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4.2 out of 5 stars75
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 October 2013
This is my third Deathadder Left Handed. I play lots of games and the mouse tends to last about two years with heavy use.

It is the best mouse I have ever used and the side buttons are properly placed for a left handed person. The mouse has very high resolution and is very responsive. The buttons have a nice feel and the cable is plenty long enough and easy to route around obstacles and through gaps. In isolation, the mouse would score at least four stars.

Unfortunately, since the advent of the Synapse drivers, you can't configure the mouse until you have created an online account with Razer and logged in. That's right - if you want full functionality on the mouse, you have to create an online account. If the Synapse software can't connect, then you have no account and you can't configure your mouse (although it still works as a basic mouse).

Fortunately it's still possible to get the old drivers (they call them "legacy" drivers on the website) if you look hard enough but I don't know how long they will keep them up there.

I'm hoping that Razer will have abandoned the Synapse monstrosity by the time I need another mouse. I definitely won't be buying a Razer next time if Synapse is the only driver available.

Synapse is really, really bad and that's such a shame because the hardware itself is very good.
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on 6 May 2010
As an avid gamer of some 25 years, I've been waiting for a proper left handed gaming grade-mouse for quite some time, and upon hearing about this mouse ordered one immediately on next day-delivery, along with a razer destructor mousemat.

The packaging is excellent, (the "book" packaging flap even opens left to right instead of right to left; a nice touch for the typically detail-obsessive lefty gamers out there..)

The smoothness, precision and most importantly the FEEL of the mouse are beyond explanation; I really wasn't expecting to be this surprised by a mouse, but it's just.... phenomenal. I see many, many happy hours of wrist-strain free and accurate gaming ahead. I didn't know a mouse could be this good.

Additionally, the left and right mouse buttons are reversed at the hardware level; no need to configure "swap mouse buttons" every time you plug the mouse into a different PC. The only gripe I can find with the product so far is the sensitivity toggle is on the underside of the mouse (but sensitive changes can be made to a keyboard key with the included drivers anyway).
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on 12 May 2010
So i bought the razer deathadder lh around a month ago, and so its gotten a month of hardcore gaming usage, and quite frankly i love it.
i'm a left handed gamer who previously used an ambidextrous mouse with a righthanded button setup.
when the mouse came it had a lefthanded button setup which felt really weird, however in the 5 minutes it took me to install the drivers and software, when it came to switching the buttons back to my previous right handed setup it felt unatural and so i kept it on the left-handed button setup.
all the programable functions and side buttons work great and are reckognised by all games i play.
presicion is really good, i can perform slow accurate movements as well as fast snap of flick movements.

you'll probably have read all the glowing reviews for the deathadder though and as its essentially the same, i wont go into tehcnical details, other than to say i find the scroll wheel to be pretty noisey and when you perform fast movements with the mouse the scroll sort of shakes around inside the mouse. this has no adverse affects on gameplay other than it feels a bit odd having something rattling around inside. thats th only reason i gave it four and not 5 stars. but yeah, as a left handed gamer i thought this might be a bit wierd or gimicky, but it totaly isnt.

also, if anyone's interested im using it with a steelseries qck+ mousematt and i think they're a SUPERB combination, tracking is great and because its cloth the mouse feet will last forever(ish). and it was only a 10er, just thought you guys might be intrested :)
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on 15 January 2011
Initial reaction to this mouse while unboxing was very positive. It's nicely finished in matt and high gloss black and feels good in the hand. All the buttons fall under comfortably your fingers and the whole thing has a feeling of genuine quality. I quite liked the pulsing glow of logo as it's fairly subtle, but the continually glowing scroll wheel was too much for my tastes - however one or both can be switched off if you wish.

The driver software on the other hand, is a mess. I should point out that I'm using a Mac, but I suspect some of my criticisms will apply to Windows users as well. Most mice I have used on a Mac (and the same is true on PC's) have integrated themselves into to operating system quite effectively. Even Microsoft mice play nicely with MacOSX, with customisation simple via an add-on to the System Preferences panel. The Razer is different, installing a separate application to customise the mouse settings - not a problem if done properly, but the execution here is awful. Aesthetically is horrible (screen shot added to the picture at the top of the page) looking like a Death Metal obsessed teenagers art project. No thought has been given to userbility with tiny buttons and sliders that are a fiddle to use (odd considering how good the mouse is ergonomically). It's difficult to tell whether a feature is on or off and some features need a system reboot to take effect. Also, on the Mac at least, I can not get the macro feature to work (with the side buttons) - I input the key strokes properly but they have no effect. I have tried many, many times to get this to work with no luck. Razer support where swift with their response, but pretty much confirmed I was not doing anything wrong. A recent driver update appears to have made no difference.

