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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars183
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 12 September 2012
Having not cycled a bike for about 10 odd years, I recently started cycling again to and fro work on my 15 year old Raleigh mountain bike (cost around £150 at the time). As such other cyclists regularly passed me by probably wondering why I was so red faced and puffing when climbing up hills and slopes, I chalked it down to unhealthiness.

Since upgrading to the Vitesse it has been the difference between night and day. The hills I used to have to climb everyday to work, from which i've had to get off and push several times on my Raleigh, on the Vitesse now is literally like a knife through butter, I could not believe it, you can barely even feel the incline. An impressive bike.

Assembly was very easy, most of the important parts are already done for you, I didn't do any adjustments to the gears or anything like that, I just hopped right on and it was great.


It doesn't offer the same comfort as my old rugged mountain bike, I can't drive my bike up a steep curb, and you feel the bumps on the road more, but that was to be expected with a road bike.

I also had an issue with the handle bars. As many mentioned the gears require you to change hand position from the brakes to adjust, for everyday riding it's not really a problem for me, but for racing or longer distances I can see how this could get annoying.

Also, I prefer to ride in a more upright position, but this isn't really possible with the position of the brakes. So your kinda forced into a forward leaning, racing position.

Considering the price of this bike though, i can't really complain, it's pretty much one of the cheapest bike you can get.

On another note, this bike looks good, a little too good. Personally I feel a little stupid riding such a fancy looking bike when i'm not a serious cyclist, I feel a bit of a poser with my frankly lacklustre cycling abilities and general un-athleticness.

The bike itself is also getting a lot of looks when i have it chained up outside my local shops, I'm worried it looks a little too attractive to would be thieves, which belies it's actual humble price.

Note. At least three of the 1 star reviews complain of the wheel rubbing the frame, they have put the handle bar on the wrong way round when assembling their bike, I made the same mistake at first.

Overall, this has been a massive upgrade over my previous 15 year old mountain bike, the performance difference is huge. Of course this begs the question of just how terrible my old bike was, after-all it's all relative. So if your riding an old 15 year old mountain bike, if children and overweight middle-aged people are overtaking you left, right and centre, if you get into work every morning completely red faced and flustered while your colleagues (whom also cycle in) give you a discerning look. Do not question your health, do not question your longevity, just get a better bike. This one should do.
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on 1 July 2010
I used to own another racing bike that its price is double this one. When I thought about buying a new one, I found this to be the cheapest. I was expecting a moderate bike to use it for commuting. What I got is a much better one for this price. Here are the pros and cons:
Pros: Very nice look, comfort ride, breaks are excellent, seat is high quality, gears are easy to use, very well packed and very easy to assemble.
Cons: Heavy (but less than expected, it is 15.5 kg weight), tires are not very thin (as shown in image).
Best use: moderate distances travel (not more than 10 miles). it is not the kind of bike to be used for training.
Recommendation: I recommend for non-professional bikers. If you are professional, then it is expected to pay more.

Over all, I am so happy with this purchase. It is really a good value for money
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on 20 August 2011
When I received it, it was dismantled into frame, handlebars, wheels and pedals. The tools are provided to assemble it, and this is not a difficult procedure.

One assembled, the following tasks were required:

1) Tighten brakes - they are loose so as to allow the wheels to be inserted.
2) Set-up indexed gears - they were pretty close, but some adjustment will always be necessary.
3) Tighten spokes - the spokes were quite loose, which would mean that the wheels would go out of true fairly rapidly unless the spokes are tightened. This requires a special tool, which isn't provided.
4) Pump up tires, of course.

None of these are surprising, and would probably be needed for any bike that doesn't come from a specialist bike shop.

The quality of most of the components seems perfectly acceptable, although my brother-in-law wasn't impressed by the brakes (I think another review mentions the brakes as well).

My main grumbles would be that the frame is pretty heavy, and the tyres are extremely wide. On the frame side, this is probably an unfair complaint, as the bike is very cheap - and at least the additional weight makes it more sturdy (and it is satisfyingly sturdy). The tyres, however, are really not racer tyres - indeed they are the same as on my tourer, whose whell rims are 1.5 or 2 times wider. This is actually mentioned in the product description (700x28C tyres), but most of us don't visualise this sort of numbers. The tyres being this size also means that mud-guards can't be fitted, as there is insufficient clearance between the tyres and the frame.

I bought this as an alternative commuter bike, but found it unsatisfying because:

a) It's weight is actually about the same as my (very old, but admitedly expensive) tourer.
b) Because of the large tyres, its rolling friction is about the same as my tourer.
c) Because of the large tyres, I cannot fit even temporary racer-style mud-guards - although thoses that stick out under the seat should be OK.

I have therefore kept my tourer and leant this one to my brother, who is using it to go cycling in Epping forest, and for which he is more than happy with it!
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on 15 June 2011

I could not rate this bike more highly. It is simply outstanding value for money. For less than 180 euros, I now have a well built, sturdy, quality road bike. The only draw back I see is the position of the gears, but for what I will be doing with it, the occasional road race with friends, and a bit of cardio-vascular training, its absolutely perfect. I hadn't heard of the company making the bike before, but having ridden bikes all my life, I can say that this bike is built to serve its purpose. A great entry level bike for those looking to get into cycling again, or for the first time. Shimano gears derailleurs, cogs, a mid-weight frame, as far as I can tell, a slightly less than comfy saddle(can be changed), easily assembled, good rims, and tyres, and not bad looking either! I'm 6'1" and I find the size perfect. Buy buy buy while its going cheap!!!

Living in Ireland, the bike was delivered in less than 4 working days. Very impressed all round...


