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4.2 out of 5 stars80
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 30 June 2010
I've checked it out and it's not a mistake on Amazon's website - this really is in the American NTSC format. NTSC is a lower quality video system than the European PAL. That's annoying but it gets worse. Many people, including me, now have DVD players that include hard discs for recording broadcast TV. But you can't record a TV programme in PAL while playing an NTSC disc. In my house someone is recording something most nights so I will have very limited opportunities to watch this. All because they want to save money by releasing a single version around the world that is region 0 and NTSC. Not acceptable! They wouldn't dare release a region 0 PAL disc in the States but seem to think it's okay to treat Europeans as second class citizens.

Give me a PAL version and I'll buy it. But NTSC? No.
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on 11 June 2010
I am a big big fan, not a hater. I run a popular U2 fan site too. This is just a howler in my opinion. The first problem I have is with the visuals. The noise levels and grain are horrendous. Artistic effect or a crap transfer? I'd suggest bad transfer as some shots are okay. It just does not deliver any visually astounding moments. It's just too dark throughout and the editing does the stage no justice whatsoever. Where is the Claw?

This release brings back no memories or emotions of either of the 5 shows I attended. Performance is flat (particularly from Bono). He tries but he just doesn't have the legs. Too far into the tour to film me thinks. Setlist features too much material from All That You Can't Leave Behind which is an album that should be left behind. The songs just don't work on a production of this scale.

Sound mix has to be faulted for there being little or no audience participation. Listen to I Still Haven't Found and witness in amazement how little effect 97,000 people can have. The band are mixed well though and is strong on Adam's bass (always good). Bono is a little too prominent on places which is no good when his voice is tired.

Bonus material is pretty good but sadly none of it is in HD. None whatsoever. Let's hope they deliver on the BD Live functionality to put this right.

2 stars may seem low but 'I don't like it'
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on 3 January 2015
This is an amazing blu ray experience. Doesn't even really matter what your personal tastes are. When I first saw the set list I was a little disappointed some tracks were not included, but when you watch the show-if you have taste- it completely takes you away. To somewhere better that used to exist. As usual, people complaining are a bunch of nerds and squares who wouldn't know a good performance if it fell on top of them.
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VINE VOICEon 7 June 2010
Amazing Concert Footage great performance and lots of extras for added value. The Images are great and the sound quality is Multi Channel DTS-HD but why is it only in 1080i 50hz not 1080p 24fps? I realise that broadcast quality is 1080i but this is the 2nd concert disk I have got that is not full 1080p, the other one was Take thats Circus which was the same. I noticed my player was running at 1080i 50hz but on checking the back of the box it is clearly printed as 1080i. Would be nice if these details where mentioned on Amazon as we are buying online we can't check these details.

Even so this wouldn't have stopped my buying this glorious slice of U2 in full flow and is a must for fans of great music.
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VINE VOICEon 12 July 2010
I find it very annoying when the first reviews on here are from people who went to the concert. Of course they give it 5 stars, U2 are superb in concert. The review needs to be on how well the performance was captured on disc. This is a very average presentation. I can tell from it that U2 were brilliant. You can't fault the singing and musicianship. The material is fantastic. The sound is superb, or at least it is once you get the setting right. Note: if you have 5:1 it does not default to this. The problem is the director has been given far too many cameras to play with and boy does he use them. Jumping from scene to scene every few seconds is REALLY REALLY annoying and detracts from the concert. Lose 2 stars Mr Director for the filming of a pop video not a live concert.

In summary too clever by half...dam shame!
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on 9 July 2010
This is the best audio recorded U2 video ever. The concert is filmed like it is coming from out of space. Great concert, great ambient, great sound, great show. Highest recommendation!
Bonus dvd gives a closer look to the biggest live stage yet, and unusually lots of information for the fans about the tour, and the conntruction.
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on 11 March 2011
What is impressive about this concert is the amount of people that are there. In excess of 97,000 is a huge number and whilst this also is an impressive sight to behold, I couldn't help but think when watching the DVD that a crowd this size takes away a lot of the intimacy of the concert. As it is filmed in the round, you are aware at all times of the thousands of people in attendance, however, because of the darkness and the lack of audience close-ups etc, I felt when watching that because it always tends to focus on the band onstage, the interaction with the audience that is part of the atmosphere of a live concert, is lost.

