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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars119
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2013
Slash is joined by some great singers in this Great piece of work, From Ozzy in Crucify The Dead, to the super sexy Beautiful Dangerous featuring Fergy. a GREAT Album, highly recommended and all backed by Slash at his Best
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To be terribly honest I thought I'd be way out of my
comfort zone with this release, so, it is with some
surprise (and a barely suppressed "Hell Yeah!!") that I have
to report that Mr Slash has made a very fine album indeed.

If you're looking for innovation or experiment you
will not find it here but if you have an appetite
for four-square, hard-hitting, comfortingly predictable,
impeccably performed and produced MOR rock then you
will feel very much at home listening to this generous
fourteen track collection.

That Mr Slash is a fine guitarist, within the confines of
his genre is inarguable. He is in many ways the epitome
of his species (an endangered species at that!); an almost
loveable and instantly recognisable bad boy whose legions
of fans would doubtless quaff neat bourbon from his boots.

Inevitably there will be highs and lows when you pull
together such a diverse range of singers to breathe life
into your work. The credits indicate a strong degree of
collaboration between host and guests in the creative
process and at its best the album delivers more than
a few very fine musical moments.

I particularly enjoyed 'By The Sword', featuring Wolfmother's
estimable vocalist Andrew Stockdale, who comes on strong like
a latter-day Ian Gillan, especially in his stratospheric
upper-register! There is considerable light and shade evident
in Mr Slash's guitar playing both here and elsewhere on the
recording. His limber and colourful fingerwork is quite
wonderful at times.

Maroon Five's Adam Levine has his moment in the sun on 'Gotten'
and manages not to disintegrate in the face of our hero's
blistering power-chords in the central section. A curiously
successful confection given this somewhat unlikely pairing.

Fergie is clearly enjoying herself enormously on 'Beautiful
Dangerous', bumping and grinding as though her very life
depended on it! Slinky, sensual and as credible a manifestation
of 'rock-chick' schtick as we are likely to encounter again this
side of Christmas! She has a very fine pair of lungs indeed!

Hearing Lemmy Kilminster's dulcet English tones on 'Doctor Alibi'
is an absolute hoot! He brings a little much needed dose of
deliciously devilry into the proceedings. Two Lords of Darkness
raising a bit of good-natured fire and brimstone together!

'Watch This', an instumental, unites Dave Grohl on drums and old
mate Duff McKagen on bass for what is perhaps the album's true
high-point. Those big, big chords and beautifully fluid fretboard
runs hang in the air like a clarion call to battle. Cracking stuff!

Look, there's so much to enjoy here I really don't want to
limit the opportunities that a leap of faith of your own might
engender but don't take my words as gospel - take a deep breath
and jump right in. By any standard known to man this is good music!

Highly Recommended.
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on 6 September 2011
1. Ghost (ft. Ian Astbury) - good solid opener to the album, can't fault it 4/5

2. Crucify the Dead (ft. Ozzy) - very catchy melody, tailor-made for Ozzy 4/5

3. Beautiful Dangerous (ft. Fergie) - one of the stand out tracks on the album, if not the stand out track. Superb 5/5

4. Back From Cali (ft. Myles Kennedy) - disappointing, although you can't fault Myles Kennedy's vocals on the song 3/5

5. Promise (ft. Chris Cornell) - excellent effort from the Soundgarden/Audioslave frontman, love it 5/5

6. By the Sword (ft. Andrew Stockdale) - for me this song doesn't really add much to the ensemble, not the best 3/5

7. Gotten (ft. Adam Levine) - another possible highlight of the album, fantastic mellow tune from Adam of Maroon 5 fame 5/5

8. Doctor Alibi (ft. Lemmy) - under a different guise than Motorhead, all Lemmy really adds to the proceedings is his name 3/5

9. Watch This (ft. Dave Grohl) - no more than a supergroup jamming session 3/5

10. I Hold On (ft. Kid Rock) - Again, one of the surprising stand out tracks, very good 5/5

11. Nothing to Say (ft. M. Shadows) - sounding initially like an A7x B-side, this song does grow on you and turns into a solid tune 4/5