One year on and I have found that the grip shift gears have been busted by my heavy handedness, a little too easily, and I will replace them with trigger shifters - much better... But I have done many long weekend cycles fairly regularly, (I have a hybrid for work commutes) I have completed a number of competitive road races, beating all of my friends, who had much better bikes than I (but this could be down to my dogged competitiveness). In the final sprints however, I could see that my cadence was vastly higher than theirs, what I mean to say is that in order to achieve the same speed as some other competitors, I was performing two revolutions for every one of theirs. But you don't get that efficient and exacting engineering for 180 I guess.

Still a good purchase IMO.
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on 13 October 2012
I've thought for a few weeks about how I would review this bike. I will say that so far the bike has been running just fine with no mechanical problems. Assembly was simple except that it did not come with a properly sized hex key. I also needed to make some minor adjustments on the brake cables.

Be clear about this: This is not a racer bike. This is basically a hybrid bike with racer handlebars attached to it. Perhaps as a result of that, the design of the gear shifters doesn't make sense. You need to twist the shifters at the top center of the handlebars, but the breaks are all the way in the front. That just means that you can't easily switch gears and use a brake at the same time. It's not as light as a typical racer or road bike. The tires are a bit thicker than tires on a racer bike or a typical street bike. Since I ride on some pretty beat-up roads, that works for me. The bike is not fast enough to do real racing, but it is fast enough for commuting here and there, going through long park stretches, and stop-and-go cycling. I am 5'6" and I think that I am the absolute minimum height for this bike. Anyone shorter than that should look elsewhere. Also, I have small hands. Braking with this bike can be a little tiring after a while if you have small hands like me. It would be easier for me to place more pressure on the brakes if my fingers were just a little longer.

Other than those minor drawbacks, I like this bike. It's functional and easy to ride.
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on 5 April 2011
I've been cycling for 14 years and have went through 2 mountain bikes,3 road bikes and 2 racers.--I can honestly say that this one is by far the best--No question about it.--If like me you are an uphill addict, I would strongly advise you to get the gearing system finely tuned (as per manual-page 19) as you will need that 21st low gear.-- A dubious point that someone raised was the size of the frame--I'm only 5ft 8inches tall and find the bike to be a perfect fit, simply by adjusting the saddle and handlebars.--no problem!--I would strongly recommend this bike as it looks terrific and feels terrific on the road.
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on 18 August 2012
I started cycling after more than 1.5 decade. I was not sure if I will really get into this stuff, so wanted to go for a cheap alternative rather than going for a expensive one and later finding out this thing isn't for me. I must say this is really really a good purchase. I have ride the bike yesterday and it really made me fall in love with it, very smooth, and as this is my first bike after a long long time I have nothing to compare to but all I can say this satisfies everything that I was expecting for this product.Even it looks great something that triggers your childhood fantasy and expectations.Gear changes very smoothly, a bit of problem with changing the gears on the front wheel but may be I am not doing it right, as this is my first bike with gear. For first time starters really a good choice. I will highly recommend for someone who is thinking of getting into cycling for first time or after a long hiatus.
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on 27 September 2010
I bought this bike as a cheap way to get to and from work. The bike is basic with no frills but easy to maintain and repair. The build seems solid and strong. The brakes are also solid looking with reliable calliper type that work well wet or dry. The frame is reasonably light weight alloy with good shape, weld points and paint finish. The handle bars are well finished with neat tape binding. The gears are entry level 21 speed Shimano cassette with SIS derailleurs which shift easily and smoothly. However the Shimano Revoshift twist grip shifters can be a little inconvenient as the rider has to readjust his/her grip from the brake position to change gear. The tires are sound with good tread, my bike came with Schrader valve tubes. The delivery was very prompt and the bike was well boxed. Building the bike was simple taking around 20 minutes to fit the wheels,seat and post and fix and adjust the handle bars. The brakes and gear set were already in place. I am extremely pleased with the bike which for the money is a bargain.
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on 28 August 2011
I recently moved to London and was after a commuter bike that would also be useful for longer rides and can handle speed. This bike seemed like the best fit based on the reviews supplied by other amazon purchasers as they all sounded quite positive and the price was great. All my bikes previously have been hybrids or mountain bikes with this being my first road/racer purchase.

I have to say I'm quite disappointed with it! If you read my feedback below and can look past the negative points you will be happy with this bike.

OK firstly the GOOD points(plus 3 stars): Build quality, inclusive of the seat and handlebars, is good. The bike comes 90% assembled and getting it on the road takes as little as 20-30 minutes. It looks very hardcore and I got a few compliments from friends and family on what a great looking bike it was when put together. The tires seem to be sturdy and can handle speed.

Now for the negative (minus 2 stars): The grip shift and gears. WHY put grip shift on a bike that requires the braking position to be so far forward? It is not possible to put your hands in an upper-forward position and brake with the levers either, as they are too stiff to pull in at the top, thus making this riding position useless! The Grip shift/gearing system has been problematic on my bike. Even after doing some alignment myself, I still get chain scraping when changing into certain gears. My kit was missing the hex key required to secure the seat into position too. Luckily I had one to do the job.

Overall: If you purchase this bike and intend to use it for highway riding, you will most likely not have any issues. If you intend on purchasing this bike for commuting, be prepared to constantly be changing you grip and rider position making the journey very uncomfortable!
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on 23 July 2010
Bought the bike with the intention of mixing up my marathon training, great value for money and nice to ride.
If you are a beginner looking for a cheap way to start this is it. I am 6'4" and this is a great size with plenty left to raise the saddle if you are taller
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