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4.5 out of 5 stars61
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£49.99+ £1.26 shipping
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on 20 March 2011
Well actually, in some rare cases, you can - get what you want. This is exactly what I wanted. I'm in love! Seasons 1-6 of House and in a boxset? Available on demand, any time, are you kidding me?! :)
I have no criticism - except that I wanted more. More special features... But then I'm greedy like that and too much wouldn't be enough for me here. Special features become more generous as the season's progress, so I suppose I will have to be lenient. As for the content...
Hugh Laurie IS House. The man is a genius, he was made for this role, so get comfortable, start at the beginning and watch it all unfold. Inspired casting, writing, directing. The stories are metaphoric, unpredictable and addictive. And the frightening thing is I don't even like medical dramas. Laurie's misanthropist is sexy, wry and gorgeous (god knows when that happened). Great eye candy, fabulous characters and the best comedy, it's a dream of sophisticated intelligent viewing.
Fantastic quality dvds which look almost HD if played on a blu ray player.
Why did I buy it? Saw an episode of House, Season 7, on TV and from that one glimpse fell in love. Bought Season One - didn't want to take a risk on the whole lot, but before I'd even finished that box set I had ordered this. The original one has been passed to a family member and it was still cheaper to buy that AND this 1-6 set than buy them all singularly.
Great value for money and honestly, my favourite obsession in a long while.
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on 25 February 2011
I love House, those that I have seen anyway! What a disappointment to learn that the set does not have subtitles. I have hearing problems and cannot watch anything without subtitles as it makes the viewing of it frustrating and hard work! I cannot believe that subtitles are not included automatically on box sets in this day and age of technology!
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on 12 November 2010
I'm a sucker for boxsets and when I saw this I immediately pre-ordered it (had been wanting to buy these DVD's for some time).
I was expecting Seasons 1-5 to be re-released with some extra content and subtitles and for the all new season six, when it arrived i was met with a nice box (cardboard) which contained seasons 1-6 (no sleeves to separate seasons but anyway). To my disappointment seasons 1-5 had no subtitles. Upon further research led me to the fact that you'd save a good £20 buying each season individually.

All in all if you're a sucker for boxsets like me buy it, it looks great on a shelf otherwise buy the boxsets individually.
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on 5 May 2011
A good price for 6 seasons of House. First season is shot in 3:4 screen ratio, from season 2 it's all wide screen. Perfect image when you watch it on an iMac like I do. The only minor annoyance is the anti piracy commercial you are forced to watch at the end of each episode. Specially since I'm the paid customer and most other people seem to have no trouble watching House ilegally online. Like the guy who put it there cares about it... You can however easily avoid this annoyance by returning to the menu during the end titles. Great series, good price. I'm all happy. Oh, for international buyers: this box contains no language support, so no Dutch subtitles... but that shouldn't be a problem for the target audience.
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on 19 August 2012
My husband and I bought this box set after watching a few episodes from season 4 on the tv.
I have been off sick for just over a month, and we could not cope with anymore day time tv, so this has been great.

There are approx 4 episodes on a disc, 6 discs per season, 17 cases holding 2 discs in total. (131 episodes says the box!)
You do however have a 'play all' option, which will play all 4 on the disc in order, but does also play the starting titles and credits at the end of each episode (a bit annoying).

My husband isn't a fan of the way the first season is shot, the camera angles etc are very different from the later series (and are almost a bit grainy) but I like the fact you get the background of all the characters from here, so we persisted with them.

Well worth buying them this way in comparison to buying each set individually, apart from the fact that each season seems to cost approx £20 (we paid £45 for this set) this box doesn't actually take up much space on the shelf.
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on 8 June 2012
Superb series which doesn't much saying about it except that Hugh Laurie is a revelation in this series. He has gone from a comedian who played upper class twits on British TV to an outstanding actor on this American series. House is a troubled genius who sees his patients' illnesses as puzzles to be solved. I was an avid fan whilst the series was on terrestrial television, but then it got bought by satellite and I was then unable to follow the series, which is why I bought this box set.

However, there has been a problem. On receiving mine I had duplicates in discs in series two (discs 3-4 were missing, instead I had discs 5-6 twice) and although Amazon were excellent and provided a replacement boxset, having to return my old boxset was off-putting as I have never had need to return an item to Amazon before. Thankfully it is a very simple process and didn't cost me a penny (print off a label and return to nearest Collect+ place which was a Spar!) but if this had been a gift it could have caused some embarrassment and awkwardness.

It loses a star because the DVDs have no subtitle track recorded, and even though I have no hearing problems, I believe this is a major oversight.
There are subtitles for some of series, but not all. This is frustrating for someone with average hearing, but for those with hearing difficulties this must be a major issue. Not sure why this is missing, but for such an amazing series, lack of subtitles is an oversight
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on 20 March 2012
Im with previous reviewer, I'm obsessed!
In my view this is the finest show Ive seen since The West Wing, in terms of genius writing, absolutely superb acting and characters who draw you in and keep you captivated every second they are on screen.
Hugh Laurie is simply incredible in his portrayal of House, who frankly on paper we should all detest, but is played so well you can't help love him; wounded wretched soul!
Chase and Cameron are a totally believable, cute couple and you root for them the whole way, both portrayed so beautifully.
Love the fact so many of the main caracters are such strong women with deeply carried issues, wether commitment or otherwise - no lightweights thrown in here thankfully.
Every character is intriguing, every relationship complex, this is a show I'm so glad Ive finally discovered, thanks to my daughter, the whole family is hooked, we end up watching an episode every night, such a shame it ends after season 8, a stunningly great show and well worth buying the box set
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on 7 November 2011
If you are like me you only started watching House in the later series then this a great way to watch the episodes from the start. For anyone who has not watched house the mix of medical and personal interaction between the characters is well worth watching especially since winter is drawing in.
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on 7 April 2012
House is utterly brilliant. Its writing, its acting, its seamless and intertwining twists and turns. Its a crossover of so many genres. Its funny, challenging, dramatic. I watched all of these 131 episodes in 10-14 days, and surprisingly they haven't all blended into one. Each episode is unique, despite some people saying its same-old in each episode, [yes medical process is, but they are do you expect]. I can read the synopsis of each episode, or discuss it with my friends and still remember exactly what they are talking about, episode by episode. If you've ever read Sherlock Holmes, you have to chuckle and appreciate the references.
*SPOILER* - [He lives at 221B, House- Holmes..... Wilson- Watson [Houses, 'companion, enabler and closest thing to a friend']

The production, direction, acting and writing of this show represent a tireless and unrelenting assault on trying to achieve TV perfection. This is the best. Homeland and Game of Thrones are epics. But this is an ORIGINAL creation. David Shore is a GENIUS, [on parr with House himself]. The characters created over the series are brilliant, Hugh Laurie's especially, [obviously]. He is a misanthropic b****rd, and you would hate to know him in real life, but you still LOVE HIM.

Watch this and share it. In terms on entertainment, this is £55 you will get back many times over. Just watch it in the quiet, no distractions, and concentrate! Otherwise you will still love it, but you won't get the most out of it.

Oh and Amazon delivered it on time, good condition... blah blah [you all know that].
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on 8 January 2014
Love it or hate it. I doubt there is a lot in between.
I love the drama with its quirky moral dilemmas (many relevant) and humanly flawed characters.
The medical parts are usually interesting but it is the way the characters bounce around in this weird pin ball world that continues to fascinate.
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