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4.7 out of 5 stars19
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 April 2010
If you are new to little big planet and want some reviews of the game itself, have a look at the original version on amazon. There are 200+ reviews on there and I think it is avearging 4.5 or 5 stars, and rightly so. It is an excellent game. My only problem with this version is that it does not include the pirates of the carribean levels. Those levels were available for download from the PSN at Christmas time so there can't be that many people still buying it now. If they have gone to the effort of releasing a new version of LBP and are relaunching the brand, why not go the whole hog??
The metal gear levels are great fun (which are included) and there are a few other extra levels so for the extra cost (£2-£3?) compared to the orginal version, it still represents good value.
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on 15 August 2010
My 3 kids (2 x 8 + 1 x 13) love Little Big Planet and have been playing the original version for a good while. When I read about this edition and its additional features, I jumped at the chance to give their game a new twist. And it has certainly delivered. They love the new costumes and new places. It's not a completely new game, rather an enhanced version of the original, but according to one of the boys "This one is definitely more better!" Don't think I can say it any better than that...
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on 7 December 2010
There's not much needs saying. This isn't a new game, but established as a classic. Stylised and superb visual design, great sound, humour, intricate and increasingly challenging levels. And Stephen Fry does the voiceovers in a most perfectly appropriate fashion.

My eight and six year old love it; it makes them wild with excitement while extracting more concentration from them then pretty much anything else bar drawing. It's too challenging for them at times, but then I can simply switch on another controller and join the game as my 'Daddy' character to lend a hand, which they love.

And the icing on the cake is that there are hundreds of top quality, moderated levels online once the games own levels have been completed, and I can make them contraptions and strange levels that amaze and entertain. It's great, only the occasional fussyness of the jump/grab mechanic, rare layer-depth issues that can result in deaths, and the great, painstaking input of time required to build anything grandiose stop it being a 10/10 - I go for 9.5/10.
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on 23 April 2010
LittleBigPlanet won a slew of Game of the Year awards back in 2008, and now (a bit late) we Europeans have finally got the chance to play its GotY edition. This version comes with everything from the vanilla edition (50 standard levels and mini games) plus the Metal Gear Solid 4 level kit and costumes, a bunch of non-licenced costumed pre-installed and 15 special community-created levels. Generally it's not really worth the upgrade from the original, but for really big fans of the game like myself it's worth selling your old copy just to access the brilliant new community levels and get the Metal Gear Solid content, if you've been on the fence over that. It only cost me £18 on launch and I feel that was money very well spent.

Anyway, for those new to the game, LBP is a platformer with a strong emphasis on user-created content, community play and physics-based gameplay. You play as Sackboy or Sackgirl, and have to investigate why so many of the eight Creator Curator's belongings have gone missing. But the main game is only scratching the surface. Any and all levels can be played with up to three people on the sofa or online, and you can also play levels online created and uploaded by the LBP community - at the time of writing there's about 2.3 million levels, and even though a lot inevitably stink it's easy to find the highly-rated ones due to ratings and comments. The level designer is incredible - you'll find everything from musical tributes, Sonic and Bomberman recreations, working tanks and vehicles to even a fully working calculator. Literally, if you can imagine it, you can build it, and it's amazing what people can do with a collection of triggers, switches and pistons and a little imagination.

The presentation, music and visuals are wonderful. Your SackPerson and hub 'Pod' can be fully customised however you like, and you can earn all kinds of new items throughout the game. Everything is accessed via the 'Popit' menu assigned to Square, and Stephen Fry's lovely calming voice is on hand to guide you through the entire game and all of its extensive tutorials.

LBP won't be for everyone, but quite simply I've never had more fun with a PS3 game and never found a sillier and more cheerful game and community. There is a staggering amount of content with this game coming in at a very modest budget price, and it has the opportunity for a peerless level of creativity and user-created content. If you have even a passing interest in platformers, then you will find lots to love in LittleBigPlanet.
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on 29 April 2011
This is a very creative and fun family game.

My children absolutely love this game. My son is almost 5 and my daughter is 16.

This game is an absolut gem. When you see how happy your children are, you'll be glad you bought this game.
My son is learning how to judge distances, overcome obstacles, time movements, etc. My daughter likes customizing her sack boy, connecting to friends to complete levels together,etc. At first, my daughter protested when I told her to help my son play in the beginning. She said, "That is a baby game", but 10 minutes later she was dying to get in on the action.

