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4.7 out of 5 stars413
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 February 2010
Having owned one or two coffee machines in my time I have to say the Magimix Citiz Milk is fantastic!!
If I'm being totally honest our lifestyle leaves us little time to be messing round with complicated and longwinded pieces of equipment in order to make a simple cup of coffee so when this machine was recommended to us (mainly due to ease of use) we bought it primarily for this reason and it is certainly far surpassed any of our expectations not only in usability but the quality too!
When the machine arrived it was a few simple steps before we were enjoying our first cup of real coffee and what a darn good cup of coffee too! I have to say I never realised how awful instant coffee really is until this lol.
The main thing I love about this machine is the separate milk bit. My husband particularly enjoys a latte whereas I (forever watching my figure lol) have it with just a drop of milk, so for hubby, he simply pops his milk into the milk frother and pours it nice & hot into his coffee whilst I will make my coffee and add a little cold milk afterwards.
Back to the ease of use issue, as with previous machines we have had, they got little use simply because it proved so much hassle making a coffee then all the cleaning afterwards. With the Nespresso, it's simples. You fill the water tank with fresh water, switch the machine on and wait for it to heat which incidentally is very quick, then pop your coffee pod into the top. If your having milk in the frother you put that in and switch it on to do it's bit. Meanwhile select your cup size from large or small and press! When the milk is ready you add it to it and voila, you have a perfect cup of coffee!
Cleaning is a synch as I just rinse the milk pot and leave the machine till the end of the day then just empty the water tank, empty the water tray and discard the used coffee pods. Every week I'll give it a more thorough clean.
This machine gets used daily and trying all the different coffees is brilliant! I can honestly not recommend the nespresso's highly enough. All in all a superb machine that delivers a superb cup of coffee and is a total pleasure to use!
If your in the market for a new coffee machine, buy it, you won't be disappointed :-)

UPDATE Sept 2012 - Thought I'd add a quick update on my review.
After 3yrs, 3 months of owning this machine I have to say our opinion has still not changed even though we are now looking to buy a new one seeing as the part that holds the coffee pods seems to have slipped so the pod falls through every time! Still, considering this machine has been used consistently every day about 3-4 times a day, I think this has given us a pretty fair deal.
The coffee is still fabulous and delivers a perfect coffee every time although I would hate to tot up the sheer amount of money we have spent on this over the time we've owned it!! Yes they are expensive....we spend about £75 every 4-6 weeks!!!
Now it is time to lay our machine to rest, we will definitely be looking at buying another Magimix nespresso model although this time it will be without the milk frother as we find we no longer use this.

Hope this review helps some of you with the decision of to buy or not to buy :-) x
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on 22 October 2010
I have been using this coffee machine for the past year now and can confirm that it does provide you with good espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. It is very straight forward to use and there are no finicky bits another plus point is that the machine has a 3 year guarantee.

But I have realised that with my preference of making cappuccinos or lattes I need to use two nespresso capsules. Then again this may be due to the strength of the coffee that I like or because of the size of my mug :-).

Another thing I realised is that I need to preheat my mug to ensure that my latte or cappuccino stays hot.

One negative if you consider it, is the cleaning of the milk frother as you cannot submerge in water. I found out by trial and error that if you use a baby's bottle brush it's a breeze to clean it.

All in all it is a good coffee machine.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 July 2014
I love coffee, and I have used bean to cup machines, other pod machines, espresso machines etc, and I have to say, this is a winner!

If you're wondering whether to get this or a Tassimo or a Dolce Gusto, by all means get this. The espresso from the Tassimo just tastes awful - it is more like an espresso blend rather than a 'genuine' espresso. This machine right here brews a genuine espresso, the same as what you can get in coffee shops! In fact, in my honest opinion it beats what some coffee shops call coffee!

The milk frother is fantastic as well and easy to clean. It is automatic so it stops when it is at the correct temperature, and you get fantastic foam. I am really surprised. I have seen people say that it is hard to clean the milk frother, so here is how I do it:

1 - Empty any excess milk etc
2 - Just rinse it out to get rid of as much milk left over as you can
3 - Fill it up about half way with cold water
4 - Close the lid and shake it carefully for about 10 seconds - very important step
5 - Empty the water, and done! It should be clean now.

Literally less than 20 seconds to clean! The trick is to fill it up with water, put the lid on and shake it as it gets rid of the stubborn milk stuck on the sides etc. You have to remember to clean it straight after using it.

The machine looks superb and isn't too big. It just uses 1 cable to supply power to both the machine and the milk frother.

The latte and cappucinos it makes are just amazing! I haven't tasted better beverages in coffee shops, and now I get them at home.

It isn't noisy too. Okay, it does make noise, but it won't wake people up or anything like that. The first second can be quite noisy but once it starts pushing water through the pod it is nearly silent.

I love the fact that the pods just go in a dump box automatically and I would say you don't have to empty this until there are about 10 pods in there. It is great because I found with Dolce Gusto where you have to throw away the pods straight after using them they leak whilst walking up to the bin! With this machine, just take the tray and chuck them all into the bin (don't forget that you should recycle them!)

You do get a starter pack to try some very good coffee. I recommend Cosi and Volluto for lattes and cappucinos because they're not too strong and give a wonderful flavour.

The 3 year warranty just tells me that the manufacturer has some faith in this machine so you can expect that this will make you coffee for at least another 3 years from purchase! What an investment. Think about how much you will save from coffee shops. Each pod costs roughly about 29p from nespresso (you need to buy from them directly) so they're a lot cheaper than coffee shops. You can get compatible pods as well if you want to save some more money.

Why did I go to a pod machine? You don't have to worry about coffee grounds going all over the place, making a mess etc. It's very tidy.

