is not enough freedom in terms of web swinging. For me, this is one of the main things that makes a spiderman game fun but as this game is very linear and is usually set inside buildings, this part of the experience is woefully absent.

3. The mechanics of web swinging is not very well done. When you are allowed to swing in open spaces, it's not too bad but when you just want to get from one point to another in a smaller area, you can only web zip to certain points indicated by little icons. If these points are not where you want them to be, it is very frustrating trying to get spidey to go where you want. He can of course jump but unfortunately he only has a pathetic little jump or an over the top massive jump, nothing inbetween. You can of course wall crawl but this is very annoying because you can't jump from that position as you could in previous games and the surfaces to which you can stick are very scenario-dependant. I.e. you sometimes can't stick to some surfaces when you think you should be able to. The main case in point being in boss battles, usually when you need to stay off the floor e.g. it's electrified. This part of the game just seems very unpolished.

4. The boss battles are very very easy. I didn't die once on any of them. Once you get their pattern, you will have no trouble at all defeating the bosses.

So, in conclusion, while this game is fun and definitely worth a play, it is very far from perfect. It is seriously let down by the unpolished movement mechanics and the sometimes unbearable voice work. I realise this review seems very negative but the issue with this game is that the things it should do well are done to a just "ok" standard whereas there are notable aspects done badly. This results in the bad points sticking out because the good points aren't done well enough to be note worthy.

It's worth buying but it is nowhere near the quality of previous Spiderman games (spiderman 2 in particular).
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on 17 October 2010
It is for me the Definitive Spider-Man game, if you Loved Batman - Arkham Asylum
you'll love this, providing of course you like both D.C and Marvel like i do
plus it has deadpool in it (i haven't got to him yet, but i can't wait as deadpool is my alltime fave marvel charachter)

In this game You can Play as four Versions Of spidey (thru seperate modes of play, maybe someone else can confirm but i heard a rumour that once you unlock all 4 costumes you can use them in the others levels i.e you start as amazing spidey but i think you can use the ultimate (black spidey costume) or noir or spidey of the future costume to complete the amazing spiderman levels)

I think the noir section is great , when i first saw it i wasnt sure, but i like the fact it has that sort of Splintercell element of hiding in the shadows, it features Madame Web as your narrator

the Only Cons is it has a few glitches, like in the tutorial it glitched at the second part by the waterfalls, but after a restart it was fine, i hear there are more glitches, but im sure they will be fixed with a patch soon
if it wasnt for the glitches id give it 5 out of 5

also its very simple to pick up and play and it takes you through a tutorial to teach you how to use spideys climbing, webbing and in the tutorial you get to use all 4 versions of spidey

Now All we need is a Deapool Game, and hopefully a Sequel to this one
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on 7 October 2010
The main thing that sets this game apart from previous spiderman games and a lot of other games is the variety of gameplay on offer !!! Each of the four 'versions' of spiderman has a different stlye in both gameplay and visuals. Noir levels are about stealth and have a simalar feel to batman asylum, Amazing levels are the typical web swinging of other games, 2099 is set in a layored future city so has a more 3d feel to it and finnally Ulitimate concentrates on the abilities of the 'black suit' . it is also important to piont out to those who read spiderman comics is that each spidermans visuals are representitive of their comic books. While i have not read any Nior or Ultimmate spiderman comics , so can't comment first hand on the likeness, ny nephew has and he says they have got the all down to a tee !! i know this may not be important to someone who is not buying this because they are a fan of spiderman, it is always good to know that the developers have taken the time over this. Another good thing about the game is there are lots of extra stuff to unlock including some cool alternative costumes. In conclusion if you are a fan of the webslinger or just want a good 3rd person action game then this is the game for you !!!!
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on 9 November 2011
This is one of the worst games I ever played.
Graphics are so old school, not taking serious the potencial of the ps3 and the new tvs. The voices are so annoying and the gameplay could not be more boring... always the sabe one level after the other... what a waste of money.
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VINE VOICEon 8 November 2010
This is a good quality Spider-man game. To be honest the kids have played it more than I have, and have really enjoyed it. Having the different characters in the different dimensions adds nice variety, and while the game could be a little longer (couldn't they all), I can't really fault it. The seller dispatched it extremely quickly too.
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on 30 December 2010
Great game and some excellent graphics - kept us all occupied for hours after Christmas! Really enjoyed fighting against all the enemies of Spidey in some fantastic locations/back-drops - overall, this is a super game if you're looking for an ideal, alternative to all the usual "Shooters". Give it a try...
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