The opening song on the DVD is the rousing 'Get On Your Boots', however, I felt immediately that maybe this had not been the opening song of the actual concert, as you do get the strong feeling that you are joining the show maybe one or two songs in. A quick check online after I finished watching the DVD, showed my feelings were correct. 'Get On Your Boots' had in fact been the second song, the opening song was 'Breathe' and it does not feature at all on this DVD. However, if you buy the deluxe version which has 2 discs, you will find 'Breathe' is included as an extra, which personally I find annoying. I would far rather have watched the concert from its opening song and seen the band come onstage etc.
Following 'Get On Your Boots' the band move swiftly on to 'Magnificent' another great track from 'No Line On The Horizon' which in my opinion is the best song they have came up with for a number of years and is up there with my other personal U2 favourites, such as 'The Unforgettable Fire' and 'One' which I am pleased to say both of these feature in this concert.

The sound quality is excellent throughout and the band deliver a polished, faultless performance. Bono sounds as good as ever vocally and I was impressed by his running around the entire circle of the stage. I am aware some people do not like Bono but I am judging him here entirely on his performance skills which are excellent. Like him or loathe him, you cannot deny the man has an 'aura' about him and is a great presence on stage. Indeed it is something that was noticeable back on their Live Aid performance in 1985 and has carried them through the years.
I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, the sound, the perfomance and the content I cannot fault. Yes there are one or two songs I would have liked to have seen included such as 'New Years Day' or 'Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own', but with such a massive back catalogue it is difficult to please everyone and I was really happy that they did include my all time favourite 'The Unforgettable Fire' so I am not disappointed.

The only thing that did disappoint me was that the concert does not begin with the actual opening track and also because of the way it is filmed and/or edited, you don't get to see much audience interaction which I feel would have improved the overall atmosphere of the concert for the viewer watching this DVD. For that reason, although it is a great performance, it seemed just a little lacking, as the true atmosphere does not come across when watching. Maybe I am being overly picky as the performances are faultless and as a fan of the band I loved listening to the songs played live, but just a little more atmosphere would have been the icing on the cake.
If you are a fan, you will enjoy this.
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on 22 June 2010
"Thank you Live Nations. Thank you madness. Thank you." (c)

It's outer space. Starting with the stage and finishing with a milky way which slowly was cover with red light creating galactic atmosphere. A sad astronaut from Zooropa fond his place in this tour too, it is him who's showing us this show from his spaceship's window. It's U2, how can it be the other way?

The concert is fantastic. And in this case both meanings of this word count. It's obvious that this concert DVD eclipsed previous ones. Tom Krueger directed it and he also directed U23D, he really made it the way you can lose your breath. I'm seriously admired HOW the concert is recorded, how it is edited, how light and sound is made. And also they were able to make Bono look so damn handsome everywhere. Probably it's only my humble opinion, but light is a very important part of how the whole picture will be look like and here it's just perfect. It's a pleasure for eyes to see, ears are happy to hear, because music takes them away and you've got a sweet and warm feeling inside.

There are alot of positive emotions, smiles, touching moments. During the watching your mood is getting better and when you realize that YOU too were there and you will be again your own memories add colors to this already positive gamma. You sit and think: "It's so damn awesome!".

Guys had a good mood, it was visible. Bono was so excited by the end that you could see he was enjoying everything so much. Maybe they already know that they made a new record in USA with the biggest crowd attending a concert ever and they decided to rock that place at the whole 200%.

Setlist was good. They left only best of the bests. I'm not the one who thinks that it became worse when they cut out Breathe. Yes, it was an opener for all concerts, but Get On Your Boots is good too.

I wanted to take some screencaps, but I realized it would be unnecessary. You can't judge the concert by pictures, you must watch it. And listen to it.
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on 29 August 2014
I bought this as a present for my dad. Seems to be of good quality though he hasn't watched it yet. Was delivered on time and well packaged. Would recommend to anyone who loves U2 as much as my dad does but didn't manage to get tickets for their tour.
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on 7 August 2011
The quality of images for a blu ray is really bad.....Better save a bit of money and buy DVD because I believe is quite the same thing!!
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