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on 19 July 2015
Most reviews say this is great, some say it doesn't work, so I'll try to give a detailed explanation as to why in my experience I think that is.

Well firstly, it depends on your helmet design in the first place. If you have a very well sound-proofed helmet already you might not be able to tell much difference. Especially as this reduces turbulence around the neck area - if you're current helmet is designed to reduce neck turbulence already then the difference with the windjammer might not be so noticeable. Although I've never seen a helmet designed as flush as the result of using a windjammer so there'll probably be minor improvement with any type. On the other hand if you have a helmet that's poorly sound-proofed and has a lot of turbulence around the neck area then you'll notice a huge difference.

Secondly, and most pertinently, is that it seems to depend on riding position. I ride a Yamaha Diversion XJ600S, which is a fairly neutral riding position so I can experiment between sitting bold upright and leaning/ducking right forward.

SAT BOLT UPRIGHT THE WINDJAMMER MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. In this case the bottom of the helmet with windjammer presents a near perfect parallel to the oncoming wind, which means the wind flows past smoothly and quietly. Compared to without the windjammer where the wind will circulate and eddy round all the nooks and crannies it can find across the irregular surface of the bottom of your helmet causing a lot of turbulence and noise. In this case at motorway speeds, the difference between winjammer on/off sounds like winding all the windows up in a car.

In a leant forward racing position however, the top of your helmet hits the oncoming wind, and the bottom of your helmet is now facing slightly backwards. The oncoming wind buffets around the top of your helmet (and ears!) which is quite deafening, the bottom of your helmet is in the wake, it's turbulent around here anyway but not particularly noisy so sealing it off in my experience doesn't make as much difference in this position.

So overall if you're riding a cruiser or sports-tourer where you're sat upright (or close) I guess you'll get a lot of benefit, whereas pure sports bikes (eg R6/R1, CBRR, etc) where the seating and handlebar position means you're leant far forward, will notice much less difference (see attached drawing).

A couple of final consideration. It can't do much about turbulence from wing mirrors, windshields, fairing, etc. If for example the loudest noise is caused by a badly positioned windscreen then reducing the turbulence around the bottom of your helmet isn't going to be very noticable in comparison.

And something that should go without saying - it's a "windjammer" and you don't generate much wind noise at 30mph, so it won't make much difference around town. It's more for country roads and motorway.

In summary for what it costs, no matter what you're riding etc, it might be worth trying anyway. Might be barely noticable, but it might be fantastic. I've tried to give a detailed technical breakdown as possible so you can estimate how much of an improvement you're likely to get, but practice will always beat theory so if wind noise is an issue for you then for £12.49 I'd give it a go and see.
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on 11 September 2014
I guess you are reading this and hoping that I will tell you that this little piece of fabric will solve all of your wind noise/wind buffeting issues. Sadly I cannot! I, like most motorcyclists, spent a long time looking for the panacea solution to wind buffeting only to come to the realisation that this does not exist! There are so many variables (your bike, your height, the windscreen, your helmet, what way the wind is blowing on that particular day, did you have toast for breakfast or porridge that morning?) and unless you purchase a touring motorcycle built for long distance slogs, you are going to experience wind buffeting to a certain degree.

Did this work at all then?? Yes - a little. I'm not too sure about the buffeting but I believe the wind noise is less.

A few other reviewers have mentioned the fogging up issue and yes, when I am riding (probably anything less than 30mph), my visor fogs up massively when using the windjammer! To solve this I have to have my visor open about a thumb width.

The only other issue I had was that I could not get my head through the hole at first! Unless I have an unusually large head, it just wasn't going to happen! So much so that I had to use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the neoprene and make the head hole a little wider.

Therefore, will I use the windjammer everyday = no. The fogging up issue would drive me insane and it is very tight taking your helmet on and off again! Will I use the windjammer when I am on long journeys as a bit of extra protection = yes. Like I said, it seems to make the wind noise less and anything that delays the onset of tinnitus is a good thing!

