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on 11 August 2010
I wanted to write this review from the perspective of a 'new' fan of this band. (hearing a song just recently and buying this album).
Everyone has mentioned how it needs to grow on you, and maybe this is true for all fans of Coheed & Cambria's earlier work...but 1st listen through i thought it was amazing, and my opinion has only got better after each listen.

Now, i've since heard their earlier albums...and although i like them i think this is certainly their best work. The song structure, production and lyrics are all first class.

The first song 'The Broken' is a solid opener. Interesting riff in the background with the verses and a catchy chorus. The tone follows with 'Guns of Summer' and 'Here we are Juggernaught'.
Things change slightly with 'Far' which is one of my favorite tracks from the album. Almost Distorted Industrial like sound on the drums and is much slower than the previous tracks. It flows brilliantly, and the vocals really shines too in my opinion.
'This Shattered Symphony' has a very nice prog riff, and excellent verses...and another catchy chorus.
'World of Lines' is one of the faster songs on the album and follows a more traditional metal path.
Things slow down again with 'Made out of Nothing', but it's another of the stand out tracks for me.
'Pearl of the Stars' is a brilliant acoustic song, very nicely done.
'In the flame of Error' is my favorite song. It's for very prog verses, a mix of light verses and a heavy chorus...i like the change of pace throughout the song.
It finishes nicely with 'When Skeletons Live' and another slower, but still heavy song 'Black Rainbow'.

Overall i think this album is a brilliant progressive metal album.
Others say it's best to start with their other work but i started here and i loved every second of it. The fact that it has a concept story behind it helps too as i really think a lot of effort has went into the song writing and the lyrics.
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on 20 September 2012
So here is Coheed and Cambria's first excursion outside of the original Amory Wars saga. A prequel if you like.
It starts of well. "One" leads well into "The Broken" and this is a well driven song which features the kind of sound that that I had come to expect from Coheed with a stonking chorus. Maybe not in the same league as In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth but still worthy in its own right.

And so the album continues, in my view in traditional Coheed style. "Here we are Juggernaut", "Far", "Made out of Nothing (All that I am)" are the real picks of this album and by the time your ears reach the end of "Pearl of the Stars" you think this album was well worth my money which is just as well because it slightly heads downhill from here.

In my opinion since IKSoSE and Good Apollo IV Part 1 Coheed has not quite figured out how to finish albums. Part 2 went on for a tad too long even with the killer song "The Road and the Damned" and this one just doesn't carry the intensity or hold your attention, at least not mine. "Where Skeletons Live" picks it up a little but not enough for my liking and the tracks either side of it don't do much for me either.

So in summary this is a good album don't let me get you wrong but I can't help but get to the end of "Pearl of the Stars" (a fantastic acoustic track by the way) and think I shall press stop there now.
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on 6 March 2011
I really love this album. As a few other reviewers have mentioned, it can take a few listens to sink in, and in many ways it doesn't sound like earlier Coheed and Cambria albums. This is a good thing - it has its own sound, and in some ways the departure is also one from their influences. On the Good Apollo albums, for example, you could hear a riff and think 'oh that's very Thin Lizzy', whereas on Black Rainbow the sounds are all Coheed.

For those unfamiliar with Coheed and Cambria, their albums are complete, cohesive works that reward you sitting down and listening to them all in one go, devouring the precise musicianship and soaring melodies, a maelstrom of drums, guitars and falsetto. They ooze metal driven melodrama, but remain punchy. Year of the Black Rainbow can often sound like the rock soundtrack to some fantastical film-series, but still has a few anthems up its sleeve in the form of Here We Are Juggernaut, Far, and Made Out of Nothing.

Listening to Coheed is exhausting, exhilarating, and uplifting, and the sounds of this album will play around in your head for hours on end. It is a rock music experience like no other and I urge you to try it, let the sounds beneath the riffs and kick-drums seep into your conciousness and let Claudio's voice carry you away from this world that's gonna end pretty soon...
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on 18 April 2010
Easily a redeeming album for Coheed and Cambria, considering how disappointing the Good Apollo's were. Personally, my second favourite album, after In Keeping Secrets.

Although Claudio's voice seems to have changed very slightly, this has been a fantastic album that I've listened through a few times already, being a very avid fan. If you do like Coheed and Cambria, then this album is a must.

But for those of you who don't know Coheed and Cambria, or haven't liked their stuff, consider popping to their Myspace page and giving this album a listen, especially Guns of Summer. It's relatively different to old C&C, bringing in a couple of new aspects.

My only disappointment is the Black Card that was meant to come with the special edition, but didn't seem to be in my pack. Otherwise, flawless, the album art is fantastic and there is nothing to pick flaws in within the music.
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on 22 April 2010
As others have mentioned, on first listen this is a very weak and superficial sounding album. I was really looking forward to it, too. But... and I should have known as it's been the same for pretty much all of their other albums, after the 3rd go in the ipod, turntable, cd player etc, it starts to grow into something quite beautiful. In fact, after 'Keeping Secrets...' it is probably the finest album Coheed have done since.

The best tracks are, 'The Broken', 'Here we are Juggernaut', 'Made of Nothing' and 'Pearl of the Stars'. There are only 2 tracks really not that great and that is the opener, which is only a slight minute-or-so wash of noise and the title track. 'Black Rainbow' isn't bad, just quite long and dirgey. The other tracks are all very good, if not quite classic.

Long story short: give it a few spins before dismissing it, you won't be disappointed; and it is really, REALLY good.
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on 27 March 2011
I'm often disappointed by new albums from my favourite bands. Often they will produce something that sounds way too similar or deviate too far from that which I enjoyed about their previous work.

This is not one of those albums, it delivers exactly what I was hoping for whilst still surprising me along the way. While there are some definite highlights I do not think there is a single bad track on this album. Here We Are Juggernaut and Guns of Summer will rock you immediately, Pearl Of The Stars will touch you and the other tracks will slowly grow on you until you can't remember exactly which one was your favourite.

Coheed & Cambria are like no other band I have heard, so it is extremely fortunate that they are capable of creating albums to top their previous efforts.
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on 28 August 2010
This is one of the greatest albums released by Co&Ca yet. You get 12 new songs (along with the 2 demo tapes) which are all amazing on their own. There isn't one that you won't listen to over and over without quoting the lyrics. You also receive the novel and DVD documentary, which shows you just how much work Claudio, Travis, Mike and Chris all put into the making of it. The book also is blow-your-mind-away fantastic. Every page I turned I had to change my pants. A true work of genius, and a must for any Amory Wars fanatic. Total recommendation from me right here.
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on 27 July 2010
It was not an instant hit for me but it sure does grow on you big time. I cannot think of one stand out track such as the running free or welcome home from previous albums, it never quite reaches that level of brilliance, but that said it is very consistently at a high level. A must for any Coheed and Cambria fan but probably not the 1st album I would buy if your new to them.
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on 28 November 2010
The service was excellent, it came in good time and was nicely packaged. It also didn't cost too much which is a plus. The product itself was always going to be good as it's Coheed and Cambria.
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