12. Starlight (ft. Myles Kennedy) - breathtaking vocals from Myles Kennedy and a superbly uplifting chorus 5/5

13. Saint is a Sinner (ft. Rocco Deluca) - another brilliantly understated number 4/5

14. We're All Gonna Die ft. Iggy Pop - a fitting album closer, with Iggy crooning his way through the verses and letting rip on the chorus 4/5

Album average rating - 4/5
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on 7 February 2013
I saw 'Made in Stoke' on the tv, with vocals from Myles Kennedy, which prompted me to get this CD. Best CD I have bought for a while.
A selection of guest singers, all good tracks, though the best by along way is 'Back to Cali' with Myles Kennedy.
My second fav song is 'Ghost', nice to hear Ian Astbury's vocals again.
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on 2 September 2012
Slash is iconic, no one can argue that. Mention a guitar, a top hat and shades and pretty much everyone will know who you are talking about. But, at the end of the day, he is a guitarist who doesn't sing and, unless you're a classical musician who is famous the world over for playing the piano or the violin, releasing a solo album just doesn't sound like a good idea.

Thank God he didn't let it stop him.

So how do you turn a bad idea into a good idea? Simple. You get other icons, both old and new, and you get them to perform with you. The result, in this case, is simply amazing.

This album is filled with surprises galore, and all with Slash's trademark rifts and solos. Now don't get me wrong, not all the tracks are instant classics. But even the mediocre ones are rather good when considering mediocrity. That said, I feel they did take the best of the tracks and release them as singles to promote the album which, I suppose, does make sense. However keeping tracks such as By The Sword and Beautiful Dangerous back would have made an awesome surprise for first time listeners and a stroke of tactical genius for the producers.

And the line-up of artists who sing? Again, simply genius. Where else would you find some of the older icons of rock such as Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), Lemmy Kilminster (Motorhead) and Iggy Pop on the same album as newer icons such as M Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) . . . the list just goes on and on. Ian Astbury (The Cult), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother)as well as fellow G'n'R performers Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler. But, for me at least, the biggest surprise came from the only female performer on the album. The first time I heard Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) singing Beautiful Dangerous I was blown away, absolutely stunning track. This one track alone made this album worthwhile and proves that she is wasted in a R&B group.

If this album isn't a current classic, and I think that it is, it is definitely a future classic. Please, please let's have more from Slash and friends. Let's definitely have more Slash and Fergie. If this album is anything to go by, there would definitely be some good things coming if there were.
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on 9 January 2013
I didnt expect much, to be honest.
Im such a massive classic Guns fan... But after 15 years of mediocrity including the hugely over rated and mediocre velvet revolver i had almost written off Slash. but then i heard of this, his first official solo record.
To put things straight, its not really a solo record at all, but a number of collaborations with vocalists from major bands - such a mixture. Ian Astbury, Ozzy, Lemmy, M Shadows, Miles Kennedy, Chris Cornell, even Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Kid Rock, and on the special editions you also get Alice Cooper and others..
Something for everyone, then?
Pretty much. But to be honest this plays like a compilation at times rather than a cohesive set; that said there are many outstanding moments and great songs here (but make sure you get the special additions - for some reason Slash has decided to leave off a few standout tracks from the main record).
and if you thought Slash would never recapture the classic moments of the Guns days, play 'Watch This', a 6 minute instrumental that should have featured somewhere in Use Your Illusion for the intensity and full on brilliance of the guitar playing..
This CD stays in my car.. its been played 30 times so far and is still going...
(Top) hats off to Slash!
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on 19 July 2013
i guess i didn't get the memo when this album was released. i'm not a huge slash/GNR fan, so his releases are off my radar, but this album should have created some kind of aftershock that eventually reached the rock masses.

the strange thing about 'slash', is that the man actually seems to take a backseat to his many amazing guests. the presence of rockers like ian astbury, iggy pop, chris cornell, ozzy and alice cooper is not only impressive, but because slash chooses to imitate the guitar style associated with these icons, you'd swear he was in fact, simply a guest guitarist on one of their projects. this is a slash album, right? a strange effect, indeed.