P.S. Before anyone asks, I ride a 2008 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom and have used ear plugs for years.
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on 11 August 2012
Although I was sceptical about how this simple device could help I have been pleasantly surprised by the results.
Kills turbulence and booming wind roar almost completely. I can still hear some wind noise from the helmet sides but thats a design issue with my lid. I'd guess the noise level is less than half what it was before I fitted the Windjammer.
The commute home from work is very calm noise wise now and it has actually taken a little getting used to the quietness.
I expect the visor may fog up easier in winter but as its warm just now I cant say for sure.
Easy fitting and adjustment, this is an essential motorbike accessory as far as i'm concerned.
Slightly tricky getting the helmet on and off but you soon adapt to it.
A great product design that really should be a part of all helmet designs.

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on 19 July 2012
The windjammer makes a massive difference to wind noise, easy to fit.

To check if it will make a difference. When you are riding with noise raise your arm/hand under the gap at front of helmet if the noise reduces then wind jammer will decrease the noise.

Only cons, visor is more prone to misting even with a pinlock visor, Helmet is a lot warmer only a problem in summer.
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on 7 September 2011
I bought this for my partner who was having trouble with wind noise in her Arai RX7. Despite ear plugs she often had a deafening booming which was ruining her journeys.
This fitted in seconds and so far has done the trick! She has no problems with misting as she uses an anti fogging insert on the visor and although the helmet is more of a squeeze to take on and off
it's more than made up for by the quieter experience.
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on 4 October 2011
this was so easy to put on the helmet. i ride motor bike evey day to work and this does stop your face getting cold and stop noise in your ears. brilliant for the price .
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on 13 April 2016
This is a good peice of kit that helps to reduce wind noise. However, the material it is made out of is not the best and the section by my chin has ripped and frayed. My helmet size is small, so it is not the size of my head that has caused this.
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on 18 May 2016
Item seems to be falling apart already, after around teo weeks of usage.
review image review image review image review image
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on 25 November 2010
November 2010
I have recently bought this product because i wanted to quiet down my daily 30 Km Highway travels.

I own a Shoei XR-1000 and a kawasaki Ninja 250R Stock and i am 176cm. I have experienced lots of trouble with the use of ear plugs because some how they transform low frequency noises into BOOOOMING sounds that really hurt my ears.

I decided then to buy a Balaclava and use it in order to supresses some wind noise at 80KMH-120KMH. It reduced a bit i would say about 5-7dB.
I then went to purchase this item after reading some reviews. I wear eye glasses and was afraid of the lens fogging. I have an anti-fog shield on my visor and i have never seen it fogging up.

plus:Reduces solo wind noise for me arround 10-12dB so i ride at 100KMH with wind noise of 70KHM-80KMH.
Matched with my balaclava makes traveling at 120-140KMH so comfortable that seems i am riding at 60-80KMH.
Not hard to apply on this helmet( took like 2-3min)
Feels like top quality product
Easy to fit your head in and to use the security strap
Visor doesnt fog since it has the anti-fog shield

Minus:Makes the helmet lift a bit if you travelling over 140KMH
My glasses fog if i ride below 20KMH, but that is no problem since i can have my visor open at that speeds.
Stiches in the back side of the product could have been disguised(Make sure you install it correctly, with the white words on the back side of the helmet)

Enjoy your item
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on 25 August 2012
I have been looking for a wind noise reduction solution for my Scorpion EXO 400 full face helmet, and decided to try this sleeve out.

- The sleeve is well constructed. The adhesive and elasticity hold well over the helmet.
- When installed there was a marked improvement in cold weather protection for the head.

- There were no instructions that came with the package.
- If there are other mounts (e.g. bluetooth) that you have on the outside of the helmet, the sleeve and its adhesive will need to go over it. It holds, sure, but you lose some wind protection.
- Fogging increases with this installed, requiring opening the visor.
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