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4.1 out of 5 stars336
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 1 January 2012
The original Tron was a fun fantasy film made around the same time as Disney was getting dark with pics like The Black Hole. It seemed like a good idea to visualize computer games as little people running around inside your PC. And it was fun. But Tron Legacy rachets this up to a whole new level. I admit I was cynical when I first saw the trailer. I almost didn't go to see the movie. Boy, was I glad I did. This film is stunning. Although I watched it in headache-inducing 3D, this couldn't detract from the awesome visuals, the ubercoolness of the production design, the incredible action set-pieces, and several very fine performance, most notably from Olivia Wilde as the fun-loving compuer program and Michael Sheen's David Bowie impersonation, which almost steals the show from the SFX crew. The brilliant score by Daft Punk is set to become a classic. And this in an age when the power of movie music has all but forgotten. Yes, Tron Legacy is a blockbuster in every sense. Even the script has a wonderful emotional core - that of father/son love and brotherly jealousy. Bridges is, of course, great as always as both Flynn and CLU. So my advice is ignore all the reviews and see it for yourself! If only all summer movies had as much heart, style and power as Tron Legacy, what a wondeful world it would be!
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More a modestly profitable disappointment than the flop of popular memory, the original Tron wasted a great premise thanks to a terrible script and some uninteresting filmmaking that overestimated just how awe-inspiring the then-state of the art special effects would be. Surprisingly the much belated sequel Tron: Legacy turns out to be something of an improvement. The effects aren't as groundbreaking as the original, though they're also not as artificial, the film's computer world reflecting the giant leaps in computer graphics in the intervening decades to create a more solid and three dimensional world. The script still misses most of the philosophical and satirical potential of the idea of computer users trapped inside the computer worlds they create and which are like deadly mirror images of the real world, and the film's big threat doesn't really stand up to much scrutiny, but it's a more professionally crafted affair all round, at least attempting to give some life to its stereotypical characters rather than just throwing one-dimensional cutouts right into the middle of a game nobody's bothered to tell the audience the rules of and expecting them to follow or care about what's going on.

The move from 2.35:1 to the IMAX 1.78 ratio, while occasionally arbitrary, is surprisingly fairly seamless on the small screen and, opening scene aside, the younger Jeff Bridges effect is much more convincing on the small screen than the giant one: if anything it's the voice that's more of a problem than the face, rather too gruff and weathered for his computer generated doppleganger's features. A great film it's not, but as blockbuster multiplex fare it's decent enough. Extras are more standard than exciting - a sequel featurette featurettes The Next Day - Flynn Lives Revealed, standard promotional featurettes Launching the Legacy, Visualizing TRON, Installing the Cast and Disc Roars, music video and promo for the TRON: Uprising TV series.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 April 2011
I did like the original Tron in the cinema. It was always a fantasy that is appealing to gamers and this one is even more about technology and losing yourself in it. So it seems ideally suited to using immersive 3D, as a way of showing the new world that has been created.

I watched this using 3D glasses and Panasonic TX-P42GT20B 42-inch Widescreen 3D Plasma TV looking for a demonstration of how 3D can be used creatively and it took a bit of time to get going. It opens with a long sequence of 2D set-up and you feel a bit silly wearing the glasses for no reason, as it is obvious that the 3D is going to kick in when the young Flynn enters the digital world.

Having said that - the effect is stunning, although mostly giving you depth, it does make the world seem even more clean and digital - you see impossible things happen to the physics of the world - as when the initial combat literally turns upside down and it feels truly weird in 3D, in a way that is not captured in 2D.

The picture quality on this transfer is stunning and the 3D effects are as sharp as everything else and amongst the best I have seen! What also strikes you is the thunderous soundtrack from Daft Punk. I was watching this using Philips HTS5560/12 Full 3D HD Blu Ray 5.1 Home Cinema System - 1000W and it was truly earth-shaking - which all addes to the "immersive" experience from this disc.

I think for sheer cinematography and sound - this deserves the highest praise and more stars than I can give. But as people have mentioned - the acting is not the best and the plot is slow and thin - although the idea of discovering "Buddhist"-like creatures within the digital world is interesting, although it's never explained how any digital creatures can trandfer over and exist in our world?

But really how can you complain when the film is such fun and the visual ideas are so wonderful? 10/10 for visuals/sound and worth buying for the 3D effects alone. Just let it wash over you and maybe you can forget the plot!
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on 14 September 2013
If you missed the first movie, don't worry, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) tells us the plot in the beginning as he describes things to his son, a skeptic of his world. Dad goes missing. The company is taken over by the "evil" partner who actually wants to sell software than give it away, which on the surface is a better business model, but in this movie it is a terrible evil. Years later Sam Flynn, the son (Garrett Hedlund) discovers his father's secret lab and accidentally crosses over into Tron land. The reason why we watched the first movie was because of the graphics. No one really cared as much about the plot as we did the cycle races.