fortunately for us, slash revels in his task, and we are treated with brilliant track after track - these songs are good!
i eventually bought the deluxe edition, just for the beth hart track 'mother maria'. it's a shame it's not included with this release.
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on 21 September 2013
Really good -great to have so many legendary stars performing with Slash! which makes up for the volume of rock cliches but if your not wanting too much depth and just want to rock out to something that's not ancient -it's got some fresh elements with Fergie and Adam Levine, this is definitely worth it.
Saw Slash on this tour twice -and it's always going to be a shame that you'll never get to see all the different artists working with Slash on stage but that's same with any collaborations -and of course Myles Kennedy is awesome! and covers all the bases- and again the same with any collaboration albums -because there are different artists on each track if you want to play the album on your iPod you have to select each track individually and create a playlist!
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on 12 April 2010
This is actually a very good record because it's unusual. You were never going to get a G'N'R or a VR record which is actually a relief, not that G'N'R are bad, i love them. It's the differentation that makes this album enjoyable, not only from the vocalists but from the differing styles of guitar playing that Slash uses. It's not a driving rock album and it's not a poppy record either is something in the middle. Nothing to Say is the 'heaviest' song by far and shows that Slash can rip it up with the best of them.

I would say listen to it a couple of times and it starts to become more apparent why Slash has done what he's done. It's not a sell out at all, it gives a guitar legend a way of expressing himself without being constrained by one style of music. He's really is the genuine article, an icon who can play a mixture of styles and do it well.

My only negative comment is track 14, why oh why did that get on the record, great track let down massively by Iggy Pop's ridiculous and frankly woeful lyrics, such a shame.
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on 15 July 2011
The biggest problem when Slash released his debut album earlier this year was that he included bonus tracks that were only available in certain countries, so many people were left without certain songs such as Fergie's & Cypress Hill's version of Paradise city, Alice Cooper & Nicole Scherzinger "Baby Can't Drive", as well as songs by Beth Hart and Koshi Inaba. Well now with this 2cd 1dvd Deluxe Edition all these are included and a whole lot more!

Also included on the bonus cd are 5 live tracks, 4 of which are sung by Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy, which include an acoustic version of his own track from the album "Back from Cali" as well as Acoustic versions of Velvet Revolvers "Fall To Pieces" and Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child Of Mine", both are good versions and shows that Kennedy was definitely the right singer to take on the road in support of the album, we also get a full rocking version of "Nightrain" which is outstanding! Instrumental track "Watch This" also has a live version and while it doesn't match what Slash did in the studio with Dave Grohl and Duff Mckagan it still delivers. The big dissapointment is that Nick Oliveri's(ex queens of the stone age) track "Chains and Shackles" isn't included and that is a pity, however "Nothing to Say" sung by M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold is basically the same song just different lyrics and production and is included on the main album, it would have been nice to have both versions.

The Dvd includes a making of the album video and shows how all the different singers prepared for their parts as well as the different techniques they all go through, and of course they all talk about what an honour it was to work with Slash. Slash also does a track by track review which is interesting. It also includes the video for "By The Sword" sung by Wolfmothers Andrew Stockdale, it also has making of the video For that song.. It does not include the new video for "Back From Cali" or for "Beautiful Dangerous" which is sung by Fergie. It does have some live video's though for both Myles Kennedy song's "Back From Cali" and "Starlight" as well as Kennedy singing Slash's Snakepit song "Mean Bone"

Of course the main album itself is great with loads of stand out tracks, with plenty of guest vocals including Ozzy, Ian Astbury from The Cult, a great track from Chris Cornell ""Promise" which shows what a fine vocalist and songwriter he is, Kid Rock and Iggy Pop also contribute as does Lemmy from Motorhead.

The only drawback of course is that they should have released this at the same time as the main album as I'm sure Slash fans will now end up paying out for the album again.
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