So why only 4 stars? You can't get these pods in supermarkets which is a huge shame. Hopefully they will start doing it, but I don't think they will.

Overall, this machine is great. If you're a latte / cappucino lover like me, you're in for a treat! You have to remember that other pod machines use powdered milk etc and it ruins the taste. This is a genuine coffee machine which produces the same coffee as what you would expect from your coffee shop. Get it for yourself, get it for your relatives or friends as a present... It is such a good little machine which has really surprised me!
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on 16 January 2010
I first saw this model at a friends house and although I loved the cup of coffee she made me I felt it could have been a bit hotter. Decided to buy one anyway and if you follow the instructions to the letter you will get a very hot cup of coffee. You must run some water through first before you put the pod in the machine, to warm up the pipes and it helps if you put your cup under the hot tap in your sink for a minute to pre heat it before you put the coffee in.
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on 28 September 2011
After much research we decided upon this model and have not been disappointed, fantastic HOT HOT coffee and its delicious!
The milk heater is great and froths well!
I no longer pay £3 for a coffee and feel its almost paid for itself.
the only negative is the fact Nespresso had a monopoly on the coffee its self... so i say buy in bulk to avoid repeat delivery charges.
coffee is a luxury and to have a fabulous one at any time of day or night is truly a blessing and worth every penny!
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on 13 September 2009
I bought this to replace another coffee maker and am I pleased I did! It makes what can only be described as 'real' coffee - excellent! I purchased the Nespresso on the recommendation of a friend and a number of other friends have now also bought it having sampled coffees from my machine! It's a definite winner! If you need help and advice from Nespresso, their customer service personnel are very helpful and the quality of the machine and accessories is first rate.
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on 27 November 2009
I'm a coffee lover. I love a starbucks cappuccino to start the day and have tried many machines over the years. I was initally put off by the idea of a pod/capsule system but having tried the bean to cup machines etc it gets messy and you soon get put off using it regularly.

This machine is well built and the capsules just drop in then disappear into the chamber for emptying later (holds about 10 used ones before needing emptying.

Most importantly, the coffee is as good if not better than what you'd drink out. Add the milk frother and you will be amazed. Worth the extra for this model with the built in milk frother as you only have one power plug then too.

The two buttons, espresso and lungo (long drink) can be set to your own amount of water so you can make it fill a long american coffee cup to suit your cups (this I think isn't clearly documented on the description here but is a great feature. Just press and hold down the button until your cup is full then release - it remembers that forever then!).

Ordering the capsules is easy, just order on-line and they are delivered next day by UPS (even the standard delivery is next day it seems).

Finally, the machine is covered by 3 years warranty. If the machine breaks down they will send you a replacement whilst they repair/replace yours. Superb.
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on 3 December 2009
Having read the reviews for Nespresso machines on amazon I decided to listen to the many recommendations that had been made for the various machines. I opted for this model as I thought it would be a simpler task sorting out the milk.

I've had it for 3 days now and just made the cappuccino I was hoping to taste. The build quality of the machine appears good and the 3 year warranty would seem to indicate that they have some faith in the machine. Making a coffee couldn't be simpler and the milk heater/frother works effectively once you get the hang of it and make sure that the milk you put in is cold and straight from the fridge.

The simplicity of the machine means that I have time to make a coffee before darting out to work at 7am something I wouldn't be doing if grinding, tamping etc... was involved. I like strong coffee and I must say I've been impressed with the quality and taste of the coffee, certainly no different than most coffee shops and you have the opportunity to make sure you get the mix right for your own tastes (for me that means very little milk and more froth) something that often is quite variable at coffee shops.

Ordering from the Nespresso website was easy and standard delivery came the next day. I am a little bit concerned about the level of waste but apparrently you can recycle the pods, something I will check.

I haven't owned other espresso machines and in the past have used a french press, however I have been impressed with the quality of the coffee made with this machine.

One of the only negatives I have so far is the design of the milk frother which means you have to be careful when cleaning/washing it as the element is part of it meaning you can't dip it in water and need to use a wet cloth. However, this hasn't been too much of a pain and certainly something I can live with given how well the machine works otherwise. Certainly something I would recommend.
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on 2 May 2010
I did quite a bit of research before buying this machine, but what clinched it was when I saw one behind the bar in a hotel in Scotland (to my surprise, it's for domestic use I thought) and I asked the manager what did he think of the machine ? He replied with one word - "outstanding". The next day I ordered it.

In the pictures it looks a bit quirky - in the flesh it oozes quality and looks fantastic. It performs superbly.

Bullet points:

Espresso is perfect, hot and with a good crema
Aeroccino frothing device is easy to use, easy to clean and very effective. I read one review saying it was fiddly to clean - not at all. It takes about 80 seconds to produce hot milk or hot frothy milk, depending on your preference. While it's doing that, you make your espresso.
Extensive choice of capsules available. Delivery service is excellent (we use them at work also)

Even my wife who is a technophobe and calls me "gadget man" has started making herself a latte on a regular basis.

Negative points - absolutely none. Cannot fault it in any way.
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on 10 August 2010
This great little machine was recommended to us by friends and they were spot on. Having just returned from living in Italy for 3 years we wanted a machine that could produce a decent cappuccino or espresso without the fuss of grinding the beans or huge amounts of cleaning.
The Magimix meets our needs very well and Nespresso provide a great range of pods to suit all tastes. I'd say the espresso is as good as the worst I've had in an Italian coffee bar (that's a compliment as I've never had a bad one).
I'll need to practice more on the cappuccinos to get them perfect but the milk frother is an excellent addition and much easier than trying to do it yourself.
Our neighbours in Italy bought a machine that was a domestic version of those used in bars for more than 2,000 euros but there's no way that type of investment is worthwhile when you can get the Magimix for less than 200 pounds.
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