During said cycle races, Sam is rescued by a girl Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in a Batmobile and is taken to see his real father. Quorra has the ability to wear her hair slanted to either the right of left (shades of Tina Majorino in Napoleon Dynamite!)

Like the first movie, the graphics are great (amazing what a little strip lighting will do) and the acting was bland as was the plot. The plot is at times metaphoric. The user, or program creator (humans) are gods. Sam is the son of god and is also a god. The programs want to revolt against the gods and take over their world. Meanwhile Jeff Bridges has discovered ummm, bio digital isos that will change the world. The plot is overwhelmed by the graphics.

The movie is more about Clu than Tron, but "Clu" movies seem to bomb.

The film is programed for the younger crowd.
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on 26 April 2015
Disney didn't do justice to this film in 3D. To be honest, there's not much difference between the 2D & 3D versions. A mist opportunity and a waste of money. Shame that you can't preview 3D films before you buy them.
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on 17 March 2013
I'm sure they will be people who completely disagree with me here but I found is film absolutely awful. I only really bought it for the 3d but even that was not particularly impressive.

The storyline is both weird and forgettable. Oh, and ridiculous. I think it's a bad sign when you are hoping the film will end soon.

I struggle to find much plus points for this film but as it is Disney, there is at least high production value and the audio and picture is very good quality. Shame they didn't just film something else…
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on 26 December 2011
First off, I'm a huge fan of the original, saw it at 14 just at the right time when 'home computing' was starting to kick off & loved the vision.

TRON: Legacy continues to work on that level, with loads of subtle detail that nods to the industry & a back story that takes the mirrored simplicity, & naivety of the market back then through 20 years of innovation & upheaval (greater world detail & reflections on the cruelty of the real world outside - genocide / revolution / megalomania etc.) & in that respect this is a great evolution of the world of the first movie that'll have old fans thinking 'I get that one!'.

That said, as a stand alone film it has many flaws & fails to raise itself above the crowd to an audience used to CGI in movies. Similarly I thought the Daft Punk soundtrack superb (really, really superb), but at times the film felt edited to fit the soundtrack rather than the other way around to me. All that said I loved it, but I think I'm swayed by my love of the original a bit.

For those reasons I've given it 4 stars (probably 3 would be more accurate as a stand alone movie, but damn it! I love the world created in it & couldn't bring myself to mark it any lower).

Truth be told if you loved the original when it first appeared, you should get a lot from this & be forever noticing small detail in the story & world around it, if you're watching it fresh you'll probably not be that impressed. Me, personally? Can't wait for the 3rd one it soo sets-up for!! :D
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on 6 January 2015
Worth a watch, it looks stunning, although the plot is a bit bland and unless you a fan you will really get into it. The best part of the film is the visuals and set pieces
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on 24 April 2011
The 3D effects on this Blu-ray disc are very, very good.
They make a convincing statement for 3D TV.

This surprised me, as i perceived the 3D contents in the movie theatre as rather cut-out-cardboard in front of another cardboard, without any depth to the objects and actors.
But on Blu-Ray, it was was close to perfect (with "close to" being just a loophole for me if something better get's published), adding a welcome impression of reality (only the scenes "inside" the computer world are 3D).
No notable ghosting or artifacts after the TV was warmed up. Just a crisp, perfectly clear image with lots of detail in the dark (and there are enough dark scenes).

As for the story, this is typical Tron (which, considering the age and the status of the first movie, is quite an accomplishment).
You love it or hate it.

I love it!

If you prefer a more "artful" approach to this subject, consider Fassbinder's "World on a Wire".
If you are more into action and doom, consider "Matrix".

If you are into the music of Daft Punk, there is no way around this awesome movie for you anyway.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 July 2013
This highly sylised reboot sees Flynn's gravel voiced offspring sucked into cyberspace on a quest to find his dad. The wonderful visuals and a thundering score take precident over a lukewarm script which goes to the enth degree to explain its own pseudo science but is far less capable at entertaining the viewer. Flynn seems to have morphed into Jesus and a series of exposition segments try to explain how the current cyber world of Tron came to be. Olivia Wilde decorates the stunning vista and the action segments are thrilling at times but there isn't nearly enough substance to the script. The action comes to a crashing halt during the climax when all seems lost before Flynn effortlessly dispatches Clu without any explanation as to how he did it, or why, after his years away, he decides to sacrifice himself at the last moment. Stunning to look at, not much to think about, and what there is doesn't make an awful lot of sense. I will watch this again in the hope that I missed something and will update my review accordingly.
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