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I debated whether to order this toaster as it is fairly expensive compared to many of the other ones available on the market. However, it had some good reviews so I thought I would treat myself.

The toaster arrived very well packed and protected, there was no way it could get damaged in transit. On unwrapping the toaster I was impressed at how great it looked. It positively shone and sparkled in my kitchen (making my other gadgets look tired and worn).

Because it is a four slice toaster it does take up quite a lot of counter space when compared to a two slice toaster.

It was very easy to use, although it comes with an easy to read manual I just plugged it in and got going on my first piece of toast. You can do two sets of two slices independently of each other - great if you and the other person like your toast done differently. This was a great feature as I have always used a two slice toaster in the past and have had to let one set of toast go cold while I was making the other set of toast. With this toaster I can now sit down and eat my toast at the same time as my husband.

There are three buttons on the front, one to toast frozen bread - handy if, like me, you keep bread in the freezer to keep it fresh. The second button is a warming button. If for some reason you make your toast and get called away you can easily reheat it and not have to chuck the cold toast away. The third button is the cancel button in case you want to stop the process part way through.

One nice feature I found was that the slider enabled you to raise it up so you could see how the toast was progressing rather than on previous toasters where I have had to cancel it to get it to pop up just so I could look and see if it was cooked.

The only downside to this toaster was that it seems to take significantly longer to toast the bread than any other toaster I have used in the past.

Overall, a little pricey but a very aesthetically pleasing product with the main features that you would expect from a toaster.
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on 11 November 2012
I bought this toaster to replace an old Tefal toaster that we had for a very long time.To be fair I had a £10 Amazon Gift Voucher towards the cost of the toaster so did not pay full price for it.
It toasts really well and makes a nice job of toasted bagels and thicker slices of bread.For toasties I use the little bags where you put the sandwich in to be toasted and the slots are a good size for these too.Making four slices of toast at once is really handy,and it is great that it has independent settings,if one person likes their toast browner than the other you can set one side of the toaster to dark and one to lightly brown the toast if you so wish.I am really happy with this toaster but there is one thing I would like to warn people about.
The outside wall of the toaster gets incredibly HOT! If you have toddlers or young children you would have to keep them away from this while it was on or they really would get a nasty burn.I do not have young children in the house so this was not an issue for me,but felt it best to warn people who do.It is the one downside to the product,it could have done with a 'cool wall' material on the outside.Other than this it is a good toaster and my family like it too.
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on 5 October 2012
Having owned the world's worst toaster anything was going to be an improvement and this certainly is.

It looks much better than the photos suggest and is stylish without trying to place functionality as an afterthought.

The lift and look feature is a genuine benefit and not just a gimmick and the browning dials are easy to use and their effect on the finished slice is easy to judge.

The slots really are bigger than most, being able to take the length of on uncut loaf slice and the width if you go for a "doorstep".

Perhaps most important, the toasted slice is is nice and even across both sides regardless of which slots are used (from me, that is a compliment as I am fussy).

If I have a gripe it is the speed of toasting - nowhere near as bad as my old toaster but not super quick either, hence 4 stars rather than 5.
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on 18 September 2012
This is a great value for money item. It is basically 2 x double sliced toaster in one. You can have four slices toasting at two different settings at the same time. Which is great, as I prefer my toast to be more well done and my wife prefers "warmed bread" The other really good thing is that once you have discovered your preferred setting (mine being No 4) you can put frozen bread in, press the frozen button and it will make the adjustments automatically and you get your usual coloured toast.
It is so easy to operate. Simply put in the bread pull the lever down and it is set. Press the button with the blue light and it is off or await for it to pop up when your pre set setting has been reached. There is a button to reheat your toast but I cannot imagine a circumstance when you would want to do this.
So basically there are 3 buttons a lever and a dial for each set of two slots. Top button for frozen, middle for reheat, bottom to cancel, Dial to set level of toasting required and the lever to lower the bread and start the toasting process.
The slots take big, thick slices as well as small thin ones. So all tastes are catered for.

The one and only downside is that the sides of the machine do get extremely hot during use.
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on 11 December 2011
Had this toaster about a month now, and I have to say I'm very pleased with it.

What's good about it? Well, toasting is even and controlled, with a good range of time settings available. It's slower than my previous toaster - and the obvious corollory is better control. The buttons are simply and logically laid out - you don't need to read the manual to understand them. The slots are quite big - not massive, but big enough for every loaf we have tried to-date. The "Lift and Look" feature is very useful - allowing you to see how the toast is doing without forcing you to cancel the current seetings, and start all over again. The crumb trays are visually unobtrusive, but very easy to remove and replace.