Sometimes, they play this game for hours at a time, and I have to pry them away from it.
This game is definitely worth the money spent.
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This is a real gem of a game and was one of the reasons I bought a PS3 over the EggBox. On the surface, it is just a cute platformer and whilst that is undoubtedly true, there is a lot more to it than that. In fact it is a very cute platformer. Sackboy is already a bit of a cult character and he really is difficult to not like. From the opening credits, narrated with aplomb by Stephen Fry to the "Vision On" music, the little woolly guy gets a place in your heart and gaming history.

Cuteness aside, the imagination and attention to detail is what really makes this a great PS3 experience. When your sacky chap bumps into a soft box, it behaves exactly as a cushion would and bounces along. If you jump on it, it will squish a bit and may be difficult to balance on. Ditto the Velcro you can stick to and the elastic ropes you swing on, all of which behave exactly as in real life. The physics and gravity effects are spot on and a make it a joy to play. The photo-realistic textures and surfaces from cloth to cardboard or brick give it a truly unique and captivating look unlike any other game. Older gamers might see a bit of Monty Python in some of the levels with the 2D faces or when your sacky chum gets flattened by a Dr Marten boot.

In play, the Pod (your base) menu at first is a little confusing, as is the Popit but you're good to go after a couple of sessions. In each level, you essentially have to go from A to B but the more you explore, the more you gain in goodies such as stickers, objects and materials. Your Pod page tells you which level you have completed and the percentage of collectables gained and it's good fun to go back on the hunt for those missing items, though some parts may require a friend's help to enter. Causal A to B racers and explorers will thus enjoy this game equally. The levels are varied and get more challenging but all very imaginative and fun, if a little creepy for the very young (Freda's wedding springs to mind) in parts. Co-op is a riot, on and offline though as it's one-screen (bigger and better) expect a few arguments if your mate zooms off up into the trees and you are left behind until he passes the next (pretty regular) checkpoint.

The make your own levels is a massive bonus that would-be developers around the world have been getting stuck into (and is an extra incentive to grab all the goodies during Story mode as they come in useful here) though I'm yet to have a go and probably will never have the time. However I have played many of the zillions of uploaded levels which include some excellent tributes to other games and movies and am amazed at the variety an quality of some...though not all!

Now available as a GOTY edition with loads of DLC for under £20, this is a great game for everyone.
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on 5 July 2010
all of the extra content in GotY edition can obviously be bought on playstation network. However, the extra content they give you isn't actually that great compared to some of the stuff that is on PSN. It would be better if the game came with a £10 voucher than could be spent on any little big planet DLC, rather than forcing you to have boring content like "boudica costume"
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on 4 December 2010
Such a brilliant game, highly addictive, great graphics and the reason why we bought our PS3 (it's sad but true) and we are 30 and 36 years old.

Not just for children (who are better than us at it). Can play even play it online with my brother in Japan!

So much fun and can't wait for the second installment.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 August 2013
Everyone else loves this game more than I do.

Don't get me wrong, I do not hate it, but it seems like my partner, his two kids, and a lot of my friends, love this game a lot more than I do.

I never intended to get LittleBigPlanet, from the videos and screen shots I had seen I pretty much dismissed it as a kids game. However a male friend a few years older than me kept pestering me to get it so I could play the levels he had made. Eventually I caved.

I was very impressed with the look of the game, and loved the narration by Stephen Fry. I played my friend's levels and gave the obligatory hearts (they were good levels though!) and we played online together a fair bit in the story mode and in levels people had made. But after the initial fun, I got bored. The story was not exciting enough to keep me interested, it was just a device to move from one level to another, and the level creator did not interest me at all, I'm just not that creative I prefer to be entertained rather than work on providing entertainment. I wish I were more creative, but I'm just not... oh well.

On the other hand, my partner loves this game. He has totally embraced the creative side of the game, and has spent many hours making age and ability appropriate levels for his two children. They are 7 and 8, but have actually been playing LBP since a lot younger due to him making them suitable levels. We also play together sometimes just for a laugh, but I do not play the game for long sessions as it does not really interest me in the same way it does other people.

PROS: If you are a creative sort, the sky is the limit, there is so much you can do with this game, it is amazing. You can also gear the levels you make towards different ages and abilities, which makes it great if you have young kids. Also you can play the levels other people have made online, alone or with up to three friends/randoms. Lots of customisation. Looks adorable. Has Stephen Fry in it.

CONS: I found the story mode repetitive. Could just be me though. You may find you overdose on cuteness.

In closing, this is a fantastic game if you like building your own levels. It's amazing and very well done, it's just not my favourite. Sorry, Sackboy fans.
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on 30 July 2012
. muy buen juego a muy buen precio,recomendado para añadirlo a la coleccion. el juego da para bastantes horas de diversion
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