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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2012
I'm from the States, and this is a common item back home. You can buy huge bottles of it at any Walmart, no probs. But alas, when I moved to Northern Ireland I was told that shops don't carry it because "people abuse it." Why people in Northern Ireland are touching up rubbing alcohol, I have no idea, unless maybe they thought the "rubbing" bit was suggestive. Either way, I was at a loss as back home we use it for everything from sterilizing nail clippers to cleaning mirrors to polishing DVDs when they start skipping. I despaired, but then once again, as it has so often in my life, The Interwebz came to the rescue! Rubbing alcohol was available online, and no longer would I live in fear of contracting tetanus from my nail scissors, have cloudy mirrors, or be embarassed by my DVDs suddenly stopping and pausing during sex scenes! Isopropyl alcohol is the cure for all your ills, it does what it says on the tin, and I am so glad to have a reliable source.
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on 6 August 2014
I got this when I found out that this and water are what they put in those sprays you get to make leather shoes stretch a bit to make them more comfortable.
I got a kitchen spray filled it with 50% IP Alcohol (I won't put IPA in case someone takes there shoes to the pub, fills them with India Pale Ale and blames me when they are ruined) and 50% water, gave the tight shoes a liberal spray then put then on with some thicker than normal socks, wore them for an hour. Took them off to allow them to try out fully, changed my socks. The next day comfy shoes.
I've done a couple of pairs (my feet swell a bit in summer) and I've still got plenty left.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 December 2011
I have metal windows-nothing can stop the condensation....and the mould! I've been unable to use bleach as it corrodes metal, so glad I stumbled across the idea of using isopropanol when browsing the web for cleaning agents. So far as good, no corrosion and the mould is retreating. Also tried it on white goods successfully. I just apply with a damp cloth making sure there's plenty of ventilation. It's an organic solvent so yes it is pungent but so is bleach. Like all cleaning agents you should avoid breathing it in where possible but it evaporates quickly and the smell soon diminishes. Just to give you an idea of how great this stuff is for cleaning-it's used diluted to 70% in the alcohol swabs used in hospitals when you have a blood test and it's the same thing used in alcohol hand gels. It's also great at stripping grease. It will dry your hands out so I wear gloves. My one litre bottle is only half empty and I've used it on all the windows.

I bought mine from shiny hardware-the service was great!

Also useful for cleaning electronic devices. If you have an inkjet printer with built in printheads (canon, kodak, epson) you came use it to dissolve the ink blocking the print head nozzles.
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on 13 November 2012
Great IPA. I use it for UV gel nails application (residue removal) it's the same ingredient as the gel residue remover sold as a beauty product, but not watered down at all and a fraction of the price. Can also be used for household cleaning etc.
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on 20 June 2011
There is nothing to beat Isopropanol alcohol for removing any surface grease from metal before painting. Heavy deposits of grease can be removed with other degreasing agents but for me the final wipe over has to be with Isopropanol alcohol.
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on 30 August 2011
I bought this as a non-smelly alternative to the usual kitchen surface cleaners, which leave a strong lingering smell in the whole apartment. It works very well.

I dilute it three parts water to one part alcohol, which makes it very economical.

You realy have to avoid the fumes as they make your head spin. Having said that, this is easily done and you simply avoid keeping your head close to the surface being cleaned and try not to breathe in the fumes. Same principle as tanking your car up. The fumes are certainly there but you have the choice as to whether or not you breathe them. Obviously don't use it with young children or pets in the room...

It's great for cleaning and disinfecting:

- baby chair and table
- work surfaces
- cutting boards
- door handles, light switches etc.
- taps, cupboard doors and handles, sinks and anywhere that you want to be sterile

Once the job is done, there is ZERO lingering smell or residue, which is why I bought the product in the first place. It does the job very well and I would rate this product well over the usual smelly and expensive kitchen cleaners.
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on 22 February 2012
Fantastic bargain.Cleans anything without residue.I use it for electronics/ink cartridge print heads.It is also an excellent hard surface cleaner.Very similar I think to the hand cleaning in surgeries etc.
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on 23 October 2015
This stuff is pretty great, I bought it about 8 months ago and use it often and for many things and I still have about 20% left, its definitely great value for money, another benefit is you can add water to dilute it if for some reason 99% is too concentrated or strong.


The good:
1. Sterilising, as far as I understand it will kill germs as long as you allow it to dry and evaporate on its own which it doesn't take long, between a few seconds and a few minutes depending on how you use, best to not use a cloth.
2. Cleaning, I've used it so far to clean off dirt, dust, permanent marker, ink, smudgy fingerprints, leftover sticky residue (from tape, stickers etc), oil and even light rust (it can't 'fix' rust, but it can clean off the worst of it, if wanted), I've used it for many more things but I think the current list is long enough to get the general idea.
3. Cheap, it's seriously good value, I use it very, very often and still have some left, I think it's amusing that when I first got it I thought 1 litre was far too much for what I needed and it would never get used.
4. Safety-cap, I suppose it is worth mentioning the cap is a safety cap, you need to apply downward pressure and turn to open it, but really... if you have kids you should make sure they never get their hands on it anyway.
5. Repairs, well not so much repairs but it is suitable for PC work and hardware, I messed up a thermal paste application to an AMD CPU once and got it on the pins, I poured a small amount of the alcohol into a shallow plastic tub and put the CPU in pin-side down, gently shaked it for about 2 minutes and then removed it, I then got another tub and filled it with fresh clean alcohol, placed the CPU in again to clean it off and then allowed it to air dry, thankfully the CPU worked fine after I installed it, however please do not take what I've said for granted, maybe I got lucky as I only did the alcohol bath as a last resort and the gold plating is permanently discoloured but seems to be working fine nonetheless.

The bad:
1. Fumes, probably to be expected at 99.9% pure but the fumes are pretty damn strong, if you keep about a metre away you probably won't smell it but if you have to work very near it, like when it's been applied to a facial pad to clean something, you may want to try holding your breath and turn your head away from it to take a breath, I'm not kidding, it really is that strong.
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on 28 February 2012
This is wonderful stuff for cleaning keyboards, printers and other fiddly, difficult to clean electrical bits and pieces. Combine it with cotton buds and a lint free cloth and the cleaning job is easy peasy.
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on 14 November 2012
I used this for cleaning an old cassette deck and VHS player,

cassette deck:

it improved the quality massively and brought back the high frequencies in the cassette, also improves signal to noise ratio and will help your machine to last longer. My cassette deck is a Technics M222 from 1982 and had NEVER been cleaned since getting this, it's my dads old tape deck and he said after cleaning it he said sounded better than when it was brand new! luckily it was worth salvaging as it uses MX heads and is all metal much higher quality than modern decks. I used this product with LOTS of cotton buds, can recommend cleaning the pinch roller at least 3-4 times...that was where most of the crap came from. I went through over 10 cotton buds for the whole process.


I cleaned only the places where the tape passes through, e.g capistans, pinch roller etc. you must NEVER touch the drum with the 4 heads in with cotton buds, always use paper eg a business card (dipped in alcohol) instead... after cleaning the picture quality is now superb, with no flickering and improved sound and visual quality. I can watch videos again and enjoy them as if they are new.

other uses have been to remove gunk and crap off things when nothing else works, for example on my mouse the sweat eventually creates this solid slime stuff that isopropyl alchohol just melts a boss!
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