Downsides? The external finish of the toaster body is very polished, so you will need to be careful when cleaning it - non abrasive cleaner is definetely the order of the day. The browning knobs don't have a very visually distinct "pointer", so it's quite easy to toast on setting 1, when you thought it was set on number 4. No other complaints though.

All-in-all, I'm very happy with it. Not perfect, but close for the price.
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on 13 February 2011
Have had many toasters over the years - so far this is the best perfect toast every time and looks good in the kitchen- had many admiring comments - no point in paying any more for a toaster - this one is great!
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on 4 February 2013
I would love to know what goes on at design meetings for toasters? I would hope that, at a fairly early stage, someone somewhere introduces the idea that a fundamental requirement of a toaster is to toast a typical 'loaf sized' slice of bread. Alas, I fear not, as most toasters I have tried fail miserably with this most basic of requirements, leaving the owner with a piece of toast which is typically 75-80% toasted, with the bit which was left sticking out of the toaster left feeling, well, a bit soft and 'bread like'! I am happy to report though, that this Russell Hobbs model toasts every slice of bread that you throw at it, from top to bottom, and it will even do it four slices at a time if you want it to! One quick tip though, you have to put the toast in sideways on, otherwise, you will be left thinking that this is just like most other toasters... It isn't, it is a great looking, fully functioning 4-slice at a time toaster which, incredibly, actually toasts all of the bread! Remarkable!
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on 3 January 2013
Can't really get too excited about a toaster, so when our last one perpetually tripped the electricity I opted for this purely based on positive ratings without reading the review. Delivered via Prime and plugged in toasting my breakfast the very next day, producing perfect consistent toasted bread quickly without any fuss. The lift up feature is useful when you want to monitor how brown stuff you don't regularly toast has got, so I don't wind up chucking the first two hot cross buns of any packet in the bin!

Slots are wide enough for everything we toast, including bagels which used to get caught in the last machine. The sides are cool wall and even the polished top surface resists fingerprints and crum removal is very straightforward. I assume the cable length is purposely short as a safety feature, and not just that copper prices are on the up, but don't expect to site it anywhere other than directly in front of a socket.
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on 22 July 2013
in all my life i have never been affected so positively by a piece of machinery, but this wonderful and beautiful creation was different. it all started on a miserable cloudy Monday evening, i had a long hard day at the office nothing seemed to be going right but then as soon as the clock struck five i ran out that building as fast as usain bolt leaves the starting block during a 100m sprint, only to find my car wouldn't start and to top that off it started to rain. eventually i decided to ditch my car and use public transport for the first time in about 3 years, the wait for the bus seemed to be on going, but well it finally arrived it was overcrowded leaving me to stand. when i finally arrived home after a long traumatic journey all i desired was beans on toast. sounds simple enough but trust me it wasn't each time the toast popped up it resembled charcoal i try again... and again but still no luck! eventually i settle with beans on bread, not quite the same. after this terrible day i decided to relax with a bit retail therapy and when i logged on to amazon i came across this wonderful invention by Russell Hobbs and at that moment i knew it was fate i them went on to purchase this toaster and as soon as i clicked the 'buy' button my whole life changed dramatically!i couldn't wait to try out my new toaster and when it was delivered to my door i was like a kid at Christmas frantically unwrapping and unboxing the toaster. when i put the toast into the toaster the smell was divine and when it jumped up it was golden brown amd the butter just melted on it the first bite set my tastebuds crazy, never did i think toast could taste so different (but in a good way). the toaster fits in perfectly with my kitchen decor and the best part, it has four wholes so now whenever i have guests round the beans on toast is cooked twice as quick! so yes i would recommend this toaster to everyone! BEST TOASTER EVER!
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on 4 January 2013
I received this a couple of days ago so have had a couple of uses so far, and so far so good. It looks nice out of the box - I would say that the front silver metal is quite thin, but OK for the job and certainly good for the money paid. The quality of toasting is about the same as other toasters I have had in this price bracket (the two sides of toast are sometimes slightly different shades of brown, but that's really not a problem for me - at least not one that I am willing to fix by buying a toaster in the £100-£200 price bracket).
The toast gaps are deep enough to accommodate an entire standard slice of bread (Hovis Best of Both size), so it toasts the whole piece rather than just the bottom 7/8th's. It also pops the toast out nice and high once toasted, so you don't burn your fingers or need to use a knife to extract the toast.

All in all, no down sides that I can see and excellent for the price.
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