Mostly the mouse is great, being accurate, responsive and comfortable but the clunky unhelpful driver leaves a sour taste. At the end of the day - for me at least - this is a five star mouse with one star drivers.
review image
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on 26 April 2014
For years I have used right handed mice and suffered the wrist ache as a result, Lets face it paying extra for a left hand mouse is shameful to the manufacturers and an insult to us lefties.
This is my first left hander and as soon as I put my hand on it, it felt great, like it belonged in my hand.
The wheel can be a bit clunky when scrolling but it has a great tactile feel so no slipping under finger. The wheel button is positive and solid.
The two thumb buttons could be a bit further forward (for people like me with big hands) but they to have a positive feel to them,
Weighted just right, doesn't feel cheap and the curve of the mouse feels natural.
Response is fantastic and smooth, great for gaming.
The left and right buttons feel firm and positive.
The cable is light and does not impede movement with a solid usb termination.
Overall great mid range mouse. Only strange thing is the flashing/pulsing logo, my hand is over it most of the time so why bother?
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on 6 April 2016
Very disappointed as the mouse buttons at the other way around. Had to use the the Synapse software to put them right, but it takes a long time to load after the Windows boot-up so I have use the mouse the wrong way for a minute or so every time the computers starts up.
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on 5 June 2010
I'm left handed, but I've been using generic/right-handed mice for donkey's...this takes a little getting used to, but it seems pretty good. By default, it is fully left handed, which to be honest left me in no-man's-land. Initially I tried full-left hander, but I'm used to compensating for the right-handed hardware that it wasn't easy to adapt. I'm now using it in right handed and it's as good as any other mouse
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on 22 February 2013
Got this mouse since there arent many options for us left handed gamers.

I have to say im completely satisfied with it, it is extremely comfortable and slides very well on my steelseries qck mousemat.

Razer synapse was annoying to set up (was having trouble changing the mouse buttons back) but i managed to solve that (you have to reassign each button, the switch to right hand button doesnt do anything, atleast it doesnt for me).

The lights also look quite nice :P
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on 18 August 2012
I recently entered the video games industry and within 2 months started to get RSI at work. This prompted me to have a bit of an epiphany about how I'd only spent crap money on mice before, and that for someone so into games and computers, I really should invest a little bit more!

For all you leftys out there, this is more or less the only left-handed ergonomic mouse that's out there (never mind a gaming grade one!). It is money well spent. It is a large mouse which completely fills your hand and allows your hand to assume a very comfortable 'palm style' grip. For gamers, you'll have to make your own decision as to whether you want this or another mouse which caters more to claw or fingertip grip. You could use claw with this, but the long buttons tend to suggest full on palm grip contact.

I can honestly say that this has challenged my previous bad mouse use habits. I was using a claw grip for games and for office apps (where the base of the palm is in contact but the fingers are raise up in an arch, kind of like a claw - see what they did there?...), but this puts far more strain on your hand since it's in a constant state of tension. For long periods of work or game use, palm grip puts less strain on your wrist.

It's also made me use the proper buttons! Having used computers for so long, I got used to using ambidextrous mice by using my index finger to operate both mouse buttons. The ergonomic shape of this mouse stops you doing that which, whilst a hindrance at first, I am getting used to. This can only result in better mouse use and less strain on your hand.

The feet are nice on the bottom, the settings are totally configurable (5 buttons - 2 are on the inside step to be pressed with the joint or tip of your thumb) and your hand feels really at home on it.

It also looks very pretty, but you can turn the lights off if they bother you.

Finally, after many years of looking at wonderful looking mice that I then couldn't use because they were right-handed only, it gives me an great feeling of satisfaction to have a mouse that says, "Ha, up yours you right-handers!".

Hope that helps. I would definitely spend the money on this.

Why 4 stars? On my one the rear foot hasn't been fitted 100% okay, and so it catches on the material of my goliathus mouse mat. I'm sure this isn't common to all of them, because it's the tiniest of imperfections that's only exacerbated by having a material weave mouse mat. It also doesn't matter if I'm using the mouse properly and not pressing hard!
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on 18 March 2014
That's why I got it, It's a great mouse, I normally wouldn't pay as much as this but I wanted a good mouse so I tried a couple of ambidextrous ones first and then got this, I'm glad I did, This is the best one, I also have big hands and it's not a problem.
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